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VEDY. Slavic vedy. Aryan vedy.

Slavic vedy one of the most ancient writing which exist on the Earth. Ancient people left the messages to the future generations, sharing with them secret knowledge and dictating them which true virtues it is necessary to adhere to save cleanliness of spirit. Aryan vedy weren't exception, they have been traced by the first priests though word " were written" not absolutely to them approaches, each symbol has been accurately deduced, and in certain cases and is cut out on metal which didn't take rust and in which the knowledge which has been not intended for announcement of the public disappeared. Slavyano Aryan vedy represent manuals of ancient Gods sent to people that they adhering to them didn't lose the spirituality and aspired to harmony among themselves and the nature that each person realised the responsibility for acts made by it. Vedy it is necessary to download that who wishes to learn ancient knowledge who wishes to touch pure true not deformed by ruling modes and dictatorships. Vedy are free of charge capable to introduce in your life absolutely new knowledge, having changed it to the best. Vedy Slavs disappeared from all not only the ruling authorities, but also keepers of these documents as broad masses weren't ready to learn all manuals of the higher beings, therefore it is very frequent in documents which deciphered them is the book vedy, there are passed places.

Aryan vedy differed from the Indian themes that in them all has been stated by clear words without what or florid phrases. Slavyano Aryan vedy in that part which was accessible to general review understood both adults and children who since small years accustomed to that is good and that is bad. Vedy to download very simply, it is enough to pass under the active link to our site and you become the owner of secret knowledge of origin of slavic foundations originating in sources. Vedy become free can yours, it is enough only to want to let in of them the life. With their occurrence you let in to yourselves not only Vedy of Slavs, but also good luck, happiness, pleasure, harmony without which it is very heavy to live in the modern world. The book vedy will allow you to be quiet for education of children as reading it they independently will understand that it is possible to do, and that it is impossible how to arrive correctly, and that is destiny of the fallen spiritually people.

Aryan vedy will help to revive our state, having returned it in numbers strong with which are considered also as whose opinion are interested. Slavyano Aryan vedy it is the refined principles having met with which person on another starts to look on earlier seeming obvious to thing. Vedy to download, probably, directly from here not to spend the time for searches of invaluable texts. Vedy will free of charge make of you vysokomoral'nogo the representative of the nation whom the future generations can suit. Vedy Slavs won't leave you indifferent, they it is mentioned secret strings of national pride about which at times we forget. The book vedy should be in each house and then spiritual ideals to return on the places, having replaced trite and dissolute idols imposed to the nation.


Slavjano-Aryan hours

These hours display the flowing: summer from World Creation in the Star Temple, sorokovnik, day of week and number. And also number of summer in the Circle of Years, number and the name of summer in the Life Circle.

The dial shows the Daily Circle of hours current hours, parts and shares. At cursor prompting on the Daily Circle, digital values of time and the cryptogramme, the name, the additional description of current hour are displayed. It is still shown in what hall now there is Jarilo-sun and hall symbol.

Also at clique the mouse on number displays the information on holiday this day (if is). At clique the mouse on the Daily Circle displays the short help information on hours. At clique the mouse on the Hall displays the information on hall and on its God-patron.

At clique the mouse on the Name of year in the Life Circle it is visible the additional information on him.

In banner bottom there is possibility of transfer of date from RH in date from SMZH in range of 1868-2012. While translating dates you also can learn the additional information on number, hall, summer.






The conclusion of the Expert. Open Company " Inter-regional bureau of judicial examinations of Sikorsky" on Vedam!

The objects given on research:

1. Santii Vedy Peruna. Mudrosti Peruna book. Circle the First the Saga about Inglingah. - 3 izd. For. obsch. Uses, ispr. And dop. - 11

3,36 Mb

Slavjano-Aryan Vedy, kn. 1. Santii Vedy Peruna. The saga about Inglingah. Omsk, 1999

AudioVedy. The book 1. Mudrosti Peruna book. Release 1. Santii Vedy Peruna (2009)

164 Mb

250 Mb

Slavjano-Aryan Vedy, . 2. Light. Word of Wisdom of Magician Velimudra. Omsk, 1999

73 Mb

Slavjano-Aryan Vedy, . 3. Ancient Belief of the Slavic and Aryan People. Word of Wisdom of Magician Velimudra. Omsk, 2000

10 Mb

Slavjano-Aryan Vedy, kn. 4. The Life source. White Way. Skazy. Omsk, 2001

122 Mb

- . . 1

80 Mb

Audio - Vedy of " Santii Vedy Peruna"

250 Mb

Audio - Vedy Release 2. The saga about Inglingah + Comments

312 mb

Audio - Vedy Release 3. Light book - Harati

325 Mb

To listen to the book of Vedagora Trehlebova of " Koshchuny Finista" .

" Slavjano-Aryan Statehood."

The chapter is broken into 6 parts for more convenient perception.







" Annals of the country of the Aria" .

The Book narrates audio about times age-old, in which our ancestors wise have occupied zemlyushku this. At the book there are also battles with forces dark, and travel on birds fiery on the earths others, and wonderful transformations and more it is a lot of all...











Basis of bases of knowledge of Slavs about peace arrangement and the person

43 Mb

Koljady Dar, Da'arijsky Krugolet Chisloboga

22 Mb

The program for opening of files - " DJVU" Solo 3.1

2,5 Mb

The DICTIONARY. Ancient dictionaries. Academy dictionaries. Explanatory dictionaries.

You know what today to be appreciated in circles of businessmen? Etone expensive stylish clothes, mobile phones of prestigious arches or the car which cost corresponds to the apartment price in Moscow. The main thing competently to tell. The dictionary is capable to help you not only to learn many new expressions which you didn't guess at all, but also will specify to you in how correctly to say them. The dictionary Russian, is intended only for use aspiring to confidential knowledge hidden in words, to learn their latent sense. The language dictionary will show you all history of development of this or that expression beginning from its most ancient value and finishing modern interpretation. Russian dictionary should be at everyone as we live in the great country, but at times we do not guess at all how correctly to say words, in what context them to use. If don't wish to look silly, necessarily decide to download the dictionary free of charge. That always was what to tell necessarily esteem the dictionary sensible, it will surprise you not only ease of reading, but also absolutely unexpected interpretation it would seem words known to you. The dictionary of Dalja the best gift to any yazykovedu, as this unique edition in which the total characteristic of all expressions which ever existed in Russia is given most.

The dictionary Russian will help not only to you, but also to your children, it will eradicate speech specific the Internet which is parody to literary syllable but which eats into brains to your child. The language dictionary will help to get rid of these for ever:« Hi " ," DevushkO " ," sps » and other slenga. Unfortunately, Russian dictionary is vital necessity, after all more recently our people were the most formed and widely-read, every second could write verses of the beloved and knew some languages. Today very few people wishes to download the dictionary free of charge and as consequence intellectual level of the population sharply falls. The mass culture promotes it entering into use new words are simple, they dull ability to think. Taking the dictionary sensible in hands youth not value more than half of words described in him can name. What to speak about the dictionary of Dalja where all national juice in the form of humourous catchphrases and proverbs, and also speech zavorotov surprising with the pithiness and saturation is collected.

The dictionary Russian helps not only to aboriginals of Russia to revive the defamed culture, but also to foreign citizens to get acquainted with highly moral traditions of the slavic people. The language dictionary is necessary at least to help to the children to go to school and correctly to write dictations. Russian dictionary can't be unique as speech evolves constantly, today there are such words of which anybody couldn't think at all. From our service, probably to download the dictionary free of charge, and to loading it is accessible not only the dictionary sensible, but also the unabridged dictionary of Dalja well-known for the whole world as much as possible. Hurry to become the formed people with whom it is pleasant to communicate and with whom always is about what to talk.




The dictionary of ancient slavic language - 1899

The dictionary of ancient slavic language made on Ostromirovu to the gospel of F.Mikloshichu, A.H.Vostokovu, J.I.Berednikovu and I.S.Kochetovu. The edition St.-Petersburg, 1899.

117 Mb

Explanatory dictionary zhivago velikoruskago Vladimir Dalja's language.

The second edition, ispralennoe and is considerable umnozhenoe under the manuscript of the author.

Year of the edition with 1880 on 1882.

I 82 Mb

II 97 Mb

III 57 Mb

IV 93 Mb


It is prepared on materials of video lectures of Asgarsky Spiritual school of Old Russian Ingliistichesky Church of Orthodox Conservatives-inglingov.

The description: hAriiskaya arithmetics

The maintenance:




Harmonious figure of one-dimensional space.

Harmonious figure of two-dimensional space.

Harmonious figure of three-dimensional space.

Harmonious figure of four-dimensional space.

Harmonious figure of five-measured space.

Harmonious figure of six-measured space.

The table of conformity of harmonious figures raznomernyh spaces with quantity of their reference points.


Structures of various regularities with the basis three.

Multiplication in triad system

Rules of calculations in hAriiskoi to arithmetics


Harmonious system of multiplication

Triad system of multiplication

Equal system of multiplication

System of Pyramidal Multiplication

Prismatic system of multiplication




2,14 Mb

The dictionary of Academy Russian 1789-1794.

Publishing house: Tipografiya Imperial Akademii Nauk. Sankt-Peterburg.

Format: djvu

Pages: 3900 (in 6 parts)

The description: the Well-known dictionary of the Russian Academy which are the first explanatory dictionary of Russian. The dictionary contains over 43000 words in 6 parts. Job over the dictionary has begun in 1783 and has occupied 11 years. 6 parts of the dictionary have been published during the period about 1789-1794 the Dictionary contains elements of the etymological dictionary: words settle down on the general root, forming the branched out semantic nests. On it it is possible to define, whence there was word, besides, it switches on set of new words in Russian, Lomonosovym entered, in particular, in science.

257 Mb

GLAGOLITsA. Ancient pismennost' Slavs and Ariev

10 Mb


The offered grant is created on the basis of video lectures on Old Russian language for listeners of Asgardsky spiritual school (Omsk) and intended for true fans and adherents of our native speech.

In the structure of simple words of Russian fundamental knowledge of all is put. And recollect them each, knowing Russian (almanac) " Hors" can. One only studying of deep Russian (images) and open dialogue with the native nature is capable to clear genetic memory and to relieve mentality from numerous « zombiruyuschih» programs.

Our language has saved base mechanisms of primordial speech (figurativeness) approximately on 30-40 %. Languages of other people - for percent and percent shares. There are the languages almost completely constructed not on figurative principles, and on virusno-bacterial codes. Words pervorechi were saved in different languages, but in everyone gradually. Therefore not all words need to try to be interpreted, since they not real, but conditional contractual symbols in which there is no figurative conceptual sense.

3,42 Mb

The etymological dictionary of slavic languages: Praslavjansky lexical fund. " Science"

The dictionary is prepared in Department of etymology and onomastiki Institute of Russian of V.V. Vinogradova of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Materials for the dictionary were going to collective in structure: O.N.Trubachev, the head (praslavyanskaya lexicon Belarus, Polish, kashubsko-slovinskogo, verhneluzhitskogo, nizhneluzhitskogo, polabskogo languages), Z.Z.Varbot (praslavyanskaya lexicon of the Czech and Slovak languages), V.A.Merkulov (with 1961 on 1993-praslavjanskaja lexicon of Russian, Ukrainian, and with 1972 on 1993 and Belarus languages), L.V.Kurkin (praslavyanskaya lexicon of Slovene language, since 1971 - also the Bulgarian and Macedonian languages), I.P.Petleva (praslavyanskaya lexicon of Serbo-Croatian language), L.A.Gindin (with 1961 on 1970 - praslavyanskaya lexicon of old slavic, Bulgarian and Macedonian languages), G.F.Odintsov (with 1971 on 1989 - praslavyanskaya lexicon of old slavic, Bulgarian and Polish languages), E.S.Pavlova (with 1989 on 1993 - praslavyanskaya lexicon of old slavic and Polish languages), T.V.Gorjacheva (since 1978 - praslavyanskaya lexicon kashubsko-slovinskogo language, since 1996 - also praslavyanskaya lexicon of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus languages), A.A.Kalashnikov (since 1993 - praslavyanskaya lexicon Polish, verhneluzhitskogo, nizhneluzhitskogo and polabskogo languages), T.V.Neva (with 1994 on 1995 - praslavyanskaya lexicon of Russian and Belarus languages). All named employees collected materials on etymology of slavic words. Considerable materials on Serbo-Croatian lexicon were collected for the dictionary by the Yugoslavian Slavist V.Mihajlovich (1966-1968). The Bulgarian dialect material replenished also with the Bulgarian trainee O.Mladenovoj (1986-1987).

25 mb 1

27 mb 2

22 mb 3

26 mb 4

26 mb 5

25 mb 6

25 mb 7

28 mb 8

22 mb 9

24 mb 10

11 mb 11

22 mb 12

34 mb 13

38 mb 14

31 mb 15

29 mb 16

29 mb 17

27 mb 18

27 mb 19

27 mb 20

13 mb 21

17 mb 22

15 mb 23

15 mb 24

5 mb 25

5 mb 26

5 mb 27

5 mb 28

5 mb 29

5 mb 30

ALL_603 Mb


RUNY. Runy magics. Runy the slavic.

Runy originate since the first centuries of our era. If people wished to glance in the future they used runy magics, spending with them certain rituals and manipulations. If it is interesting to you that will be with you and your relatives if you wish to restore pictures of antecedents runy slavic to you will necessarily be useful. Legends say that these symbols have been seen for the first time by the person passed all way of spiritual clarification, it managed to scratch them on tree of life blood exuding of its wounds. He has seen them in contact to the higher force which existence is difficult for denying as any theory about occurrence of life doesn't explain accurately then suddenly the monkey has turned to the person, and fish operilas' and has departed bird. Runy it is necessary to download to all who wishes to comprehend secrets of the past years who to aspire to raise the spiritual level and wishes to change the life.

Runy represent the symbols traced on everything tree, metal, stone. All where are runy magics turns in oberegi, bearing in human life positive power helping to open unknown abilities of organism. Runy the slavic stand, is isolated from all other kinds of writing used in drevne the European countries. In them all laws of the nature dictated by the higher beings to priests and traced by them are combined. Having decided runy to download, you make correct act as with their help you can see future events which concern and you and your relatives.

From ancient times runy the important decisions used before making. Was to collect some subjects on which would be traced runy magics in one capacity enough and having mixed them to pour out on equal surface. After runy the slavic were taken from nasypannoi heaps there was interpretation of their values and depending on the received picture was accepted the correct decision is unique. Runy to download and become conducted by the higher beings, events in your subsequent life will strictly correspond to the foundations accepted at Slavs for this reason it it will be possible to name the just.

To apply runy on purpose to do much harm to other people it is not admissible absolutely not as the higher forces know in advance about your intentions and won't admit adequate addition of overall picture of the further events which to turn out, applying runy magics. Interesting also that runy slavic it is much more difficult to interpret also is, than the analogues developed in Europe as our symbols have more close connection with natural phenomena and can be interpreted several ways depending on sequence of loss and position on surface for this reason it is possible to consider them such which have incorporated all the best created by other cultures. Besides in them the features which connect the spiritual party of the person with everyday life have been introduced raising level of harmony and introducing in life ventured runy to download exclusively positive emotions. Will reestablish communication with the roots, and you will be surprised with the positive transformation which has occurred to you.


Runy the slavic

The world


Mythical stone
















The world

The form runy the World essence image of the Tree of the World, the Universe. Symbolises also inner self of the person, centripetal forces, stremyaschie the World to the Order. In the magic relation of fleece the World represents protection, protection of gods.


In contrast fleece the World, fleeces of Chernobog represents forces, stremyaschie the world to Chaos. The magic maintenance runy: destruction of old communications, break of magic circle, exit from any closed system.

Mythical stone

Fleeces the Mythical stone are fleeces of the centre of the Universe, beginning and end fleece vsegosuschego. It round what struggle of forces of the Order and Chaos rotates the stone lying in the basis of the World it is the balance and returning law into place. Eternal circular motion of events and their motionless centre. Magic altar on which sacrifice essence reflexion of stone of the Mythical stone is made. It also is that sacral image which is concluded in this fleece.


Fleeces of road, infinite way to the Mythical stone the way defined by unity and struggle of forces of the Order and Chaos, Water and Fire. The road is something bol'shee, than three-dimensional motion and time is simple. The road is special condition, equally excellent both from vanity, and from rest movement condition between Order and Chaos. At Road isn't present either the beginnings, or the end, but there is source and there is result... The Ancient formula: " Do that you want, and be that will" could serve as the motto of this runy. Magic value runy: movement stabilisation, the help in the travel, favorable outcome of difficult situations.



Fleeces of Vija god Navi, the Bottom World. These are fleeces of destiny, which not to avoid, darkness, death. Fleeces of constraint, constraint and compulsion. It imagicheskii interdiction for fulfilment of this or that action, and stesnennost'v the material plan, and those bonds that hold down consciousness of the person.


The slavic word " Krada" means sacrificial fire. These are fleeces of Fire, fleece of aspiration and embodiment of aspirations. But the embodiment of any plan always is disclosing of this plan to the World, and consequently fleeces of Krada it also fleeces of disclosing, fleeces of loss external, alluvial that burns down on sacrifice fire. Magic value runy Krada clarification intention liberation embodiment and realisation.



Fleeces of the Soldier of Spirit. Value of slavic word " Treba" sacrifice without which on Road the intention embodiment is impossible. This sacral maintenance given runy. But sacrifice not is simple gift to gods the idea of victim means bringing in victim of.


Force property of the Soldier. It not only ability to World change isebya in him, but also ability to follow Road, freedom from consciousness fetters. Force fleeces are simultaneously and fleeces of unity, the integrity, which achievement one of movement results on Road. And more it is Victory fleeces for the Soldier of Spirit finds Force, only having won itself, only having brought in victim of external for the sake of liberation of internal. Magic value of this runy is directly connected with its definitions as runy victories, runy power and runy integrity. RunaSily can direct the person or situation to the Victory and integrity finding, can help to clear not clear situation and to push to the correct decision.



Fleeces of the Life, mobility and natural variability of Life for the immovability is dead. Fleeces Are symbolises updating, movement, growth, Life. This fleeces represents those divine forces that force grass to grow, earth juice leak on trunks of trees, and blood - to run on spring in human veins faster. These are fleeces of easy and light vital force and natural to all live aspiration to movement.



These are fleeces of Spirit, fleece of Vedanija and ascension to top will and inspiration fleeces image of the spiritualised magic Force connected with elements of air. At level of magic of fleece of the Wind symbolises Force-wind, inspiration, creative impulse.


Bereginya in slavic tradition the female image associating with protection and the parent beginning. Therefore fleeces of Beregini are fleeces of the Goddess-mother knowing both terrestrial fertility, and destinies of all live. The Goddess-mother gives life to the souls coming to be embodied on the Earth, and it takes away life when time comes. Therefore the fleece of Beregini can name both runoi Lives, and runoi Death. Same fleeces is runoi Destinies.


In all without exception branches indoevropeiskoi traditions the symbol of man's member (slavic word " Ud" ) contacts the fertile creative force changing Chaos. This fiery force was called as Greeks the Eros, and Slavs Jar. It not only force of love, but also passion kzhizni in general, the force connecting contrasts, impregnating emptiness of Chaos.



Fleeces it is connected with elements of water, and it is concrete Live, fluid water in springs and streams. In magic of fleece of Lelja are fleeces of intuition, Knowledge out of Reason, and also spring awakening and fertility, flowering and pleasure.


These are fleeces of the transcendental not shown Spirit which is nachaloi the end only. In magic of fleece of Fate it can be applied to subject or situation dedication Incognizable.


These are fleeces of the bases of the Universe, fleece of gods. The support is shamanskii pole, or tree on which the shaman makes travel on the sky.


Fleeces of Dazhdboga are symbolised by the Blessing in all senses of this word: from material riches to the pleasure accompanying love. The major attribute of this god horn of plenty, or, in more ancient form copper of the inexhaustible blessings. The stream of the gifts, flowing the inexhaustible river, also represents fleeces of Dazhdboga. Fleeces occurrence of new communications or acquaintances, well-being as a whole, and also successful end of any business means gifts of gods, acquisition, reception or addition something.


Fleeces of Peruna god-Thunderer protecting the worlds of gods and people from approach of forces of Chaos. Symbolises power and vital force. Occurrence mighty, but heavy can mean fleeces, the forces able sdvinut'situatsiyu from dead point or to give it additional energy of development. Symbolises also personal power, but, in some negative situations, the power which has been not burdened by wisdom. It and direct protection submitted gods against forces of Chaos, against pernicious influence of mental, material or any other destructive forces.


For correct understanding of this runy sleduest to recollect that Ice one of the creative primary elements, symbolising Force in rest, potentiality, movement in immovability. Fleeces of the Source, the Ice fleece are meant by stagnation, crisis in affairs or in situation development. However it is necessary to remember that the condition zamorozhennosti, absence of movement, comprises potential force of movement and development (meant runoi Is) the same as also movement comprises potential stagnation and freezing.


The BOOK. To download books. Electronic books. Books free of charge.

The book is necessary to us not only that it was possible to kill time as the modern printing publishing house is based on this principle. Detectives with simple plot verses in which about what it is not told, and are simply rhymed incoherent words, it is possible for this reason nobody wishes the book to read. Today children don't wish to download the book in text statement, their brains are hammered by modern TV, thoughtless, silly, severe and bearing in the world only aggression. It is possible to find books in the Internet free of charge, but those books that are presented for free loading on our site aren't present at anybody. Considerable quantity of the dictionaries, which circulation it is dated by 18 century, elektronnyeknigi in which secrets of the Old Russian alphabet are stated.

Whether it is known to you that only Russian has saved the greatest communication with the roots. And only on it the merciless hunting today is conducted, all mass media aspire to defame our property. The book will help you to revive forgotten time of the youth. You can download books to help the children not to follow the tastes of the vile environment wishing as soon as possible to translate Russian from category of wind instruments in what are based on the virus technology which are not mentioning the sensual party of soul. Everyone should read books, at least because reading improves memory quality indicators, do the person by more creative. Even electronic books promote it.

If you search, where it would be possible to take free interesting books that you have come to the address as only here there are rare editions in electronic form. Without the slightest expenses you become the owner of the information, capable to turn your consciousness and to clear, that the modern culture our communication with the past tries to destroy. The people which don't have past, are doomed to extinction. Knowingly was considered that the book the best gift as thanks to interestingly written book, to read which easily and pleasantly, it is possible to improve the memory more than for 200 percent.

It is pleasant to communicate with the reading person, with it always is about what to talk, and on the contrary, those who doesn't recognise even electronic books represents moral ugly creatures zatsiklennyh on stupid body of show, dissolute advertising and the films removed under defined otuplyayuschii template. You don't need to pay money as books free of charge extend, and the information containing in them is much more valuable than all riches on planet as it helps to save the most valuable property of the people its history, culture and by that helps to construct the future.

Can download books independently to be convinced of it and to check up as your sight at usual things as your life will change and as you will experience positive power of the past will change. Raise the level of intellectual development and join society of successful, intelligent people. Believe in the forces and struggle against nasty thing flowing on you from mass-media.


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