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We SEE ALL And CLEARLY we UNDERSTAND | the Letter from Alexanders about alcohol | Beer isn't drink | Alcohol - poison for body, brain and soul! | to drink or not to drink here in what question!


Against the people of Russia the genocide is spent. policy, genocide. About it tell many, switching on and representatives of the higher authority though their legislative and cultural policy carries out systematic reduction of the population of Russia. Isn't present in the country of such area of human activity where position wouldn't worsen. In Europe and the USA don't get tired to do forecasts when, through how much years, will disappear from the face of the earth Russian people: in 150, 100, 50 or 30 years? As after the Great Patriotic War there was no in the USSR such family in which somebody wouldn't be killed or crippled, and now there is no such person at whom someone from the family wouldn't suffer to some extent from the silent " cultural" weapon alcohol.

But Russia we mean Great historically Russia to die isn't going to, though also seriously ill.

* the Hostile world mocks over poverzhennym the giant, and it has only just regained consciousness and gains strength to rise and move to victory of all humiliated and deprived planets the Earth.

* Us frighten that we are doomed to death, but this hopelessness and gives us force, cold calmness and confidence.

* To us arrange continuous holidays, fireworks and illuminations, but through their false shine grey gloom of their organizers is even more accurately visible to us.

* To us inspire that we barbarians and to us it is necessary to join « the civilised world» . But we know that unique civilisation from which the WORLD can take a lot of useful.

* To us shout " enjoy life to the full" , « you of it are worthy» , introducing morals of wolf - of the single. And we know that our rescue and rescue of all WORLD in unity, vzaimozaschite and sacrifices for the sake of overall aim. It is that globalizm in Russian

* Us persuade not to look in « another's pocket» , and we on people court will recollect and we will count everything that is stolen at us. And mercy won't be.

* Us accustom to " tolerance" . We call for intolerance to enemies of Russia and traitors of the people.

* Over our Common sense in plenty naizdevalis' also have already believed that it has definitively disappeared from our goals. But we sober definitively and irrevocably, and the Reason of the people all sees the general course of things more distinctly.

* · Nam doldonyat: « who is strong, that and the rights, in it and is justice» . But at us other concept about justice. And on this concept we will judge traitors.

* Us accustom to like rich and to serve them as toadies. But in us steadily ripens and hatred and noble fury is poured by breaking power.

War against the people can be conducted with impunity only till that time while he hasn't understood it.

But we see all and clearly we understand


6 film of the project the Common cause. Alcohol and crime

Elena Isinbaeva: antialcohol

Alcohol - poison for body, brain and soul!

Russian, never drank alcohol!

Growth of consumption of beer in Russia

Judging by level of beer made and realised in trade, Russia was included now into number of the countries which population takes " the advanced" positions on the use of this product which are still considered low alcohol and even as " nonalcoholic" . And it in spite of the fact that main sanvrach Russia G.Onishchenko on behalf of all medicine has acted in " the Teacher's newspaper" with article about harmful consequences of consumption of beer. According to the researches spent by chair of biomedical bases of safe viability of Krasnoyarsk state university, from four thousand interrogated the person at the age from 7 till 20 years, among first-graders there were 48 % taking alcoholic drinks that in 12 times surpasses indicators 10-12-letnei prescription. As ascertained G.Onishchenko, growth of consumption of beer in the country occurs " at the expense of teenagers and women of genital age" .

Beer advertising holds back harm

Such repeated races in beer consumption neudivitelen if to consider persistently imposed, various on way prepodneseniya beer advertising to the trustful Russians, not having to this experience of opposition to it. That there are colourfully issued huge boards in cities and on the transport highways, advertising extreme " utility" of beer, and terrible daily importunate advertising of beer on TV.

And as it is possible to pass by the advertising appeal sounding from TV concerning beer: " There are things for the sake of which it is necessary to live!" ?

Under the statement of some " experts" beer is more useful some milk. Some mass-media recommend to use to its pregnant women and feeding mothers for the best lactation, and to children - for more sweet, deep sleep.

It is not accepted to speak about poisonous connections and harm of beer

But in one mass-media it was not informed that on harm for organism beer can be made even only to moonshine since in the course of spirit fermentations both in beer and in moonshine are in full saved much more poisonous connections accompanying alcohol (fermentation by-products.) it is aldehydes, fusel oils, metanol, the aethers, which maintenance in beer in tens and hundreds times are exceeded by level of their admissible concentration in the vodka received from spirit of the higher clearing. The beer alcoholism conducts to degradation of generations

On whom advertisers of beer count? First of all, on the inhabitant believing all beautiful fairy tales about accessible it under the price " drink" . As to beautiful pictures with beer on boards and short advertising " vaudevilles" on TV, they, first of all, are addressed youth not to lose clientele in the near future. As a result in the face of parents sober children turn to drinking youth, and drinking youth in parents-drunkards. Really it is not clear that the beer subculture is the beginning of culture narkotizma, the leader to degradation of generations, and eventually - to   destruction of all people.

Myth about the home producer of beer

Than to explain misunderstanding of this terrible prospect from outside the Russian legislators? It is considered to be that manufacture of beer and trade in it fills up the state budget. Proceeding from it, the beer consumer is the true patriot of Russia helping the home producer.

Now in the Russian Federation there are 296 breweries. Their absolute number belongs to the foreign capital. For example, incomes of beer " Neva" leave to Denmark, beer " Holster" - to Germany, " Miller" - to America, " the Old miller" - to Turkey, " Fat man" - to Belgium, " Botchkarev" - to Spain, " Gold the Flank" - to Southern Africa. The profit on concern " Baltic" beer, and also on beer OA of " Pikra" - leaves to Scandinavia. Hence, admirers of beer support not domestic, but the foreign manufacturer that isn't identical to concept " patriotism" .


Difference between boys and girls!!

Alexey Chadov: antitobacco


Beer isn't drink

Persevering, and still better to say aggressive advertising of beer has already made its national " drink" of Ukrainians, Russians and other slavic people. The stereotype, as if beer is harmless " drink" , and also sales volumes of this potion increasing every year do the part the people who have conceived a liking for beer becomes more and more.

The scientists investigating this problem, quite obosnovanno consider wrongful division of spirits products on degrees of their harmful influence on organism as among them there are no harmless. Beer, as well as any other alcoholic mix, for the objective reasons it is impossible to name foodstuff or " drink" as the term " drink" masks true essence of narcotic mix and promotes the statement in consciousness of the program forcing the person to poison.

Contrary to this scientific true manufacturers of beer, advertising the goods, aspire to increase inflow of buyers by that statement that beer low alcohol, ostensibly harmless and almost useful " drink" . And in spite of the fact that during the last years the alcohol maintenance in beer has reached it in some grades of 14 % (that corresponds to wines on spirtosoderzhaniyu) whereas during the stay of the USSR the beer fortress fluctuated (depending on grade) within 1,5-6 %, and more often from 2,8 % (in Zhigulevsk) to 3,5 % (in Moscow).

The opinion on this question was stated also by experts in narcology. But the government of Ukraine (it is final, not without the aid of the manufacturers of beer receiving for the killing potion fabulous profits) has closed on it eyes: officially beer is excluded from the category of " alcoholic drinks» , hence, on it interdictions for advertising and many other restrictions don't extend.

Than beer is dangerous?

Harm of beer for human body is very extensive.   destruction of cages of brain (which, dying off, are deduced from organism with urine), infringement of functions of spinal cord, miokardiodistrofiya, cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, nevropatii, defeat of visual and acoustical analyzers. Correlation between daily consumption of beer and increase of arterial pressure is proved also. One of heavy complications at beer alcoholism are lactic acidosis and giponatriemiya.

Usually mass-media don't inform that on harm for organism beer can be compared to moonshine as in the course of spirit fermentations and in beer, as well as in moonshine, in full volume are saved by-products of fermentation accompanying alcohol. These are aldehydes, fusel oils, metanol, izopropilovyi spirit, aethers, nitrazaminy and other not less poisonous connections, which maintenance in beer in tens and hundreds times exceeds level of their admissible concentration in the vodka received from spirit of the higher clearing. Among them and psychotropic substances which concern illegal drugs.

On whom advertisers of beer count? First of all on the inhabitant believing all beautiful fairy tales about accessible it under the price " drink" . As to beautiful pictures with beer on publicity boards and short advertising " vaudevilles" on telescreens they, first of all, are addressed youth (not to lose clientele in the near future). As result in the face of parents sober children turn to drinking youth, and drinking youth in parents-drunkards. Really to someone else it is not clear, what the beer counterculture is the beginning of culture narkotizma, the leader to degradation of generations, and eventually to   destruction of all people?!

Beer the drug calling aggression

According to modern researches, beer is the most dangerous legal drug laying way to other, stronger illegal narcotics. Beer consumption is original cause of the crippled destinies of millions our compatriots. Experts in narcology have come to a conclusion for a long time that alcohol is most aggressive of drugs, and the beer alcoholism is characterised by special cruelty. It end of beer orgies by fights, murders, rapes and robberies also speaks.

The employee of chair of biomedical bases of ability to live of the person of Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical university S.Anikin in the article « Beer not milk» results number of the examples confirming the aforesaid. Analogy of the data resulted by it, about pernicious consequences for society pivopitiya, especially for young generation, May events of 2002 on Manezhnaya Square of Moscow when the football fans excited by beer have arranged « large-scale indicative beatings» the compatriots and citizens of other countries are also. The graduate of one of the Moscow schools, casually appeared in crowd of drunk teenagers and the youth, smashing motor vehicles and show-windows of shops and severely beating people who have got under hand has been hammered to death... Similar cases are described also by the manager of chair of narcology of the Kharkov medical academy poslediplomnogo educations.

Harmful influence of beer on heart

The most destructive and harmful consequence of consumption of beer sick heart or as its German doctor professor Bolinger has named, Bavarian « beer heart» . It is expressed in expansion of cavities of heart, thickening of its walls, nekrozah in cardiac muscle, reduction mitohondrii, etc. These changes are connected with presence in beer of the cobalt applied as the stabilizer of beer foam. The maintenance of this toxic element in cardiac muscle at consuming beer exceeds admissible norm in 10 times. Besides, cobalt calls inflammatory processes in gullet and stomach.

There are also other factors breaking job of heart at beer alcoholism. It, first of all, the big portions of beer as the liquids absorbed by its fans for one day, and also beer saturation carbonic gas. Getting to organism, they quickly overflow blood vessels that leads to varicose expansion of veins and expansion of borders of heart. It is one more reason of syndrome of " beer heart» , and also syndrome of " kapron stocking» when heart sags, becomes flabby and badly swings blood.

Influence of beer on hormones of the person

Beer contains number of toxic substances, including salts of the heavy metals calling changes in endokrinnoi to system. So, in organism of men at the regular use of beer the substance suppressing development of man's sexual hormone testosterona is allocated. The hop applied at manufacturing of beer, contains estragony, similar on the chemical properties with estrageolom female sexual hormone. Thus, in organism of the man the female sexual hormones calling in him essential change start to collect. So, at men drinking beer chest glands expand, the basin becomes wider. And still estragony are capable to call men sexual inclination to other men.

At the women using beer, the probability of disease by cancer increases. If beer is drunk by feeding mother at the child are possible epilepticheskie spasms. Besides, drinking women have rough voice and there are so-called « beer moustaches» .

Beer alcoholism

About that there is beer alcoholism, it is known for a long time. And though in the opinion of the inhabitant it is less dangerous, than wine and vodka, its consequences aren't less destructive. In XIX-th century Englishmen, struggling with alcoholism, have decided to supersede strong alcoholic products beer. But very soon they had to cancel « the beer law» as its introduction only aggravated drunkenness. reihskantsler Germany Bismarck as anybody another knew the first about harmful consequences of the use of beer and has made following definition of beer alcoholism: « From beer become lazy, silly and powerless» (under the term " powerless" the impotence meant).

On the basis of the researches spent in 1985 in paid clinics of Canada by comparison drinking beer with consumers of other alcoholic products it is defined that the diagnosis « palpated liver» is established at the people regularly using beer more often.

The researches spent in many countries, testify that the chronic alcoholism from the beer use develops in 3-4 times faster, than from strong alcoholic products. Sick of beer alcoholism get to hospital in the heaviest, started condition, more often with the expressed weak-mindedness and decrease in personal estimation.

To drink, smoke smerdom to be!

It is devoted to people liked by me,

Looking at smoking and pitie which,

My heart shouts: « Stop them!

They don't know that create!»

Probably, to them will painfully read it.

But I can't be silent any more,

Hinting them gradually, sparing their vanity.

To be silent further, means to allow them

To affirm in alcoholic and tobacco

Narcotisms and to degrade completely.

" Gentlemen's lohovskoi set."

That film p'yanka and smoking.

That broadcast, alcohol and tobacco advertising:

« Pour, pour glasses more full » ,

« Give we will light, companion on one » ,

« On charochke, on charochke, pour, pour, pour » ,

« Give, children, we will light before it is old an » ,

« From wine bottle the head isn't ill, and is ill the one who doesn't drink anything » .

That proverb, alcoholism and smoking propagation:

« The first the stake, the second the falcon» ,

« The dry spoon of companies tears up» ,

« It is drunk, yes it is clever, two grounds in him» ,

« Who doesn't smoke and doesn't drink, that zdoroven'kim will die» .

It already " terminal station" falling bottom.

Whence to contemporaries to know that our Multiwise Ancestors considered as happiness to die in health!

Has forgotten to write still: since ancient times in Russia beer considered as plebeian drink. Vysokorangovye persons always drank not diluted medical (today's saying - Beer " Klinsky" drink poor, silly and those who drinks, that ssat'). The history of enslavement of Russia alcohol is even more sad and is dramatic. Throughout hundreds thousand years Russia-mother didn't know other pitiya, except suritsy, beer, yes home-made beer. Suritsa infusion of curative grasses on spring water with honey, having begun to ferment-shy under Sun beams. Sur'ya the Sun synonym. Suritsa the Sun Drink means! Its fortress of 2-3 degrees, as now in kvass.




Alcohol is useful. Or beer against vodka. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sobriety - will of the people

Recently to us the letter from Alexanders has come:

Today I have woken up with strong \" \" as it is called in the people, with feeling of disappointment and that comprehension that all that occurs to me so untidily and it is absolutely not necessary... The first that I have made it have put on and have gone to shop - beer and cigarettes, that I have bought this that...

Having returned, I have switched on the Internet, have come on site and have absolutely casually come across lecture about harm of alcohol. I many times looked such lectures, reflected on this theme, but this has impressed me most.

A little 20 years wish to tell about themselves, me, now I live in Moscow, year, and this last year there was no day that I didn't drink something from alcohol, to become most terribly from these words... I conduct usual, even probably standard way of life, I study-work, free time I am simply filled in with alcohol, and it is valid so... And it in spite of the fact that in the life I have very close faced all fear which is connected with alcohol that can occur in family when someone drinks... It can't be described words, and that very good people become an inveterate drunkard basically is even more terrible, it is possible because it simply difficult to consult with all negative and cruelty in this world, and the most capable still become an inveterate drunkard and those at whom they don't know a lot of potential - as it to apply, as result not incarnate possibilities, the glass of alcohol - and to it seems all not too badly. . I will return to the life - when I was 10 years old, I remember it very well, my family which from outside seemed model endured madly terrible period.

I lived most, the daddy, elder sister and then the grandmother was still live. It was very heavy to mum to drag all on itself, it always very much preserved us, all for us did, tried, that we never knew lack and poverty of what that wasn't, plus to it there was sick grandmother who then already badly went also to mum it was necessary to pull all it on itself. And here that moment when my mum - on affairs simply very good mother, it has broken has come, and began to drink.... I remember one moment, it can and was the first when I have returned from school and has understood nothing, to me was so terribly, these absolutely another's drunk eye of the closest person - it is very terrible, very much... Probably any represents drunk hysterics, scandals... Such moments was much and to recollect them really very terribly... Such moments was much... I remember as I went home from school and all for what I would pray if only that mum was sober, if only that nobody would swear. . Probably as I was still the child from me very many hid, can that I didn't understand that... The grandmother has then died, for mum it was very terrible and final all situation with alcohol was aggravated, and then mum began to die simply slowly, I remember then have learnt that then the daddy the second time in life cried... We didn't know what to do, anybody from us didn't know, it was the real hell... Mum any more didn't drink, it simply always lay, with anybody didn't tell also to it it would be desirable nothing... Then to me told that the daddy even as that has hardly kept it when she wished to be thrown out from window... Then all has passed, probably simply god has heard our prayers, mum has recovered, she any more didn't drink... Till now I without tears can't recollect this period.

I remember as has found mum's note, she has written it when wished to finish itself, has then hidden and has forgotten about it.... Even to tell words difficultly that you feel, when you read such things and you understand, what after all it now could and not to be... Certainly that that I wish to tell now very much is connected with my moments of the past, but all the same the reason for all there was it-alcohol... And now, I sitting on sofa, with beer bottle, I look lecture about harm of alcohol... Very ironically, on the middle of lecture of tear were screwed on eyes - itself hasn't understood why, then it wanted to exclaim simply for the whole world - WHAT FOR we DO IT???? Simply what for? Why, namely what for, after all probably there is no such person who wouldn't understand, the most important thing absolutely is what is it very harmful also to it it is not necessary, but all of us is equal with enviable constancy we become an inveterate drunkard.

I too in this number, and still that am terrible, I not most fallen representative of youth - I do career, I study, my life can even seem to someone very successful, and after all as a matter of fact I degrade... What will be further with me, and with my children??? If at all I will live before... It is difficult to explain that the such happens with me right now, but has firmly understood that I so don't want, what is it all illusion that I so will achieve nothing and more I will bring sufferings to my relatives... I want that would like small percent of those people which all the same reflect on it too have listened, if not to someone then to to itself, have asked itself question - and whether it is necessary to me? Simply to think, after all it to what doesn't oblige, simply to think of it...

Zhdanov in Dnepropetrovsk 2009

Roller - alcohol!!

To drink or not to drink here in what question!

It is hard to me to admit it and in general to speak about it, but I wish to take the given step to discuss with you very serious and, in my opinion, ambiguous theme. Theme which some days ago has again emerged before me. And which persistently demands the consideration, television news, children's memoirs and round dates reminding of itself. If you can't tell about yourselves of the same, I envy you. But, most likely, among all those who is interested in courage questions, I will be not the unique person at whom the father abused alcohol. Most likely, such people enough will be typed. Why? Because differently at us would be much more understanding how the man correctly to behave in life. It is more 15th years (that is, all those years while I matured, turning from the child to the teenager, and from the teenager in the man) my father almost daily drank beer, wine, vodka or moonshine.

Being in condition of easy high and dullness, he, certainly, didn't want, and couldn't prosecute subjects of education of sons or the decision of the problems facing to family. And what for them to solve, if it is possible to relax with the help pivasika? If it is possible to take cover from necessity to change, the behaviour or the values behind glass of " noble drink» ? If it is possible to remove the stress born by disorder in life or absence of self-realisation, by means of 50 gramme of " primordially Russian" product?

When There is Possibility Approved by the Society to Run away From Problems,

The person Will almost always run.

And with it to do nothing. To prevent flight, in my opinion, it is possible only one checked up means burning of bridges. All the rest only half measures.

However, about it after.

In 49 years (that is, it is equal in half a year after I have returned from army) my daddy has died of cirrhosis. Painfully and slowly.

Before his death I came to see him often in hospital. Cared of him, watched its condition. Changed linen. But, alas, and hasn't understood all that gravity of position in which it has appeared. Being irritated on its unwillingness to struggle with illness. Being angry that he doesn't wish to be restored to life. Demanding from it man's behaviour (That is, behaviour of which didn't suffice me for example all these years). And, staying in full confidence that my father can arrive as a real man if will want. Can overcome any illness. But for some reason doesn't do it, and demands pity to itself

I was angry with it and didn't wish to understand that the person who takes often alcohol, doesn't have forces and desire to live. There are no forces and desire to struggle.

The Person Who Drinks Often, doesn't Have Possibility

To be the Real man.

Because spirit dissolves its forces. Exhausts energy and time. And flat-out, energy and time any man can't become something big, than simply supernumerary in this life. Yes, in young years of our energy still suffices on drinking and something to reach. It is necessary to do not so much, and forces the organism has more than enough. But in some years the situation cardinally varies. It becomes necessary to do much more, and years any more those. You get tired faster and you are more slowly restored.

And consequently to spend forces for alcohol begins simply unreasonably.

But, alas, we get used to have a rest so. We get used to relax so. Also we get used to think what somehow differently to have holidays it is simply uninteresting. Besides, now we have money for alcohol (than not always we could brag in young years). And nobody can tell to us of " feet" . Alas, my daddy has died. And I just now start to understand that haven't had time to tell to it " thanks" . Thanks that it in general was. Wasn't in time, because it is too much claims at me, the teenager, was to my daddy who has weakened from alcohol.

But what I could then to understand?

By the way, and how I concerned alcohol?

I admit and it.

To 18th years, seeing, as my daddy slowly degrades, I have been assured that I will not take in mouth alcohol drops. Has been assured and followed this decision, despite arrangements (and even threats) the schoolmates, odnogruppnikov and it is simple friends. And in 18, having given in to the offer of one cute girl, has drunk champagne on brudershaft. In half a year I, to the big pleasure of the friends, already tried beer, wine, vodka and even moonshine, becoming « the guy» in those companies to which aspired. I can not tell that I have gone by the way of the daddy. But during the following 14th years, I didn't imagine life without beer small bottle in summer day or cognac wine-glasses for holiday. I drank alcohol to take courage in disco and to approach to get acquainted to pleasant girl. Drank alcohol to relax. Drank alcohol to cheer up. Drank alcohol simply to fill up time. Or to eat it is more than shish kebabs. I drank alcohol and didn't consider it as problem (well, unless sometimes).

Until has looked video of the professor of Zhdanov http://pravdu.ru/lessons/jdanov/  

I urgently recommend to all to download it and to look. Horribly and, perhaps, at times it is a little utrirovano. But it is necessary to look unequivocally. After that, I have set to myself some questions. Questions which should set to itself still 14 years ago. And which I recommend to set to myself and you:

1) « That gives me alcohol?»

2) « For what I drink?»

3) « And whether it is possible to manage absolutely without alcohol? (That is to reach the purposes which I reach alcohol, other ways)» .

I have asked myself these questions and next day have stopped to drink. FOR EVER.

On August, 7th, 2009, i.e. 2,5 years since that moment as I have made this decision were some days ago executed and has completely refused alcohol any kind.

And here that I can tell about it:

1) to Live without beer, wine, vodka and moonshine is possible. And even moreover it is necessary.

2) In any way to the worst my life hasn't changed.

3) Yes, I had to replace gradually the company in which I communicated. But it has appeared not so badly. My true friends the given process hasn't concerned. They (too at first having apprehended my decision in bayonets) have very soon understood that I am adjusted seriously that is why to argue with me didn't become. It has concerned exclusively superficial dialogue. For example, I became uninteresting to the girls, liking to lean on alcohol. Also became more interesting to the girls, liking to spend time differently for example, to dance, simply to communicate, walk (Agree, loss it not to name).

4) the Money released from alcohol, I have directed on other employment and things.

5) And the main thing at me possibility to RUN away from the problems has disappeared. To relax in the chemical way. That is why, if I faced serious problem, negative emotions, fears etc., at me it is necessary to suffer infinitely only 2 ways or problems to solve. I repeat, to relax with the help pivasika I couldn't any more. And consequently I (as though it unpleasantly at first was) have started the internal and external problems to solve gradually.

In general, besides, that I have excluded myself from this herds in which I was pushed with advertising, culture and manipulations of the people interested in it, became better also to feel.

And the main thing, I assure you, me now any arrangements you will not force to return to the former!

One of people very respected by me, my Instructor in psychology, has somehow told to me: « Dima, you in vain so assiduously undertook it. You want not spit'sya? Simply drink high quality, expensive wines and cognacs. And then you only will get from it. Both in the status, and in pleasure» . Alas, it follows the same rule. And I should notice how this chelovechische gradually starts to hand over. Agree, expensive wines and cognacs of the man become an inveterate drunkard as easily, as well as cheap stuff (Quantity of alcoholics among gilt youth to that the proof). And, except that, expensive wines and cognacs in the same way exhaust time, forces and energy, as well as cheap. Matter is not in the price and not in quality.

« You lose possibilities for career» he added. « I assure you, the majority of affairs in our society becomes during feasts. And if you don't drink, as people will trust you? You understand, if in the company of white people the Negro what remarkable it wouldn't be sits, all remember that he is Negro. And with you. All remember that you and are the nondrinker them will strain» . Two and a half year which I have spent in sober way of life, allow me to assert that on career it affects only positively. Yes, some chiefs approach to themselves generally drinking companions. But whether it is necessary for me to come nearer to such chiefs? It is not assured.

I repeat, the Real man, in my opinion, should conduct exclusively sober way of life, at least because it doesn't give it chance to run away from the decision of problems. If to it it is bad, it shouldn't have other way to avoid pain, except the decision of the arisen problem. And for this reason I have refused alcohol COMPLETELY. It is impossible to be a little the pregnant woman. Also it is impossible to run SOMETIMES from the decision of problems in alcohol. If there is possibility to run away, you will run while it is not necessary to do it precisely. While it is the most difficult. So when it is necessary to be mobilised.












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