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The weapon against the nation. The reference of 1700 doctors

We, doctors, professors and academicians of medicine address to you with the request to discuss and pass the decision on official recognition drugs of alcohol and the tobacco which has gained mass distribution in has found to the country, caused and doing huge harm to the person and the society, threatening existence of our Fatherland as cultural state.

All outstanding scientists as past, and present, have uncompromisingly established that alcohol is strong narcotic poison. A.N.Timofeev in the book " Psychological infringements at alcoholic intoxication" (P, 1955) writes: " Alcohol concerns the narcotic substances operating paralizuyuschim in the image on any live cage..., especially on cerebral cortex cages... Renders paralizuyuschee action on the higher departments of the central nervous system (TsNS), rastormazhivaet mechanisms of underlaying departments. It the excited condition of the drunk person as brake process in the higher departments has already suffered" speaks.

V.K.Fedorov, the nearest pupil I.P.Pavlova, in article " About initial influence of drugs (alcohol and hloralgidrata)" asserts that alcohol is drug and as any narco-tic has the features, and only in details differs from other drugs: all phases of influences of alcohol on TsNS are stretched... Euphoria at alcohol is more distinct, than and gravitation in human society to alcohol ' (' Works of physiological laboratory of I.P.Pavlova ', 1949) speaks. I.Ya Vvedensky considers: ' Alcohol concerns narcotic poisons and from all fabrics of body has the greatest affinity with TsNS " (" About responsibility of alcoholics" , M, 1935). N.E.Vvedensky in 7th volume PPS (L, 1963), in article " on the person" says About alcohol action that " alcohol action in all drinks containing it (vodka, liquors, fault, beer, etc.) is similar to action of narcotic substances and typical poisons, such, as chloroform, aether, opium, etc." . V.T.Kondratenko and A.F.Skugarevsky in the book " the Alcoholism ' (Minsk, 1983) write:" Osnovnyj pharmacological action of alcohol on TsNS is narcotic " .

Especially dangerous action shows alcohol on organism of the child. According to pharmacologist I.N.Krakova, at children who have not reached ten years, the strong toxic effect, that is poisoning and even death is observed from 2-3 table spoons of vodka that corresponds approximately 15 g pure alcohol (tsitir. On J.Grubbe: " Alcohol, family, posterity" , 1974). In 1975 the World assembly of public health services has passed the decision: " to Consider alcohol as the drug undermining health" . Even from formality it is recognised that alcohol - drug. In the Big Soviet Encyclopedia it is told literally: that " alcohol concerns narcotic poisons" (t.2, p. 116). Gosstandart of the USSR 1982g.:" Alcohol, ethyl spirit... Concerns strong drugs " ( 1053 GOST 5964-82). The largest minds of the world, such as Darwin, in XIX century wrote that" angrily, caused by alcohol consumption, exceeds those troubles that the plague, hunger and war together taken " bear to mankind. Despite all this scientific data, in our country the strange paradox takes place - narcotic poison freely is on sale even in grocery shops. The same it is necessary to tell and about tobacco drug, poisonous and which narcotic action is tested on themselves daily by millions people and pay off for it with many years of life and health. From all drugs only alcohol and tobacco aren't under a ban laws because they serve as the powerful weapon of mafia for enrichment and operation of people, for fulfilment of many brutal crimes. The troubles, put which these substances to mankind, further are intolerant. Alcohol and tobacco ruin health of millions people, lead to birth of hundreds thousand and millions defective and moronic children increase criminality reduce labour productivity, increase marriage and failures bear early death and death rate growth in society, reduce life expectancy of the person to 15-20 years destroy economy, ruin ecology. But the strongest and pernicious action renders alcohol on brain and reproductive bodies that conducts to destruction and   destruction not only the present, but also the future person as reasonable beings.

It is established, what even the beer mug calls structural changes in organism. At the long use of alcohol fabrics that is especially sharp regenerate and will atrophy and is early shown in brain... At first there is atrophy of the big hemispheres and cerebellum, depression and desolation of their bark in connection with   destruction korkovyh neironov. (V.K.Boletsky, " Theses of scientific conference" , M, 1955g.). Change of structure of brain arise already at moderate consumption of alcohol. The Swedish scientists have established that after 4th years of the use of spirits the wrinkled brain, because of   destruction of billions cages of bark of brain takes place. At " moderately drinking" the wrinkled brain is found out in 85 % of cases " (" the Science and life" , 10,1985) . For a long time already the best minds of mankind demand to legalise interdiction for the use of these drugs, having extended to them the law on struggle against narcotism. 80 years ago 800 doctors from England, Germany ', Austria have addressed with the appeal to stop to consider alcohol as foodstuff and to carry it to drugs. But then forces of enemies of sobriety were great also to doctors their noble mission isn't has gone right. Nowadays we lift again the voices in protection and for rescue of people.

We are people of the most humane trade, called to protect life and health of people, we can not suffer further that in our country from the reasons connected with consumption of alcohol and tobacco annually perish almost one and a half million person is born more than 200 thousand defective and sick children. The common sense demands to solve this question logically and lawfully. Why drugs - alcohol and tobacco, on the pernicious action don't differ from other drugs, such how morphine, opium, chloroform, aether, marihuana, and harm bring in tens and hundred times more - till now aren't subordinated to the law on struggle against narcotism? Perhaps, because that with their help it is possible to ruin more people because they allow to manage dark and dirty affairs it is less appreciable for the drugged eyes? Whether it is time to cease to follow instructions of the mafia which are making profit of destruction life and health of people, manufacture and alcohol and tobacco sale?! Being released from these narcotic poisons, the person can protect the present and the future, future planets. For recognition of alcohol and tobacco drugs and distributions on them of the interdiction, concerning other narcotics, the United Nations decision is necessary. But in this organisation it is impossible to exclude strong influence of commercial and other interests of the wine-vodka industry, difficulty of its overcoming. Therefore we have the right to solve this question in the country, as well as number of the Arabian states has arrived.

Considering that alcohol and tobacco consumption grows and was extended in our country, not having to itself equal on scope in the world, in view of huge moral, demographic, economic and ecological losses which has already incurred and continues to bear our people and the state considering that the further relation to alcohol as to foodstuff and its Free sale threatens with full blasting of health of life and future of the nation and can end with accident in the most near future, - we, doctors of all specialities, we make the offer: to recognise alcohol and tobacco as drugs and to extend to them the law on protection of the population from narcotism. The letter academicians of medical sciences Rossii:F.G.Uglov, St.-Petersburg, V.V.Kovanov, Moscow have signed, E.A.Vagner. Perm, E.N.Kalnberz, Riga, L.T.Malaja, Kharkov, E.I.Gonarchuk, Kiev, and other member-correspondents AMN: R.I.Vagner, St.-Petersburg, N.S.Kisljak, Moscow, L.V.Timoshenko, Kiev, GMSolov'ev, Moscow, P.P.Kovalenko, Rostov-on-Don, both other professors and doctors L.V.Lebedev, St.-Petersburg, V.V.Gritsenko, St.-Petersburg, K.N.Samsonova, Bryansk, and more one thousand six hundred eighty six signatures from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Saransk, Omsk, Pervouralska, Kharkov, Irkutsk, Dushanbe and so forth Original documents with signatures are stored to the address: 197689, St.-Petersburg, L.Tolstoy's street, 8, the St.-Petersburg medical institute of akad. I.P.Pavlova. F.G.Uglov. \


All those who under that, or other pretext propagandises alcohol consumption (not important as: " cultural" or " moderately" ), whether it be the representative of alcoholic mafia, the secret agent of CIA or simply fallen drunkard - all of them without exception are afraid of the TRUTH ABOUT ALCOHOL for all of them well know that the truth is the strongest weapon against alcohol. About it tells at least such fact. It is known that mass media (the press, radio, TV) are strongly grasped by antinational mafia where the alcoholic enters also. Therefore you won't hear words of the truth about alcohol. They will or be silent about it as though no alcoholic trouble exists, or will tell lie. They fear truths like the plague.

Even after Decree acceptance about struggle against drunkenness and alcoholism v1985, neither by radio, nor on TV the word hasn't been presented anybody from those who speaks the truth about alcohol and tobacco in spite of the fact that many conferences sent telegrammes to the centre with the request to give to heads of the Union of struggle for national sobriety word for the report. Refusal was it everywhere. Unless it not fear of the truth, how powerful weapon in struggle for sobriety? Progressive scientists, the patriots, all noble people of the country call the people for struggle for sober way of life, for full eradication from our society of such mad certificate, as consumption of narcotic poison. Now business for us. Many speak: why haven't entered " the dry" law? Sheer bureaucracy in this question when all bodies of the mass information, many press organs and many scientists, illogically, in every possible way call to " cultural" , " moderated" vinopitiyu, gives at this time simple interdiction very little. It is necessary to turn our consciousness towards sober way of life, and for it we are called by struggle society for sobriety.

What to us to do?

First of all, to realise that alcohol - the poison destroying life and health not only one person, but also all society. And this poison is dangerous in any doses. Therefore everyone who in this or that kind will propagandise " moderate" doses, " cultural" vinopitie and dry wines, it is necessary to consider as the worst enemy who is going to cut with true both bringing destruction to the people and degradation. Considering danger of alcohol in any doses, it is necessary resolutely and to refuse irrevocably it, remembering that the sober life is to what in all centuries the best minds of mankind aspired and without which there can not be reasonable happiness. To carry out it, it is necessary to begin, first of all, with itself, from the family. To declare " Prohibition" for themselves as it was already made by tens and hundreds patriots, having declared that they houses, on a visit don't drink and never treat with alcoholic products.

Having released from terrible, deadly put alcohol, having dumped from itself yarmo, thrown on us internal and external mafia, it is necessary not to stop on it, and to combat for rescue from this narcotic poison of the friends familiar, companions on work. And already collectively, to demand from the government of introduction of obligatory sobriety for all people. Those who can't be released itself from alcoholic dependence - go to clubs of sobriety which Shichko on method will release you from this bad habit. I can assure you that will pass a few time and as soon as the intoxicated steams completely will disappear, everyone drinking on itself(himself) will be convinced, all his life has how much unrecognizably improved. Now the question costs so: or we will pass to normal way of life and completely we learn happiness and pleasure, or we will go alcoholic road, direct way to degradation and   destruction.

To these materials from itself it is possible to add sayings of known thinkers:

Gennady Andreevich Shichko: « you Have drunk wine-glass of fusel poison to this wine-glass have reduced the mental faculties, sexual activity, resistibility of organism, life have used cigarette exactly on this cigarette grew stupid, have lowered sexual qualities, have destroyed bronchial tubes, easy and other bodies, have reduced life»

Bernard Show: « the Cigarette is bikfortov cord, on which one end spark, and on other the DEAD PERSON»

F.M.Dostoevsky: « Wine skotinit and zverit the person, hardens it and distracts from any light thoughts, tupit it before any kind propagation»

L.N.Tolstoy: « the Nine tenth crimes are made in a state of intoxication»

Some remarkable sayings from the book " Lomehuzy" :

« All outstanding scientists of the world, both the past, and the present, beskompromisno have established that alcohol is strong narcotic poison.

A.N.Timoth in the book « Psychological infringements at alcoholic intoxication» (L, 1955.) writes: « Alcohol concerns the narcotic substances of fat number operating paralizuyuschim in the image on any live cage especially on cages of cerebral cortex renders paralizuyuschie actions on the higher departments of the central nervous system (TsNS), rastormazhivaet mechanisms of underlaying departments. It the excited behaviour of the person as brake process in the higher departments has already suffered» speaks.

V.K.Fedorov, the nearest pupil I.P.Pavlova, in article « About initial influence of drugs (alcohol and hloralgidrata)» asserts that « alcohol is drug and as any drug, has the features and only in details differs from other drugs: all phases of influence of alcohol on TsNS are stretched, euphoria at alcohol more distinct, than and gravitation in human society to alcohol» (« Works of physiological laboratory I.P speaks. Pavlova» , 1949).

A.I.Vvedensky: « Alcohol concerns narcotic poisons, from all fabrics of body has the greatest influence on TsNS» (« About responsibility of alcoholics» , M, 1935).

N.E.Vvedensky writes (Item S.P., t.7, L, 1963, the item « About alcohol action on the person» ): « alcohol Action in all spirits containing it (vodka, liquors, fault, beer etc.) on organism is similar to action of narcotic substances and typical poisons (such, as chloroform, aether, opium etc.)» .

V.T.Kondratenko and A.F.Skugarevsky: « the Basic pharmacological action of alcohol on TsNS is narcotic» (" Alcoholism" . Minsk, 1983). » (F.G.Lomehuzy's Corners of p. 130).




















You are tormented by questions that occurs who is guilty and what to do?

I will dare to offer you answers: since age-old times us tried to subdue, winning our territories, osenyaya the aggressive way crosses, plans of special services, accustoming us to another's belief in thought up God and low values. Conquerors were involved with rich natural resources and the hardworking people which long centuries tried to turn into herds of slaves. Process was difficultly given it.

Russia-Russia that was compressed to borders of the Kiev Russia it was unclenched to borders of mighty Soviet Union. Centuries we lived in peace and friendship with other people, counteracting the next external aggression, receiving from Russia telling blows since Svjatoslava and before last world war. « Owners of the world» have passed from hot wars to cold, information-biological. However, wars never came to an end with signing of non-aggression pacts, smoothly developing into others more technological, more equipped technically. Last fight is developed before our eyes. The purposes of this fight to transform Russia into raw materials for industrial production, world dump of waste of harmful manufacture thus.

For anybody not secret that annually we lose one and a half million compatriots is and there are monstrous losses of genocide. Plans of war against Russia were born right after 45 years. So there was instruction 20/1 from 18.087.48 years SN safety. The found practical embodiment in the Harward project consisting of 3 parts: reorganisation, reform, " end" . Reorganisation has passed before our eyes, " Reforms" under our project are almost ended, there is finishing stage of our utter annihilation. However, at SNB in tandem from CIA left neuvyazochka. Under their joint plans of the USSR Russia should be broken off on 30-50 the independent states. And us should remain according to rupture of 30-50 million slaves. However, on 100 million it is more than us.  

The genetics of our people doesn't allow SNB to finish CIA the project and us continue to finish zealously. Us kill and will cripple in flashpoints, on the gangster dismantlings, many die voluntary.

Us wet in the beer sea, water from under the crane with bleaching powder plus spirit plus food additives plus aromatizator is more exact than beer drink, in which basis. For preservation of beer potion superharmful preservatives on the basis of sulphurous anhydrite are added. To drink, smoke and grunt us have accustomed simultaneously. Us plunder. All of us get not wages, and payment for slavery. Very many lives of new Russian » daddies of known origin silently envy. People don't understand that they aren't necessary to world behind the scenes and will be destroyed, but while their hands destroy old men, children. Daddies, having erected the next private residence, take away the last from pensioners, doctors, teachers, dooming them in animal poverty. Everywhere there is mortgage propagation acquisition of one apartment at the price of 2 the next extortionate action. Our peasantry dies (has already died, Comment ADM). Us dement uncountable quantity of parties which ostensibly battle for national happiness, allowing occurring to immerse the misunderstanding the people in more and more deep poverty, thus calling proof disgust for all parties in general.

To us have perverted our great history how it is necessary for world elite, of our children have made cattle. In the textbooks of history published on means of international speculator Soros (sponsored CIA) any more the USSR, and the USA have won all the Second World War. To us and our children purposely don't give the higher knowledge for knowledge of the world and the decision of practical problems, the influence arsenal on us is huge.

I will dare to stop in detail on family incomes of vaccine advancement under the name V.Privivku's hepatitis carry out on means of tax bearers, it can be appointed strong-willed the decision of officials is universal to all population irrespective of solvency of everyone. Of vaccination consequences to get to the bottom difficultly. This inoculation from hepatitis In, as well as any another should call privivochnuyu illness disease by infection benign. Responsibility that illness will be heavy, heavy will lead to physical inability or death isn't provided. Such tempting direction of business couldn't miss global farmkorporatsiya so the hepatitis In, and system of strategic decisions on introduction with support in power structures has been developed and introduced syvorotochnyi the device. As a result, breaking the law and the special governmental orders on purchase for state needs of domestic vaccines, breaking the decision of Office of Public Prosecutor, everywhere our children began to impart foreign vaccines, the country was captivated by the American vaccines « Enzheriks In» , « NV shoe-polishes 11» and others, besides for expansion of commodity market of vaccines by officials of Ministry of Health the national calendar of inoculations has been changed, and in regions didn't begin to waste time on trifles, and have expanded contingent of the imparted. One have composed own privivochnye programs, others as in SPb undertook to carry out programs of foreign criminal circus performers on surname Vishnevskaya-Rostropovich, actively advancing the American vaccines from hepatitis of Century In damage of protection of the population from really actual infections total vaccination from hepatitis In children, youth, medical workers has begun. It is proved that the hepatitis In is passed only through blood, with it addicts fall ill, receiving virus together with drug dose.

It is logical that protection against such infection it not medical problem, and militia business. Nevertheless, management on public health services has directed means for inoculations to infringement of the law on immune preventive maintenance from hepatitis In, carried out American gene, that is made of gennomodifitsirovannyh barmy cages vaccines. Ill with hepatitis In and died of it victim of officials from the medicine, CIA standing up for by them.

They spend the impudent impudent company as a matter of fact advertising of hepatitis of V.Po to the law on advertising vaccine shouldn't be advertised at all, their advertising is illegal. Having changed concepts « the infection centre» for the term epidemic the advertising company inoculation from hepatitis In gene vaccine of Enzheriks In have developed on all country. To speak about sprovotsirovanooi Hepatitis epidemics In illiterate from the medical point of view, and from the legal point of view criminally. Hepatitis epidemics In weren't and won't be, as there can not be even natural flashes of this infection. Virus transfer deliberate business of criminal hands human, refined gamble of CIA, special services. Intimidation by word epidemic from hepatitis In is similar to intimidation by AIDS epidemic from the end 80. Us to infect very difficultly for we, Russian, are genetically steady. Deliberate infection of children simultaneously in 4 cities is known: Elista, Stavropol, Rostov, Volgograd. Any sex provocations are known, which it has appeared insufficiently to kindle epidemiologicheski. It is Now obvious that simultaneous avalanche growth of HIV infected and infected with hepatitis In, observed last 3 years, grows out of diversions of officials from Ministry of Health and special services of the USA with use of high bioindustrial technologies.

It is surprising that ordinary physicians-experts, knowing principal cause of distribution of hepatitis-in, ignore the truth, don't resist to biowar escalation, subjecting to deadly sentence even newborn children. The panic concerning so-called bio-terrorists which has under itself no real soil is forced. Whether is here uniform orgsila? Yes. Citizens remember that each unreasonable inoculation can become fatal in life of the child.

Our unfortunate babies can have been ill 19 inoculations about one year, and it at not generated immunity. Thus, D the corporation does by hostages. Thus criminal clan privivochnaya does by hostages all population of Russia and not only, and planets, collecting from it the constant guaranteed tribute. To the law about imunnoprofilaktike Russia 5 years. Authors of the law have provided to our population the right to refuse unreasonable inoculations: hepatitis In, tuberculosis. However, in practice the law is broken.

Dear parents! It is necessary, that there was on hands document with the certificate of preventive inoculations is original medical children's passport, him are obliged to hand out at the first inoculation. It, instead of log entry or card is the legal document. In the presence of parents in the certificate are obliged to write down according to article 17 « the law about imunnoprofilaktike infectious diseases» , preparation kind, dose, series, control number.

It is very important.

For example, inoculations from hepatitis In do by vaccine shoe-polishes 11, and it according to explanatories gosinnstituta standardization and the control only passes marketing researches, that is everyone imparted as the participant of experiment has the right to the insurance. The inoculation is made in dark, without record in immunnoprofilakticheskom the passport deprives of the person of the compensated harm or damage, and sometimes probably simultaneous inoculation in educational institution and at job. Record on inoculation should be accompanied by the personal signature of the doctor the executor of private experiments. Dear parents, remember that the inoculation is serious biological operation with inevitable postvaktsionnymi complications for part imparted.

Before suffered from it nobody has incurred responsibility and won't incur. Moreover, victims pay expensive analyses and treatment for not clear diseases. The American firm the manufacturer of gene vaccine « Nv-shoe-polishes 11» in the instruction informs that at its introduction to 653 healthy teenagers and children till 10 years already in the first 5 days at 25 % reactions including the heavy system were observed. This firm and other firm, letting out gene vaccines of " Enzheriks" lists in the instruction on vaccine number following postvaktsionnyh complications: arthritis, Multiformnaja eritema, vaskulit, entsefalit, paralysis of obverse nerve, nevrit optic nerve, multiple sclerosis, spasms, febril'nye spasms, limfoadenit, allergozy and others.

Being afraid in connection with refusals of inoculation to lower number of manipulations physicians in educational institutions don't trouble itself with job on reception of the consent of parents, roughly breaking the law on immune preventive maintenance of infectious diseases.


In case of gene vaccines according to the same law in everyone privivochnom office the special licence, and also stamp certificates and certificates for each vaccine should the licence about immunoprofilakticheskoi to activity plus. However, in practice any office isn't licensed for job with gene production. To organise informing of employees and citizens officials of system of public health services are obliged. Absence of stamp certificates of conformity on vaccine means that only passes tests and with each imparted the insurance contract that we are participants of experiment should be concluded. In practice of it doesn't occur. Moreover, according to psychiatry unusual mental reactions night nightmares, the disturbing depressive phenomena, notions of compulsion about suicides and their ways, decrease in attention, intelligence and others are established.

From stories endured TERRIBLE SUICIDE SERIAL DREAMS necessarily force to search for communication between flashes of children's suicides identical on way and inoculations spent at that time gene vaccines from hepatitis In Rostropovichej-Vishnevskaya fund. This couple which is carrying out the program of biowar, enters the original press, judging by modern researches microchip, the gene press, programming device in size with organic molecule. US president Bush is personally interested in successful performance in territory of Russia and not only protivogepatitnoi programs. It has allocated financing for vaccination 1 1,5 million Russian children, carrying out the iron American right of delivery of our children under tsrushnyi experiment.

ANYBODY from us doesn't know consequences of application of gene vaccines.

By microchips programs of desires and behaviour can be set, to be grown up new generation of " superpeople" , to be started programs otstrochennogo self-damage, STERILIZATIONS, cultivation of generation NJU-EJDZH.

According to REITERS the USA have been accused of bioweapon application in Fidel Castro's performance in February, 2002. On September, 24th 2002 representative the GREEN PEACE has publicly brought by radio of Russia accusation to the Pentagon - the developer of the new chemical weapon on the basis of medicines, the centre is in staff of Virzhinija. There is no doubt that the virus AIDS is product of activity of secret biolaboratories of the Pentagon.

Compatriots! Be not afraid to resist, the shyness before officials can turn back crime against your own child.

Mystification with hepatitis epidemic In has shown that the corrupted pseudo-scientific medicine supersedes original science. It is proved that danger of defeat of immune cages of corresponding clone at the first 12 o'clock of life in connection with not generated immunity is real. During this short period any information pressed by gene inoculation imprinting becomes accessory of the person. We will add that virusonositel'stvo and disease of hepatitis In among lying-in women are individual, and impart all newborns.


In practice the firms interested in distribution of vaccine of them draw, using openings in the mechanism of realisation of the law.


Under messages of our foreign correspondent the known newspaper of the Washington Post informed on pharmaceutical colonialism - carrying out of tests of new medicines in the poor countries, that number and in Russia for their permission in America.  

Still 6 years ago the share of such tests has increased in total amount in comparison with 1995 in 3 times. Thus the American committee on ethics doubted that these tests with the consent of experimental, especially children. Under the recent message spetskorrespondenta from the USA on May, 27th this year there is begun the large-scale initiative organised by fund " Vishnevskaya-Rostropovich" on vaccination of children. The geography of the carried out action is extensive, it covers the former republics CIS, Georgia Armenia, Azerbaijan those countries, whence the Russian military bases recently were deduced. Nature abhors a vacuum, we urge diplomatic representative offices of these countries to direct together with us note of protest to fund Rostropovichej registered in Washington, upon conducting the biological warfare initiated by fund of Rostropovich under signboard of the humanitarian help. Once we lived in peace and friendship in the USSR, with firmness reflecting attacks of external enemies.


























!! Cautiously GMO!!


Unfortunately realities of our medicine are that that interests of the doctor and the patient frequently don't coincide and even contradict each other. Concerning vaccinal prevention it is shown especially brightly. Your refusal of inoculations spoils to the doctor the reporting and can serve as cause of a failure to it in any payment or the award. Hence, pressure will be put upon you on purpose to convince you to do inoculations recommended by Ministry of Health. Means can be used the most different: from banal intimidation by horrors of illnesses before frank blackmail - for example, refusal to give out the necessary inquiry. At dialogue with physicians sometimes it is possible to hear and such

... To All doctors offering to me to make inoculations to the child, I ask the same question:

- Whether you can guarantee to me, what my child won't receive oslozh­ neniya from inoculation which will affect its further development?

The answer usually:

- The inoculation will protect it from heavy invalidiziruyuschei illnesses, - minutes on 15 speech ardent.

- OK, I have understood. So you can guarantee to me.?

- No, but we consider that risk to receive this or that disease more important risk to receive complications, - (that is better: autism or whooping cough?)

- How you make choice between these risks?

- Complications will receive units...

- What will we do, if my child is this unit?

- Anything... All with it live...

All. Usually on it I stop. Doctors in the opened speak to me: to us to spit that personally your child will receive complications.

... The matter is that at us too inoculations aren't present... Here on me the nurse on site each time attacks as garpiya, but I ignore it, so to say. And once she has told such magic phrase: « you don't understand, at us days of immunization! We these days even to children under inoculation droppers do!»

... Conversation with managing polyclinic:

- You know, the child have called on inoculation, but I would like to be convinced of safety of vaccine, show, please, the certificate.

- We are checked only by the authorised commissions, and you only the parent.

- That is to take me to your for safety of vaccine the word?

- Certainly!.

... I Have gone today to polyclinic, on purpose to take the inquiry in garden, well and at the same time to familiarise with the mysterious order of Ministry of Health on vaccination 275 from 1.09.99. From office behind the order me direct to managing our branch. That to allow it to read to me refuses, motivating with that this order will give nothing to me, I there will understand nothing also it for internal using. I somehow and have ceased to insist, but she has called the head physician and has asked, whether it is possible for me to read it. And here I have control over this document, villages and I read under stare of the manager. And here I see that pages don't suffice, I start to understand. The manager:

- What, pages not all?

- Yes, something doesn't suffice. Aha, isn't present first 3 and applications of one.

- I otkserila that to me was important. There there is introduction only, but there no anything important, only instructions to whom this order is addressed.

- And it on 3 pages?!

- Perhaps still something, I don't remember.

- It would be desirable all order to see.

- If it so is necessary to you, go to Ministry of Health and demand the original.

- I and it have enough. It is possible to set to you some questions by order of?

- Certainly.

- In point... It is written that is necessary to provide medical supervision after inoculation. Something I never this supervision saw...

- Yes, you should sit nearby privivochnogo office about half an hour, but anybody doesn't listen, all at once leave.

- So to me about it never spoke. At me the senior is imparted on full, and the daughter half. And really the half an hour will suffice, after reaction don't develop?

- Then you go home, and there observe of the child. If something not so, can call and call the doctor, or fast.

- And I also didn't know. After inoculation, speak, the temperature can rise and be formed consolidation. Recommendations: temperature to bring down and soda compress. And about possible other reactions and complications didn't warn never. And that to me it was necessary to observe, I not the physician and medical supervision can't provide?

- Listen, and that it you so interests?

- How why? I worry about health of my children. Here also I try to understand how to arrive correctly.

- And what here to think?.

... And me the pediatrist has told: « Here because of your refusals, we, by the way, lose money!»
















Inoculations as the weapon

Inoculations - yes or not?







If you all the same have got to maternity home, instead of began to give birth to houses in water as it was done by our ancestors:

According to the federal law 157 « About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases» : citizens have the right to refusal of inoculations (link) (article 5), and inoculations are spent by the minor only with the consent of parents (link) (article 11). But sometimes in maternity homes, contrary to the law, not that that don't ask the consent, but even don't inform of vaccination of the child! Therefore be on the alert, going to maternity home. Your problem - by all means to protect just born kid from dangerous intervention in tiny organism Under the law « About immunoprofilaktike...» Inoculations are spent to the citizens who do not have medical contra-indications (article 11), but after all it is obviously impossible to define presence of these contra-indications at the first 12 o'clock of life of the child! For the first time days after the delivery the state of health of the child remains not clear, there is adaptation to life out of mother, display of the trauma not noticed right after sorts is possible, pre-natal infection the inoculation, etc. Made in such situation can have rather serious consequences.

How to protect the children? Even in maternity home it is quite real, as from all inoculations, and in general now it is possible to refuse any medical interventions not arranging you under the law. In advance write the application on refusal of inoculations (in duplicate) and paste it to the card which has been given out in female consultation which you take with yourselves vroddom. The statement Second copy should be at you on hands when you will be is on postnatal branch. That your statement " have not lost" , it is necessary to write directly on obverse page of card red paste:« I refuse all inoculations to the child, declaration of abandonment I apply » and to put the signature. It is very desirable, that both on card, and on the statement there was also signature of the father of the child. Don't forget to warn physicians about your refusal also orally, and at receipt in maternity home, and after the delivery. It is not necessary to be afraid of the bad relation to you at the time of delivery because of refusal of vaccination, the accoucheurs delivering, and pediatrists with whom you will already deal after are engaged in inoculations not.

Remember that to physicians plans privivochnoi jobs » for which default various sanctions follow go down from above so-called« , therefore you will try to incline to the consent to inoculations. Certain cunnings can be for this purpose used:

- At all don't sign any offered you employees of maternity home of papers, without having read them completely.

There were cases when among every possible medical interventions at sorts to which you ask to agree, vaccination of the child is listed also. Delete this point from the list offered you.

- Be ready to that rather rigid psychological pressure can be put upon you, you will refined intimidate hepatitis In and tuberculosis. This hassle to what, and it something to prove all the same senselessly as vaccination is integral part of their official duties is better not to enter with physicians disputes, and to you. If nevertheless decide to argue, it is possible to use following arguments: in our family the allergy, inoculation from hepatitis In becomes the genetically-modified vaccine, BTsZh - live vaccine where the guarantee that at my child that's all right with immunity ine will be complications, etc.

- To you also can tell that have no right to write out you from maternity home without BTsZh. This roughest infringement of the law! In maternity home you to keep have no right! At desire you can at any time, even right after sorts to take the child and to leave home, maximum that physicians can make - to ask you to give the receipt that you incur responsibility for consequences of the leaving. Refer to Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens » , article 33 guarantees to you the right to refusal of medical intervention. Remember that rendering of medical aid or hospitalisation against the will of the patient are possible only on judgement and only in case the patient suffers especially dangerous infectious (type of plague or atypical pneumonia) or psihicheskimzabolevaniem.

- At refusal from BTsZh from you can demand the inquiry from tubdispansera about absence sick of the tuberculosis, registered on the address of your residing. This requirement is illegal! If once also there were such instructions of Ministry of Health, svyhodom the law « About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases» all of them as contradicting the federal legislation, have lost force. Certainly, if you have time and desire, it is possible to receive such inquiry in tubdispansere in advance and to take it with itself in maternity home. But be ready to that physicians, wishing to vaccinate by all means your child, will reject this inquiry, carping on trifles at style of its registration, for example, not there the press is put, not that doctor has undersigned etc., etc. Therefore it is better not to spend in vain time, and to insist in maternity home on law observance. Pay attention to the applied letter of Committee on public health services of St.-Petersburg where it is told about interdiction of the requirement of inquiries from tubdispanserov in maternity homes. (P. 23)

If you give birth platno, under the contract with maternity home, demand to bring in this contract the following point:« The supplier of medical services (maternity home) obyazuetsyane to make vaccination of the child against hepatitis In and tuberculosis (BTsZh), and thus guarantees unobstructed extract of mother and the child from maternity home without the requirement of any inquiries from tubdispansera » . If you fluctuate, to do or not to do inoculation to the child, try to secure at least it against introduction of poor-quality vaccine, from ignoring of medical contra-indications to inoculation and from leaving of physicians from responsibility in case, God forbid, postvaktsinal'nogo complications. Let will sign the letter of guarantee confirming that the vaccine has the quality certificate that the child is surveyed also contra-indications isn't revealed that in case of complication physicians will bear liability. Unfortunately, there were already many cases when parents of the child become by the invalid as a result of inoculation and requiring rather expensive treatment, remained without any help from the state, and the physicians who have compelled them on this inoculation, appeared « and» . Well and what to do, if your child has been vaccinated in maternity home without your permission and the consent? First, to stop and not to suppose the further introduction to it of genetically modified poison (we will remind, the vaccine against hepatitis In is entered three times - after birth and at the age of 1 and 6 months). Don't listen to assurance of incompetent physicians that « it is impossible to interrupt chain of inoculations» . No harm to health from it basically can be. The earlier you stop, the less poison your child will receive. Secondly, necessarily write the complaint to Office of Public Prosecutor with transfer broken by the personnel of maternity home of articles of laws, and send there the certified mail. To you - minimum of efforts, and oborzevshim vaktsinatoram - certain quantity of troubles. So, you look, and will reflect on observance of human rights, and this arbitrariness and the violence made over people for their own money, in the form of considerable taxes systems of rendering of medical services arriving on financing will stop.


You become mum so, should be ready to struggle for interests of the child. Now it becomes integral part of your life, and, certainly, not only concerning inoculations. It is necessary to consider that to extraneous people, including physicians, interests of your child at the best are indifferent, and, moreover, can even contradict their own. Remember that stay in maternity home is all week, and for the sake of preservation of health of the child rudeness and threats of physicians can and be suffered. While the cowardice shown by you, minute weakness can manage to your kid very expensively. After all the poison, entered to it then when its fragile organism so is vulnerable and defenceless, back any more you will not pump out.









The vaccine from pork flu kills people

VACCINATION, INOCULATIONS - to Whom to believe!?



Jobs over creation of the ethnic weapon - mortally dangerous viruses amazing people of certain nationality, - are conducted for a long time in many countries of the world. The mechanism of action of such substances is extremely simple. Each people have features of physiology inherent only in it. For example, crescent anaemia at Africans, pathology of carbohydrate exchange at Swedes and Canadians, propensity to hemophilia at ... It is Enough to change virus so that national features of biochemistry of organism promoted its accelerated reproduction, and the ethnic weapon is ready. As these jobs are everywhere coded, about their results a little that is known. Meanwhile, the French experts have come to a conclusion: the USA and Great Britain secretly have already started test of ethnic bombs, including on the population of Russia.

The French biologists have made examination of the foodstuffs delivered to Russia and have found in him 22 food additives which aren't present in the similar products sold in the West. National feature of Russian - the raised shipping of alcohol. And so, Frenchmen have established: all 22 additives promote delay of decomposition of alcohol in blood, call wrong mastering by organism of many mineral substances and by that lead to cardiovascular diseases.

- Use of these additives in the products intended for Russia, not casually, - is confirmed by the French experts, - as it is initially forbidden in the NATO countries. Having used official given Glavnogo Statupravlenija of the Russian Federation, they have come to even more stunning conclusions. Negative increase in population in our country - consequence of cardiovascular diseases. Old men as it is considered to be, and people of middle age and male who basically and take alcoholic drinks die at all. Moreover, areas with the purest in the ethnic plan the population die out: Kursk, Ryazan, Vladimir, Smolensk... The Peak of death has had for 1988-1996 when the USA and England rendered the scale humanitarian help the foodstuffs.

However results of experiment should disappoint States and Great Britain. According to calculations of military strategists, the weapons of mass destruction only then promote victory in confrontation when it in condition to amaze 25-30 % of the population of the country-opponent. In Russia there is no such quantity of pure Russian, therefore approximately on 85 % of our fellow citizens the ethnic food bomb in any way hasn't worked.

Having conducted test and having convinced of inefficiency of the new weapon against multinational Russia, Americans and Englishmen have transferred the attention to other potential opponent - China. In the foodstuffs delivered in this country, too there were any unknown additives - and there and then in Heavenly Empire haven'ted unknown jump of oncological diseases.




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