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The vegetarianism is exit from problem of overpopulation of the earth and shortage of food resources. You think that meatless it is impossible to live that substances which it contains can't be replaced, then take an interest in concept syroedenie, after all it will help to reduce negative influence of animal food on organism. Only present, eutrophy in condition to save to you life as everyday absorption of meat products transforms you into people sick of adiposity, in at whom cardiovascular diseases are norm. Separate food reduces percent of the maintenance of cholesterol in blood and as consequence to deduce the person from risk group, having prevented occurrence of such diagnosis as heart attack. The vegetarian feels much better, than the one who consumes shish kebabs and stakes, the reasons of such situation a little. First of all it doesn't receive harmful fats of animal origin which aren't digested, and settle on walls of vessels and are postponed in fatty adjournment of the person. Besides, healthy food helps to deduce toxins and slags, thereby, clearing it and adjusting, on correct job. In addition to positive effect which renders vegetarianism on human life, it helps to save the big means spent for animal industries.

When 30 % of the population there are more is behind side of poverty and feel requirement for any meal, the governments of their countries it is compelled to sell the grown up crop to pay off with debts of the country. About 90 % of the grown up agricultural crops suitable in syroedenie go on forage animal and only 10 % are consumed by people. If everyone on the earth was the vegetarian necessity to increase livestock of animals used for meat manufacture would disappear, it would be possible to save large quantity of resources and having applied eutrophy to feed all people on the earth. If you don't wish to be ill with cancer disease pass to healthy food as the statistics inevitably shows that 40 % not watching the diet will get cancer by 40 years, and more in year will die of it. Separate food is capable to raise resistibility of organism to hostile environment of city, as consequence the probability of occurrence of various infectious diseases, the person really zdoroveet sharply decreases.

It is considered to be that the vegetarian is the lean representative of the human race which dreams are limited to desire to eat meat slice, however it is absolute lie. Fibers from vegetative products allow muscular weight to grow, and completely satisfy feeling of hunger. Among those who practises healthy food, today there are rich and provided people, sports and telescreen stars more often, it turns out that vegetarianism Ц destiny of the elite, those who knows more than to usual people. To change the life, it is enough to start up in it separate food, to allow organism most to be cleared and change. In month syroedenie brings the positive results, in the form of improvement of complexion, quality of skin, the general state of health and metabolism normalisation, and as consequence of weight. The eutrophy finally will manage much more cheaply, than the daily use of the killing person of the products calling in digestive path processes of rotting and decomposition and purchase in consequence of medicines for treatment of such food libations. Having applied vegetarianism of all for one week, you can't refuse it as improvements will occur in the face of and you will feel difference. The vegetarian Ц synonym of the healthy person of new formation in which syroedenie replaces almost all medicines.


Vegetarianism PRO AND CONTRA (to look all)

Vegetarianism. Oleg Torsunov.

The vegetarianism has no minuses, only pluses. If who wishes to argue, argue better with it:

The bible

" Not ubii"

" Here, I have given you any grass sowing seed what is on all earth, and any tree, at which fruit wood, sowing seed: to you this will be in food" (Life 1.29)

" Only flesh with her life, with its blood, don't eat. I will collect also your blood in which your life, I will collect from hand of each animal" (Life 9.4-5)

" It is the law eternal in all your childbirth in all your dwellings, don't eat some any fat and any blood" . (Levit 3:17)

" And if who from Izrailev's house or from newcomers that between you, eats any blood I will turn My person on its soul who will eat blood and I will exterminate it from its people." (Levit 17:10)

« To what to me set of your victims? Ц The Lord speaks. I am blase vsesozhzheniyami ovnov, and tukom the fattened cattle: blood tel'tsov and innocent persons isn't wanted by me.» « And when you stretch your hands, I close from you My eyes: and when you multiply your prayers, I don't hear: your hands are full of blood» . (Is. 1.11.15)

« Е se. The maiden in belly of signs, both will give birth to the son, and will name name to It: Emmanuil. It will eat milk and honey, how long won't understand to reject thin and to select kind» . (Is. 7.14-15).

The Rannehristiansky author, Klement Alexandria, one of fathers of church, recommended meatless food, referring to example of apostle Matfeja which « accepted seeds in food, nuts, vegetables and didn't eat meat» .

Ieronim, one of leaders rannehristianskoi the churches, the made Latin translation of the Bible which is used and to this day, wrote: « from vegetables, fruit, siliculose it is easy to prepare Dishes, they don't demand the big expenses» . He considered such food by the best for what life is given wisdom finding.

St. John Hrizostom, considering myasoedenie severe and unnatural for the Christian, spoke: « We imitate wolves and leopards, but, most likely, we even are worse, than they. Such food is intended for them by the nature, God has blest us, having allocated with speech and sense of justice, and we became worse than wild animals»

" Pinning up ox - the same that killing the person" (Isaja 66:3)

Meat Ц the most not defensible food

Meat Ц the most desired product on any celebratory table, dream of the majority of people are dishes from meat standing on table during dinner and supper breakfast. As alternative of less provided people sausage can serve. However nobody says that favourite dish meat in French actually is the murderer of the person. The statistics inevitably shows that in the countries where to buy meat it is norm, as cancer and heart attack, both at men, and at women on 40 % more than where meat in oven it is not accepted to bake cases of display of such diseases in the states also people prefer vegetative food.

Adherents of animal industries assert that fowl in what similar doesn't result, however and here full lie. As you think, on five football grounds completely set with wheat how much will suffice. It could suffice on that the whole year to feed with bread twenty four persons, and the animal industries use this volume of grain, on purpose to grow up only 1 cow. Unless it is possible to speak about effective utilisation of resources of the Earth if to grow up 1 kg of fiber of animal origin, it is necessary to feed more than 10 kg of the vegetative. Meat doesn't pay back expenses for the manufacture from the point of view of utility. After all dishes from meat should useful, they actually kill the person. Millions inhabitants of planet suffer and die without receiving absolutely any meal while about 90 % of all made agricultural crops go on reception of such products as fowl, cows and pigs.

All epidemics which the world saw lately on straight line are connected with such masterpieces of cookery as meat in French, fried stakes, and other production of the meat industry Ц sausage, sausages, smoked products. It is necessary for the world more and more animals to support itself, over animals experiments with gene updating therefore there are new dreadful diseases from which mrut people are made. Meat in oven still seems to you attractive then present as cholesterol kgs settle on your blood vessels, slowing down blood-groove and calling cardiac arrest. Wish to buy meat, and you know, how it make that the animals which life proceeds in close cages in constant stress and only certain quantity of time if they don't die earlier feel. You think that fowl is extracted in more humane way, however, more often on processing live hens in the course of which processing of the adaptation alive tear off it heads get still.

From what sausage to you for certain too is made speaks nobody, as to the expense there are raw materials not past of any technical control. Features of animal industries also that and from illnesses start up all animals who starve for processing and do forage for healthy individuals. Still want meat in French then present as cow in the absence of grass lick the wool to bleeding wounds then bleeding profusely die, as yellow chickens without narcosis deprive of beak and they in tortures are overtaken by death. Meat in oven looks appetizing, however if to present that this piece will truncate to you life for some years to become easier to pass to useful meal of phytogenesis and not to have any more desire to buy meat neither in the market, nor in supermarket. Modern technologies allow to apply various flavouring additives to prepared of food plants, thus it is possible to replace completely dishes from meat on necessary for health vkusnosti.

The Koran

The sacred book of Islam, the Koran, forbade to eat « dead animals, blood and meat» . One of the first Caliphs after Mohammed, its nephew, advised to more advanced pupils:

« Don't do the stomachs by tombs for animals»

« Then Daniel Amelsaru whom the chief of eunuchs has put to Daniel, Ananii, Miailu and Aza-rii has told:« Make experience over your slaves: within ten days let give us in food vegetables and drinking water.

And then before you persons of those adolescents who eat tsarskoyu pischeyu let are, and then arrive with your slaves as you will see » . He has obeyed them in it and tested their ten days.

After ten days of their person have appeared more beautifully, and body they were fullest than those adolescents who ate imperial viands.

... God Also granted to four these adolescents knowledge and understanding of any book and wisdom, and to Daniel still granted to understand both any visions and dreams » . (The Book of prophet Daniel 1:11-17).

Thus, we see that on extent of history of mankind many wise and reasonable people strictly adhered to vegetarian diet and zapovedovali another to arrive as. Islam:

« Doesn't exist neither animals on the earth nor the feathery creatures flying on two wings, but all of them people as well as you.»

In the book « So spoke Magomet» (transfer the M.Hafizom made the doctor Sidom) pupils of prophet Magometa ask it: whether « the Truth that what we are good four-footed will be rendered to us and we give to drink their water?» Magomet answers: « the one who brings the blessing to any animal» Will be rewarded. The use in meat food though also it is authorised in the Koran but the same as and in the Old testament, it is limited by set of rules and the interdictions one of which says: « the carrion, both blood, and meat of pig, and that is pinned up with prizyvaniem any name, besides name of the Allah» (the Koran, sura 5.4) Is forbidden you.

The Indian philosophy of nonviolence. India Ц 1 mlrd 30 million population, vegetarians approximately 80 %, = 800 million persons.

The Vedichesky writing of India preceding the Buddhism, also underlines importance of nonviolence as ethical basis of vegetarianism.

In " Manu-samhite" , the Old Indian code of laws, it is told: « It is impossible to receive meat, without having caused suffering animal, and the harm brought capable to feel to live beings doesn't allow to find heavenly pleasure, therefore it is necessary to be careful to use in food meat» . In other place of " Manu-samhity" to be told: « Well having considered, in what disgusting way receive meat and as it is severe to connect and hammer in animals, the person should refuse for ever flesh eating» . Acharja Shrila Prabhupada, has somehow noticed: " In" Manu-samhite » the principle« life for life » is given.

There are also other similar laws which assert that nobody can kill someone, without having incurred on it punishment. We aren't capable to create anybody, and therefore we have no right to kill any live being. The laws cooked up by the person spending distinction between murder of the person and murder of animal, are imperfect Е Under the law of God murder of the person and murder of animal are equally punishable. The same that see in it distinction, have cooked up own laws. In Ten precepts it is told: « Not ubii» . People have perverted this perfect law by means of various gamble and differentiations. « I can kill animal, but I can not kill the person» . So people deceive themselves, attracting sufferings on itself and others.»

Underlining vedicheskuyu the concept of unity of all live, Shrila Prabhupada speaks further: « All live beings Ц the divine creatures in spite of the fact that possess different bodies. The Lord Ц the confessor of everyone. The father can have many children, some creatures are reasonable, others not absolutely. But if the reasonable son tells to the father:« My brother isn't too clever, I am possible I will kill him? » . Unless the father on it to agree? Precisely also, God Ц the higher father, doesn't allow to kill animals who too are Its children» .

Meat in Russia. Rather inquisitively! (To look all)

Vegetarianism from different directions (not for nervous)

Diet for growing thin

Diet Ц many people are afraid to pass to it as it is connected with what or restrictions. In representation of the public diet for growing thin it actually mor itself hunger, torture by absorption of disgusting products on taste and constant feeling of hunger in eyes. Besides, to grow thin quickly never this process will be possible after all proceeds too long with constant physical activities. Unfortunately today the healthy way of life isn't popular, from telescreens propagation of its full contrast is conducted. The beer bottle, package of chips, hamburger and potato fri, harmful aerated water is ideal of the young man of the present. Anybody, certainly doesn't speak about how it influences health of the person and it is absolutely vain. America never was the nation of stout persons, all has changed with occurrence fastfudov in which about separate food anybody didn't hear. Absorption of food rich with animal and transgene fats has led Americans to that more than 70 % of the population suffer from problems with excess weight, and die, without having lived till 40 years. All attempts to grow thin don't bring any result as processes of education of fat in organism are already irreversible.

Whether it is necessary to doom itself to constant torture from defective life when from the passed ladder flight heart jumps out outside when in public transport hardly it is possible to be located on double seat when health simply to hell, and would seem to observe simply enough separate food, to limit consumption of meat products and without going in for sports at all more time to spend in the open air. The healthy way of life is accessible to everyone, it is not necessary to mock at itself, lifting weights in exercise room and to run daily marathon distances, it is possible to grow thin also painless method, it is enough to adhere to several principles:

- The diet for growing thin should become part of your life

- Try to eat meat, after all fibers and other nutrients can be received from phytogenesis meal

- To grow thin quickly exclude from diet all sweets, prunes and dried apricots can replace them, honey also in condition to replace the cake made of continuous carbohydrates

- The diet shouldn't be duty, it should give pleasure. The person adhering to diet never starves, it consumes enough of nutrients

It is not necessary to try to throw off all superfluous kgs for some weeks. To grow thin quickly to you it will not be possible, and to put irreparable harm and to undermine health Ц necessarily. Will suffice to follow the tastes of the industry on manufacture of foodstuff which aspires to earn as much as possible profits, having fed you with poor-quality meal. The diet for growing thin consists in consumption of such volume of food which is necessary for restoration of the spent energy, and to do it it is necessary using separate food consuming at first one type of products and after a while another. The diet will help you to reverse the life, having brought in it of more activity, having made its more colourful and standing attention. You change also your relatives don't learn you if only will start to conduct healthy way of life and will cease to trust everything that show on the TV. Take care of the own life to grow thin and you won't regret the forces spent for it and time, after all there is nothing better, than to rejoice lives and to take from it all the most good. Will suffice to be those on whom the companies on manufacture of harmful foodstuff make profit, and to supply with their terribly earned money.


Alexey Martynov the syroed-vegan (to look all)

The TRUTH About DIGESTION (to look all)

Opinions of known people on vegetarianism

George Bernard Shou.

" Animal are my friends... And I don't eat the friends. It is awful! Not only suffering and death of animals, but that the person in vain suppresses in itself the higher spiritual treasure - sympathy and compassion to the live beings similar to, crushing own feelings, becoming severe" .

Herbert Shelton.

" Perfect food" . Doesn't exist neither the uniform fact, nor uniform argument in the justification myasoedeniya which couldn't be used and in the justification kannibalizma.


Wonder " That is moral?" , instead of " That is accepted among people?" .

Alexander Humboldt (1769 - 1859, the founder of scientific geography).

Cruelty in relation to animals can't exist there where people are rather formed, there where the true learning " reigns.

Albert Schweitzer.

The good - supports and cherishes life. Malicious - destroys and interferes with it.

Albert Enshtejn.

In my opinion, the vegetarian way of life, thanks to the purely physical influence on human temperament, would render the beneficial effect on majority of mankind.


Love not only to one mankind, but also to all live... Here the higher display of this noble attribute is moral the developed person - humanities.

Adam Smith, the economist.

" It is very doubtful that for maintenance of life meat of the killed animals is necessary for us. Vegetables and grain, milk, cheese, butter give us high-grade, plentiful, nutritious, high-calorie food. No reasonable reasons demand from the person that it ate uboinoi" .

Anna Ahmatova. 1916.

About My God, I can excuse all for myself, But is better hawk of lamb to me когтить Or snake fallen asleep to sting in the field, Than the person to be and see necessarily That people do, and through noxious shame not to dare to lift eye to high heavens.

Bridzhit Bardo.

If you had to kill animal who gets to you to plate, you would become the vegetarian, as I.

Henry Beston. " Autumn, ocean and birds" .

In the world which where ancient and is more perfect than ours, they made and refined live, allocated with so developed sense organs which we either have irrevocably lost, or had no at all. They - not brothers to us and, the it is more, not " dumb animals" , they are the other civilisations captivated together with us by networks of time and life, our " cellmates" in terrestrial krugoverti, the executed beauty and suffering.

Goratsii, 65-8 BC the Roman poet the classic.

" Will venture to become wise! Cease to kill animals! The one who postpones justice on then, isn't distinct from the peasant who hopes that the river will shoal, before it will pass it" .


" I don't doubt at all that the mankind will be gradually improved also by the main reason of it there will be refusal from myasoedeniya..."

Kristi Adams, Special Agent for Humane Law Enforcement of the ASPCA, April 2005.

I am absolutely assured that animals deserve to live out of cruelty and operation. It more than is simple words that we are obliged to treat kindly animals in the course of using them or before them to kill and eat. I say that animals have the right to be free from any human cruelty and operation.

Lev Tolstoi. 1828-1910, Russian writer.

" Killing animals for the sake of livelihood, the person quashes in itself the higher spiritual feelings - compassion and pity to other live beings similar to it, - and, crossing through itself, hardens the heart" . " As it is possible to hope, what on the earth the world and prosperity if our bodies are live tombs in which the killed animals are buried will be established?" " If the person is serious and sincere in search of morals the first from what he should turn away is myasoedenie... The Vegetarianism is considered criterion on which it is possible to distinguish, the aspiration of the person to moral perfection" is how much serious and true.

Leonardo da Vinci.

" However, that the person is king of animals, it surpasses them in the cruelty. We live at the expense of death of others. We simply walking cemetery. Since the early childhood I have refused the use of meat and time when the person will look at murder of animal will come the same as now he looks at murder of the person" .

Jean Pol. 1763-1825, the German poet.

" About the fair Lord! From скольких hours of infernal tortures of animals the person milks dry the one and only minute of pleasure for language!"


" Every possible philosophers and religious figures try to convince the pupils and followers that animals - no more, than cars without soul. But any who sometime held at home animal - whether it be dog, bird or even the mouse, - knows that this theory - the bald lie, invented to justify cruelty"

Mahatma Gandi, 1927

On my belief, the life of lamb isn't less valuable, than life of the human being.: I assert that the creation is more helpless, the большее it has the right on reception of protection against cruelty of the person " . It is possible to judge greatness of the nation and its moral progress how she addresses with animals.

Stephen Patrick Morrissi, the musician, The Smith.

... To Become the vegetarian is absolutely rational decision. At the majority of people the brain simply isn't up to the end generated, it doesn't work properly, people aren't capable to think out consequence of the acts. So it is much already told about cruel treatment to animals that it is impossible to consider the person as reasonable being if he continues to eat another's flesh. There is no reasonable argument in favour of murder of animals...

Peter Burvash.

The ex-world champion on tennis. " I not the prim young lady. I played hockey, yet haven't lost half of teeth. I battled on tennis courts... But that I have seen on slaughter-house, has shaken me. Leaving therefrom, I already knew well that I will not cause is never malicious to any animal! I already was sign with economic, ecological and psychological arguments in vegetarianism protection, but this first-hand experience, opened to me all rigidity shown by the person in relation to animals earlier, became strong basis of my vegetarianism."

Paul McCartney.

If on meat-packing plants there were glass walls, all would become vegetarians.


" When all landed property of this Universe will be inherited by all creations, it will be possible to find any justifications to system in which to someone the stream of unprecedented riches while others die that they don't have no also grain handful" goes


Until then while people will cut animals, they will kill each other. And, really, the one who sows murder and pain grain, can't reap pleasure and love.


Until other animals will be excluded from circle of spiritual life which the general rules and duties admit, people won't make step forward on way to moral perfection

The first precept of the Buddhism.

Don't cause harm to anything live.

Plutarh. " About Flesh Eating" .

Be consecutive and make all, without hatchets, cudgels and axes - as wolves, bears and lions do it, killing and eating the victim. Е but if you prefer to stand aside while your victim won't die, and hate with own hand to do someone in why then contrary to laws of the Nature you continue to eat live beings?

Ralf Uoldo Emerson. 1803-1882, the American writer and the philosopher.

" You had just dinner and as carefully, on respectful removal in some or it is a lot of kilometres the slaughterhouse, you the accomplice" would disappear.

Rosi Filip Kaplo. " The Buddhism and vegetarianism" .

As all the same there is face? Е now for these purposes are used in the basic three methods: devocalization by sledge hammer or axe, devocalization so-called " болваночным pistol" and electroshock. When animals come nearer directly to face place, they feel that expects them ahead and start to rest. To force them to come into tiny shelters, working use the bared electrodes or cudgels. So, in the first case to animal powerful blow by sledge hammer is struck to head which breaks to it skull and results in unconsciousness. Е if animal big and strong, business with one blow doesn't come to an end. In case with болваночным pistol, the trunk of this large weapon is put to forehead of the animal locked in close stall. There are two types of such pistols. The first with huge force shoots pig from trunk, calling contusion of animal. The second shoots pig which, having punched skull, gets inside and then is again involved in pistol. The most humane and least painful way to deafen animal before death is, perhaps, the electroshock. Е the electric category is passed through brain of victim, парализу€ and deafening it. The animal then should be pinned hastily up and exsanguinated, for in seven minutes it can come to the senses.

France Moore Lape.

In the book " the Diet for small planet" France Moore Lape suggests to present that we sit before plate with the big beefsteak. " And now present that in the same room 45-50 persons, and before each of them - empty plate sit. The grain spent for one your beefsteak, quite would suffice to fill plates of all fifty persons with porridge" .

Fridrih Nitsshe. 1844-1900, the German philosopher.

" All ancient philosophy has been focused on simplicity of life and learnt to some unpretentiousness. Few philosophers-vegetarians have rendered in this sense to mankind the big service, than all new philosophers and until these philosophers not naberut'sya  courage and won't go on searches of absolutely other way of life, and won't show it on own example, they remain empty place" .


Imaginary lawlessness of animals, error as if our acts concerning them have no moral value, or, speaking to morals language as if before animals there are no duties, in it shocking roughness and barbarity are shown.

At WELL. The Prime minister of Burma.

" The world on the earth, or any other world is in huge dependence on mind condition. The vegetarianism gives correct mental condition for the world...оно bears in itself force of the best life which if becomes general, can lead to the best, more fair and more peace community of the nations" .

Emil Zolja. 1840-1902, the French writer.

" The question of animals for me is more important, than concern in, whether me will deride" .

Zadornov about vegetarianism

The most useful products in food of the person


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