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Here the selected information, as food for mind and reason is presented.

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Description DVD of disk


Position 1 3 DVD disk in ORIGINAL quality


Petrov Konstantin Pavlovich

Complete course of video of lectures on


« We learn not only to predict the future,

We learn to operate it » .

Video collected on these DVD disks will help you not only to understand principles of correct outlook which were formed since ancient times, but also will show the trues hidden from usual people which throughout many years were substituted for false ideals, and were derided by mass " culture" . The film in detail analyzes all history of development of mankind from the point of view of management of people, and also shows, how Russia participated in it, and it occupied what place in the world. Having decided to look for itself film, you learn real destination of people on this planet and as there was origin of the first person, also you learn, why long year one theory of origin of mankind which equated people to animals was seriously considered only.

If you the question on how the mighty of this world operates mankind as spread fears and as enthral the whole countries this video for you interested. Wish to learn secrets of society of masons, to compare their principles to religious cults and other ideologies then it is necessarily necessary to look film. If you wish to learn about such concept as noosphere, and also to understand, how it influences life of the separate person, necessarily look this video. Wish to learn, how all economic processes, both in separately taken state, and in economic these DVD for you proceed.

Look this film and at you eyes will open on how you daily, every minute deceive, learn, for what purpose it is done by the mighty of this world and as actually should operate economy. You can look simply film to learn about true condition of things, both in Russia, and in the world. Besides, you learn that it is necessary to make to adjust fair foundations zhizneustroistva and to let in harmony the life.

Target these audiences DVD are not only professors of HIGH SCHOOLS, but also simply clever conceiving people, pupils in the senior classes, on various specialities at universities. This video will help you to receive such information which outstanding persons in the higher echelons of power but which persistently don't wish to apply this knowledge in government own, however, having applied them to the life, you can change it to the best. In these 3 disks it is collected absolutely scientific and the trustworthy information stated in the form accessible to perception. Don't miss the chance to start to live correctly and to learn the truth.

Position 2  (100.)

Position 2 (Compressed) 1 DVD disk (compressed)


Petrov Konstantin Pavlovich

Complete course of video lectures on


« We learn not only to predict the future,

We learn to operate it » .

Position 2  (100.)

Position 3 1 DVD disk (in quality)


1. Lecture of Zhdanov of Century « Alcoholic and narcotic terror against Sacred Russia» . Lecture is written down in format.avi on dvd disk in the size in 1,5Gb that it could be copied and passed quickly further. Lecture goes 3. 44 minutes

2. Alcohol history on .doc

3. Antialcoholic advertising of ORT. All rollers are included. The size: 647Mb. Duration: 9 minutes DVD quality.

4. Antialcoholic roller: Alkogol_v.4

Having listened to lecture « Alcoholic and narcotic terror against Sacred Russia» you will understand, what terrible danger is represented by alcohol, tobacco, drugs. As they operate on the person, on family, society. Who and what for has started this mechanism of destruction of the whole people. Now the main blow of these powers of darkness is directed on young generation. Huge means are allocated for it.

The given lecture the most powerful on influence and really helps to stop to take alcohol, to especially young generation!

Position 3 (100.)

    Position 4 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    Secrets of the past:

    1) " the Heritage of Atlantis"

    2) " Crash of the Theory of Darwin"

    3) " the Most ancient culture"

    4) " Vedy - the most ancient books of Knowledge"

    5) " Types of people and their duty"

    6) " Secrets of the Vedichesky civilisation"

      Secrets of the present:

    7) " Technological slavery (Dependence on cars)"

    8) " Secret of Money"

    9) " the crowd Power (Thirst of bread and shows)"

    10) " Surpluses (Terrorism )"

    11) " Essence of modern civilisation"

    12) " the Perfect green planet"

Position 4  (100.)

    Position 5 1 DVD disk (Collection)



    1) " the Person threatens the Earth"

    2) " the Role of the person on the Earth"

    3) " 6 degrees can change the world"

    4) " the Flood.   destruction of civilisations"

    5) " the Person can live without firm meal?"

    6) " We like to what us have accustomed"

    7) " Parasites - AIDS and Cancer reason?"

    8) " the Recipe-book. True about myasoedenii"

    9) " the Buddha. The true man doesn't destroy"

    10) " Discernment of the hunter (fragment from k/f" Powder " )" .

    11) " Why people become vegetarians?"

    12) " Food. Biorhythm. Secrets of mushrooms and onion"

    13) " the Most useful products in food of the person"

    14) " Total threat to survival of mankind"

    15) " How to stop wars on the Earth?"

    16) " True about food. Secret of Energy of the Life" (1 part)

    17) " True about food" . (2 part)

    18) " True about food. Karma and food" (3 part)

Position 5  (100.)

    Position 6 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    1) « Water - the keeper of the information. Secret of water of life» .

    2) « Water - 2. Secret of water of life» .

    3) « the Sensational case. Destruction of consciousness by music» .

    4) « Games of Gods. Slavic habits. What were Slavs?»

    5) « Influence of films, cartoon films on consciousness of people» .

    6) « TV - opium of the people and idol of imitation?»

    7) « Virtual aggression» .

    8) « youth Corruption» .

    9) About sexual communications. Telegoniya. (V.G.Zhdanov)

    10) « Information war» .

Position 6  (100.)

    Position 7 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    Secret of the Universe:

    1) " the Secret hidden behind matter"

    2) " Universe Creation"

    3) " the Parallel worlds (confidential stories)"

    4) " the Parallel Universes"


    Secrets of the person:

    5) " Force of the Word and mantras (prayers)"

    6) " Power of thought"

    7) " As the Power of thought builds our reality"

    8) " Correct education. The beginning"

    9) " Correct education. The life purpose"

    10) " V.D.Plykin" about the Universe and role of the person"

    11) " consciousness Evolution in the Universe"

Position 7  (100.)

    Position 8 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    Apocalypse. The end of epoch of Darkness

    1) Secret of Water and the Noosphere

    2) the Flood as presentiment

    3) Last times. The saviour of the World

    4) the Secret code of the Apocalypse of John.

    5) the Doomsday


    Indigo people: who they?

    6) " New people"

    7) " Indigo Children - Apocalypse Bulletins"

    8) " Indigo Children. They have come to change the world"

    9) " Indigo Evolution"

    10) " Children of Light. They change the World"

    11) whether " prophecies of Majja" Will come true

    12) " That will be till 2012"

    13) " Last Days the Armageddon"

    14) " the Future not to stop. Indigo time"

Position 8  (100.)

    Position 9 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    Secret of life and death:

    1) " the Secret hidden behind matter"

    2) " Other world"

    3) " Moving of soul out of body"

    4) " the Life after death" (confidential stories)

    5) " the Life after death"

    Secret of transformation of soul:

    6) " To be born anew"

    7) " Reincarnation. In search of new body"

    8) " Reincarnation. Secrets of resettlement of souls"

    9) " Reincarnation in world religions"

    10) " Reincarnation"

    11) " Secret of Reincarnation"

    12) " Reincarnation from experts on Ved"

    13) " Reincarnation and Karma"

    14) " Clearing of reincarnation"

Position 9  (100.)

    Position 10 1 DVD disk (Collection)


    1) " Biofield" (1 and 2 part)

    2) " Psychotypes of people" (1 and 2 part)

    3) " Respect to wise"

    4) " the Indian Yogas"

    5) " the Life Science"

    6) " Secret of yoga"

    6) " That such Yoga?"

    7) " Samadhi. Exit of soul from body"

    8) " India - spiritual cradle of mankind"

    9) " money power Illusion"

    10) " the Higher secrets of the Universe"

    11) " the Way Choice"

    12) " Freedom"

    13) " Masters - Teachers of mankind"

    14) " Travel in itself"

    15) " the Kingdom in us"

    16) " the Code of Moiseja"

    17) 8 songs-rollers " Only God is eternal" " We - one" , " life Riddle" " Recollect itself" , " the Way to the Kingdom of heaven" , " That there is God" , " Fidelity to God calls in road" , I will not forget Your image

    18) " Time. The invitation in eternity"

Position 10  (100.)

Position 11 DVD format 6 DVD disks



At you problem with sight? To you has bothered to wear glasses? Of contact lenses of eye get tired and redden? You wish to change something? Then video course of lectures on 6 DVD disks how will cope with short-sightedness and far-sightedness to raise the vitality and for ever to get rid of any bad habits without what intervention or medical preparations and adaptations for you. Simply enough to look film and you will understand that the modern medicine actually washes hands in treatment of illnesses of organs of vision. Actually it leaves you to grow blind, suggesting to put on points or contact lenses. This film will help you to understand the reason of deterioration of sight which in most cases consists in infringement of normal job of muscles which support eye.

Scientifically facts in evidence how the standard means of struggle against illnesses of organs of vision influence will plunge you into shock as medicine which mission to treat, actually does of people of blind invalids. Also the film on it DVD will tell to you, how giants of the world industry of ophthalmology forbid distribution of technique of improvement of sight by means of simple exercises not to lose the superprofits.

Forbidden video in detail will show to you that it is necessary to do, that results haven't kept itself waiting long, and sight has improved literally after the first week of regular training. Knowledge by which ophthalmologists are guided, appointing you, points have absolutely become outdated - to it about 200 years. To technique which you will seize, having decided to look film less than 100 years, however its efficiency surprises not only usual people, but also professors of medicine. You hardly want to use points after learn from video on DVD that it is possible to restore independently sight on 100 %, without resorting absolutely to any medical adaptations and operations, simply doing simple exercises by eyes.

The technique of improvement of sight is stated by clear language professor Zhdanovym known for the whole world who has studied the theory of Bejtsa in full and has tested it in practice, by practical consideration having proved its efficiency. It is enough to look film and to carry out in detail described instructions that to old age to read without points and to stop to finance manufacturers of lenses and points. Detailed video on DVD lasts more than 16 hours, opening all problem questions of modern ophthalmology, exposing pseudo doctors registering to the patients means for blindness points and lenses.

The general duration more than 16 ch.


1 Disk - Lecture 1. Time 1ch 39min.

The maintenance:

Greeting, acquaintance

The theory

How the person sees on Gelmgoltsu?

What is the short-sightedness on Gelmgoltsu?

What is the far-sightedness on Gelmgoltsu?

William Bejts and its theory

How the person sees actually?

What is the short-sightedness on Bejtsu?

What offers Bejts for the short-sighted?

What is the far-sightedness on Bejtsu?

What offers Bejts for the far-sighted?



The reasons maloizvestnosti method of Bejtsa

Some words about illnesses of eyes

Some words about medicine

Some words about questions

Sight check



Gymnastics for eyes

Solyarizatsiya eye on candle

Pleasant memoirs

Representation of the black

End of exercises

What is necessary for employment?

That know, but oculists hide from patients


The natural preparations useful to eyes




Kudrjashevoj Nina Mihajlovny's book « Food for the aid to sight»


2 Disk - Lecture 2. Time 2ch 33min.

The maintenance:

The theory of sight of Bejtsa

Why people have bad habits and wear glasses

Ladder of Shichko


The dictionary of Shichko

Separate food


Exercises on the central fixing WITHOUT POINTS


3 Disk - Lecture 3. Time 2ch 55min.

The maintenance:

Exercises on mobility of eyes


Opening of Shichko in physiology

Remarks on diaries


Exercises on relaxation

The bear rockings

The big turns

Exercises on improvement of brain blood circulation


System of natural improvement of Porfirija Korneevicha Ivanov


Douche by ice water

Filling of " the Alcoholic questionnaire»

Filling « the Diary of correction of sight 2»

Solyarizatsiya eye

Solyarizatsiya on the sun, three variants

Poisoning of smokers with tobacco poison (method of disposal of tobacco dependence)


4 Disk - Lecture 4. Time 3ch 10min.

The maintenance:

Massage of eyes

Starvation miracle


Remarks on diaries


Principal causes of frustration and sight falling

The reasons of frustration of sight at children



Harry Benjamin's book « Good sight without points»

Preparations " Antipillbox" , " Vetom" , " Bioseptin" , " Fitop"

Complex of exercises, gymnastics

Exercise « Radio eyes»

Exercises on relaxation: pal'ming, « the Bear rockings" ," the Big turns» , solyarizatsiya and « the Bear rockings» with rocking of words»

Alcohol and tobacco the main enemies of our health and sight


5 Disk - Lecture 5. Time 3ch 05min.

The maintenance:

About the harm, which alcohol and tobacco cause to eyes

The dictionary of Shichko

How alcohol influences sexual cages?

The reasons of weak stability before alcohol at northern people

Power vampires and donors

The dictionary of Shichko

About sins

Seven mortal sins

Orthodox posts

Special exercises for eyes

Exercises close in the distance


6 Disk - Lecture 6. Time 3ch 32min.

Consciousness clearing

The schedule of conducting diary

Safety precautions


Piracy points

Dark glasses

Points with holes

« Magic pictures»


Contrast to each sin. Virtue.

Answers to questions

We for the Prohibition


« The bear rockings»

« The big turns»

Complex on improvement of brain blood circulation

Massage of eyes

Complex of exercises on mobility of eyes « Radio eyes»

Pal'ming + « the Bear rockings» , « the Big turns» + solyarizatsiya eye on lamp

« The bear rockings» with rocking of words

Other bad habits

Four basic questions of psychoanalysis of Shichko

Operations in the face of

Installation in auto-suggestion against concrete illness

Some words about method of Shichko


About honey, preparations. Dialogue with hall. Farewell.

On everyone dike separate lecture from the menu for DVD.

The format allows to be read on dvd-players for prostmora on the TV

Position 11  (300.)

Position 12 DVD - format 2 DVD disk (in quality)

Film " PATER DII ALEXANDER in Sevastopol"

Meeting of the Head of Old Russian church of conservatives of Pater Dija Alexander with townsmen of Sevastopol during arrival from Omsk (Asgarda Irijsky) in August, 2007

Meeting theme - " Questions and answers" .

Position 12  (200.)

Position 13 (Compressed) 1 DVD disk (compressed)



V.G.Zhdanova's video lecture - the Natural method of restoration of sight. Points are time for removing.


It is course of the general improvement and disposal of bad habits. Consists of 6 lectures - the employment which have been written down on one DVD-disk in format DivX.

Position 13  (100.)

Position 14 DVD - format 1 DVD disk (in quality)


If to you has bothered to look at how the rich people, not different especial intellectual indicators, drive about on expensive cars, and you observe of it from public transport windows. If you wish to receive the worthy revenue, but understand that, conducting former way of life, at you it will turn out nothing. To you video from it DVD is necessary to look.

Whether following people are familiar to you: Leonardo, Beethoven, Einstein, Platon, Galilej, the Lincoln, Napoleon, Carnegie? All of them had one general all of them possessed secret knowledge which since ancient times found parts the reflexion that in the greatest literary works, in religious books, in works written by great philosophers. Video is necessary to look to understand, for what throughout millenia hunted that disappeared long centuries from the general review. Today it is possible to see, about what it is not accepted to say in hearing that was accessible only to the elite, to look video always to change the life, in a flash to learn how the success as in positive side the life of all who though for instant touches this great secret varies is reached.

Video " Secret" on DVD will show you the most successful people of our time who with pleasure will tell to you about the secrets of the success which completely has turned their life In life at each of these people there was turning-point after which they have changed. To look video, to learn as impossible things become and to meet simple which principles of application to themselves will make possible for you to realise any dream. This video will help you to let in riches, recognition of associates, success in all undertakings, health, excellent interpersonal relations the life. All these councils have purely practical character, which application, with ease will help you to carry out the dreams.

Position 14  (100.)

Position 15 DVD - format 1 DVD disk (in quality)


Video will force you to think of that behind itself the death veil actually hides. Whether there is something after it and that is there, behind line. This film not begins to savour the invented stories told ostensibly by eyewitnesses, come back with next world. Only the checked up facts fixed by the official chronicle. Easily having started this DVD, you can look real interview to the person which some minutes were actually dead and has face to face faced concept of drudgeries, and also with expiation of sins after death approach. Here there will be no Hollywood special effects and long smakovaniya not existing details which so show often in video on the television screen in broadcast series about revival of the died.

The majority of people have ceased to perceive in ser'ez concept of soul and cultural wealth, it became result of frequent telecasts in which ostensibly eyewitnesses savour obscene, in the majority the invented details seen during clinical death. This film complete antithesis to everything that ever left on telescreens. The real person by name of Andrey who lives in the Volgograd region tested on itself, everything about what speak Christian books, it has really died and has passed all way to the end. Learn all truth that will be after the life will interrupt. Video is necessary to look to understand the principal causes forcing all world to be incited against strong spirit of Russia.

All secrets will reveal before you, all truth becomes, is known only to you this film without what or ornaments will lay out the facts that at you doesn't remain any conjectures. Real people share the truthful information that for all was secret throughout long years of existence of mankind. The religion tries to answer on question that will be after death, however, only having seen this video, you really learn that for you waits.

Position 15  (100.)

Position 16 DVD - format 3 DVD disk (in quality)

GAMES of GODS the Film " Correct education" from three parts

This fascinating serial film is executed in style of publicism, and occupied by education studying at the present stage of its development. However all about what to be told in video and as it becomes, it is stated through prism of Slavjano-Aryan culture. Thanks to everything that is stated on these 3 DVD which with ease it is possible look you in few days can to increase abilities to survive absolutely in any society twice. Only the checked up scientific facts, only natural aspects of existing problem will open before you the secrets. The given film will help to make your life more sated because you can open in yourselves earlier latent and unfamiliar forces, you learn to scoop energy from the private world.

Having decided to look the materials collected on these disks, be ready to that, what is it video completely will turn the settled concepts. You won't see in him anything the general with history which teach at schools, since the childhood hammering into the head to the child false treatises from writers who finish thinking about what wasn't and hide taking place events. Only the real events supported with the best actor's game, will show to you, and you can look at how took place formation of Slavjano-Aryan culture.

The film will open to you eyes on hidden communication between the Russian people and Gods which earlier as was considered, was, the big set. High-quality video will transfer you when many Deities, being beings of the higher matter created and created perfect things when communication between separate representatives of the Divine world was on so much strong and indissoluble that anybody and couldn't think of its rupture.

However, having appeared suddenly from anywhere wanderers have expressed desire will join this caste of magicians. The feebleness and wretchedness wanderers have called sympathy of Gods and those began to help them and to look at turned out results. Gods long time helped wanderers, however those couldn't understand them, couldn't estimate the invaluable knowledge received from the higher beings.

The film shows tragedy of Gods which have decided to condescend to level of wanderers and have protected itself in possibilities to understand why at them it turns out nothing, but finally come across severe criticism from their party. Video shows that the situation has reached that those who was yesterday the Deity under the pressure of environment has lost faith in own forces and already never could be restored. It was the trap. To look this video it is necessary to understand essence of propagation conducted from different directions and directed exclusively on destruction of Russian people, always differing spiritual force and having the best prospects than somebody.

Position 16  (300.)

Position 17 DVD - format 1 DVD disk (in quality)

GAMES of GODS the Film " Slavic Habits"

This film, will force you to think of all life, and will specify correct way to its change. Qualitative video will show sources of origin of all habits existing today. To look it it is necessary for all at least that it became clear what habits existing in your life, bad and eradication, and what useful demand. Concepts as which you considered well-known, will appear before you in new appearance, all will be accurately classified. The words which value to you were known and which you applied in daily use after that film won't seem such harmless.

You learn, how ancient Slavs of all in a word could cure the person or call it serious illness. What is the power of word and as she can be understood. In what the reason of the superiority of the slavic people in relation to other nationalities. From video you will understand, why Russian is considered one of the most difficult, but nevertheless the most approached to the nature and the most spiritual language in the world. If you were interested in science etymology, which helps to decipher secret sense of each word to look it film to you it is necessary. Learn the nature of such concepts as " Life" , " Habit" , " Image" . From video to you the facts suppressed earlier about symbol of swastika become known and you learn why Hitler has selected this symbol for the flag.

You sometime reflected on why words sound so instead of differently, look film and learn decoding of each significant word in human life. In each of them the secret sense and application of this or that word is hidden will make your life of more harmonious and will bring in it of much more pleasure and good. Test on itself salutary properties of word, having looked this video, thanks to it you will cease to submit to will of destiny and really awake with masters of their own lives, disposing of the life at own discretion. Daily enough to repeat some words, to become the successful person, simply look this film and become those to whom associates envy.

Position 17  (100.)

Position 18 DVD - format 2 DVD disk (in quality)

GAMES of GODS the Film the first " Live Fire. Belief" the Film of the second " Live Fire. The truth and Krivda"

Wish to see modern life through prism of Slavjano-Aryan outlook then it is necessary to look serial film of " Game of Gods» . Thanks to given video you can make the personal opinion that occurs round us. Henceforth you begin to look differently at those or other events, seeing in them not that the mighty of this world, and the true purpose of these acts wishes to show. The writer known all over the country the satirist, and recently the researcher of the Russian culture and spirituality Michael Zadornov has knowingly put the link to this film on the site. He wants, that at people eyes on everything at last have opened that with them do, that they have learnt the truth.

Remember everything about what speak in news the lie dictated with only one purpose to powder your brains and to distract from really existing problems and nespravedlivostei. Wish to turn to silly animal who needs only beer, cigarettes and meal then it is necessary to watch TV with all nasty thing flowing of it. If there is desire to be the worthy and dear person this video will help you with it. To your opinion will listen, on you will consult, as you awake in condition to predict soldiers and accidents proceeding from in what party try to distract public opinion. You awake to look at the world other eyes, black glasses and true will remove from you as though will open to you.

You can independently collect picture of in the consciousness that actually occurs around as deceive people and transform them into silly animals following the tastes at the low instincts. The film urged to bare before you problem questions of the present, and you should to decide pay attention or turn away on it from the truth and to continue to execute commands of manipulators. Having looked this video you learn that stories any course which read no matter where doesn't answer the validity. All it was written exclusively under the order and for authorities in power money glorifying it and throwing mud at their predecessors. It is enough to look film and you learn true story how there were Slavs. As last decades were activated the forces directed on our destruction. That it is necessary to do to survive and to allow to harm to win. Wish to learn the truth, then « Games of Gods» - video for you.

Position 18  (200.)

Position 19 1 DVD disk (Collection)

  1. On it DVD the best films are collected, how to the person not to be deceived how to improve the life and as the person should behave, leading worthy life.
  2. 1. Super memory: to you has bothered constantly to forget any important things, you would like to remember the important phone numbers and to remember the maintenance of documents seen on job. Wish to raise quantity of the remembered information in 10 times then video « Super to solder» for you. It is necessary to look only and daily to repeat the simple exercises described in this film and in 1 week you don't learn the memory which will seize all hurriedly and to remember any significant trifles.
  3. 2. Soldiers of spirit: Wish to learn how real heroes behaved during the Chechen war as, endowing itself, for the sake of the country they made feats then video performance « Soldiers of spirit» by all means is necessary to you on taste. He on advantage has deserved blessing of patriarch Alex II and unlike many feature films amazes with event reality on scene. Game of actors forces to test squall of feelings, and modern videos used in film effects, amaze decided to look its spectators of the bespretsedentnost'yu.
  4. 3. Commando Styopochkin: the easy, kind film the young man since the childhood not having any dream and living on current, and only in early age when it seemed nothing can change its line of life, after receipt in prestigious university he sees in the sky of commandoes and understands that all life of it and wanted. To look it it is possible all family to see as the young man diligence, through pain and tears achieves the dream and jumps with parachute feeling freedom during falling from huge height. Excellent family video.
  5. 4. Money pyramid of debts: you the question whence sometime interested money in their modern understanding how there is deceit of simple people the banks creating money from air who actually corrects the world undertook? Then it will be interesting to you to look film « Money pyramid of debts» . This video spreads before you only accurate facts about which you never would learn, for example, why it is impossible to pay off all debts in the world why percent of banks the ephemeral indicator invented from anything, but bringing banks real money, how to challenge the decision of banks, being based only on the logician and about real precedents of such contest when banks ceased to demand return of percent on the credit. Look truthful video about world deceit.
  6. 5. Corporation: shocks you with the documentary facts the owners of such corporations opened directly, how people ruthlessly maintain and deceive, how these giants subordinate to themselves such natural phenomena as power resources, wind and even rain. This video is enough to look once to learn about influence of corporations on our life, how world giants deceive not only the workers, but also all world.
  7. 6. Owners of money: is capable to force to reflect that occurs round us, any. In him the secret on whom actually reveals works as FBI and to whom the Federal reserve system prints money. It at all the state, this all the private structures working on one owner. Given video is necessary to look to learn the truth about the world system of deceit constructed on avidity, greed and other human defects.

Position 19  (100.)

Position 20 1 DVD disk (Collection)

1. The truth about inoculations: the Film « the Truth about inoculations» - will open to you eyes that occurs today round this serious operation to body of the person. Video will tell to you that inoculations have passed for a long time from purely medical sphere in commercial and today, preparations created again in the majority are directed on oppression of human immunity. State half-tic it is constructed in such a manner that without dependence from desire of parents to the child without fail inject into blood vaccine with alien genetic material. To look how the system puts a spoke in wheel to those who has refused inoculations, without accepting children in gardens, school, institutes, dooming their thereby to beggarly existence.

2. Vanga - the Prediction: Video « Vanga the Prediction» - will open to you all truth how the blind Bulgarian woman told the fortunes separate people and the whole countries. She will tell about how there is process yasnovideniya in interview, before forbidden to display. The film is constructed exclusively on the truthful information, without what or conjectures and assumptions. Look that actually was and according to Vangi still will be with our world. You don't remain indifferent, seen will plunge you into shock.

3. Vegetarianism FOR OR AGAINST: the Film « FOR OR AGAINST» - will show Vegetarianism to you, than the vegetarianism actually is and whether it is necessary to follow the tastes of modern tendencies directed exclusively on easing of the person. Shocking truthful details in it video will force you to look at the world other eyes.

4. Wave genetics: « Wave genetics» - new word in researches of genes. Henceforth it will not be violently necessary to introduce alien genes in live organism, will enough subject to its special irradiation and the information of genetic code will independently pass in cages of the invested organism. To look film interestingly as all scientific facts are stated by accessible language and are clear without additional explanations.

5. Lazarev (diagnostics karmy): Video « Lazarev (diagnostics karmy)» is directed on the explanatory to usual inhabitants of the basic karmic laws. Sergey Lazarevu managed to open interrelation between society and natural disasters terrifying on the destructive force flooding, epidemics of dreadful diseases and earthquakes. The film opens eyes on communication between private world of the person and reality occurring around. To look it it is recommended to all who wishes to start up harmony in the life.

6. Pater Dy Alexander (Anapa): the Film from cycle " Pater Dy Alexander" opens secrets vedicheskoi slavic culture, the reasons on which there is severe destruction of all moral principles of true Slavs are described. In video real alternatives to dissolute pop-music and severe kichu which have extended on modern platform are offered. As bonus you can look at Pater Dija Alexander's performance in Anapa on conferences with participation of members of the different states in 2004.

Position 20  (100.)

Position 21 2 DVD disk (Collection)


1. Videoarchive military secret

2. Hand-to-hand fight without the weapon

3. Siberian v'yun

4. System. Fight in water

5. System. Outside of Material

6. Power and psychotechnics of the Soldier

7. Russian fighting psychotechnics

8. Biomechanical bases of deducing from balance

9. Psychophysiological bases

10. Power bases

11. Interaction with force

12. Kochergin Boevoj knife

13. Applied hand-to-hand fight

14. Slavyano goritskaya struggle

15. Special troops - the shocking truth

Position 21  (200.)

Position 22 2 DVD disk (Collection)



1. Art of throwing of knifes

2. Applied hand-to-hand fight (Valery Kupova's seminar)

3. Introduction: System of training of Russian Soldiers

4. Film the first. Base exercises and elements

5. Film of the second. Captures. Clearing of captures

6. Film the third. Blows. Protection against blows

7. Job with the weapon

8. Job with subjects

9. Self-defence in the car

10. Fire preparation. Bases of high-speed shooting

11. Fighting captures and breaking blows

12. Knife in fight

13. Subjects kastetnogo type in fight

14. Counteraction to attacks and threats of fighting knife

15. Subtleties of overwhelming plastic protection

16. Injuring counteractions to attacks by the splitting up weapon

17. Shock influence on bone

Position 22  (200.)

Position 23.mp3 3 DVD disk (Collection)


Audiolectures < Vedichesky culture>

The collection of audiolectures and seminars format MP3 in which the Vedichesky culture in different aspects of human life is described

(Vedichesky astronomy and ufology, the Vedichesky writing, Spiritual degradation of the person, Home life in the light of the Vedichesky writing, Charkas, Egregors That such life, time and much dr) Lecturer Oleg Torsunov Obshchee sounding time: 86 hours  

The most secret knowledge + Who and how operates the world? (Slavic Zhrets Meragor)

Seminar on Vedichesky culture.

The main theme of seminar: " Russia and Vedy" , " the Origin of Ved" , " Vedichesky knowledge of the world" .                    

Jury ShCherbatyh Uspeh in business? It is simple!

In this audiobook there is not enough theory, but in it practical experience of those who is resulted, has achieved real success. At all businessmen the general algorithms of movement to riches and glory, all of them have passed through some important stages. You can repeat their success if will make the same, but in the area: define strategic target, will choose optimum direction.

The latent management of the person

Management of other person, as well as all ingenious, should be simple and effective. If you wish to change mutual relations with people, switch on technicians offered in the given audiobook in the arsenal of skills and abilities and start to apply them, and you receive positive results easily and quickly! il'm about ancient slavjano-Aryan relic... Abservatorii and Academies of our great ancestors!                                                                                      

Art to operate the time

Easily and well the audiocourse will give you the guaranteed receptions of planning of your time in the conditions of rigid restriction of time. You receive accurate rules of creative management of your time through statement of really important purposes in five spheres of your life.

The audiocourse is new view vivid example on management bases vashimvremenem.

Art of verbal attack

" Art of verbal attack" - the new textbook on rhetoric, acquaints with constructive methods of conducting discussion. It is important to this art to learn, after all the riposte can help in dispute, disarm not always benevolently adjusted opponent, will help to behave with advantage in uneasy situation. In the audiobook the set of examples and exercises which will allow to perfect own skill is presented.                                                                          

War art. Strategy and tactics

This information was absolutely confidential. Written in III-IV centuries BC the Chinese theorists of military art it has been published by small circulations only in the USA, England and Germany... And before revolution to Russia, at once, then has got in spetshrany. Despite interdictions elements of the Chinese secrets actively used and use in the Soviet special services of KGB GRU, in the American investigation of CIA, English MI-7, Israeli Mossad both the Chinese masters much much other And most important secret were and to this day are starting point and the guide to action of heads of the largest transnational corporations.

Fridrih Nitsshe. Morals genealogy

In job « MORALS GENEALOGY» [1887] Nitsshe contemplate morals problem exclusively from psychological positions. Stopping on origin of moral prejudices, Nitsshe criticises Christian morals for suppression in the person of spiritual force, dogmatism and counteraction to the free beginning of human nature. Nitsshe considers that the way on which till now there was European mankind, is fraught with monstrous consequences which it prophetically foretells to the contemporaries.                        

Psychology of the leader

The founder audiobook ontopsihologicheskoi schools, the author of 40 jobs in the field of practical psychology, the organizer of the international seminars on psychology of business professors A.Menegetti (Italy) contemplates formation problem liderskih qualities of the person in the modern world. This audiobook is addressed all, whose inquisitive mind already is now aimed at search of new ways of development of mankind and the maximum self-disclosing in coming third millenium.                                

Acquaintance to method Silva

Silva's method is complex of simple exercises for activization of intuition and development of positive thinking.            

The vaccine from stress or How to get rid of fear

The author suggests you to become the Person Playing, after all game - the most effective medicine for stress. You learn to remove " muscular armour" and to accept pose of the winner, we will find composure by means of the respiratory exercises based on Indian pranayame. Exercises from complex of antistressful gymnastics will help you to relax quickly even in the conditions of the intense working day, and installation of " emotional anchor" will relieve of the raised uneasiness.            

Negotiations on fists

During intense negotiations he feeds with the live small fish blood-thirsty piranha. Opponents should feel that their stones too zahrustyat if they don't surrender. He has got used to win. He has earned millions dollars thanks to the talent inventively and masterly to carry on negotiations. This audiobook - the invaluable textbook on skill of the negotiations which author allows to fight to you on fists, but forbids to beat below belt. The book is addressed businessmen, lawyers, all by what activity is connected with negotiations.      

Motivation: On start... Attention the March!

For the majority of people the motivation is secret behind seven seals. What exactly moves people? The understanding of essence and motivation methods will give the chance to you to convince your friends to follow your councils, to inspire your employees on more effective job will help to convince your half to divide your desires and by that to receive from life what you really want!

Psychological influence and manipulirovani

The textbook given to audio is intended for the young men beginning the career.

In the course of business dialogue it is very important to be able to analyze behaviour of other person and the nobility of feature of own mentality.

The basic attention in the textbook is given the data, allowing to prevent attempts of psychological influence and manipulation.                

Dejl Carnegie Jazyk of belief

" Belief language" is course of effective dialogue which will help you to achieve what you want at job, in the bosom of the family and friends. Following D.Karnegi's simple councils, you can feel confidently and easy during public statements, learn to formulate accurately the thoughts, to convince the interlocutor and to draw to yourself attention.

Select the!

From this audiobook you learn:

How to replace habitual " motivation of avoiding" with new, more effective type of motivation: " motivation of acquisition" ?

How to transform any dreams into specific targets which much easier to realise?

What 7 steps of " Technics of self-motivation" and how they should be carried out for reception of the maximum results?

And, at last, how to guarantee that you always will manage to receive from life what you are really worthy!                  

Technicians of management of aggression

In the given audiobook concrete technologies of interception of management in situation of aggressive negotiations are offered. Each processing method is accompanied by concrete examples of negotiations. The book is made in the form of interactive practical work in which you can test offered technicians and to receive councils about their use.      


Wish to learn as to change your boring existence?

Wish to learn to struggle with mean fear, to be torn through windbreak of barriers and with smile upon the face to go on life?

Wish to be strong everywhere and always, even in the face of death?

This book for those who wishes to make itself, and it is ready to achieve success.

But the author warns: " This book is dangerous to composure" .              

Psychotechnicians of development

The known doctor-psychotherapist, the business trainer, the candidate of medical sciences Igor Vagin offers special complexes of exercises - psychotechnicians - effective psychotherapeutic techniques which will allow you to supervise the emotional condition.                

  Survival psychology in modern Russia

Kremlin (to 1991) the doctor-psychotherapist, the business trainer, the doctor of medical sciences Igor Vagin in the inimitable manner consistently assorts algorithm of success and offers the answer to question: " How to survive in modern Russia?"      

Charm the Monk who has sold the " ferrari"

In the audiobook Charms the true sense of existence hidden from the modern person by conventions of successful life, in the light of eternal principles of the Tibetan wise men reveals. The most important philosophical concepts appear also the most simple. This book some kind of the textbook on management of self, the effective formula of true success and happiness. The considerable part of audience Charms is made by the people who have realised in business. They, as a rule, are very occupied. Therefore the format of the audiobook which it is possible to listen at the wheel or in sports hall, is calculated on them.

Fight for minds

Before you really the legendary audiobook which has shaken all business world, for ever having changed advertising rules.

The book " Fight for minds» is addressed businessmen and heads of the top echelon. It contains weight of examples. This book is necessary for all heads who see the business in long-term prospect.

Sessions of curing music

Musical sessions brought to your attention - well of salutary energy. Their listening can render you the real help. This music helps energy streams to proceed freely on the routes initially defined in human body by the wise nature. It removes stress round concrete body that allows to restore natural power balance of vital forces of organism at the expense of internal reserves. 6 CDs of albums.                            

Course of public safety

Efimo. Course of the President and problem of public safety. Lecture in FSB Management

In lecture daetya the explanatory on the substance of system of the global world outlook deceit imposed to mankind in frameworks of nowadays dominating Bible concept of management.                                          

The collection of Slavic music

In the collection predstavlenny practically all Slavic groups known for today such as Volkolak, Temnozor, Kolovrat, the Relative, Cali the South, Liholese, Navja, GR.OM, Kalinov the bridge, the Hermitage and many other things. More than 100 songs clearing up Patrimonial memory...  

Occurrence secrets in professional communities

Ability to communicate with people opens wide prospects before the person. Contacts and communications in professional circles help to move ahead successfully on career ladder. From audio of the book you learn how to join professional party, how to become the this environment and how to use dialogue in professional community in the purposes.

NLP on Russki

Why NLP? Because at present it is " collection" of the best psychological receptions for use in everyday life managements of the mood, condition, even state of health. stestvennyi method of restoration of sight and improvement.  

Technicians of management of aggression

Aim to learn management of difficult negotiations.

In the given audio course concrete technologies of interception of management in situation of aggressive negotiations are offered. Each processing method is accompanied by concrete examples of negotiations.      

Audio of lecture of Magician Veleslava

Themes of lectures: Bases of Rodnoverija, Russian It is sensible, the Slavic book dead, Plot in Russian tradition + lectures of Magician Dobroslava (ideology Rusov, the Wolf dog leshego, Plot on victory!)

Position 23  (300.)

Position 24 3 DVD disk (Collection)


1. Alcoholic and narcotic terror against Sacred Russia (700Mb)

2. Antibeer

3. Conversation about harm of barmy bread and yoghurt

4. In TV to the program Good luck - the Way to itself. In the beginning there was word

5. V.Zhdanov and A.Majurov in Tchebarkul (14 hours, 2006g. Day 1). In quality

6. V.Zhdanov and A.Majurov in Tchebarkul (14 hours, 2006g. Day 2). In quality

7. V.Zhdanov and A.Majurov in Tchebarkul (14 hours, 2006g. Day 3). In quality

8. Garage (short-footage film)

9. The Dose-narcotism in Russia spets.korr

10. Dock. Film about harm of smoking

11. Zhdanov (lecture in Perm) the Way to sobriety 2008g

12. Zhdanov of Century G - Conversation in TV program Open Studio (Krasnoyarsk)

13. G - it is possible to Drink Zhdanov of Century everything, but to know only

14. Zhdanov V.G.Doklad (12/7/1996)

15. Klimenko I.P. - About beer (2006)

16. Krivonogov V. P - the Short course sobriologii for teachers and schoolboys

17. Krivonogov V. P - Lecture for teachers (ch.1 and 3)

18. Krivonogov V. P - Lecture for teachers (ch.2 and 3)

19. Krivonogov V. P - Lecture for teachers (ch.3 and 3)

20. Mammoths A - the Lethal liquid

21. Majurov A.N. - the Sober worlds

22. Genocide mechanisms. Economy and globalisation


24. Narcotism of Pobedima

25. Narcotic Terror Against Ukraine

26. Russian cross. How to stop degeneration of Russian people

27. The Sevastopol meetings - Conference on sobriologii (2007)

28. Secret essence of tobacco smoking

29. That Dovgan... About alcohol

30. Ukraine (" freedom" consequence)

31. The Feminine Mistake

32. The Marlboro Story

33. Antismoking advertising

34. Cuttings. Destruction of Russia

Position 24  (300.)

Position 25 3 DVD disk (Collection)


1. Butakova. The life rivers. About health

2. About properties of water. Soshenko/SS/

3. Butakova. About water/SS/

4. Butakova. About water/SS/

5. About water. 2 films by request of SS

6. Fedorenko. About health/SS/

7. Fedorenko. About mikrogidrin/SS/

8. Perkon. About health

9. Butakova. Sight

10. Butakova. About health

11. Butakova. Digestion

12. Fungi. Coral club

13. Zhdanov. Points are time for removing. About sight

14. Beloyar. About health

15. Afonin. About health

16. Smiths. Introduction lecture

17. McDonalds. Amer.fil'm about harm of meal in MakDonalds

18. Power of thought. The Canadian film about mysl process

19. Protection from e/m radiations. Ross film

20. Calcium in human life. Ross film

21. The truth about inoculations. Sovr. The Russian film

22. Meat. Series of films about harm upotr. Meat

23. Inoculations. Genocide.

24. Parasites. About parasites in body of the person

25. Bowling for kolumbiny. Amer film about the cruelty reasons

26. The designer of red colour. About blood.

Position 25  (300.)

Position 26 1 DVD disk (Collection)

Chudinov V. A " LANGUAGE of TITANS"

All videos on DVD it is collected exclusively on the theme devoted to researches of mythology of ancient Slavs, and also paleography from the scientific point of view. Have been deciphered more than 2000 letters on drevne slavic language. The film confirms and proves the fact that Russian is the most ancient language on planet. Among other things the given language was international and inhabitants of many European countries should know Russian as merchants from Russia went worldwide.

To look this film, to learn that has been written in letters of ancient Slavs. The interesting facts about on how much ancient Russian, video will show to you the unique documents, which date of creation more than some tens thousand years and will describe their maintenance. You didn't know absolutely anything that is shown in this film. The known facts latest earlier to nobody about Slavjano Aryan race told in given to that video who independently has opened them, first-hand information the best way to learn the information not deformed by the subjective point of view. On it DVD you can look lectures which have been read in the College of mines of city of Ekaterinburg in 2007. Besides, as bonus variety of films lectures spent in different places camps is enclosed:

1. In the College of mines (Ekaterinburg 2007)

2. At history institute

3. In the centre of slavic writing and culture

4. Performance within the limits of briefing the Renaissance of Russian Culture (2/9/2009)

5. Ancient inscriptions on craft products

6. Icons speak (2/25/2006)

7. How to return etruskov to Russia (9/1/2006)

8. What writings have gone from Russian fleeces (11/21/2006)

9. Shortly about the slavic letter and religions

10. Shortly about the slavic letter and religions (2)

11. Whether the truth that Russian the most ancient (6/26/2006)

12. Russian history the most ancient (3/27/2008)

13. Russian writing, the historical background

14. Slavic writing, history of Russia (11/15/2006)

15. Language of Titans

Position 26  (100.)

Position 27 13 DVD disks (All series (3 seasons) better quality, in DVD format. The best philosophical cartoon film for children and adults)

« Avatars the Legend about Aange»

« Avatars last magician of air» (in some countries it is known as « Avatars: the Legend about Aange» ) the winner of the award of Enni 2009 in nomination « the Best animated teleproject for children» . The cartoon serial goes on the air on the channel « Nickelodeon television network» . Actions occur in the pseudo-Asian world of fighting arts and conquest of elements. The serial narrates about adventures of last of " Avatarov" , Aanga, and its friends. All together they save the world from the People of Fire which has launched war about hundred years ago. Each series serves as the head of the book, each season the book. In each book of Aang learns to submit one of elements, thus he from the very beginning owns only magic of air.

If you don't want, that your children have grown heartless, trite and malicious then it will be necessary to look animated serial « Avtar: the Legend about Aange» . This multiseries children's film corresponds to all canons of humanity and reasonableness of plot. Looking at the protagonist of this children's video your child will understand that in life the main thing harmony between all components of society that any conflicts it is bad and to reach similar harmony it is necessary having started with to overcome all trite and disgusting desires, not to allow to the nayward to win the light. To look this film it will be useful also for adults who can gather for itself a lot of the valuable information, for example, that is necessary to do to let in the life harmony and pleasure, not to test sense of guilt, and to be reputable and recognition of associates.

On simple examples risovannoe video for children, will show to you and your child how to reach perfection in any undertaking, having saved balance between worthy behaviour and human avidity with desire to be enriched with any way. The success clings not to those people who go on heads and at the expense of others reach the purposes, and for those who having achieved certain level saves balance of interaction with external world. The film will tell about how to make the life happier and will show to your children as with young years to become respected in collective and society leaders that in consequence having developed in itself certain qualities to transfer this leadership to adult life.

This cartoon film is recommended to look that who wishes to see the children at top of the social ladder, having possibility to travel all over the world and happily living in own private residence. This children's film on merits has received the award of Enni in 2009, as the best product in animation. It can't be compared to commercial products of the American animators from which children become malicious, severe, diffident and completely deprived of ability to think. This video is above everything that has ever been created, to look its continuous pleasure. Don't miss the chance to grow up healthy and adequate children with whom further you awake to be proud.

Position 27 (1200.)

As we send disks in the near abroad countries (transfer of any quantity of disks - 200.)

In the FAR ABROAD countries (specify cost on ICQ or E-mail).

In the countries of near and far abroad disks are sent only after full advance payment which can be carried out:

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