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The site purpose - to inform to people the information which can help to be pulled out from former stereotypes of thinking.

Thereby to clear dozing corners of subconsciousness and to deduce the person on new level of thinking and understanding of the surrounding validity.


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The information weapon in operation.

How to inform with www.pravdu.ru (the section will constantly replenish)

Buy any words in yandeks direkte with sylkoi on our site http://pravdu.ru that as much as possible people have learnt the truth.

After all still very many don't understand real mechanisms of management of their destinies. Think that all goes by itself or they somehow will sit out aside. Don't understand that they can be and will survive, and here their children, grandsons, great-grandsons have already sentenced to destruction by alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, inoculations, GMO, sterilisation by beer, or simply liquidation by hunger and war.

Don't understand that at the best the destiny of economic slavery is prepared their children (for this purpose there is inflation, credits, the WTO...) in electronic concentration camp with iskazhennnoi history (that didn't counteract since don't understand who it does and in what it resulted) and the rinsed brains different TV-hrenju.

Has learnt itself - help to learn another the truth.

One more important moment in information distribution!

It concerns paid fajlo-exchanger depositfiles, files on him can be stored in free mode only 1 month, in paid mode only 2 months, after the termination of period of storage of files (if nobody has downloaded it never for this period) they simply leave and become not accessible!!

The idea consists in copying links to files from our site (to do pages at itself on sites) and to place them that people could swing these lectures and materials of educating character from different places.



If you have personal site necessarily put there site banner http://pravdu.ru/baners.htm thereby you lift its rating and it will find is more often on Internet open spaces through search systems. If you are the owner of any FORUM that put banner on him. Even if on banner won't pass to pravdu.ru search systems all the same the link, that it will find is more often by inquiries.

It is the small contribution to the general big business! The big GRATITUDE to all who has responded to the given appeal!

Download this archive, to DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE of PICTURES 8,45 Mb 155 pieces and load them to itself into " My World" on mail site ru and Vkontakt

Commenting and addition of video/photo of bombs:

www.youtube.ru - Commenting with the site address www.pravdu.ru

www.rutube.ru - Commenting with the site address www.pravdu.ru

http://fotki.yandex.ru/ - the PHOTO of DAY. The section with the same name see more low

http://odnoklasniki.ru - quickly ban, so use the necessary photos only in the albums, the first photo it is better to put the attractive girl or the guy.

http://vkontakte.ru - Addition of LINKS on PRAVDU.ru in photo (in avatarku - who will be displayed in section " was on a visit" at those users which questionnaires you look), commenting (to " to private pages, in groups, etc.)

From operational experience at the big forums.

At these forums, as a rule, rigid moderatsiya and fast ban. Therefore having come on the big forum, operate circumspectly:

1) Links not to give (except answers to questions of constant participants if these questions mean the link)

2) Excessive activity not to show: at first participate in discussions no more than 1-2 that.

It is desirable to participate in the branches opened by others at first. The branch can be opened a bit later.

3) don't abuse citations and try not to write long posts:

Write short and so that people had questions in reply to which you can develop theme.

4) Make out the posts so that they were easily read:

- Paragraphs divide in the empty line,

- The key moments allocate with bold type or colour, or underlining,

- Citations allocate with tags: [quote] the citation [/quote],


5) Before to write on forum - look at least ten by that of that section in which discussions wish to take part, be adjusted on audience, meet with forumchanami - and write adresno, for forumchan the given section of forum


Each leaflet is one INFORMATION BULLET in the field of fight of information war. It is CONCRETE JOB which is capable to bring concrete results. To interest people in our information, to involve in us new adherents, to someone to open eyes on event in the world, to help our association and the prompt victory!

Cost of pack of paper of 500 sheets - about 110 roubles. It is the price of the whole information holder! Present that these curative bullets will start to work on all country. YOUR EFFORTS. Umnozhte 500 on one hundred. And on one thousand? On ten thousand?

We consider, what is it one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of opposition of the massed information aggression against our country, one of means of achievement of our victory.

If unpack leaflets on the jet printer, we recommend to use System of continuous giving of ink (SNPCh), accessible to many models of printers. It will allow to cut down expenses on the press more, than in 20 times! The cost price of one leaflet, together with paper cost, at use SNPCh turns out approximately 20 - 60 kopeek. - leaflets can be scattered on mail boxes of your house, and also the next houses thereby without involving in itself special attention of guards of the law and order. Are meant both many-storeyed and private doma. - the majority of such leaflets will be undoubtedly read, as when people take away mail box contents, they attentively look through each piece of paper, even advertising: suddenly there the important receipt or something else... example of distribution in high-rise building somewhere has got lost: leaving friends or acquaintances and having at itself one hundred leaflets on duty you can bystren'ko rasbrosat' them on entrance mail boxes. Keys for opening of mail boxes (as it does the postman) are for this purpose even not necessary. In the majority standard mail boxes the leaflet can be pushed easily through chink of cover post jashchika. - small pachechku leaflets also it is possible to put from above on mail box, and also in the lift on intercom.




Well with cut-aways more or less all should be clear. To print better in printing house. Or in house conditions, using usual printers, it is desirable colour.




Melody of expectation for phone. Probably you will find of it other application - to DOWNLOAD


If you are the user of house local network, and also the supporter of the truth you can help with EFFECTIVE distribution of materials, having spent for it time minimum, and also on to practise unstructured management.

Has very long time ago laid out all videos which at me is (20Gb), in local network.

But anybody practically didn't swing anything. The trade corresponds - has decided to be played with names and to get to delivery of the most popular search inquiries.

In tope accordingly inquiries: film, porno... Has changed names of some lectures:

" The concept of public safety (it is better than porno).avi"

" Alcoholic terror (brains in toilet bowl).avi"

" How to restore sight and to go without points (film-enlightenment).avi"

" Season film - invasion gumanoidov.avi"


Result shaking: swing round the clock the person till 5-10 in day. And many come behind other films after that. In private ask - are interested. These films were at 2-3 persons in network earlier. Now at 20-30 it is possible to find out them (has passed 3-4 months) in open access.

Has told about such variant of distribution to the colleague from other city, it has renamed lectures. The same result. Has decided to share with all. Simply and effectively. If who is connected in the city to local network - rename video-lectures.

If who has ideas how still to draw attention the name (keywords always can be inserted in the end in brackets, with it there is no problem), write variants.

The epilogue " As to us is fucked by brains..." While the leader on downloadings.

p.s. Don't bend with names, they should reflect essence, is better write in brackets your comment to video.


(graphic icons of the user of the small sizes):

  For example (click the right button of the mouse on picture and choose " to Save as" for preservation):

Code of banner for forums





















Working out avatarok also is creativity source, and can contain as simple links to sites (for example, well audible address WWW.PRAVDU.RU), and more difficult graphic elements with symbolics on theme.


Some technical subtleties

1) the Length of names of users can be limited. On RuTube it makes to 13 symbols A-Ya, A-Z and underlining sign _. Hence on WWW_PRAVDU_RU 10 symbols will leave, remains 3. In the given example it is possible to use remained 3 on 1i _ before WWW_KPE_RU. Hence 9 more person (lucky persons?!) can use the given scheme. Then probably there will be names 25_WWW_PRAVDU_Ru, 25_WWWoPRAVDUoRu, 1i_pravdu_ru 12374i_PRAVDU_RU etc. Parts WWW, PRAVDU and RU it is better to try to use, that was clear that it is a question about the Internet the address the part KPE is better for using because it short (compare with pravdu) and on site www.kpe.ru there is all starting set for Russian " beginner" , and something for English-speaking (though English the part should be finished, with care...)

2) For example on YouTube it is possible to use only letters and figures, and the underlining sign _ isn't present. The type variant 1oWWWoPRAVDUoRu, 2oWWWoPRAVDUoRu Here will approach, or is simple wwwPRAVDUru... Who Can will think up other variants at which clearly that will be a question of site WWW.PRAVDU.Ru.

3) I Suggest to organise " databank" with the various names containing the references to sites PRAVDU.ru that progress was visible. Besides, it is possible to organise competition on " the best idea" , " the most popular name" or " the Name PRAVDU.ru" (compare to recent competition " Name of Russia" ). It will create additional interest to the process of acquaintance with the Truth.

4) Use " WWW" and " RU" / " SU" / " ORG" / " the Russian Federation" in names which very strongly help to understand that is a question about the Internet the address, can be used sites in the future for otlavlivaniya " artful" users (if the command from above " comes" ). However, for today it is not necessary to neglect and add them in names necessarily. After all " the virtual name" if necessary always can be replaced. Certainly, possibility of loss of the propaganda information from the Internet, at total introduction by sites of interdiction for addition of addresses in names, too should be estimated and be available in in view of...

5) If users wish to " catch" more look of other users more (that it is desirable for advertising PRAVDU.ru), it it is better to use " the discharged versions" names (1234_WWW_PRAVDU_RU, WWWooPRAVDUooRUoo213, etc.). If there is desire that the name was more similar" to the others then" short" record (1wwwPRAVDUru, etc.) there will be more suitable


Posters can be used everywhere, to insert on forums, on any sites, blogs, etc. who can make code for posters to insert on forums, we ask....

To print on the printer extending on schools and other establishments of this kind.



It is possible to use ready texts for insert on forums sites, etc. referring to site.

" Know the TRUTH!" - there is such Site http://pravdu.ru

About audio and video materials opening the TRUTH

Such on TV and RADIO you don't learn! This information carefully disappears from the people!

And NOW About the MAIN THING: I have small child, and I worry about it, I will describe frameworks of the experience, and I don't take too high, I will measure by such frameworks proceeding from the morals, culture and sense of proportion, and I consider it normal. I think, as you agree with it!!:


I worry, in what country there will live my child: - in not our country, in the country NOT RUSIChEI, and conquerors because there is war, there is COLD WAR and don't see it only blind men and fools - or in the country which will blossom fruits of our efforts reflected in our children.

I worry, how my girl will grow, (mine dete), looking at what examples around, on drunk physiognomies rolling on everywhere in appearance healthy muzhiks who regenerate in pigs. On INFINITE murders which the box shows? On advertising for idiots, on all channels of TV and radio? On corruption of mentality and the subconsciousness, displayed in nurseries zabugornyh animated cartoons?

I worry, whom there will be it when will grow up: - with the guy at which on mind only sex, drugs and fate-and-beater at which the motto ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULL!! Or and WHO WILL FOLLOW the KLINSKY? That is cultivated by our mass-media and zabugor'em. - Or with the guy which has SENSE OF PROPORTION which has HONOUR, HONESTY, PATRIOTISM and he will respect her first of all and to THINK of healthy continuation of the family because if that will think DIFFERENTLY all of us HERE we WILL die out. (If will change nothing, remains up until that time not long! - http://trezvost.ru/2/)


If all of us don't start to THINK, NOT those thoughts that impose to us, on telefideniyu and mass-media, and thoughts like UNITS, http://www.pravdu.ru, but that's it UNITS and tell the TRUTH because understand influence methods.

As in film about HARM of INOCULATIONS, it one struggles with system. Reading forums about inoculations saw, what all complain, what inoculations bring to children ONE frustration and ONE not gratefulness with health of the kid, women to be afraid to do to their children, children fall ill after inoculations when in sort who wasn't ill with these diseases it it is normal?? Like would fall ill benign, and then all passes, BUT whether passes completely, after all there is time for everything, and the children's organism isn't prepared for such stress!!

I will tell to you the opinion on the bill of this muck concerning inoculations!


The newborn CHILD is self-sufficient, unique, spontaneous and mobile organism. He was born GOD i.e. healthy in every respect and displays, pure and not vicious (behind exception already At in absentia sick mothers), and here it start to TREAT from first days of his life!!! Actually HIM simply kill in germ, and doesn't understand IT excuse the FULL SILLY WOMAN MOTHER and her husband.

I worry about education of the child, I have passed schools, Universities, I already there knew that to anything acceptable in life me won't learn there! I was learnt by my father, it has given me TRUES, them was not much, but they have sufficed, that on the basis of them I have constructed the base, i.e. the concept of life, I never smoked for all life, have ceased to drink after viewing of lectures of Zhdanov of Century G about Alcohol http://pravdu.ru/lessons/jdanov and I consider now it is norm of life of the normal person reasonable!


After film viewing « Correct education» the world has turned over also I has understood, education of the father! And what education and education of the normal child, since birth and till the end of life should be valid.

I worry about my child in life and will be engaged in what on what will exist in society, whether worthy there will be payment for its work that she when parents will be on " pension" , managed to help them money resources or otherwise instead of as now children pull money at grandmothers and grandfathers, besides parents!

I see very accurately the EXIT from this... In which us have lowered:

What you - personally you - have made that though somehow to approach this future?

Why YOU? Because if not I, who?

If you wish to make something, make it and begin first of all with YOURSELF.

Designate your ideals but to designate them in consciousness, the consciousness should be cleared of dirt of information war. How to clear consciousness? - http://pravdu.ru/lessons/petrov/

Also tell to me, all who all the same has read this text up to the end: ALL what I here have told, BRAD of the idiot, or thoughts of the clever person?...

Now there is FIGHT for minds of people, and minds of people it and there is Russia!!

Spend some minutes of time and your life completely will change. After all only here you learn all TRUTH.

That disappeared from many generations about what don't dare to tell on public TV, that on the present terrifies and forces to look at the life under new corner.

All materials on PRAVDU.RU are carefully selected and proverenny on reliability. All materials are absolutely truthful.

The site purpose is informing of people on things which occur to them and which are held back political and public figures. Once, having looked any of materials presented on site, you for ever remove from eyes pink glasses and will cease to be grey weight which so is easy for operating.

Only having learnt the TRUTH it is possible to perceive adequately surrounding validity and correctly to react to events occurring round you.

The thinking people aren't necessary to politicians and consequently they in every possible way try to transform it into herd of rams. About ways with which it becomes, you learn from audio and video of materials laboriously collected on this site. You learn to resist to their impact.

You can change the life to the best when learn, in its what ways, do worse. You prolong life not only, but also to the children, having learnt, as under the State control there is poisoning of babies in womb of mother.

Learn the information which the mighty of this world owns, and you will understand that the deceit surrounds the person since birth and to his death. Everything that was considered as years correct and comprehensible actually was only way for group of people to earn money and to receive the strongest drug the POWER.

All people understand sooner or later that it was necessary to do in life to become successful. However many understand it lying on the deathbed. Whether it is necessary to wait so long, to solve to you.

The conclusion

Don't hesitate of the given approaches and don't neglect them! The Internet, for the present, basically is anonymous, and nobody learns about you. As not funny it sounds, but from yours " click by the mouse" today, well-being of future generations depends... " REMEMBER: Trifles have no" crucial importance » ... - They SOLVE ALL!" (From V.Yefimov's well-known lecture in UFSB St.-Petersburg)

- = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =


1) the Author of given article doesn't bear responsibility for REALIZATION of ideas stated in article!


Petrov K.P. | Zhdanov V.G.  | Trehlebov A.V. | Uglov F.G. | Chudinov V. A | Efimov V. A | Zaznobin V. M | Majurov A.N. | Sokolov .. | Krivonogov V. P | Bachinin I.V. | Torsunov O. G | Levashov N.V.