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First Otkrovenie Insajdera

Something unusual has occurred at forum godlikeproductions.com for some days and it has resulted certain sites of the Internet in excitation.

Somebody, Insajder naming, asserted that it belongs to patrimonial line which corrects the world, and promised to answer any questions. First it looked as the next cheating in the Internet, on some simple questions simple answers have been given, but then all began to change abruptly.

Any who understands dialectics, knows that answers (in the form of questions) intentionally provoked others to ask to Insajdera questions which conducted to essence of the phenomena. One of the first questions, set Insajderom, was “you think that live on certain planet. Whether you live on it actually?”

Answers which this person on the subsequent questions has started to give, have shown deep understanding of philosophy, history, metaphysics, religion, magic, policy and moreover. These answers were very original and detailed, and some set thinking.

Surprisingly that Insajder answered questions for very short time interval. Themes of questions were the diversified, and answers, when detailed and when simply epic appeared literally in some minutes. How it is possible? Copying of the text from the Internet? I have carefully checked up and couldn't find offers which were used by Insajder in the answers. As someone has noticed, it was outside of possibilities of usual people.

Some people have been afflicted, it on the contrary involved others, and as a result it has led to dialogue in which so has much opened that now it can be studied for years. Difficult in it to believe? Read further.





  I member of the Elite Family whom you despise... Ask me questions, and I will short answer them.


  Because I can.


  What is « the Elite Family»

Such name is used by the majority.

  Families which during very long time operate those who doesn't belong to these families by birth.


  That you think of problem " peak oil" (the moment of the maximum oil recovery after which extraction volumes will fall only)

In certain circles it is known that it is developed.

  The Earth makes more oil and gas, than it is used by people now, even, believe me or not, natural process by principle « the more take away, the increases for balance preservation» more. Investigate bees and way which they make honey and you will understand.

  Besides, on planet it is a lot of the places rich with minerals which have been never touched by the person.

  The agenda? I think you know.


  What the general in genealogical lines of Elite Families?

  You sometime had sex with the child?


Understand that genealogical lines have been selected for vlastvovaniya, they haven't appeared from air. Souls which are embodied in these lines, get out the Divine Law. There is no necessity to mention other things.

  The second question shows that you read Ike who is used simply as the tool too much. But I will answer, no.


  Sorry. Nobody corrects me and never corrected!


  Old saying: the Ideal slave is the one who speaks: « I not the slave» . It as the alcoholic who says that it not the alcoholic, and only therefore it always remains the alcoholic. The sense is clear?


  Where you, elitarii, contain intellectually sick relatives who appear because of centuries-old incest?


  It is myth that the incest always creates problems. If 2 parents bear genes which it is better on quality, than at the others...


  Why you have resolved to us will breed, how to rabbits, if overpopulation it what threatens you?


  1. We didn't resolve it. You have more than power, than you think.

  2. The overpopulation doesn't threaten " us" which image … it too myth.


  V from the owner of forum of Triniti:

  To me it is curious that the member of " elite family” about godlikeproductions.com thinks

  Well so you think?


  The more people are divided, the easier them to operate. Doing their assured that at them in hands sword which, in their opinion, does their powerful and capable to battle to " powers of darkness" while it simply toothpick.

  You should be very cautious with that to whom you give this sword, Triniti. Whether you know, what not only said, but also the written words radiate frequency, and it has direct influence?

  You think that battle for the certain party. But I would tell that the overwhelming majority of the words written here don't help your party.


  What your religious beliefs?


  Religions are created by " us" .

  Religions which are popular now, it just what are under complete control. I can't tell in detail about it, but Christianity/Judaism / Islam/Buddhism slightly on the wrong track, we will tell so. There is true core, but it rolls in the sea of distortions … for you to choose, I wish good luck.

  Our beliefs have no value, but it is connected with service to the Divine Law which is granted to us.


  What about economic?


  Theorists of plot are right that the economic is based on money which aren't present, never was and won't be. Those who owns banks, also own mass-media and politicians so all can be presented for you so that you believed that is required to them.


  When grains will be separated from plevel?

  Or you wish to throw out grains and to leave peel as the slaves?

  In any case when it happens?

  I be tired from false predictions, please, it is fair this time.


  I won't be assured on 100 % of doomsday, at least, such as it everywhere is presented, be it religion, mass-media etc.

  End by that way which to you it describe, never meant for this place.

  There will come time when everyone will be released, but it not the mass phenomenon, everyone is faster individually … work over itself.


  It is very curious to learn, why the Elite doesn't supervise? More similar that they parasitize on society.


  Fish at ocean can't see that birds fly on the sky.


  Whether you accepted or somebody from your family in occult ritual and, if yes, what its nature?


  Rituals have purpose which can't be understood the majority. Rituals serve for connection with the higher beings which operate this plan of life.

  We do the job.


  Hmm, I should tell that your divine law " has very well pulled about" (in the original foul language) this planet and its population!


  Peasants of type you don't understand that you have made it and anybody except you.

  By the way, that you have just written, you have prolonged the stay on the Earth for one life … my condolences.


  Whether you visit the Bohemian Grove (Bohemian Grove) and whether take part …

  In care cremation (ritual cremation of care) … sacrifices of Molohu … sex with homosexuals-prostitutes … orgies … etc.


  It and other similar places are intended for politicians and mediischikov, they are obliged.

  Sometimes someone from Elite by birth can be present, but won't participate in these certificates which aren't our rituals.


  The comment from Insajdera:

  There there were many questions. I would answer the majority yes, on some — wasn't present. Don't believe all this " gurus" , that they tell about us, and all will be as it should be.
Whether is the domination/success of the organised crime huge failure of your collective will?


  For their existence there is reason.

  They aren't so successful, as they look, they are defective.


  Why you continue attempts to operate mass consciousness by fear distribution by any way? Why it is impossible to open all information how it was supposed very long time ago, the written word spreads true wings?

  The sword has been given the innocent person, and the Doomsday will soon come. I don't believe in any divinity or hierarchy, all of us are equal before the founder, and you will answer before it in due time.

  The mild inherit the Earth, I pray for you.


  If it was the purpose it would be immediately made. You don't understand, than the world in which we live actually is.


  I don't have questions. But I wish to tell that payment time comes.




  It has been told... The best slave — this the one who thinks that it is free.

  13. Finally, all business in genes, whether not so?

  Whether you understand self-cloning?

  Whether you agree, what the planet is overflowed by false allies and false enemies?


  It not that has been told … about slaves. If you read attentively, you will understand.

  The answer to last question — yes, also doesn't exist the real allies and the real enemies.


  If you are valid for whom yourself you give out then you should know that at you and your sort the big troubles... Your time has expired also those to whom you belong who is in our spatial kvadrante as we it name, already know it!

  I represent, as they now fuss.

  But certainly you should observe the proprieties, even when you know that you struggle in lost by battle. Personally I will be very happy to see day …, and it will come more likely, than you think)


  The doomsday isn't present.

  Very much for a long time people have almost managed to win, but then very bad things for these people have happened on the earth … and what you see now? Whether really you live on planet of which you think what you live on it?


  « The higher beings which operate this plan» — you serve them? What names you them name? Whether saw you them sometime? Where they are?


  They get through everything, and they are benevolent.


  Insaider, you have passed my question about, whether that actually ran into the Pentagon … it Means, what you aren't going to to answer my question?


  Whether has value what exactly has fallen to the Pentagon?


  You evade too often from answers.


  I didn't sign the contract in which it is told that I should answer all questions.

  Some questions don't demand answers, others at all have no sense though you think that have.

  I will return tomorrow.




  As it is strange that some of you speak about love, light and the world, and two offers use foul language later, speak about murders, moreover and grin about it.


  You are assured, what you on " the kind" party?

  And who such Natasha?


  Those who is cleverer such, ask — I will answer in that image that I have chosen. Before to ask, utrudite yourself to be beyond, created for you the others … ask the real questions of which you have thought. In details them formulate.

  The rest I will tell: if you could be released from abuse, hatred, fanaticism and prejudices (your gurus based on tremendous wisdom), you would see slightly more, having risen from level of ignoramuses.

  I won't answer all questions. In certain cases, because answers are obvious if only to think, or the answer part has already been given, in others — is simple, because is not obliged.


  And what, Bill Gates is more elite than you?

  And what about queen Elizabeth?

  You are Arab?

  You can't supervise oil instead of Arabs?


  You know what names, don't belong to the real lines of blood as you were learnt by theorists. They — not those who writes music, and not they conduct. Those whom you have named, and other celebrated personalities, only play violin or violoncello when it veleno, and how it veleno.

  Not important race what I. It on what doesn't influence.

  Oil already under complete control, as well as all other natural resources.


  How visualisation works?


  It works for everyone. It is necessary to reach certain level in personal development. It means, to live by strict rules, applying them to everything that do in life, even in trifles. The majority of people don't possess neither discipline, nor abstemiousness to reach such level. Some here assert that they are capable on such, but I know for certain, at all without having representation about their life that they much further from it, than they think.

  " Visualisation" works, because it is essential way to create in this material Universe.

  The Universe — live essence, which uses the Reason to create, and the beings created from it, can possess the same force in the measure.


  Such question: Who uses Ike?

  And another, is better: What for?


  Ike knows essence of the truth and tries to pass it.

  However, he doesn't understand, what is it actually works against it.

  The information on relationship with reptiles on it was palmed off by the person working on " families" . Within seven-eight months it bombarded " victims" who saw transformations, devilish rituals etc. So that he should believe to it. Sometimes " eyewitnesses" palmed off on it several times in the course of the day, depending on its site. Others same as Ike (and them more than you think), fed with similar stories.

  I truly not reptile.

  The question " why" doesn't demand the answer.


  Hello, Insajder!

  You member of the Divine Brotherhood? You — I? You the one who operates the Matrix?

  Inquisitive mind wishes to know, because I rather am confused. You say that we despise you, but I can't imagine, as it is possible to despise the Being from the Divine World! Then you are represented by member of " elite sort» on the Earth but what to do to sort with the world of Spirits? Again I in confusion. You could clear? Simply than the Elite which how you have told, we despise and which, apparently, knows all " secrets" is?

  With sigh, Semmi.


  You in confusion of that other versions of " truth" have accepted for themselves and thought that you have world overall picture, but that I have told, has dispelled its big part.

  With representations about " families" any misunderstanding … and the questions set here, confirm it. But on it there is reason, and it serves definite purpose.

  We manipulate this world no more, than it is allowed to us the Divine Law. We give you tools, and to solve, how to use them is your business. Tools can use in harm, but nobody forces you so them to use … you choose. Therefore to despise those who has supplied you with the tool, which you autocratically use to " sin" , it all the same that, to mask own trace.

  You receive that you have deserved. So this Universe works.

  We fulfil the duty, the same is done also by you.


  There is old saying … not written down in open sources: the devil doesn't know that he devil — it thinks that he is God.


  Incorrectly. Actually it means that the people worshipping to " harm" , think that serve " good" .


  « You don't understand, than the world in which we live» actually is


  Are ready to discuss this statement?.

  It is grateful for the further discussion.


  Only if you formulate question and will understand that you should answer certain questions, instead of someone another, differently they have no sense.


  Hey, 13 (name under which Insajder acts)

  I won't return any more on your planet.



  And why you had impression, what when this time will come, you can so to say?


  For what reason your people have come on this planet?


  For the same reason, as you.
So, and someone knows to " despise" what " elite" family well enough?

  Dubya, it you?


  That once again and for ever to clear it … Bushs they don't belong to " families" … actually, people of your tribe who wish to be idolised people of your tribe.

  I once again will underline: what names and persons are known — unequivocally don't belong to " families" . They not composers, and not conductors. They simply play flute how it will tell.

  Bushs, Clinton, Sharons, Arafats, Gitlery, dalaj-llamas, Mandelas, Blery, Mountains, Chavezy, Gandi, Kennedy, Lennons, Dilany, Einsteins, Michelangelo, the Popes (or Priests), Caesars, Aristoteli, Gerodoty, Ahenatony.

  All of them play/played the role how to them speak/spoke.

  Those people who thirst recognition and honouring of people of your sort, can't appear in one boat with people to whom I belong.


  V from the owner of forum of Triniti:

  Insaider instead of giving it sword (or toothpick), I give them canvas and brush.

  Words as you have told, bear vibrations and influence. And though, yes, it is a lot of here written contradicts ONE, something sounds correctly. And this that little that means most of all.

  I was asked recently by my friend: « That you would make, if were the owner of game?»

  It is question which can be set to the person in your position.

  My answer: « would rescue as much as possible» .

  Interestingly, and how you will answer?


  If something influences immediately, it any more canvas and brush, and sword … imagined, but, nevertheless, sword. And it works at all how you think.

  You have told, the most part contradicts One, yes it's true. In essence, all contradicts. But you say that that there is the little that sounds " truly" , it of that costs. There can not be two opposite essences in the same place/time even if they have the general origin. It means, whether that something from two statements obviously doesn't concern this forum … it is necessary to specify, which?.

  Concerning management of game.

  Whence someone can learn, what it operates it? Really someone another has told to it? Look, if " master" actually not the master, but operates, as though it it was, he will make mistakes. It will have defective thoughts and corresponding actions. People begin to listen to it and to adopt defective opinions and way of life … yes it, obviously, will put bol'shii harm, than one " family" basically can personally make.

  Why for you " leaders" who « operate the game» are created. Jesus from Nazareth — perfect example. It has been created. At this person set of followers, and they killed in his name and continue till now (Bush). Jesus from Nazareth wasn't the owner of game. It was the puppet used in game, and till now works in your environment on the plan purpose

  You can think, what rescue many, how it, whether but so it actually?

  How I would will answer question « That I have made, be I the owner of game?»

  Would put floor-mat.


  The Earth — prison?


  Yes, and even worse.

  Those who thinks not so, never will get out.


  Why, well why declaring member of " elite family» spends minutes of their time, or trusts any garbage, (which make godlikeproductions.com)?


  " Families" — not robots which operate equally. You confuse one of whom you think that they operate you, with others.


  On theme of reduction of the population … we have some means, like AIDS … but at me such feeling that " osobozhdenie" bio — will be the timely event covered in created chaos with any other event. What you on it will tell?


  There is no plan on population reduction, all in hands of people. Though some phenomena look, as pursuing this aim while, they serve another … Misunderstanding. If something pours out in population reduction, doesn't mean yet that it has been applied for this purpose.


  However, if stood aim to reduce the population, it would be made very long time ago for any some weeks. Actually, opposite it is more truthful concerning the majority of regions of planet.


  About what you speak, could occur, but it would be made by those who operates the lowest spheres. Higher would make it through products with which you eat every day.


  Whether there was Jahve extraterrestrial negative essence? Or it was the imagination invented by Judaic factory of dreams at the time of when Greeks corrected Palestin?


  If the name publicly, means, it have invented specially.

  Yahve usually represents time when the mass control got the form.


  And, so Mormons — unique who gives on correct tree. The authorities and so on.




  1) you not toshnit from absence of the real quality in Music and Cinema? With your power/money/influence why you don't fill them with something truly standing?

  2) you worry About what three processes most of all concerning their possibility to upset plans? [Events out of direct control PTB for which you very much try to be prepared]

  3) Who reserves and puts performance on planet the Earth? Please, list the main groups of players which are responsible for consecutive levels, from top to down. There is enough descriptions if you don't wish to open names. It as pyramid, or it some separate fractions which struggle for the power?

  4) What real history grey, and whether are they till now the main players?

  5) of That you most of all are afraid?

  6) What true history you to us yet haven't told what we yet haven't asked?


  1. Searching carefully will find semi-precious stones in Music, they vzapravdu lie in a prominent place. Not our problem to educate you, but yours. We have tools which you can use how you solve: « in the blessing or in harm» .

  2. With us to make nothing, only with puppets.

  3. The form — pyramid, yes. But people have forgotten underground halls. Pyramid top actually — not top.

  5. The fear is based on physical impulses. Physical it is not important.


  My thoroughbred Italian family tree on parent line is traced to king Charles I (Charles the Great), but is called on Count Dotto Dotti who was the captain luchnikov at prince Phillip (king Charles IV) and which Merovingov and tamplierov entered into group of keepers of secret. I won't begin to discuss secret which I don't doubt, however, I don't understand, why, eventually, you operate how you operate, and I operate how I operate. It doesn't mean that I belong to any especial sort which is part that initial, about whom you speak, but my life is much more successful, than at someone from my acquaintances, in the scientific and professional relation, except for the economic party (but it will shortly change). And I see illusions round myself.

  Explain it, please.


  I explained it already a little.

  Your origin — not that you think of him. Charles the Great, (as well as other " kings" ), modestly played flute, as well as its descendants in the politician, especially, today.

  However, if in you there are origin traces, (and it is slightly deeper, than genes or blood as you understand) certainly you will understand surrounding better, than the others. There are the people connected directly, and they will operate not so.


  Whether you think, Insajder that

  This fight proceeds in two stages. Now, on the radio plan. And thousand years ago, on astral when all spiritual people have left the physical bodies and LEFT ON HIGHER STANDARDS OF LIVING, HAVING found the EMBODIMENT In the ASTRAL. So,

  All action begins anew, with new players. You confuse some concepts.

  There is only one fight, and it goes now, on this planet, at personal level … i.e. Only in you. There is no enemy who can be attacked, except itself. If you are occupied by attack someone another, you will spend precious energy, and will lose!

  If you win, any more there will be no fights.


  Dear Insajder,

  You have told that we have tools for job. You could tell a little about them, something to work that we could be released? You have agreed that we are on planet-prison. It seemed to me, it is more similar to zoo where at us look and study. But if we in prison, how I understand, at us aren't present any free will.




  Tools in your hands, round you, everywhere … it is possible to tell, they even are extracted from within you. It is your debt — to open them for itself, and then do with them that want … but always remember consequences.

  Prisoners can still decide what to do in prison with tools which are given them, they can solve as it to walk in court yard, to speak, think …

  You have free will, therefore you suffer, and are afraid of the sufferings.


  Dear Insajder,

  Thanks for the answer to my two previous questions and for your time. To me followed ask this question at once with that two, but I do it now. What for to give me means for exit from prison? It looks not corresponding to purpose of the prison.

  I knew, what the public power — puppets, vodimye hands which we not that can't see, but don't allow us, but what for to force them to arrive (outwardly silly or, at least, illogically? Really revolution is necessary to you?

  You say, what war inside, instead of outside, but, apparently, the public authorities wish to force us to think differently — what for to confuse us? From achievement of that they try to keep us? From freedom?

  And yes, to me every day remind of my suffering.



  We are neutral, and simply we fulfil the duty which in many respects looks, as negative actions. If to get accustomed more attentively, we only extend tools, which can be used to be released or to enslave ourselves — choice for you.

  The divine Law contains the purpose for you, and this purpose is not on this planet. Prove, you are again worthy to be released.

  To confuse is part of the general process. It almost that the nobility who is and who isn't present. Those who supports any of these celebrated personalities, loses.


  Looks so as if you try to warn Triniti against granting of full freedom of speech. Whether so it?


  It can do how he wants, and to receive consequences on a global scale.


  What your interpretation of the Divine Law and how me to reach the world with itself?


  To learn itself, to learn, where you are, there are two most important questions which it is necessary to answer. It is your problem — to understand all it. As a matter of fact, if someone gives you right answer, it of anything won't mean for you as all in him told won't be applicable to you how it would be yours, find you this answer.

  If you find answers to these questions, you execute the most part of debt before by itself. After that your problem will live according to the Divine Law which will open to you after that stage, before your departure.

  Perhaps, I will return tomorrow or maybe on Tuesday.




  The REMARK: I am Insajder, the EXPERT 13. Last proxy-server which I used, has disappeared. Therefore also I use another, with other address.



  It again the Insajder/expert 13. And again from other proxy-server … last has disappeared right after departures of the previous message.

  It becomes difficult to me to come here and to remain on communication, but I will try to hold on as it is possible longer.


  Question of Insajderu (the EXPERT 13):

  You are familiar with Black Aristocracy?

  I have tracked and have found communications between all still existing royal families of Europe and the Near East. I know their names, their power, money and influence on the modern world. I even can define that that is potential Antichrist (all signs it is available at it: the wonderful, lovely young man who yet hasn't realised itself in role of the world leader). The black Aristocracy likes this young man.

  Eventually, you — part of Black Aristocracy, Insajder?


  Black Aristocracy — separate fraction which operates on the arbitrariness. At them other origin which has been in details described in the texts created by my ancestors.

  It is narrower group, than confirms the majority because their kernel differs from « external walls» .

  They those whom you always confuse to mine it come, and consequently direct hatred against not those (as well as on this forum have shown the least intelligent).

  About Antichrist … currently there are literally millions Antichrists.

  I not one of them.

  You will find them among Christians, Moslems, Jews, atheists, Satanists, agnostics, Buddhists, induistov etc.

  The leader isn't necessary to them to become Antichrists in bol'shei to measure.

  I should clear: the Christ doesn't concern Jesus from Nazareth. This part has been fabricated later.


  The gnostic number 13, whether you share opinion, what our dual Universe gives to souls perfect possibility to develop in itself unconditional love so that they could surpass our dialectic Universe, instead of be pulled out from it?

  All of you still believe in the law of balance and karmy, forcing I smother to be the king in one life and the beggar in another. If it is correct, it is not important, whether are you member of elite is there can be unique experience as a hobby, same unique, as well as any other role in society until soul progresses.

  Whether is historian Lawrence Gardner influential member of elite how Ike (Icke), or it only the usual person having access to the latent information declares? Insaider, thank you for your messages (I hope, this thread of conversation isn't draw from outside any unripe person. It would be desirable to believe that you speak seriously)

The problem of each soul consists in finishing it for that time while it is in human body. One of parts is that it is possible to name « exit for borders» material world which transition to new level follows, and in case of failure — reincarnation. Nevertheless, the word " love" is misunderstood … it doesn't mean love in human understanding which enthrals people. It is the spoilt variant of that there is valid love. The divine Law operates that is called " karma" , but it is much wider and more rigid" , than it would be desirable to think to people.

  Example: the one who dies slow painful death of cancer, has deserved it, this person is exposed to correction, it for its blessing. Sounds " rigidly" ? Such is order of things. That, what is it looks negatively in our world, can look on other if to survey picture as a whole. When speak about reincarnation (transformation in something opposite to your former life) here there is no universal law which would establish that should occur as a result. Reincarnation exists, but if you have carried out the problem reincarnations aren't present, there is no necessity to pass all standards of living on the Earth as this passage, basically is aimless. Gardner concerns those people who want glory and recognition people, it and receives it in exchange for some services (extending the misinformation poured by the facts which serve nazhivkoi for people). It has passed dedication at some levels, but it isn't so deep, as someone can think (including him) though it is clever enough. It is member, at least, six " societies" (however, three of them are closely connected among themselves and can be considered as one, therefore it is possible to speak, at least, about four), but these societies have exactly so much force/power, how much you, people, give to them. The people similar to Ike, promote strengthening of these societies, without realising it. I speak seriously.


  Whether not therefore it occurs, what Christians learn, what the person should submit to God, which svyat? In other words, It the one who can judge, what such is good and what such is bad?


  First, the Christianity does idol of the person by name of Jesus from Nazareth that is nasty thing (in bible sense of this word). Christians learn to to what it was veleno to learn those to whom they resist. I could tell to you who those four persons who have written the Old testament, and exact date of writing if it was necessary for me were. The Same concerns also your New testament which has been made by six people occurring from two different areas.


  And why you commit errors in writing of simple words, such ' ill-intentioned '? It is represented to me interesting.


  English isn't my native language, at all to the second and not the third language, maybe, to the fourth, and I print quickly and without check to answer very many questions during limited time. Among other things, I have understood recently that should print even faster as proxies-servers which I used, disappear.


  Why you have decided to speak Now?


  Some of us have problem to make it, without leaving for certain frameworks. How you think, why in the past suddenly there was any knowledge? Case, good luck, coincidence?



  0 – That such the Divine Law about which you speak?

  1 – Why you MANIPULATE this world?

  2 - Why YOU manipulate this world?

  3 – Who, in your opinion, grants to you the right?

  4 – your activity has been given you or you have selected it?

  5 – whether Are you the Person?

  -------------- AGAIN YOU-------------

  « The divine Law contains the purpose for you, and this purpose is not on this planet. Prove, you are again worthy to be released» .

  -------------- AGAIN I-------------

  I know and I feel it. My life has the purpose. But I don't know even who I such, not to mention in what my purpose consists.

  6 – As this knowledge is got? Heavy work, or it simply comes to you accidentally?

  7 – you know the purpose of your life? If yes, as you about it have learnt?


  Concerning planet on which we live:

  8 – On what planet we live? What is the planet the earth, eventually?

  9 – That you can tell to us about Mohammed (yes its name will become famous)?


  0. The divine Law is display of will Supreme Beings which not only creates all real in this Universe, but also supports it, feeds, balances, fills with energy and updates. It also corrects other worlds, switching on and that world to which you initially belong.

  1. + 2. I answered this question many times, it is our duty.

  3. + 4. Rituals have the purpose. If you do something that wasn't allowed, or carry out problem which hasn't been charged you you will suffer during these rituals. You will notice it and in your everyday life. Emanations have many forms, and the one who understands these questions, without effort distinguishes, with whom it deals also what its problem.

  5. I, like you, exist in the form of the person.

  6. I answered this question in the previous post, in sum, you have duty « to get it» . The moderation will result you in correct place, whence all and begins. Before it you should learn that there are you, and that there is this place (where the majority of people go astray), otherwise your thoughts become erroneous that will result you on erroneous ways.

  7. Yes. These things can't be in details passed you someone is actually would lead to the result opposite to volume which should be reached (to it and my way of the answer speaks, understand it). You can be finished to certain point then all will depend on you.

  9. How you say his name, I assume that you are Moslem. To worship to people who, in any form, were part of this planet, to do of them idols and to glorify them, switching on and conversation on them in the oral or written form is " sin" . You have just made it, having added in brackets of word which uplift his name on level of the higher beings. The person is spoilt, while it is on this planet … each and any person.« The death » doesn't change the former person. Glorification and prayers can be turned only to perfect beings. Mohammed, like Jesus, Moiseju, Avraam, the Buddha, was the person of whom began to think that it is the owner of knowledge or as it has been told earlier,« the master of game » . It is very easy to force to believe people that they are educated and know true … and then they will think that their problem — to clear others. It has been used also its heritage till now used to divide people, like other religions/ideologies / to" philosophies" . Two from its nearest assistants were servants of" families" , the same as also one of his wives (servants of families of blood line were also among Jesus assistants, the Buddha, Moiseja — name any). After his death these three have made so that its followers were divided, and it was the main thing against what Mohammed acted. Therefore Moslems who believe that there are separate directions of Islam, actually rise against own " prophet" … and it almost all Moslems. The Koran contains true grain, but this true sinks in the sea of distortions that it is possible to tell and about other " sacred" books. It has been written by four authors from three " countries" : one western, and two Near-Eastern.


  Insaider 13, you are Antichrist?


  As Jesus from Nazareth isn't the Christ also anything from this that I have told, isn't Antichristian. The same who will tell the return, — Antichrists.


  Whether the family in which children have knack for " visualisation" , part of " blood line» is?


  No. Actually and the one who has in general no any communication with these families, can possess this ability also. Everyone can receive this ability … it is necessary to be adjusted on it. Such ability is provided by the Divine Law for everyone which searches for it. I tried to explain it earlier … blood, genes etc. Aren't such important as seem. The physical world is weak and can't influence the Deity. Someone who do not have communications with families, can test on itself(himself) Deity influence in such a manner that can surpass everything that families of blood line could reach ever joint efforts. Some people from families of blood line possess knack to operate people under certain circumstances. And it is the basic line inherent in blood line.


  For me " elite" means those who put money above people or in general any real values … and those who occupies posts because they can buy or inherit them without dependence from their qualification.


  You have fine described elite of your type, but not mine.
You are Rothschild? My question is small in comparison with set of other questions, set to you in the given theme but why you not to be one of Rothschilds entering into the list of 500 richest people of the world of magazine Forbes.


  If you read attentively you wouldn't ask this question. Widely known people don't possess the power, therefore Rothschilds are at the same level on what there were ancestors present Tamplierov … by the way, the family tree shouldn't be proud. All these known families/clans/societies only dance under another's pipe. As to your question — isn't present, I not Rothschild. From what I families? The majority here tell about families which correct, and, nevertheless, they don't know, who these families. They wrongly believe, what is it Bushej/Klintonov/Rothschild families etc., as some theorists " investigated" this question, and some " insaidery" have told it about it, having produced the evidence. I belong to the ruling family which name was seldom mentioned in the history, and anybody at all doesn't know who we such. And the second, you consider magazine Forbes as information reliable source whereas all these lists show once again that you are easy for manipulating, and you aren't capable to understand that occurs actually.


  Are worthy … interesting word. You expect, that those from us who know about the polar world and apply all forces not to play this game under the name " polarity" , have believed, what it is necessary for us to become worthy? In the opinion of whom? We can become worthy only in own eyes. And how to be with idea, what « the Universe in us» ? The gay and all other spatial " realities" are illusions, unless isn't present? Therefore the prison is illusion, so?

  PS: And by the way, the child, we aren't allocated by FREE WILL ON THIS PLANET … probably, your error is indicative?


  And you know, who has made this nonsense in style " nju-ejdzh" which you just here advanced? If prison it « true illusion» , leave it now, I beg you. The life isn't similar to cinema. You play role of victim. You don't recognise even that you are allocated free will, therefore you will be always operated, never become the winner, and you deserve everything that receive according to universal laws.

  Probably, I will appear again tomorrow.



  The statement of Insajdera:

  The test

  Before to begin, I should tell that I have no possibility to look through all posts, some come empty, therefore some questions can not reach me. If it occurs, ask question again. Try not to ask the same questions again and again, at first see all theme, check up my answers, I tell and about subjects about which didn't ask, but they can interest you. Read attentively.


  ... And if these beings — LUCIFERS …?????

  I ask to use for the answer no more than 5 words


  You used 12 words and 1 number. Without understanding that, you have begun ritual part... Whether are you « being of the Lucifer» ? Various beings have various characteristics on which they are easy for identifying during rituals. If I was conducted by" " ill-intentioned" being, I wouldn't speak how I speak with you. The person conducted by" ill-intentioned" forces, can't say/write certain words and phrases without that they haven't affected it. If to the persons conducted by such forces, it is possible to hear/read certain things, they start to show excessive aggression/signs of madness (examples can be found in discussion of the given theme). Here signs of presence of" ill-intentioned" beings: Every time when you talk smut, speak negatively, have evil intentions, come to violence, lie, support idea of murder, come to sexual excitation, feel fear, envy, even loudly laugh, become unduly cheerful (in general, test everything that is connected with emotions/passions/desires), they appear near you … one, two, three or more.« Ill-intentioned » beings belong to this world, it is their house. You can't hate them because they carry out the problem, the debt, and all it is connected with your behaviour … understand that their actions it is reaction to infringement of the law by you. They never provoke you to such infringements. If all of you hate them you don't notice the important part of reality … them it is necessary to respect in some measure. It also will show that you are informed on them, and this fact will be considered. I write" ill-intentioned" so-called as they aren't ill-intentioned, they only are represented to you by those through perception which you to yourselves have created. People are infringers of the law in which play role of victim.


  1. Where interface border between real consciousness and this prison?

  2. What methods, allowing to destroy this border and to " release" consciousness?


  1 + 2. All depends that you understand as real consciousness and interface border. If to look from my position, this understanding can be almost opposite to volume that you mean. Real consciousness it that is given to you when you are adjusted on Reason of the Universe which operates according to the Divine Law (they at all that many have got used to think of them). This Reason pronitsaet everything, it operates all, therefore, when you are connected with it, you can feel its boundless power. No prison can constrain this power, therefore clearing possibility always is, you will finish to certain point, but, nevertheless, the most part of job to you should be made most. But it only the beginning, ahead of you waits job considerable quantity over by itself. I some times explained, how much it is allowed to me how to establish connection, at least, with what to begin. It you actually should solve. With some share of care I would add that studying of ancient texts will be useful (though they contain considerable quantity of inadvertent distortions and errors of translators), but only only having reached certain level of awakening, you distinguish/remember small fragments which are true. If you aren't at this level, you will perceive the parts containing distortions / wrong transfer as true (that some here and show, especially it concerns one religious direction) and fail.


  Try to explain to us situation. You — type the good guy who gives us necessary tools, or you operate us?? You have changed the relation to us or how??


  I used only neutral terms, without expressing something in negative or positive sense, I simply provide you with tools which you can choose and use voluntarily … you be the infringer of the law. Or you wish to tell, what I operate each aspect of your life, each hour, each minute, each second and I force you to think/speak/arrive definitely? You are angry not with that person.


  To find freedom, whether the nobility why we here, or it is necessary to understand simply follows, where exactly we are? Whether it is necessary to find answers « in itself» or " entering" secret societies, or through the Supreme divine intervention, or to use all three ways? Or any of them isn't necessary? You haven't answered one of other my questions, I hope, I haven't offended you


  It is necessary to see all spectrum. When vision partially, it like sight through the window partially closed by curtain. You don't know that is behind this curtained part of window, therefore and can't arrive in appropriate way. What closes from us all spectrum? Understand that there is this place and where it is, learn that you yourselves represent, as you here have appeared, why you have come here how to return. Prepare itself for answers, clear itself, reach Reason, tell (inside - " outside" ) that you are ready, live strictly according to the received answers.

  Never enter « secret societies» what were circumstances. Avoid also any religions, switching on nju-ejdzh, don't trust human gurus / to prophets / to priests / to rabbis / to imams / to daddies / to foretellers / to " mediums" / to dalaj-llamas / to politicians / to writers / scientific / to " celebrities" / to parents / etc. As to authorities on that, as to the Deity … in other questions you are free to accept or reject their opinion, however, accept as well consequences of the choice. You are necessary to you only and the Deity, any intervention of others, invested with bodies … I repeat, don't suppose any intervention somebody. If your father asks to submit to it water glass to be convinced that you care of him, and to check up your obedience that you will make: Will bring water to directly father or will carry glass of water to the neighbour and ask, that he has told to you about what you were asked by the father, thus, that the neighbour didn't hear the request and at present drinks own glass of water?

  Whether I am such the neighbour? I didn't concern water glass, I have only opened door and have told to you that it is necessary to return to the father.

  Nobody has offended me, people offend themselves. I would be offended, if that I speak, would be against Uniform and if so that I pay for it. I answer questions, since what I haven't had time to answer last time, and I am engaged in it so much, time how much allows me. Sometimes I pass question as the answer to it has already been given if questions don't concern theme and also because I can not see some posts.
What your opinion on such questions as NESARA / the PLANET X / DISPLACEMENT / POLES / the FIRST CONTACT / the SECOND COMING? Who or what stands up for these fairy tales and why?


  NESARO: in the long term — kontrproduktivno personally for you.

  PLANET X: doesn't exist any more like many planets, the moon, stars, galaxies. However their   destruction always generates something, and it means that they don't cease to be part whole, continuing to play the role.

  DISPLACEMENT of POLES: as far as I know, it occurred two times during the second and third era if it is required, it will be made again.

  The SECOND COMING: you come back in that place which is for you native after you have successfully carried out the problem, and it means that the second coming can't occur on the Earth as you don't belong to the Earth. The people expecting " saviour" on the Earth that it has made for them all job, arrive incorrectly. I have noticed that some Christians become angry and attack me personally, sending me damnations, well, they are free so to arrive. I spoke more about Christianity, than about other religions as character of set questions was that. But I spoke similar and about other religions/ideologies when me about it asked.


  Here that in all it it is interesting to me: if someone wastes time also forces on tracing communications and to find the keys left in numerous books and legends, and to separate grains from plevel, that further? If this person puts into practice to what he has learnt, whether that will steal up it more close to true, to blood line which family already obviously have access?


  Yes. I will repeat, the family tree is important only for management of people, it doesn't give special abilities which do the person more informed though the knowledge passes from father to son therefore that outwardly it so looks. But this knowledge isn't hidden, the True can't be hidden, she wants, that you knew about it, invites you each moment of your life. That is why it is passed you through ruling forces together with distortions and the false additions having the purpose to confuse of you and to force you to accept these distortions. There is no written book which would contain True and anything except True. Allocate it and live according to it, switch on it in each aspect of your life … it is the most difficult problem for people as it is necessary to soar over this physical/material world, remaining in human body which demands the opposite.


  Works of Nile Donald Uolsha in its series « Conversations good luck» are how much close to true? Whether you are connected to some extent with the Bird's Tribes mentioned in books of Ken Keri « the Millenium of the Star seed» ?

  How much the truth in articles of Sheldona Nidla on site www.paoweb.com?


  The American Indians have successfully saved knowledge, but today (and also in the last century) them represented in erroneous manner.

  Integration " works" . About the listed authors: as I already wrote earlier, not in your interests to accept human intervention / advisers / trading agents between you and Divine. The separate things told by them, can be true, but full true will be never.


  Anybody on the Earth not in forces to " release" someone from us. Anybody out of limits of this Earth doesn't see the reason on which someone from us needs to be released. The in itself divine source (if that in general exists) waits, when ourselves will release ourselves in individual order. Won't be neither mass " rise" , nor mass " education" and naming ourselves « we — the people» will appear made a fool by the same mass « we — the people» that will prolong sentence term on which basis we are concluded here. We can remain in this place eternity if we will make such choice, and we have created the system of beliefs allowing us to arrive so.


  I would withdraw words « Anybody outside of this earth doesn't see occasion to release someone from us» and « (if that in general exists)» . Concerning the first offer: there was time when there were the beings possessing force to make it, but such problem at them wasn't. And the divinity source EXISTS, … here there is no speech about waiting, desire etc.

  You on true way, it is visible and from other post, but life — the important part of this problem.


  And the Christ has been sent soda by the Divine Law to rectify situation?


  Yes, but the Christ was not embodied in body of the person by name of Jesus from Nazareth, 2014 years ago, on March, 20th, almost two hours prior to sunrise (in it and the secret of time of your birth « the son divine» consists).

  The Christ (which real name was another, but here I will use it) has appeared once, all once, and it was during other epoch so far from ours, as well as epoch in which there lived Jesus Nazarej.

  Whether you who supports memory of the real Christ know?

  Whether you who supports memory about lzhe-Hristah know?

  The answer is opposite to that you think.


  Why all elite worships to the Lucifer — to the liar and the deceiver?


  Millions people on this planet serve own dirty material / physical / intellectual / to emotional desires, but unless they elite?


  Whether there is today intrafamily war among « the higher beings» ?


  The higher beings don't possess physical bodies, they don't have « hereditary conflicts» , they don't cope this world, and, hence, don't suffer from enmity.

  You refer to human dynasties, and I consider that the answer to your question is quite obvious from this that I already have written here. Always there were those who doesn't fulfil the duty.

  I belong to minority.

  People don't distinguish fraction.


  Red Chineses have received retaliation from the Program High-frequency active avroral'nyh researches on RITO: Super Typhoon ** Eye for Eye **


  What do you think of it?


  Don't give attention to " world news" , all of them are organised so that to force you to pay to them attention. Struggle to which should pay attention, is conducted at level of the person.


  The comment of Insajdera

  Sharlan, I read written by you:

  1. You operate/speak not how lineal heirs of elite dynasties that is good because they ignored the problem.

  It means that subconsciously you have separated yourself from dynasty (even if it hasn't occurred at comprehension level, and it is important for understanding).

  You have passed certain level on which I was 11 years ago.

  2. Your superiority in a number of areas is caused not by one genes, at them a bit different purpose. It I already mentioned all above.

  Il vecchio sentiero e vicino *Staryi way blizok*


  The comment of Insajdera:

  Oazaki / Hiko Seijuro / Aiki-Mei,

  Before apprehending certain knowledge, you find out their source.

  Whether you know, " knowledge" with which you have printed here when it has been opened whence proceeds how it was and through whose hands has passed?

  What it is even more important, who carried out the control when these hands made documents?

  I speak about it with the best intentions.

  If you knew it, you wouldn't publish post in such kind.

  Study roots of problem and will see, what is it to you in the blessing.

  The knowledge doesn't appear from anything, it always pass … exceptions doesn't happen.


  Here you, member of elite family which we despise, but till now about you nobody heard.

  For what reason to us to despise those whom we don't know?

  Why we should despise you?

  In general, whether we know what we despise your family?

  Or, being based what is known to you about things daily consumed by us, you have drawn conclusion, what we would began to despise you if we knew who you such?

  there's more:

  If those whom we know by name, don't belong to " dynasty" , and you are represented by member of elite family despised by us you silently assume that we know you so well that we can despise.

  How such it is possible, if to us are unknown neither names, nor persons of people from truly elite family tree? And if it is possible, whether all people you despise that, or only those to whom your true intentions and-or the nature aren't clear?


  I will answer this question last time.

  The incorrect understanding of two rules is available. Terms which are inapplicable to my family though they — management part are used.

  The erroneous perception of the nature of our presence and erroneous perception of the occupied places, allowing to influence lives of people … And here at once you become operated. It is impossible to despise others because of own misunderstanding of essence of the matter, but it and occurs.

  T island false target, in vain dissipated energy.
13 if the divine is passed through blood, what blood type at you, and Rhesus factor the factor? You part Tamplierov, or are connected with Vatican?


  Divine itself chooses, as to it to pass the force " downwards" .

  And detail blood/genes — only small part of how all occurs. In effect, related relations aren't necessary … isn't that so sounds is inconsistent?

  But it so, and proofs round you.


  « That you have told, can happen, but such those who supervise the bottom levels can make only. Those who above, influence that you consume every day.»

  I want about it the nobility.


  I with you personally not sign, but know that I don't eat and I do not drink 90 % of that you absorb daily. I at all don't approach close not to concern these things. It almost everything that is on sale everywhere, unless behind small exceptions.

  Should add that there there are gradation, and consumed influences miscellaneous on different people. We will tell, 2 extreme examples of the people consuming this long time, and one hardly didn't run into condition of trance during meal while on others consumed at all didn't render any influence. The majority of people is between these extreme measures, consumed influences them so that they don't notice it. They " wear out" faster, get tired, grow old, think more slowly, concentrate on emotional/physical requirements, for rather young age at them there are problems with health about which 200 years ago nobody heard, i.e. quality of life decreases.

  You aren't reduced to that eat, but that you eat, operates your perception of, and reactions of your body. You harm to yourselves because of own ignorance and laziness. When last time you studied, what exactly eat or how make your soda water? Having looked at all it and having found out, what substances are used and that they call, ask itself question: whether I will put this substance in mouth to the child and whether I will force to swallow? But you arrive so every day in relation to own children.

  Further, as you specify, everywhere electromagnetic frequencies, and the most active place — your house. You sometime disconnected the house to see difference in vibrations?

  You fall asleep at once and sleep with sensation of comfort.


  And before whom/or before what elite is responsible?


  As a result, everyone will answer before Uniform.


  Ah, world elite, so-called party of high society. Fine to pain, but always one and too, repeated lines and some types of participants. All other reptiles, grey, hybrids, sellers human, genuflect to this level.


  Party-goers have no relation to dynasty … they of your blood.


  Tell, what occult information is pleasant to you most of all?


  The latent doesn't exist.


The comment of Insajdera:

  BTN nli,

  Answers to certain questions, it is equal as careful produmyvanie certain questions has opposite influence on results of that, to reach that we aspire all it to you won't help.

  The lobster who was beside it at the moment of death, but has rejected death (having found time), and the one who was near to Abu Bakrom and has brought it to speech of the Lobster when that has returned from Medina … however, the wife is more important.

  Now it has no value, all is made for a long time.

  I don't use e-mail, and my presence here will come to the end in some days.


  You are somehow connected with Annunaki about whom wrote shumery?

  Are how much close to true of the book of the trilogy « The Illuminatus» : « the Eye in pyramid» , « the Gold apple» , " Leviafan" of authors Robert Sheja and Robert Anton Wilson?

  Whether the truth, what Moroni mentioned in the Book of Mormons — the alien from Galaxies, whether also the truth, what such beings and until now contact to mankind?


  Here they aren't present more, then there was other era.

  Their knowledge belonged not to them, the knowledge is always passed, therefore there is it and now.

  I didn't read these/these (?) books.

  If such book it is noisy critics praise and its sales intensively advance, you understand, what is this time.

  In it some trues can contain, but they will swim in the sea of distortions. By the way, nobody asserts that authors do it intentionally. Some, it is valid so arrive (those who like when them eulogise and recognise, those who « has sold the souls» ), some — aren't present, and the last notice and advance, because it serves them. There is nothing easier, than to write the best seller/let out album of hits/write the film script if to you the summons of the higher founders/promoters is known.

  Mormons, as well as other religious people, the same who once supervised their prophets/sons of god / sacred etc. supervise.

  In this world of the Shower, there is no time existing in human body, can't become the Angel, once again I will firmly repeat: the Soul can't turn to it in this world.

  And all the same confirm, as if Moroni has revived in shape Angela in our world.

  The Mormonism contains true kernel (as well as other religions) so reading of their texts to you won't hurt if will be cautious.


  What products are used for management of us? Whether is such, what follows, and that it is not necessary to consume that it has helped us to see reality more clearly? Of what abstention consists? Is moderation in everything, or something bol'shee?


  As to foodstuff — see Above.

  It is 1 part of manipulations used in combination with others by 6 management methods by your everyday life.

  If you can " remove" at least a little from them from your life, influence will sharply decrease, but not it will raise your consciousness.

  Such methods are applied, that you " have fast worn out" , and quality of your life has gone down.

  They are interconnected.

  Here these methods:

  1. Foodstuff and drinks

  2. Medicines. « Preventive maintenance of diseases» (including vitamins)

  3. Electromagnetic waves (including radiation of the personal computer, mobile phones, the house electric system, and all devices with microcircuits).

  4. Mass-media, be it TV-radio-newspapers-magazines-Internet (the most obvious and as much as possible enthralling method)

  5. Music, Sounds (differs from mass-media, it is used in another way, however more often through mass-media)

  6. Air pollution

  7. Education system (switching on the known literature which basically is doubtful, whether it be history, psychology, metapsychology, " philosophy" , art, science, poetry, religion, even the children's fairy tales, told to babies)

  The policy borrows these methods and daily bombards you to be convinced that them support).

  The rule says:

  Be especially cautious with those whom advance/eulogize/whom applaud/whom roughly critics welcome.

  The told can concern foodstuff, medicines, the newest products of high technologies, " artists" , politicians, musicians, books, drinks etc.

  Statements about that some of them « have passed test by time» are organised with definite purposes.

  Problem here that at too high degree of suspiciousness it is possible to miss few jewelry which are deliberately passed by certain circles in environment of tools for manipulation.

  There are some more methods (obschestva/kul'ty/sekty/lyudi, watching one after another etc.), but 6 points listed above, make essence of that advance since French " Revolution" .

  Abstention: the conscious form of restriction based on self-knowledge, having for an object achievement of internal order of Soul (which you as a whole is, but invisible, soul not part you, you single whole.)

  Restriction emotsii/zhelanii/strastei/energii doesn't mean refusal of them (it would hurt to you, be cautious!), it means their direction in one channel that after we have softly tamed, them they worked on the prime targets.

  It conducts all to sober life, even easier, to the life filled with gifts because now you, instead of your emotions/desires / of passion become the own owner. They any more don't dictate to you, properly to arrive,

  Simultaneously with this process you will clear yourselves and will be prepared for that you were educated by Universal Reason.

  Be as much as possible similar to with what you wish itself to connect.
1. Whether there are at you the friends who are not belonging to your family whom you meet?

  2. Whether sympathy, hatred and remorse is inherent in you?


  1. Yes, but to know it is a lot of people unwisely.

  2. The body compels you to feel sympathy, hatred, remorse and all other emotions, simultaneously with desires and passions to confuse you, to force to forget about itself, to become the deaf-and-dumb version of.

  In this material world / physical they own the funds.

  The more you allow them to be your owners, the more strongly you arrest yourselves to this world that contradicts your debt them it is necessary not to hate, but to respect.

  I direct them to the channel going there where they can be used for something essential.


  I wish to know HOW to reestablish communication with divinity source. HOW the person rises above the prison?


  It is assured that in my answers it has already been shined, if to you most to find the answer it will not be possible, I will answer it tomorrow.


  I don't assert that each of us is god, the Higher Source, but each of us — own god as we CREATE our own reality. What you on it will tell, Insider?


  You have partially described free will and impressions which it can give you — no more and not less.

  The word " love" is supplied by set of traps, especially if to use it as you do.


  Re: the earth is prison … You speak about light grasped by matter? If it so I start to understand all moments hints on which you have made till now.


" Grasped" far not the most successful word, its use assumes, as if at Divine there can be wrong intentions. More likely, definitely designed … or interpenetrating …


  The comment of Insajdera:

  3nd3r, y

  Something from described by you directly is connected with forces of Universal Reason. As I spoke, all can understand it.

  If you can understand, means are on higher, in comparison with the others, steps however, using it, be cautious – it belongs not to you, not to this world.

  Also the deceit beginning with something of another is possible, and it can be tested to many people. I know precisely that you can be initiated by means of 2 rituals then you could see what is it such actually, but will bring you to these rituals only when time will come.


  Among them that sheikh in desert which there was Jesus during the wanderings and from which has received blessing. You sometime though heard something about it?.


  I know that some of whom Jesus Nazareju « could meet» insaiderami. For example, three Kings (usually in Russian speak about magicians), its births which have appeared right after, actually them was 5, but 2 were present implicitly (number 3 serves in this history to the symbolical purpose, as well as many other things, therefore read slowly).

  Symbolist artefacts (separate were gifts — ancient origin), which were used in rituals to initiate it for performance of the problem appointed to it for what it was necessary for it to make travel and to visit certain places.

  I already some times spoke, and I will last time repeat: it wasn't the real Christ, it have created, so that it was similar to It, but it operated from birth to death and after that its words (that has begun long before his death though then all has been copied once again before edition release) registered.

  At its crucifixion there were the same 5 magicians, and Jesus from Nazareth knew about that. He would answer differently, there will be no they there.

  Jesus Nazarej always knew that they operate it, actually he from time to time began to search actively both them, and others insaiderov.

It has surrendered in two cases, but it have directed and have corrected.


The elite does so that it seemed, as if oil stocks are constantly restored, but actually it accumulates it. I will be grateful, if you tell that think concerning this statement.

Products of Kendas the Frieze (Candace Frieze)


The Earth accumulates it, won't get used yet and those who in power, are simply connected to oil.

Though among puppets there are the fractions which are responsible for distribution of wrong understanding, available for the majority, above you have already described it together with the statement about disappearance of resources.

I too have offered such explanation in earlier post.

The works named by you contain number of errors.

1. Annunaki – governors from other era, they aren't present more, their place is occupied by others.

Through 10-15 thousand years (yes, by this time the Earth will be still live) people will find texts about these governors and about their era, but will consider that all it is applicable to them.

Texts which they will find, are mostly already written.

2. If that is written in this text, was the truth, it would mean that now on the Earth « star friends» and Angela would revolt against the Divine Law Uniform … but to suppose thought on something similar in itself disgustingly (I had to think long before formulating this thought and most not to get to trap).

If the author, written it, doesn't restore written, it will reach opposite to volume to what aspired, and together with herself it will take away set of the Souls, believed told to it and accepted it.

I repeat, disagree on intervention of people-intermediaries between you and Divine.

3. Struggle goes at level of the person, it means that only you can its messages, don't wait for " saviours" .


And now my unique question. Really all really is so simple? I won't give out that you purposely or have inadvertently opened … I I know that told by you – the truth: it is impossible to tell about it, it needs to be opened, as that open to one, loses the force.

Whether in it the reason of such privacy? People can't learn it not for the reason, is what is it intended « only for elite» , but, most likely, because if it WILL tell about it, they will lose last chance of runaway from here?


The truth wishes, that you have learnt it, in it Its main objective, she invites you to herself at any moment of your life and to be understood by you It owing to Necessity is simple so that you could see it in connection with the Foresight. It « before your person» .

The answer to last question: yes.

If you and really have found It, thank the Divine Law, anybody/anything except. Travel has begun, the way is necessary long.

Probably I will return tomorrow.



The statement of Insajdera for testing of new proxy-server

The test


1) whether the Truth, what to us is simple « raise lath» to check up, whether we possess the will allowing us to continue, or actually there is the force, trying to hold people in dream condition on the move? Force which doesn't want that people « were such what can become» ?

If it is correct, as is better to operate, will impart experience.


It is connected with operations on your physical body which each time when you reach tops of this world starts to revolt.

The problem of physical body — to allow you to feel this reality and when you search for other, it resists.

In it its debt so is better to respect physical body and softly to tame it.

Besides, certain to essence will follow your thoughts, trying to avert them from the purpose it is their debt, respect them, and we will find recognition from their party.

Never consider their harmful or spiteful, they only react to your actions.

There is no such force which doesn't want that you became such what be actually, the converse is true, but they also have problems which it should be executed.

We spoke about your " equipment" .


Whether all of us will forget, what we know? Perhaps, we will simply release our own " I" and we will accept other paradigm? IT will be very difficult for making, because it supports us in life as persons. Gmmmm …


Recollect everything that you once knew, but have forgotten, lower estimation of to what you learnt before you have forgotten the first, and return to the present.

That you will advise to do for education of the child on the Earth.


At me isn't present and there will be no children.

The first that the newborn does — cries.

It because that the Soul understands, where and in what form it was born and is in disbelief condition (at birth you realise who you is better is and where be, than after birth, now).

The soul forces body to cry, for it for the first time has appeared in this physical world (though number of such events very little) or because realises that has returned to the world as a result of reincarnation after the former life has come to the end with failure (such event and is observed in overwhelming majority of cases).

The in itself Soul doesn't cry (in the initial condition to it such functions are unfamiliar), but impulses submitted to her force corporal cover to cry.

She cries " without cause" , days, weeks, months while the consciousness won't lose the force, be it result of natural process, or influence of parents, and today also medicines.

So happens, when the person is born actually then he forgets whom is, and some forget about it faster others.

This crying differs from crying which some months after it even appear it is possible to hear.

Calm children during this solving period of comprehension and let to them know that Uniform granted them chance to return there, where their place.

It will give impulse which will subconsciously influence the further life of each of them.

Birth time has been predetermined (as well as time of their leaving from the world) in common environment, parents, circumstances of birth, health etc. … accidents don't happen.

But in puberty they break separate threads and they should bear all responsibility for the actions possessing free will to conduct that way of life which they will want, they define its quality … they even can define way of the leaving from life (" death" ) making choice, but date of the leaving by it not to change.

The tools received by them from parents, can affect them only in small number of spheres of life. The most part of life of children is based on free will which has or very little the general, or anything the general with their parents you are important only within the first 5–6 years of their life, and then can bring the greatest blessing.

Use own intuition (not instincts, it is 2 different things).

When you become the parent, you remunerate qualities (which concern, basically, children) which were inaccessible to you earlier attentively listen to them.

All children different, after miscellaneous react, but let to them know that there is something bol'shee, than that is given them in sensations that there is Divine Source, whence results all and everything, Once they will return, as soon as will understand the problem here, on the Earth.

Tell about it not for once, and for many years, and don't speak more than it.

If all is made correctly, it will begin and will search for the rest of the life for it independently, and it is their debt.

If you present it to them in the usual image (as religious people arrive), you will achieve the result opposite to the expected.

Musical instruments have been given during different epoch for the certain reason and not only to listen, as other people execute melody on them.

Education: the first method of manipulation (I have already listed others)

Them will manipulate, but on reaching sexual maturity they will have important possibility to cancel result of former influence.

They also will have convenient possibilities for this purpose throughout all remained life.

It is impossible neither stop manipulations, nor to incite to awakening, the child should solve it, and is connected with how he responds to the data to it with that end in view tools … the Reason of the Universe following the Divine Law, get through your child so the chance to clear up is given at any time to it.

Only he/it has the right to solve, when it happens.


You know about the developed race to which before (and here and there and until now) worship as gods?

Whether you can distinguish some gods and deities?


Now there is only one race, there is no special race which would stand over another, people mix various concepts and era.

Unique also there is to what klonjajutsja / to which sing glory, as to what you name " god" .

Word " god" — the deformed term, he implicitly assumes that you, being the person, can operate the higher being, appealing to it (as before, I was compelled to select carefully words that most not to get to trap).

I would tell that this word I do not use, but you have made choice, to you and to deal with consequences.

The uniform has set of the displays/emanations/characteristics which are present at hierarchy of beings with different functions, but operating in common.

All of them aeriform/non-material though some can operate bodies, however the way of management isn't similar to ours some do it by decrease in the frequency which in effect lets out from itself certain form, can be shown in material world.

All of them eulogise, that they and are Uniform, creating Good, and they too send the Uniform.

You, people, worship to some people as to " gods" , whether it be " prophets" , celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, writers etc., and it is disgusting.


What do you eat? Whence your meal comes?


  That the nature gives directly.

I have the hothouse providing me with fresh vegetables/fruit, grown up of not infected seeds.

I have the healthy animals providing me with meat, eggs and milk.

I use water from underground source.

To your data, bread can be bought in small independent bakeries, especially in " foreign" where don't use local components, they aren't free from impurity, but all the same better quality.

Some of products/drinks in these shops belonging to foreigners » will appear better quality, than similar products which sell in supermarkets.

Members of my family live in another way, they have " the servants" providing them of requirement with products of own grounds/factories/farms.


Insaider, what you can tell about Nikole Tesla?

How you think, it has executed or has ruined the mission on this Earth?


Any knowledge is passed. The knowledge of Tesla also has been passed it, it not its own ideas.

2 insaidera have passed it these knowledge as knew that it uses them for advancement according to plan (which then it was carried out) control findings over power resources of from outside certain dynasties for the purpose of change of their size on " new" technology.

Tesla has opened results not to those people, and on that all has ended.

The clever person and the clever person is not same.

Insaidery since small years should be vigilant not to admit such events.


Whether there are on horizon mass events which will lead to quantum transition in mass consciousness and-or on the new will define how are you doing, and way of life?


No, anything similar.

As I already many times specified, all occurs at level of the person, it means that you find consciousness independently by means of tools accessible to you and tools, and I have already described those from them which to me have allowed to describe.

Event which will change way of development of civilisation what we it see today (in the past it is possible happened many times) but it has no relation to about what you write.

Your debt before Uniform and before itself still the same whatever happens. Don't trifle energy, passively expecting events, differently your condition only will last.

I could add that will seem contradicting told earlier, but read attentively:

When weights force to believe in something negative, what they wished to achieve, so can turn out not the mechanism of, for example, works that people like you name the New World Order.

You gradually start to believe that it finds the form, and consequently, it will take the form, and theorists together with the main players help this arising form to that bombard you " the facts" , testifying that it « gets the form» .

Demanding from you to direct part of the efforts every day, all of them in a greater degree operate you … And actually you are under their complete control.

Therefore " cleared up" and seen it is people and there are what create it.

Besides, visualisation constantly works.


But, I even if all it happens repeat, your debt before Uniform and before itself remains former.


Whether husbands/wives of " the higher beings» reached the compromise in relations? Whether was so that those whom Uniform has created that they were together, went different ways because have refused to fulfil the duty?

If it so, on what party of crevice you?

Your God — Self-real Uniform?

And again, you mix the Higher Beings and Souls in bodies, without dependence from that, they belong to elite dynasties, or not. The higher beings and Souls different essence.

The higher beings don't enter bodies in this epoch (which lasts longer, than you think), they are incorporeal and perceive the world not how we.

Smother teledreams. We are in it material/physical plane and are subject characteristic for it to low frequencies though we can soar over it and too perceive the higher world.

It is necessary to speak about it short, you not in body, but surround / envelop it, being present at other invisible body consisting of similar elements as a hobby (which you and is), and this invisible body is confused in physical plane (very important that you have understood it) and connected with visible body by means of the energy passed by invisible body to brain, heart and backbone areas, thus we (being Souls) can operate body and its functions that forces us to learn this world.

Souls are dual, their dualism means that you are also another, wishing to reunite in other world.

Some dynasties appear from the debt in the same way as arrive not belonging to dynasties, and they should suffer from consequences.

Many dynasties don't know about it.

" Break" passes not there where, in your opinion, it should be, it is shown at personal level, as to both you, and me.

I belong to minority of that fraction which becomes ever less.

I explained that the word " god" doesn't need to be used because of the traps concluded in sense of this word.

Uniform — Self-real, Pure, Good and truly The one Who has created the Blessing.


Insider so you speak as if " old" methods have been based on true and were correct? Whether it is necessary us to find old methods and to follow them?

Whether we should aspires to stay in harmony with " Mother" ?

What interests Uniform Divine — our hearts, or minds more? Also what from them is stronger?

Whether it is necessary to pay attention to Jesus doctrine about love?

All together we are stronger than you, or not?

We are in this prison because of our " guilty" nature, or in the absence of understanding?


— The first shape of knowledge is closer to true, than the subsequent.

Imagine ripples on pond water in which something was thrown by the subsequent waves start with the centre, they all become weaker, then stop.

4000 years ago is rather recently, to measures of this era.

Incorrect transfer, wrong interpretation / additions, will force down remote fragments to you from correct way.

Therefore search for Reason of the Universe which will allow you to choose true and later to pass its another directly.


— Stay in harmony with everything that gives you the Divine law, and that has been created for comprehension of our returning if not to translate terminology to language of the person.


— The uniform divine EXISTS, words here don't approach: " is interested" , " wants" etc., though its emanations/displays/characteristics can operate according to Uniform.

We don't have Reason, we can operate through It, and the Reason presumes to become us Its carriers.

To have something means to possess something. To possess means, at least, to seize or carry out over it the control. We can't neither seize Reason, nor operate Of

The majority mixes use of intelligence and possession Reason, while intelligence it only the means granted by us by Reason.

The soul doesn't have set suschnostei, it consists of certain " parts-cases" though this one being.

One of them it is possible to name Heart, it is what is connected with source of the Life which supports in us life and which gives to us Uniform, by means of The emanations.

All essence are equally important.


— Read it slowly:

The love doesn't consist in that you understood in human terms, it is the defective version. The doctrine of the true Christ it not Jesus doctrine from Nazareth though the last has adopted much at the first (I I remember that it is not necessary to repeat, but it is demanded by context). The Christ bore other name, but I will use it because people have got used to it.

The message is here since the true Christ in revelation has expressed itself during the epoch which is distinct from ours. Without the phenomenon of the true Christ on the Earth we wouldn't know as to return behind the Divine Law which by means of Universal Reason allows us to rise, and has been given in revelation by the true Christ.

Where we that we ourselves represent, who we as why when, all has been given Them in revelation according to Volej Vseblagogo, and it is necessary to eulogise the Christ true it is the key moment.

Not that It required in voshvaleniyah, no, the Higher Beings don't require us having the present form, for any purposes, but thus it is possible to make it known so that you realised that concerns It.

It is necessary for you to distinguish that It remunerates you.


— Divine can make one person as is wished more strongly, than all people together taken.


— It is allowed to me to tell to you that you still here in the absence of understanding.

Think not in terms " we" , and in terms " I" .

Time " we" will come later, in other world.


If the Christ has come during other era why its mission isn't has gone right?


Express the thoughts more cautiously not to put itself harm.

The true Christ has fulfilled the duty completely and successfully, now your turn.

If you don't consult, don't blame for it Divine.

Divinity is faultless in Terrestrial affairs.


When you become covered by sunburn, whether you accuse of this Sun, supporting life on the Earth and in the world other, or accuse yourself what without business lay hours ashore, without being covered from the Sun?


The statement Insider:

It will be my last post, it's done.

All became for the sake of the Divine Law standing above my family and all inhabitants of the Earth and the other world.

The minority passes its following by order of the Higher Beings, understand it!

There are two undesirable movements which will appear and about which I know.

I would remain here longer though has already taken up many questions.

I answered only that is allowed to me in the most simple manner accessible to me.

For this reason I had to print quickly.


If you solve:

Daily thank Vseblagogo in whom all has the beginning, for Its Divine Law giving to you chance to return to the true condition, in the world to which you belong for Its force of Necessity making well-founded amendments as which you feel every day.

Glorify the Higher Beings which operates under the Uniform Divine Law which is given us in displays/emanations Uniform, for granting of means of the Life in all spheres, for their maintenance and granting of these means for advantage to you, for way instructions to clearing and many other things.

Addressing to the Deity, (read again) be cautious and correctly formulate thoughts, don't demand, don't broadcast, don't beg, don't order, don't offer, don't ask … it disgustingly simply say the words and fulfil the duty.

Understand that the questions brought up by me have been set by you. I have told more than you have read, pass that has learnt, further.

I will return.

Before disappearing, Insider has stayed here 4 days, has left 660 posts, 20 000 viewings + later viewings, and it without option use « the attached theme» .

  This thread of discussion has deeply mentioned many that was appreciable by posts which Insider answered seldom, we have withdrawn them from this text — Insider compliments, eulogy, gratitude, the insult, hatred and fear, seemingly, didn't interest.


  The usual person would answer such posts, but Insider has concentrated all attention to reception of the maximum information, instead of on disputes.


  Whether there was it true Insider th?

  Whether there was it mystification?

  What for it was necessary to disappear all in some days if attraction of attention or false information distribution why it wasn't stretched for weeks, and more was months the purpose of the mystifier longer how other mystifiers arrive?

  As the choice for you has told Insider.


  The source address:

  http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?page=23& topic=3 AND message=161085 AND mpage=1 AND showdate=9/24/05


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