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Lectures Zdanova Vladimira Georgivecha: the treatment alcohol dependent, correction of sight, smoking harms to health - how to throw to smoke!?

Was born on May, 25th, 1949.

The professor of the Siberian Gumanitarno-ecological Institute. The president of the international association of psychoanalysts. In 1988 has been selected by the councillor of the Union of the Spiritual Renaissance of Fatherland (SDVO). Was one of leaders of Novosibirsk society " Fatherland" . One of founders of the International Academy of Sobriety.

Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov — the active worker of movement for the sober way of life, widely known publicist. The author well-known in 1986 of " the antialcoholic report» . Travels on the country with lectures about healthy way of life and about the international aggression against Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Vladimir Georgievicha's lectures are so simple and clear that find the response both in the hearts of teenagers, and at people of old age. Boring scientific terms are replaced in the bright colourful images. It is no wonder therefore that lectures of Zhdanov are interesting and informative.

Zhdanov Vladimir Georgievich of this person it is safely possible to name the hero of our time, it opens eyes to people, on terrible problem which exists in modern society, on problem of  destruction of the nation. The nation perishes not from military operations, not from cataclysms of natural origin. The nation perishes from wave of alcohol which has overflowed people, the nation perishes, that by 14 years almost each child knows what taste at alcohol. All begins with irresponsibility of parents which on Birthday, for New Year, or on any other celebration pour to the child of champagne, and then this child turns by 20 years to completely degrading person. It is terrible and Vladimir Georgievich tries to tell about it to the usual person. The facts which it results in the lectures are simply awful, from them blood in veins stiffens, after all all that occurs to the nation occurs from connivance of those people, in whose hands there is power. From their tacit consent advertising of alcoholic drinks with participation of young beautiful people acts in film, with their help the alcoholic industry became in the country to one of the most favourable kinds of business. Anybody after all isn't interested in that question for what the pharmaceutical companies make narcotic preparations of times in ten more than it is necessary for requirements of all hospitals and clinics together taken. All is simple, this nasty thing flows on streets never-ending stream to which our children and in which they get and sink. So the nation, silently, easy, without superfluous sensation and bloody wars is destroyed. What for to attack the country if it is possible to change simply ideals and the people of this country by itself will die out, from degradation, from dullness, from debauchery and platitude. Strangely enough, but among the majority of scientists, only Zhdanov Vladimir Georgievich takes up the issue of education, the report of the information to broad masses. It opens eyes on those problems which not in words, and in practice destroy the people, when - that of strong power, this person is worthy, that to it imitated and became its continuers in it not easy business. This person is an example how it is necessary to live that when, having turned back back and having looked for the lived years, isn't become sick for their aimlessness, for their emptiness. It is necessary to give to people the truth as it is done by Vladimir Georgievich, in the lectures, in the books and monographies.Жданов

Compatriots! Having looked these video data, you learn, what terrible danger is represented by alcohol, tobacco, drugs. As they operate on the person, family, society. Who and what for has started this mechanism of destruction of the whole people. Now the main blow of these powers of darkness is directed on young generation. Huge means are allocated for it. To rescue the children – debt of each father and each mother. Show these videorecordings of the house, at schools, extend, hand, speak about it!

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Way to sobriety "     lecture of the professor Zdanova, read in Perm in 2008

It is one of the latest lectures of the professor Zdanova dependence on alcohol treatment. In this lecture the best arguments from lectures: " an Alcoholic terror in Russia and way of his(its) overcoming " , " To overcome Russian cross " , and some other lectures, and as are added new.

So, what such alcohol? What advantage(benefit) he gives to us? Whether harm he? Who and how much can drink? What consequences causes the use of alcohol and tobacco? And as other drugs. All about action of beer on health the man and health the woman. And many other things in this lecture of the professor Zdanova

655 мб


Social advertising of the project " General(common) business "     the First channel

Since February 19, 2009 the First channel began to broadcast rollers of social advertising, which is a part of the project " General(common) business " . By the purpose of the given project is overcoming a catastrophic situation connected to an alcoholic problem in Russia.

13 rollers in a format DVD in archive - 473 МБ

13 rollers in a format flv of high quality in archive - 94 МБ

13 rollers in a format flv of the reduced quality in archive - 35 МБ

Download separate rollers (DVD-Rip quality):

1. Brain (42 with.)    Download 7,69 Мб

2. Heart (51 with.)    Download 8,62 Мб

3. Liver (41 with.)    Download 6,74 Мб

4. Statistics (51 with.)    Download 9,48 Мб

5. Under gastric  of iron (41 with.)    Download 6,74 Мб

6. Food path of body (41 with.)    Download 6,73 Мб

7. Body of the power supply system (41 with.)    Download 7,11 Мб

8. Behind a table 10 men... (51 with.)    Download 5,0 Мб

9. Blood (41 with.)    Download 6,7 Мб

10. Stomach (41 with.)    Download 6,88 Мб

11. There is such game... (25 with.)    Download 3,53 Мб

12. To be the father (51 with.)    Download 8,21 Мб

13. To be the mum (42 with.)    Download 6,89 Мб

473 мб

94 мб

35 мб


" An Alcoholic and narcotic terror against Sacred Russia " (most qualitative version)

Having listened this lecture you will understand what terrible danger represent alcohol, tobacco, drugs. As they work on the man, on family, society(community). Who and what for has started this mechanism of destruction of the whole peoples. Now basic impact of these dark forces is directed on young generation. On it the huge means are selected.

1382  мб

47  мб

Lecture Zdanova " an Alcoholic terror against Russia " (Rostov 2004г.)

This variant of lecture is written down in Rostov in December, 2004. Practically same, as well as in the previous record, volume of the information Vladimiru Georgivechu managed to be submitted for two hours.

405  мб


Performance(statement) Zdanova in Chebarkule 2006г.

" An Alcoholic and narcotic terror against Russia " In 2006 In.. Zdanov has lead(carried out) in one @. Chebarkule (Chelyabinsk area, Russian Federation) three days the seminar, in which course has acquainted the students with the basic concepts собриологии, existing problem alcoholic process of a society(community), and also with ways  of overcoming. The seminar was held under the initiative of local authorities and has collected a complete hall interested and not indifferent to a problem of the people...

530  мб

165  мб

Short film - tragedy " " Garage"

( Director    Kokizyuck Alexander. Kiev, 2006.) Film of real events, about which tells in the lecture In.. Zdanov.

94  мб


If to analyse the statistical given uses of alcohol, it is possible to see direct dependence between the use of alcohol and gain of the population.

The history proves, that the alcohol never and was not distributed anywhere in itself    he always was consciously spread by forces hostile to a society(community). If the standard of living falls, if health of the population is worsened, the consumption of medicines grows, of alcohol and tobacco    search for those who us drinking and as.

160 мб  

Mechanisms of destruction of the population. Economy and global process.

123  мб

25  мб

  V.Zdanov in the program " be " healthy"

TV Hakassii. 1999.

Vladimir Georgievich former USSR precisely names the reasons of occurrence Drugs on open spaces, specifies of political underlying reason of process of destruction of youth by drugs developed(unwrapped) in Russia.

The mechanisms are convicted, with which help under a kind " of " struggle" with Drugs interested in distribution of drugs of force entice молодёжь in a network Drugs-biasness, and also the example " of a " national" method of struggle with наркомафией in Ekaterinburg is resulted.

67 мб  

The telechannel " " Russia" (Krasnoyarsk), 2006.

Vladimir Georgievich Zdanov, having accepted the invitation in the program " Open studio " , has told to the Krasnoyarsk telespectators about what struggle for sobriety from the struggle for sobriety from struggle for by sobriety from I struggle for drunkenness of the young people, and at last    has told an original way to distinguish " a " qualitative" cognac from " " poor-quality" ..

130 мб  

To overcome " Russian cross " or how to stop degeneration of Russian people

In lecture is spoken about extinction of Russian people and as we, each of us can change this situation.

No, here is not called to rise on structure and to undertake the weapon. Here it is offered to understand, what place borrows(occupies) alcohol in life of each of us and in our families. To understand and to accept the decision to everyone for itself and for the family.

All, probably, heard the information on ostensibly " " advantage" (" benefit" ) of alcohol (fault, beer and even of vodka). Such information very quickly is distributed, only as far as this information is authentic? Ask also any drug-man: " What for you accept drugs? " , and he will find to you one thousand reasons and proofs that the drugs " are " useful" or " are " harmless" or he " is " independent" of them.

As also those who uses alcohol and tobacco, will be sufficed for any hypothesis " of " advantage" (" benefit" ) of alcohol and tobacco if only to find to themselves " " justification" . You see any alcohol-man and drug-man in soul understands, that he does(makes). Therefore any such justification helps him on time " to stop " up" a vote of the conscience, vote of common sense.

And why? Whether not therefore, what they are alcoholic or tobacco drug-men? In any case, they it do not recognize and with foam at a mouth will prove, that are free from these drugs.

687 мб


The truth about bread and yogurt

The professor In.. Zdanovon a visit at the academician In. M.Savelov-Deryabina. Conversation about harm on yeast of bread and yogurt.

" Speaking about alcohol as a drug destroying genetic fund, it is necessary to say the truth and about yogurt accepted as a children's feed(meal) and which is included in an obligatory diet of the pregnant woman and the feeding mother. Whereas through yogurt the alcohol contained in him, acts to the babies feeding and the pregnant women, he is especially dangerous in sense of his(its) pernicious influence on genetic fund of the people. And in him the forces of evil have seen an opportunity to create alcoholic dependence of the man since children's years " - the academic Uglov writes.

278  мб

17  мб

V.Zdanov in the program " It is possible to drink by everything, but to know only... "

To broad masses original knowledge of alcohol today is unknown. Facts in issue from is very famous of lecture Vladimir Geirgievich has stated in a cycle of telecasts for local TV of one of cities of Russia. The studio record of these transfers by a mysterious image has disappeared also they and were not shown to the telespectators, but, fortunately, amateur shooting was saved.

340  мб

13  мб

About the decision of alcoholic and tobacco problems

V.Zdanov gives practical advice(councils) to the chiefs on places    as it is possible to achieve the statement of a sober and healthy image of life in the region, and main    in consciousness of the people.

177  мб

23  мб

V.Zdanov in the program We " shall " disassemble" (2004г.)

In this short program Vladimir Geirgievich explains, than theory of sobriety from the theory of sobriety from the theory of sobriety from the theory of sobriety from the of beer and what& role of TV in his(its) propagation is favourable.

157  мб

5  мб

In TV to the program " be healthy" - " a Way to itself. In the beginning there was a word. "

105  мб

7  мб

Record of a direct ether of a telecast devoted XVI to the International seminar - conference on sobriologii

A.N.Mayurov explains sense of a conference, е ё scales and results In..Zdanov in brief tells about a condition alcohol of our society(community), gives the recommendations for an output(exit) from crisis. Olga Shishova tells and shows, that occurs with red components  eritrocitus, when they adjoin to alcohol.

137  мб

13  мб

Economy and global process

This lecture differs from other lectures of the professor Zdanova. A theme of lecture    global economic processes. What the world(global) economy represents? What such global process? What reasons of present crisis? Who is responsible(crucial) for crisis and how from him(it) to leave? What place borrows(occupies) Russia in world(global) economy and what she should borrow(occupy)? It only some of questions, on which answers the professor Zdanov V.G. in lecture " Economy and global process "

303 мб


How to throw to smoke

Whether you know what to throw to smoke much more easy, than that is inspired us by(with) the owners of the tobacco companies. The given way is very simple and is effective. Become free from harmful habits.

48 мб


" Children's alcohol mania "     the first film within the framework of the project of the First channel " General(common) business "

The average schoolboy each day drinks from 1 up to 6 litres of beer, from 2 up to 5 jars of alcoholic cocktails. And it is not simple figures. It is terrible figures speaking that in some years these children become chronic alcohol-man. And some already of steel.

Already 7 our country confidently years borrows(occupies) the first place by quantity(amount) of children, patients alcohol mania. And earlier we borrowed(occupied) the first places in other categories +

On statistics 2 of 3 children in the age of 13 + 16 years regularly drink, and it is the first stage alcohol mania. And it not any children without the parents. It is children from quite safe families.

Film " Children's alcohol mania"   667Mbytes

Discussion of film    591   Mbytes

667 мб

591 мб


" Let's have a drink or alcohol mania "     the second film within the framework of the project of the First channel " General(common) business "

Regularly use alcohol about 90 % of the people in our country. Bank of beer in the ambassador of a working day, wine-glass of vodka on a holiday, bottle fault in the company. We drink what to take pleasure, for health and we do not consider(count) ourselves alcohol-man+ But at all we do not assume, that occurs to ours body even after one drink of alcoholic drinks +

The alcohol changes structure of blood. In 30 minutes    the structure of blood is improved, but in one hour turns in mix of red clots deformed  and the stuck together red components of blood

In ours body there is no body, which would not get under is destructive action of alcohol. But most  head brain suffers. The concentration of alcohol in him    in 2 + 3 times is higher, than in any other body.

Film " Let's have a drink or alcohol mania "     431 Mbytes

Discussion of film    662 Mbytes

431 мб

662 мб


Whether " the culture drinks " "     the third discussion Is possible(probable) actually | within the framework of the project of the First channel " General(common) business "

This time discussion occured without film on this theme. The father Tichon, author of this project, has planned to remove(take off) a series of films on a theme alcohol-mania. Let's hope, that he will embody this idea in life. From the point of view of logic of the reasonable man, the very strange theme of discussion was chosen.

Any doctor and any formed(educated) man knows, that the alcohol is a poison. It is not less known, that the alcohol is a drug. Below we result(bring) very good definition on this theme of known Russian scientist  Gennadiya Andreevicha Shichko.

" The Cultural use of alcoholic drinks "     a ridiculous word collocation. Absorption of any unhealthy or spoiled product, especially of poison and drug    an attribute destruction culture. The term " " culture" , as well as " " moderation" , can not be combined with words designating negative, harmful. Are inconceivable: cultural bribery, cultural hooliganism, cultural larceny, cultural smoking, cultural drink of alcohol.

Вс ё is extreme precise and it is clear. It is good, that such themes have begun to rise on our TV. But we have not enough of time what to give the future to the children to stop destruction of Russia by alcohol. The same as were at one time destroyed the radical inhabitants of America. Only sober Russia will be great!

890 mb  

" What has brought of Russia the free market of alcohol? "     the fourth transfer within the framework of the project of the First channel " General(common) business "

What has brought? Yes much that has brought. It and dead, exceeding birth rate more than on one million the man per one year. It both growth of suicides, and growth of criminality. And many other things.

To whom it was favourable?

By that has brought this " the free market " , it is favourable only to enemies of Russia and enemies of the people. In discussion " on tradition " participated as well as enemies of sobriety disappearing, or at all not disappearing under a mask of the fighters for " moderate drinking " , and sober healthy people. Was discussed, in particular, and politics of the state in sphere of alcohol. With what she should be. Now this politics simply no, and we have that we have.

The basic problem " of the dry law " that he is lowered " " from above" , instead of goes from a head or from heart of each man. Our task to wake sensibleness in the people. To not force them to accept any decision, and to show the man a maximum complete picture. Only so the man can accept the correct decision    what prompts him conscience. Any mentally healthy man, understanding that such alcohol, will never poison(persecute) itself by him(it). But if someone ещ ё continues to poison(persecute) itself by an alcoholic poison, he not necessarily mad. Most likely he sees not a complete picture made of the false statements about " " advantage" (" benefit" ) of alcohol. And professorZdanov, by the way, one of those people, who by all forces tries to tell to the people the truth, to break through a veil lie also of deceit.

830 Mb  

Telegoniya(Science about virginity)

Whether owe the modern girl accepting the decision up to a marriage(spoilage) to begin intimate life, to know it? Indoubtedly. However, nobody knows about it.

24  Мб

1  Мб

4 films of the project General(common) business. Birthday. Alcohol and pregnancy

490 Mb


5 films of the project General(common) business. The large alcoholic illness

480 Mb


6 films of the project General(common) business. Alcohol and crime

460 Mb


7 films of the project General(common) business an Output(exit) are

520 Mb


The glasses are time for removing. How to restore sight on 100 % (6 employment(occupations))

If at you of a problem with sight, it does not mean, that you should with it reconcile and carry glasses. Yes, the glasses will help you today, but in a result the sight will be worsened only. The business that sight depends on job science about sight of muscles (longitudinal, cross). As soon as you will dress on glasses, your eye muscles will cease to work.

The basic reason of short-sightedness, far-sightedness, defected is an infringement of job of eye muscles (them only six). This implies, that practical any man can completely restore sight with the help of exercises for eyes. Exercises simple, but rather effective. What today offers modern science about sight? She as a matter of fact is powerless and offers only glasses (or worse that, operation on eyes).

The business in that is based this science on postulates of two hundred year's prescription. And between that under 100 years back American scientist Beits has reconsidered the theory of job of an eye. His(its) researches have shown, that all problems are by and large connected to eyes with a condition of eye muscles. If you see well, means at you eye muscles are trained and are free. If carry glasses - means one muscles are squeezed, others are stretched(dragged out), or are weakened.

Today Russian professor Zdanov completely has studied the theory of the American scientist and has confirmed е ё in practice. Really, the improvement of sight can begin after the first exercises. That is especially important - it is necessary at once to refuse glasses, as far as it is possible! You ask, why till now this technique of treatment is not distributed? The answer consists in annual huge billions profit from sales of optical lenses...

Lecture Correction of sight    1. Time 1ч 39 min. Download- 434 mb

Lecture Correction of sight    2. Time 2ч 33 min. Download-435 mb

Lecture Correction of sight    3. Time 2ч 55 min. Download-442 mb

Lecture Correction of sight    4. Time 3ч 10 min.. Download-477 mb

Lecture Correction of sight    5. Time 4ч 11 min. Download- 625 mb

Lecture Correction of sight    6. Time 3ч 32 min.  Download-540 mb


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540  мб


THE BOOK: an alcoholic terror (2010)

Format: DjVu

The description: Vladimir Georgievich Zdanov- professor of the International academy of sobriety, chairman of Union of struggle for national sobriety, lider of the all-Russian movement " Sober Russia " , member of expert advice(council) on alcohol of State Duma.

Svetlana Ivanovna Troickaya - teacher - psychologist St.-Petersburg " Schools sobriety " , chief of the centre on natural correction of sight and improvement.

The authors are sure: alcohol-mania is an illness of deficiency of the information. Its all an effective way of treatment alcohol-mania - thorough, the proof  and convincing truth about alcohol and consequences of his(its) use. The lectures of the professor Zdanov, simultaneously shocking also are more tremendous interesting, sobriety numerous, army, not giving in to the account, of his(its) present supporters and colleagues.

60 Mb  

The program for opening files - " DJVU" Solo 3.1

2,5 Mb


The alcohol is useful. Or beer against vodka. (!!!!!!!!)


Alcoholism treatment

The word " alcoholism" will soon cease to be considered insulting as already today to some extent this word can be applied to nine of ten people. Almost each person in our country considers as norm to drink for itself a little (and some and much) alcohol. All begins with champagne, wine, beer, in koechnom result comes to an end with vodka and moonshine. Many people of modern Russia consider what to drink small bottle of beer after job it normally, only they don't think of that the beer alcoholism has already grasped them in the tenacious paws. Alcoholism treatment just as also brings narcotism treatment to clinics which on it huge profits, completely not smaller, than sale of alcohol and drugs specialise. For this reason, more often sponsors and investors in these clinics are the companies which actually and are engaged in sale of alcoholic drinks, and through podstavnye firms realizovyvajut narcotic preparations. Dependence which calls alcohol and drugs one of the most terrible dependences which can be. Today there was even such phenomenon as alcoholism of teenagers. Whether it has begun the end? Unless it doesn't testify that the nation in which even children suffer from such phenomenon as alcoholism, is sentenced to the self-destruction, after all those children which drink today beer small bottle in day, in ten years will turn to the brainless morons which main objective to find where it would be possible to drink.

The beer alcoholism tightens in the terrible system imperceptibly for the person, he doesn't notice, how doesn't come any more home, without having come in beer and without having drunk kruzhechku foamy drink. Shortly such person of one kruzhechki has enough, and it raises dose, and in two weeks of the constant use of beer the person very much varies outwardly. Alcoholism treatment, at the same level, as well as isn't capable to return narcotism treatment to society of the high-grade person, the person for ever remains in what that to degree defective, it isn't so capable to give healthy posterity, children in the same way as well as their defective parents are subject to hit in dependence on substances giving weakening effect and effect of euphoria. From here also there is such phenomenon as alcoholism of teenagers. You consider that the state cares of the citizens then read materials from this site, and you learn, how state structures accustom yet not born children to alcohol, registering pregnant women diet from yoghurt and black bread. The alcoholism, on installation of our state should begin from the cradle. Each baby should feel alcoholic relaxation in womb of mother that then was whom to put in clinics which offer alcoholism treatment, and in the form of additional service can offer narcotism treatment.

Boleznpod the name beer alcoholism, it is very favourable to the brewing companies. As the person not so quickly dies of cirrhosis and refusal of kidneys, at the beer use and consequently it is capable to give this modern the manufacturer of poison for people of much more money, than the person who in ten years will die at the vodka use. Will very difficult get rid of vodka dependence, but in tens times dependence beer is more terrible. Thanks to this terrible dependence has gained such distribution alcoholism of teenagers, the future of our country. It is time to open eyes that is in public simple zakolachivajut mullions-strong conditions, at the expense of these sick people, and alcoholics, it is sick people, owners of factories can squander money buying expensive houses, cars, yachts.

Sight correction

If you have faced such problem as sight if doctors in local polyclinic make to you the diagnosis short-sightedness, or recommend to put on points because at you far-sightedness, you don't need to run at once in the nearest shop in which the optics, points, lenses is on sale. You quite independently can spend treatment of eyes in house conditions. You need to train a few eye, it is enough to use technique developed by professor Zhdanovym which includes simple exercises allowing to improve visual indicators. Sight correction became accessible to each person, now it is not necessary to stand turns in expensive private clinics in which to people offer, only operable intervention and ugly adaptations for sight improvement. Carrying out exercises of the professor, Zhdanovy you can save visual acuity at itself, and also improve sight of the child

Having heard, iliprosmotrev to course of lectures devoted to this problem, you for ever perehotite to supply corporations on manufacture of lenses and points with the money, and perhaps when money will cease to arrive to these industrial giants, perhaps, then the technique of the professor of Zhdanov will earn at the full capacity but only then it will cost much most likely. Here you can download this technique absolutely free of charge. Make better your sight, help not to admit deterioration and complications on sight of the child. Necessarily carry out the exercises resulted in technique, and you for ever will forget road to shop where there is optics where to people at whom eyes are closed, on the truth about condition of the eyes sell points and lenses. Take care of the own life, don't give illness which svjazanna with usual relaxation of eye muscles to take away from you one of the most valuable bodies allowing to enjoy beauty of world around, spend treatment of eyes by technique which the professor offers Zhdanov. And you don't awake the nobility that means word far-sightedness, you won't test sufferings which patients people test for short-sightedness. You can enjoy bright paints and the sharp image in your eyes.

Korrektsijazrenija it will be accessible not only to you, but also your relatives who can already estimate effect from application of technique of Zhdanov after some days. You sometime saw the living in misery oculist? Most likely, no. The reason is banal. When the person at a bit fallen sight gets to clinic where sight restoration is spent, it becomes their constant client, as all adaptations, which now exist (points, contact lenses) only promote further relaxations of eye muscles.« Treatment of eyes » brings huge profits to the companies which on it specialise. In the modern world even more often it is possible to see children wearing spectacles, sight of the child it not joke, since the most children's years children become slaves to this ruthless system, finally by thirty years the person turns in completely blind to which isn't helped any more by existing adaptations" helping" the person. Apply technique of the professor of Zhdanov and relieve itself of illness short-sightedness, help itself to cope with such unpleasant illness as far-sightedness. No optics will help you how the technique developed by professor Zhdanovym which efficiency has been confirmed by set of experiments can help. Use it absolutely free of charge and don't allow to make profit of itself to doctors to ophthalmologists – to charlatans who are capable to earn only money, and in any way don't help people but only drive them in precipice of eternal darkness.

How to give up smoking

Smoking, is problem exists how Columbus has brought tobacco from America. People start to smoke and in consequence can't stop any more as the society presses on them, the society spreads thought at subconscious level what to give up smoking it heavy process, which not under force to the usual person. There is set of programs at the state level that smoking is harmful also harm of smoking not only that the smoker poisons itself, but also that surrounding people suffer not less, and at times and it is more than the person with cigarette. But all these programs are reduced to inscription in small print on each pack of cigarettes, that smoking calls cancer of lungs. Against smoking actually becomes nothing. Cancer of lungs it not all smoking consequences, nobody speaks what even after hour after the smoked cigarette is dangerous to communicate with the smoker as from it harmful substances proceed. In spite of that it is considered impossible to give up smoking, eat very easy way to give up smoking. Familiarise with it, simply having downloaded from this site, and you learn the laid out materials how to overcome one of terrible scourges of modern society – smoking. Having seen small video which can be downloaded from this site you for ever take up arms against smoking, you will see, in what results the constant use of cigarettes. Throat cancer. Mouth cancer, the lip Cancer, the spoilt people and their destinies, it is far not the full list which it is possible to name capacious phrase – smoking Consequences.

All it proishodits people because that once having tried, they can't come off this addiction any more, and not because it it is bad at physical level that is why that they are condemned by people surrounding them – smokers. Harm of smoking also that the person, first of all, saves money on cigarettes, and already then on all the rest. The person pays huge money that and kills the same person. About easy way to give up smoking, anybody doesn't know practically. The companies making sugar candies from smoking, substitutes of nicotine and different adhesive tapes from smoking simply don't give to this way to leave in the big world. Everyone now can give up smoking. Also it will not be necessary to spend huge money, for absolutely useless preparations helping to give up smoking, but actually these preparations are directed on replacing effect of nicotine, thus at the person dependence not to cigarettes, and to these preparations is developed. Never it is necessary to underestimate the forces, it is necessary once and for all for to decide that to you it is more important, - Kurenieili your life.

That it is necessary for you from life, to enjoy svezhimvozduhom, breathing full breast or by thirty years to cough, spitting out slices of lungs. And after all consequences of smoking the such. Those people who lie in hospital chamber connected to the volume ventilator and live the last days because their lungs are penetrated by metastasises, usually regret that once took cigarette in hands and then couldn't give up smoking. These people could tell much about what harm of smoking was reflected in them. They would like to tell it to all other people, but it cut out throat and now even meal, they absorb through the tube inserted into neck. Now they against smoking, but, unfortunately, now, for them already late. And these people very much regret that have not read and haven't seen materials about that what easy way to give up smoking exists, and what a pity that it simply disappears from public eyes. Will suffice! The materials which have been laboriously picked up on this site, will help you to overcome this tobacco monster. Download, look, and good luck.

About the Plan of Dallas

The confidential material in which occurring processes in our state are reflected became property of Russian . It is Alain Dallasa's instruction, the former director of CIA and the head of political investigation of the USA, so-called « the American doctrine of struggle against the USSR» , made in 1945. Here that in it it is told:

« War will terminate, all will somehow be arranged, and we will throw everything that we have, all gold, all material power on obolvanivanie and odurachivanie people. Human brain, consciousness of people it is capable to change. Having sown there chaos, we will imperceptibly change their values on false and we will force them to believe in these values. How? We will find the adherents, the allies and assistants in the Russia. The episode behind episode will be played grandiose on the scale tragedy of  destruction of the most rebellious on the Earth of the people, definitive, irreversible fading of its consciousness. The literature, theatre, cinema – all will represent and glorify the most low human feelings. We will support in every possible way all who begins to spread cult of sex in human consciousness, violence, sadism, treachery – the word, any immorality.

In government we will create chaos and confusion. We will imperceptibly, but actively and constantly to promote petty tyranny of officials, bribe takers, unscrupulousness. Honesty and decency will be mocked also become necessary to nobody, will turn to past vestige. Rudeness and impudence, lie and deceit, drunkenness and narcotism, treachery we will spread in consciousness of people. And only the few, very much the few, will guess that occurs. But we will put such people in helpless position, we will transform into laughing-stock, we will find their way obolgat and to declare scum of society.

Let's pull out spiritual roots, to vulgarise and destroy bases of national morals. We will loosen thus generation behind generation, we will undertake people since children's and youthful years, the main rate we will always do on youth, we begin to decompose, corrupt, corrupt it. Here, as we will make it » .

By estimations of the international experts in the world 62 million alkolizirovannyh is. The real figure of alcoholics in Russia now makes, according to the corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Science N.Z. Gerasimenko, 20 million persons. It almost each 7th inhabitant of the country. To 50 % of the population of Russia alkolizirovanny. In 1998 the use in year of pure alcohol per capita in Russia has exceeded 15 litres. Experts the CART consider that excess of the given indicator above 8 litres already threatens the nation and its genofund. With 1992 for 1997 the population of Russia was reduced (without migration) on 4,3 million persons, that is annually the population of Russia decreases almost for 1 million Already now in Russia as a result of drunk conceptions of 17 % of newborns – morons. Alcohol is guilty in death ѕ the lost patients obshchemeditsinskih hospitals in age group of 30-40 years. On indicators of average life expectancy of the man of Russia there are on 135th, women – on 130th place in the world. Alcoholic psychoses have over the last 10 years increased in 5 times. In Russia of victims of 40 % from accidents were in alcohol intoxication. The number of persons supposing not medical consumption of drugs in the country already exceeds 2 million persons. Over the last 10 years the number of cases of death from consumption by drug has increased in 12 times, and among children – in 42 times. The number of teenagers sick of narcotism has increased in 10 times. Birth rate in Russia decreases from the end of 1920, especially accelerated decrease is marked since 1988 (on all territories of the country). This data is taken by V.G.Zhdanovym from the collection « Alcohol and health of the population of Russia in 1900 - 2000» under A.K.Dyomin's edition.


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