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Water structure, as medical element the Report at conference in Expocentre in Moscow, September, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. The report « water Structure, as medical element»

Last century at us the vulgar materialism dominated. Physicians in the XX-th century beginning spoke: « good devices and good medicines are necessary To us, and we will win all illnesses» . By the end of the XX-th century of illness not only haven't been won, but the public health services situation in the region became simply catastrophic. Children already are born patients, and adults all become weaker and weaker. It occurs for the several reasons, but one of the cores is following: For our organism those substances which we receive together with meal and drink (it is final, pure water and not poisoned meal means) are " normal" only. Any other substances getting to our organism in the different ways, in most cases are harmful. These chemical substances, getting to cages of bodies and fabrics, enter there chemical reactions and change them. It can't result and never leads to treatment from any diseases


natural sciences Lecture in Moscow, on November, 6th, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture « Ontologija of natural sciences»

We, ascivilisation, go not to that party. When the person started to learn the nature, it has faced set of questions, at once answer on which it couldn't. It is natural that he perceived some phenomena, as self-evident, i.e., as postulate. Thanks to it, it has found some clearness and could rise as though on some step and look and understand, and that there is actually. Thus, the person started to understand that considered earlier as postulate and, accordingly, this postulate cancelled. It is normal method of knowledge at which the number of postulates gradually should decrease. In our today's validity process of knowledge of the nature goes absolutely in another way: the number of postulates doesn't decrease, and grows. And it is signal of that we obviously go on false way. The number of postulates constantly grows in modern science, and, from this point of view, the today's science has turned to religion


The Natural sciences concept at the present stage Lecture in Moscow, on November, 11th, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture « the Natural sciences Concept at the present stage»

Almost everything that we know today about the past of our civilisation, is based on sources from ancient Greece and Rome. However, very few people knows that the majority of these materials false! So-called « ancient sources» , in overwhelming majority, have reached us in the form of the copies (lists) printed in the Middle Ages (XV-XVI century of century), and ostensibly diligently removed from originals. Then originals, in the majority, have been not less diligently destroyed, and their " copies" are carefully saved for descendants! The sane person there and then has question: Why originals of ancient documents have been destroyed, basically how heretical texts, and their " exact" copies are carefully saved and for studying and use? The answer arises by itself: so-called " copies" weren't dangerous any more that who carefully destroyed originals of ancient texts. Most likely, these " copies" were simply new documents written by same who " has taken care" of originals


Origin of life Lecture in Moscow, on November, 18th, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture « life Origin»

Ascertaining of that fact that life on our planet takes place, much to our regret, hasn't caused any scientific explanation of origin of this life. Scientists about it anything can't distinctly tell till now or some processes which are accompanying us since birth and being for us obvious, don't want Certainly, don't involve our steadfast attention in itself. But, our scientists should understand that without answers to the most important questions: whence and as we have appeared on our planet what laws of origin and life development (live matter) what purposes of existence of life etc., our civilisation is doomed to accident and self-destruction, to regret it sounds. After all without exact and full answers to these basic questions, there can not be high-grade development of any other fields of knowledge. To take, for example, medicine: How doctors can treat people if they have no slightest concept what such live matter actually? The same concerns practically and all other scientific areas and disciplines


Problems of modern Natural sciences Lecture in Moscow for academicians KB on December, 19th, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture « Problem of modern Natural sciences»

The statement about that we live today in conditions crisis, encounters following objections: What crisis? About what you speak? Light, heat is, the meal is, what crisis? What problems? You look at our technical achievements, on flights in Space and all the rest! Give, understand, whether so our achievements are great, and in what they to us have managed? Yes, our texnocratic civilisation has reached certain successes, to our measures. But the development way on which there is our civilisation today, conducts not only to its  destruction, but also to  destruction of the planet the Earth. It is easy to be convinced of it if to recollect at least the environmental problems created by us (ozone layer destruction, air pollution, waters and the earths, plants universal decrease in level of health of people and so forth) And about that we practically also are defenceless before these problems. Really someone in senses can assert, what our actions, our way of development and our civilisation it is possible to name the reasonable?.


Falsification of history of Russia Lecture in on December, 26th, 2006 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture « Falsification of history of Russia»

Us long time try to convince that our ancestors were savages who have got out of holes in which they lived, only in IX century. Us try to convince that Slavs always were and now remain absolutely wild and inutile people, which never anything could create and can't. When we hear it from our enemies, it is still more or less clear: on that they and enemies. But it is very strange to hear such speeches from our compatriots, from our scientists-historians who, on idea, shouldn't repeat thoughtlessly another's fabrications, and find and popularise true story of the Native land. Many countries simply think out to themselves the beautiful past, using for this purpose beautiful legends. And our official historical science is engaged only in that throws mud at all and all in our multithousand-year past, and hysterically repeats that till christening of Russia practically didn't exist. Though today in this simple lie even the laziest any more don't believe


Problems of ecology Lecture in Moscow on January, 20th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Lecture of " ecology Problem»

About ecology all heard and almost all « precisely know» , what is it such, for some reason first of all, meaning only environmental contamination. I divide ecology into 3 interconnected parts: Ecology of the Person Ecology of Society and Ecology the Planets making together single whole. Each of these parts has the features which can be revealed, only considering parts in interaction with each other. The ecology of the Person knowingly costs on the first place, on activity of the person depends, actually, both Society Ecology, and Planet Ecology. And the person is the victim, not absolutely reasonable activity, paying off for it with the mental and physical health. The reason of all these " troubles" is old, as the World, and this reason IGNORANCE. However, now to it IGNORANCE is even more often added


Destiny Rusov Performance on « the Cathedral of Uniform Spirit of Russia» in Moscow on March, 24th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Performance on « the Cathedral of Uniform Spirit of Russia» in Moscow

Here people colleagues were going to, which really is ill smothering that will be with our Native land not only today, but also tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Diversions and provocations against our people were spent at all levels and, first of all at level of our culture. Look, as the sense of many determinatives and concepts as " black" did " white" and on the contrary as all confused was diligently deformed and substituted and mixed. We Will exact a promise God. Our ancestors gods named the people who have reached of high level of evolutionary development, reached Enlightenments Knowledge and, thanks to it, become by Creators. The today's imposed sense of word God hasn't something in common with reality. The same happens and with word Belief. This word is primary had no relation to religion, to to acceptance of any doctrines. And it meant to KNOW the Enlightenment Knowledge acquisition of Knowledge of gods


The past, the present and the future of Russia the Report on I Cathedral of Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» in Moscow on May, 12th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. « The past, the present and the future of Russia»

On May, 12th, 2007 year in Moscow c I Cathedral of Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» . On this cathedral problems and the purposes which are necessary for solving that Russian people have been sounded and other radical people of Russia haven't disappeared from the person of our perfect Midgard-earth, the same as also languages of these people, and their richest culture. That it all the same hasn't occurred, it is necessary not only understanding of the fact, but also presence of understanding of relationships of cause and effect of event. Truth revival about the Great Past of Russian and others brotherly is necessary also for it of the people, but the most essential is creation of outlook and ideology which would reflect expectations of Russian and other radical people of Russia. Ideologies which would unite Russian people in single whole, together with other people of Russia which lived together, protected the earth from enemies not one tens thousand years. Such ideology and the outlook, clearing up genetic memory also is offered in the book « Russia in curve mirrors»


Performance in Nizhni Novgorod the Meeting with readers on June, 3rd, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Performance in Nizhni Novgorod

The oldest city on the earth, known for today, is in territory of Russia, has age of 108 000 years and Omsk is called. Earlier it was called as Asgard Irijsky and was capital of Great Tartarii the huge Vedichesky Empire existing on the Earth of hundred thousand of years, and occupying all Eurasia, the North America and northern part of Africa. The information on it and on many other things, carefully disappears from great bulk of people. And it is in exchange palmed off and it is indefatigably propagandised frank lie in the most various variations. And this lie is supported by the overwhelming majority of representatives of traditional " science" . And this lie is taught at schools and universities, on it all new and new generations of earth dwellers are brought up. On lie all our civilisation lie civilisation is constructed! And for this reason our civilisation needed to exist very not for long if only we don't wake up and we will not start to correct urgently situation on the Earth


N.Levashov's meeting with the Movement active 1st Meeting with active the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» , Moscow on June, 23rd, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with active the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age»

... I don't wish you to frighten, but for today the situation has developed in such a manner that the certain circles keeping the power on the Earth in the hands, information which presumes to understand to people that as well as why occurs on our planet and to whom it is all favourably try to interfere in every possible way with distribution objectionable to them. In my books, articles and lectures such information also contains. Therefore I address to all whom my books and articles have cut to the quick at whom conscience who has adjoined has woken up and will adjoin later our Movement. It is not necessary to feed illusions about that the social parasites managing now on the Earth, all will turn a deaf ear to it. But also to be afraid in vain too it is not necessary. The fear needs to be used for development of necessary level of care, foresight and good tactics. After that, it needs to be disseminated, cleaned. Then it will be of use for you and won't disturb in job and life


N.Levashov's meeting with the Movement active 2nd Meeting with active the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» , Moscow on September, 8th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with active the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age»

The majority from present for certain already have read the first volume of my book « Russia in curve mirrors» and have understood, this book has been for what purpose written. It is written not only and not so much for the purpose of chronological statement of last events of our history. Creation of complete picture of development of terrestrial civilisation in so-called « was the first problem which I solved, After » the period, i.e. after war and the planetary accident which have occurred 13 000 years ago. The processes occurring on ours and on other planets, aren't casual and subjective. Ignorance and misunderstanding of it, creates favorable conditions for manipulation with consciousness of people which the social parasites occupying our planet, remorselessly, use. Therefore in the book event relationships of cause and effect on the Earth are shown, and is shown that the processes occurring in society, aren't casual and don't depend on will of this or that person which can only to slow down or accelerate event approach, but can't prevent or call to it its occurrence


II Cathedral « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» « the Past, the present and the future of Russia» II Cathedral of Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» ., on September, 29th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. II cathedral of Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age»

Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» is project on qualitative transformation of the modern person who was exposed to constant zombiing throughout last several thousand of years, to the real Person Reasonable. This project puts the problem awakening of genetic memory of Russian people and other radical people , true restoration about the nice past of these people, about their role in creation of the advanced terrestrial civilisation prospering on our planet many hundred thousand of years. This project puts the problem to show to people the Knowledge way the unique way conducting by the way of evolution, unique which will allow our civilisation to worry tragical deadlock stage in which we were got by social parasites gangsters from the big space road. The project « the Renaissance. The Golden Age » is happy possibility for people to clear up from pernicious evolutionary" dream" into which to us parasitic forces and which to us don't allow to leave already long time since" sleeping" weights are easier for operating and easier to take away from them their energy, their vital force have helped to plunge, leaving instead of illness, misfortunes and death.« The Renaissance. The Golden Age » is way of evolutionary development of mankind which, finally, will allow it to survive, reach high level of development, to take worthy place in family of reasonable civilisations of our Universe and happily to live many millions years.


Meeting with students of the Moscow Institute of Regional and Municipal Relations Lecture on theme « life Origin» , Moscow, on November, 6th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with students

What is theLife? This question seems to much even banal. But, actually, it is far not so. One business simply to live, especially, how we now live, i.e. simply to observe the fact of life. And another matter to understand that such the Life where and as it arises as develops and to what aspires. The modern science not only doesn't know answers to these basic questions, but probably and doesn't aspire to learn them. Moreover, the impression is made that many modern scientists intentionally withdraw knowledge process aside from real picture of universe, executing someone's malicious will. They have created false Basis of knowledge in which basis the set of the postulates which most part is included into the contradiction with our reality is necessary. And, instead of honesty working over change of these out-of-date postulates, i.e. Over perfection of Basis of knowledge, the today's science has turned, to put it mildly, to the brake interfering process of knowledge of real picture of the World. The hobby of scientists for applied questions without exact and universal knowledge of Bases of the Life and laws of its development, as a rule, leads to ecological infringements and premature  destruction of such unreasonable civilisation


Meeting with readers of the book « Russia in curve mirrors» . Moscow, on December, 15th, 2007 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

Earlier the word " god" had other value, completely not such, as now. Our ancestors gods named white hierarches of high level, i.e. the people who have reached of high level of evolutionary development, able to create, i.e., to make such actions which were other-wordly for usual people. The today's maintenance of this term represents something muffled and not clear, not having something in common with reality, and thought up specially to deform and emasculate its real sense. It is made to erase from human memory any information on our ancient ancestors representatives of advanced civilisation, the real gods colonizing our planet about 800 000 years ago and begun our civilisation. It is part of the big plan which is carried out by so-called Powers of darkness social parasites on enslavement of the population of our planet. The purpose of this plan is rather trivial same, as well as on thousand other planets enthralled by them: to force natives (us) to work on invaders, to sell it for a song all what they require, exsanguinating it and, and the planet. The local chief parasites had some time well-known Iegova the associates, managed to hammer together on the Earth 5th column, having subordinated itself with that end in view small, to nobody the known tribe which subsequently has proclaimed " selected" people



Meeting with readers of the book « Russia in curve mirrors» . Moscow, on January, 12th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

How much it is possible to be afraid? How much we still can be kneeling? How much we still can be slaves and shiver from the slightest rustle? How much we still can take down silently deceit, mockeries and murders? The social parasites occupying our planet, have transformed all of us into reasonable animals when instincts prevail over Reason, and use it with might and main. They terrorise the cleverest, most active of people, thereby, intimidating the others, forcing it is stupid to follow survival instinct. Meanwhile, functioning of physical body isn't that real life which we only start to guess. The person is completely not physical body in which it is temporarily embodied for acceleration of the development. Really the person represents the set of so-called thin bodies named by Essence. And if the Person in the next embodiment ceases to develop, i.e. Starts to live, as reasonable animal, he risks to be lost really, i.e. he risks Itself(himself) the Essence which has probably lived any more of one hundred thousand of years. The death of Essence is real death of the Person, instead of inevitable periodic exit from the fulfilled physical body, hundreds and thousand times carried out by each Person in the Universe



Performance on television channel VKT Moscow, on January, 15th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Performance on television channel VKT

The person uses possibilities of the brain on 3-5 %. It is connected by that now the person incorrectly develops itself. How us bring up as us train at school and other educational institutions, all our " civilisation" doesn't promote development of our brain! The system of representations which now everywhere is imposed to us, in root is erroneous and conducts to blocking of development of brain of the person. The modern science with scratch recognised that it has some idea approximately about 10 % of matter surrounding us. All the rest she has named the Dark Matter, and pretends that all is fine how should be. It all the same what to try to describe iceberg, without having any representation about its underwater part. Clearly that such description will be wide of the mark. And with our science: she almost plainly doesn't know anything about the world surrounding us. And those remains that it managed to learn are far from true. Basically, it is normal process of knowledge for the civilisations which are at the initial stage of the development. And all would be anything if this situation didn't disappear from society and fanatically wasn't supported by many " scientists" , and the false paradigm conducting to degradation and  destructions wouldn't be imposed to people


Meeting with participants of Movement the Meeting with participants the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» , Moscow, on February, 15th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

Presence ofChristian religion on the European part of modern Russia during almost thousand years, has scarred mentality of the people living in this territory, became original social illness. Slavish philosophy indefatigably taking root by Christianity, habit thoughtlessly and resignedly to submit to any power which is ostensibly God-given, have made rather serious negative impact on the European part of the population of Russia. The territory were Russia which was beyond Ural Mountains, has been attached to Russia only in the end of 18 centuries, and there, before this joining, the Christianity wasn't. There never there was slavery, including serfdom. The people living in territory were of Russia, weren't exposed to centuries-old zombiing and washing of brains by Christianity, therefore in those edges people and now, in the basic weight, more conceiving, courageous, independent, free. Too it is time to all of us to wake up and rise from knees, it is time to cease to shiver and shudder from each rustle, it is time to feel again not the slave, and the Person who has really nothing to lose, except the chains


Meeting with participants of Movement the Meeting with participants the SORT « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» , Moscow, on March, 22nd, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

We need to be defined with that as as we need to do. More and more people start to wake up, respond to our appeals, to resound with our ideas and to join our Movement. In this connection, the most important today for us is the problem not to admit transformation of our live Movement into the usual bureaucratic organisation in the impractical structure actively imposed by social parasites to again created patriotic, oppositional and all other organisations, doing not wish to become lifeless shoots of dying parasitic system. As soon as in such organisation appears and the bureaucratic organizational structure becomes stronger, it becomes simple appendage of parasitic system and never carries out functions for which it was created. We have lived all life in the country with the bureaucratic organisation of management and we do not know anything else. Nevertheless, the alternative decision is, and it very simple, natural and effective


Meeting with readers of the book « Russia in curve mirrors» . Moscow, on April, 19th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

Some of ushave for certain paid attention to the phenomenon of deliberate distortion of the information, in particular stories, even in the school program of training. This phenomenon took place and in Soviet period, and has now accepted impudent, mass character. The first to what us accustomed at school is full confidence to teachers and suppression of the slightest criticism of the school program of training. And only it is considerable later some of us paid attention to discrepancy of reality of much of the school program. To take, for example, Peter I. Introduction by it calendar is presented, as progressive action, as the big merit of the tsar-innovator. But, if a little to reflect and ask itself question: « And what calendar was before?» That can be understood at once, what not all so is beautiful, as is written by pseudo-historians in the school textbooks, already deceived hundred millions people. If at before at all there was no calendar yes, this church calendar really was progress. But, at there was calendar and before, and on this calendar then there was 7 208 year from World Creation in the Star Temple ()! But about it and school, and HIGH SCHOOL textbooks of history are silent! And then the same pseudo-historians to us tell that were wild, lived in dugouts and from trees by the christening


Meeting with readers of the book « Russia in curve mirrors» . Moscow, on May, 17th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

Let's look, as enemies of mankind, and, hence, and our enemies, react to my activity, on my books, articles and lectures. Clever enemies have selected is unique correct tactics tactics of total hushing up. The pier, here isn't present anybody, occurs nothing, both all around pink and fluffy. And at this time strive to strike from round the corner favourite tactics of social parasites. Other part of enemies operates differently. Whether they don't have not enough reason and endurances, whether they try to toady to the owners, but they obstinately " strain to be in action" . They write anonymous and for some reason absolutely illiterate articles, thereby showing narrow-mindedness not only the, but also the owners who use such careless and stupid . Their favourite employment is gluing of the big label with inscription " Sect" to all to whom has got. Here and to our Movement they try to fit the same label of sectarians. But the situation piquancy consists that all definitions of the term Sect speak, what is it the religious group of persons which has broken away from dominating church. Our Movement at all desire in any way it is impossible to name sect whereas main objectives and Movement problems is the help to people in enlightenment Knowledge, in evolutionary development, instead of blind fanatical belief it is not known in what


Meeting with the Movement active « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» Moscow, on May, 31st, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with the Movement active

Russian Social movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» is the movement which purpose is to revive Russia, Russia, its national spirit, to restore the real great past of Russian and other radical people of Russia, to find and publish the real information on their role in creation of the advanced terrestrial civilisation prospering on our planet many hundred thousand of years. Now our students in HIGH SCHOOLS learn that self-flagellation and self-abasement is ostensibly Russian national line, what is it ourselves such brainless fools and masochists. And actually, it is all lie. They are ours « bewitched friends» journeymen Dark many centuries conduct indefatigable brain washing, , imparting inferiority complex, complex of fault and many other complexes absolutely not inherent in normal people. There is natural question: to Whom is it favourable? We already know the answer to it, therefore transfer of this knowledge to all wishing becomes our immediate task, i.e. to waking up citizens who already see that in the world there is something not that, but yet don't know that there occurs actually


Rewarding by award « Pride of Russia» Rewarding by the higher Russian public award, Moscow, on June, 30th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Rewarding by award « Pride of Russia»

« Pride of Russia» the higher public award of the Russian Federation, is handed over by Welfare fund « Pride of Fatherland» , with support of Club of Heroes of Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full gentlemen of award of Glory of Moscow and Moscow Region, GlavUpDk the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Glavkomata of Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Committee on public relations at the Government of Moscow and the International Academy of spiritual unity of nations of the world, for the purpose of encouragement with the higher symbol of social recognition of outstanding Russian citizens within the limits of support of policy of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. The fund « Pride of Fatherland» exists the little more than two years, but in this time has had time to prove, as the public organisation reviving the best national traditions of patronage of arts and charity. The fund regularly spends celebrations of outstanding citizens of our country, the original patriots of the Fatherland who has brought the essential contribution to strengthening of national economy and greatness of our Native land, high recognition of the public award and medal « Pride of Russia» .



Meeting with participants of Movement « the Renaissance. The Golden Age» Moscow, on July, 5th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

The existing world order is constructed on principles of animal flight: who is stronger that and the rights. In such flight if you touch nobody you are considered weak, and some small animals believe possible to yelp and lift up you... As the Good example of such behaviour the history of the Chechen people can serve. These people were saved and exist now only because in time it has appeared under protection of Russia in which never was genocide of any people. After last Caucasian war in XIX-th century, the Chechens who have survived under sovereignty of " Muslim brothers» the Turk, remains very much and very little all some hundreds persons. The others fraternally have been cut out by Turks for whatever reasons. And instead of, following reason, or at least simple instinct of self-preservation, to live in peace and friendship with Russian people which have rescued them from total destruction, Chechens constantly put treacherous stabs in the back. So was during the Crimean wars so was during the Great Patriotic War so occurs and now. Knowing that never touch innocent and don't revenge simple people, they after the " heroic" actions hide among the peace population, heroically representing from itself « kind neighbours» Much to our regret, ignorance allows to manipulate easily consciousness of such people and to provoke them to any actions, even criminal and obviously opposite to their interests



Internet conference « History of ancient Russia» Tolyatti, , on July, 12th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Internet conference

In the first edition of the British encyclopaedia of 1771 there are no mentions of the Russian empire. There it is written that the biggest country of the world occupying almost all Eurasia, Great Tartarija is. And the Moscow princedom where by this time have already planted to correct Romanovs, is only one of provinces of this huge empire and is called as Moscow Tartariej. In the same place maps of Europe and Asia on which all it is well visible are presented. And already in the following edition of the British encyclopaedia this information is absent completely. What has occurred in the end of 18 centuries? Where the greatest empire of our world has disappeared? The empire hasn't disappeared anywhere. All mentions of it began to disappear quickly! Falsification of history of our civilisation has entered finishing phase. Black forces to social parasites needed to hide real history of mankind and to fabricate the new. Leaning against the assistants the selected people they have successfully coped with this mean problem. All mankind has been deceived and . The huge number of books, pictures, frescos and any other certificates and mentions of the great empire Rusov prospering on our planet many hundred thousand of years has been destroyed. Invaders have begun finishing phase of transformation of earth dwellers in the eternal slaves


Meeting with readers Moscow, on August, 23rd, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

This meeting with readers will be remembered by all not only thanks to the interesting information which the author, as always, generously shared with present, but also that it has appeared the first meeting on which there was not absolutely usual event: in hall 2 times light has been turned off for some time. Not essence important, it has been made intentionally or not, that any panic wasn't formed is important, whence there was small lamp, and answers to questions proceeded, despite a little unusual, and even somewhat romantic conditions. And even a little the strong young guys who have come into hall by last whom nobody invited and didn't know, have easy overslept all meeting, without having caused and without delivering anybody any efforts. This meeting even someone has for fun named « the Meeting at candles »


Meeting with readers Moscow, on September, 20th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

There is no original document confirming existence of Roman empire. All so-called certificates on which this enormous lie is built, aren't more senior XV century of our era! Also it is all arranges. And so-called scientists-historians very much support some centuries and smarten up this lie, destroying everyone who only will dare to doubt truthfulness or rationality of this simple invention. Today already which for whom the fact isn't secret that Russian people really have very ancient and nice history leaving deep into of centuries on many hundred thousand of years. But any attempt of promulgation of this interesting and informative information encounters simply mad resistance of the majority of orthodox scientists. It would Seem, yes in what problem? If there were real, authentic certificates stories so Russian scientists should rejoice together with all people! So after all? It appears, not so. Almost all our scientists-historians don't rejoice together with Russian people, and strongly are angry, already without trying to mask at all the real feelings


Meeting with active of Movement Moscow, on October, 18th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with the Movement active

Today we will devote part of time of our meeting to analysis « flights over Siberia» to the analysis of results of the organisation of videoconferences in Novosibirsk and Tomsk. Some events which have occurred during this trip, allow to draw conclusion that our enemies social parasites start to be afraid of our job. On the one hand, it is good. But, on the other hand, it will lead to that you will be compelled to face the phenomena with which you weren't familiar earlier. Parasites have certainly noted that participants of our Movement already have certain level of development and propaganda activities experience. Plus to it, job becomes not under pressure, not for money, and with all the heart, on personal belief. Such people always were desired extraction for parasites of all colours. In the beginning they start to drive accidentally, with those or other offers, trying to entice people interesting to it in the structures. If for simple so to make nothing it is possible, to course there are various financial offers. If also it « doesn't find understanding» , banal intimidation, the promise of various troubles and misfortunes begins. As a rule, behind it it costs nothing, except pity attempts of elementary psychological influence. And only in exceptional cases actions pass in serious phase. In this case, it is necessary to remember well following


Meeting with participants of Movement Moscow, on November, 8th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

At us at all: at participants of Movement and sympathising one purpose to wake up from mental dream and to part forcibly the neighbour. It is time to clear up not only because it is possible to oversleep dawn but also because it is possible to oversleep and decline. Our civilisation has approached today there where it the last strenuously conducted some tens centuries to the  destruction. And it not mere words, not intimidation and not manipulation. It already occurs today. Our " civilisation" has brought matters that absolutely inconceivable volumes of arable lands are annually irrevocably lost. Application of fertilizers and pesticides conducts to that very soon plants will simply cease to grow and fructify on the poisoned soil. Meal will be ever less. Besides, all this poison gets to ground waters, and then in the rivers, lakes, the seas and oceans. Collecting there, this chemistry influences practically all biosphere of the Earth, poisoning all live and approaching decline of our civilisation. And if we don't wake up in time and we will not make the maximum efforts for situation correction, there can be next Armageddon, only not cine, and the real


Meeting with readers Moscow, on December, 6th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

In my books the information on my understanding of universe and nature laws is stated. This understanding developed not one day and differs radically from standard in science. In due time I have honesty accepted all knowledge that the high school and university offered. However, much to my astonishment, they also didn't try to give answers to basic questions . In science too it has appeared more than white stains, than real knowledge. Therefore I had most to search for answers to the questions. Reading of some occult books has shown that there there is more delirium and ignorance, than in science. There was necessity to develop new methods of search of the knowledge, new tools and techniques. Results of my researches are stated in several books. In them simple and accessible language supplies the basic information on essence of some basic natural phenomena which modern science in any way to explain not in condition. Speaks that such life live matter. As well as where it appears, as develops, how and when there is reason, and much, many other things


Meeting with active of Movement Moscow, on December, 20th, 2008 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with the Movement active

Today to you « the big secret» which consists that we should be engaged in the most active image in propagation will open. The widest propagation on which we have enough possibilities by the current moment time. To conduct successful propagation, we should know and understand very accurately that we propagandise. This knowledge generates the conviction based not on fanaticism or blind belief, and on full understanding of correctness of that you propagandise. At the same time, it is not necessary to force to do anybody something violently. It never will result in what good. The person by whom force something to do violently, instinctively resists to imposed will and perfectly tries to be released from violence at the first opportunity. We should understand and be engaged very well it now only in wide propagation of New Knowledge, necessities of awakening and use of the Reason. Each person should solve for itself, it is interesting to it or not, whether it is necessary to it to join us, or not. And we should try to inform to people our messages as it is possible better and more full


Meeting with readers Moscow, on January, 24th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

Many readers and participants of Movement send the questions and wish to hear on them answers. At the same time, can be and so that on their these questions answers were already given at the previous meetings, and those who already heard these answers earlier, consider that they any more won't receive the new information. This problem is known, and I try to solve it very simply: at the answer to any repeated question I try to give the additional information and to cover problem from the different parties. It appears useful to all: and for those who already repeatedly visits my meetings with readers, and for those who has come on them for the first time. It gives additional sides of understanding of covered problem from the different parties, and allows to comprehend its essence deeply enough. One more nuance: at meetings with readers I try to answer those questions which, in my opinion, can interest many readers and subjects of books which I write concern. Questions which concern any nuances or subtleties of certain specific problems, I at meetings with readers don't consider understandably. For such questions here not place and not time


Meeting with participants of Movement Moscow, on February, 14th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

In one of the letters which have come on site, the reader writes that after perusal of my books it in life has felt for the first time pride that it the Slav! It means that people start to learn and understand the truth about themselves. And this enlightenment occurs, despite diligence of our enemies to inspire inferiority complex, to convince us that we always were wild, primitive, etc. though all is the bald lie! And when the person starts to be proud of the origin, the really great ancestors, it becomes the first step on way of its clearing of mental slavery. We with you problem at the first stage of activity of our Movement just also consists in clearing up from « reason dream» as much as possible people that as it is possible to propagandise more widely new knowledge which will allow to learn and understand true picture and that occurs to us on our planet. It is necessary for us to popularise books and the sites containing the truthful information, and it to help clearing up people to find that they search for a long time, but long time can't find because of constant counteraction of the parasitic System for the present managing on our perfect planet


Meeting with readers of the book « Russia in curve mirrors» . Moscow, on April, 4th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

During lastseveral thousand years enemies of mankind social parasites have made titanic efforts to enslave and at least partially to destroy slavjano-ariev and other fraternal people occupying Russia many hundred thousand of years. And they managed to make in this respect much enough, especially in last one thousand years during the natural phenomenon named today « Night Svaroga» . By means of various means including technical, they managed to deceive and enslave completely almost mankind, there is no time to transform proud and clever people into the pity, intimidated humanoid animals obediently caring only about forage and entertainments. This way conducts to inevitable  destruction. And not casually world Jewry very much tries to keep all of us on this way, annually destroying hundred millions people the poisoned meal and medicines, dirty water and air, wars and constant terror. We should understand accurately that us already kill, only us kill refined, trying also to earn on our death the dirty dollars. Therefore, to survive, it is time to us to begin to see clearly and start to protect the life! I don't urge you to go on barricades, no. Barricades, military conflicts, wars and revolutions is hobby of our enemies. They have learnt to kill best of the best during these actions, and the others to intimidate even more. And not to win them now by means of the usual weapon. The only thing that can bring to us victory over enemies of mankind, the only thing of that they are afraid as fire, is that we learn the truth! They to death are afraid that we learn, who we such actually, and who they! They are afraid that we will understand that we not slaves and never them were, and we will send " owners" very far! They to shiver in knees are afraid that it is necessary to be responsible for long-term meanness, lie and murders, for all that they have created with is no time prospering, advanced terrestrial civilisation under the direction of the owners gangsters from the big space road


Meeting with readers Moscow, on May, 30th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

In Russia now powers of darkness have skilfully grown set of the so-called patriotic organisations, , followers Russian cultures which, owing to the understanding and the purposes put before them, supply the followers with some information, doing the basic emphasis on various ceremonies, signs, suits, celebratings both other minor and insignificant things. But the juicy in it that almost all newly-baked magicians, , and other characters, at all without hesitating, is based by " doctrines" on east religions and " philosophies" , and some even on iudo-Christianity. And the flock obediently nodding after each word of such " guru" , doesn't notice and doesn't think of such glaring contradictions: if you preach Vedichesky culture why you everywhere put Indian, Chinese and any other " wise men" ? After all in these " blest" countries of the real wise men wasn't, and couldn't be? Whence there could be Indian Vedy at and (ancestors of Hindus) the people of black race worshipping to Black Mother and is thoughtless centuries bringing human victim which they continue to bring till now?! And if Hindus once ostensibly could create Vedy where that highest level of development of these people has got to? Where founders of these highest, even to today's measures, knowledge have got to? Today's India doesn't make impression of the country in which though once there was high level of development which is necessary for creation of real Ved. And other east countries too don't make such impression, and except mere allegations and at them anything isn't present


Meeting with readers Moscow, on June, 20th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

Many people have so got used (more correctly them have accustomed) to know a little that almost any new information is rejected by them on level. Some, even looking at photos from articles « Life Source» , say that it can't be, because can be never! As it is strange, but people prefer to react to event, following the emotions, and almost at all don't use the most powerful tool of knowledge, from ever existing, the Reason! All almost unconditionally trust the sense organs, for example, to the eyes. But thus absolutely forget that sense organs of the person " are created" by the nature for usual life, i.e. for biological existence in the ecological niche. The nature the nobility didn't know about any knowledge of world around also " has provided" nothing for satisfaction of human curiosity. The majority of the scientific devices created by the person, are only amplifiers of its sense organs and can't give any data on what can't be seen, heard, felt etc. However, the part of the Universe accessible to our sense organs at today's level of our development, represents very small share of the real World which is much more, more difficult and more interestingly, than we represent to ourselves today


Meeting with participants of Movement Moscow, on July, 4th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with participants of Movement

From actions of each of us, our future depends on our active vital position, the future our country and even all our civilisation. Today any people, except Russian, can is free and is open be proud of itself, national features, the consciousness, the achievements and successes. However, it is necessary to someone to declare from Russian at least that he is proud of the Native land as him there and then try to accuse of nationalism, racism and even fascism. When mass-media water Russia with dirt then all correctly then they do the work necessary to parasites. And when somebody tries to tell the truth about Russia, about its people, about its ancient and nice history to it at once try to close mouth, hanging different labels and even accusing of various crimes. Such conditions and such actions of our authorities very much look like actions of occupational mode when aggressors enter the rigid, actually slaveholding mode conducting to inevitable degradation and destruction of the subdued population on occupied territories. Therefore on ours with you of resoluteness and activity depends very many: not only survival us and our descendants, but also existence of our Native land! After all parasites persistently try to " eat" our country, and together with it and all of us


Meeting with readers Moscow, on July, 25th, 2009 Nikolay Levashov. Meeting with readers

If we don't start to wake up in the near future from mental dream if Mankind and especially, Russian people don't wake up soon to wake up there will be already nobody. War against the people of White Race doesn't stop for instant, getting more and more monstrous and refined forms. Today we already become victims of genetic genocide. The most part of foodstuff which we daily use in food, are already chemically poisoned and genetically modified. And sterility in the third generation will be result of use by us of genetically spoilt products. I.e. the today's poisoned food does our future grandsons childless! To such conclusions many fair scientists have come, however their data is diligently ignored or forged. The social parasites for the present keeping many reins of government on the Earth in the hands, diligently destroy agriculture not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, especially in the European. Manufacturers of pure, qualitative products, and there and then as lines from snuffbox, there are the firms making or buying the poisoned foodstuff are destroyed. As you can see, this Jesuit policy is the same war, war disguised, secret, but from it not less mean and killing



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