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Majurov Alexander Nikolaevich

The president of the International Academy of Sobriety

It appears, the most part of the population of planet, namely — two thirds of its inhabitants — live soberly. Боле 600 big and small nations of the world don't take alcohol, don't smoke and don't apply other drugs. According to the International academy of sobriety in 41 state of the world the absolute Prohibition, and in 40 countries — sobriety laws operates.


The most sober countries are painted over on map by green colour in what there are problems with some drugs (for example, in China the smoking problem) isn't solved yet — yellow, etc. We had to live in the hell of it наркотизированного the world — Ukraine, as well as Russia, and almost all Europe, is painted by disturbing, dark red paint of narcotic sufferings.

Here the list of the states in which laws on sobriety (various degree of severity) operate at the state level: Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Benin, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Butane, East Timor, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Djibouti, Egypt, Zambia, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Yemen, Cambodia, Cameroon, Qatar, Kenya, China, Comoro Islands, the Cat-d'ivuar, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritius, Mauritania, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Maldives, Morocco, Myanma, Nenal, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Palestin, Papua-new Guinea, Ruanda, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Seychelles, Senegal, Singapore, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Tanzania, That, Tunis, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uganda, Central African republic, Chad, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia.

The largest people which don't take alcohol: Chineses (1 billion 125 million persons) хиндустанцы (245 million) Bengaleses (189,15 million) панджабцы (99 million) бахарцы (97,6 million) телугу (74,5 million) conceal (70 million) маратхи (66,5 million) тамилы (64,11 million) Vietnameses (62,15 million) Egyptians (54,6 million) Turks (53,3 million) гуджаратцы (47 million) малаяли (35 million) ория (32,3 million) жауса (30,8 million) спамцы (30,13 million) кушиты (30 million) Persians (25,9 million) сунды (24,5 million) Algerians (22,2 million).

Adherents of 416 religions of globe profess трезвение. Among them Islam (1 billion 126 million persons) суннизм (850 million) индуизм (793 million) Buddhism (500 million) вишнуизм (500 million) ханафиты (400 million) пятидесятничество (373 million) маликиты (200 million) шиваизм (198 million) Shiism (180 million) имамиты (140 million) new century (100 million) Calvinism (62 million) методизм (60 million) assembly of God (22 million) амидаизм (19,7 million) Adventists of the seventh day (16 million) and others.

But, unfortunately, even those countries, which population are conducted by healthy, sober way of life, aren't protected to the full from influence of process of globalisation which has brought it " culture" of mass consumption of legal and illegal drugs. Conditionally in the world it is possible to allocate six conceptual approaches to problem наркотизма:

The Chinese model. The question is completely solved with illegal drugs. For trade they provide the public death penalty (execution) at the big gathering of people (stadium, the area, etc.). As it is publicly burnt and the withdrawn drug. Alcohol practically isn't consumed. The last some years on each inhabitant of China are necessary on 50 gramme of alcohol (compare: in Ukraine or Russia per capita consumption from 20 to 25 litres!). However, in China till now there are problems with tobacco smoking, but the government has intention to solve and tobacco problem. With « the Chinese model» it is possible to carry to the countries also India, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanma and other states.

The Arabian model. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the Islamic states is forbidden by the Koran. For trade in alcohol strict measures are provided, up to the death penalty. For trade in heroin, marihuana, ЛСД, cocaine and other illegal drugs only the death penalty. For tobacco smoking punishment measures плетьми or blows of sticks on heels are provided. Therefore alko-narco-problems in the Arabian world practically doesn't exist.

The American model. Influence on alko-narcotic situation by means of huge затратного the financial mechanism. There are some successes in the decision of questions with tobacco smoking. In some states (Utah, Maine, etc.) is propagandised healthy way of life.

Responsible body for struggle against drugs in the USA is ДЕА (administration on struggle against drugs) which as structural division is a part of the Ministry of Justice of the USA. ДЕА is federal service and totals 5,5 thousand employees (agents) 4,5 thousand from which are distributed on all states and districts, and 1 thousand agents is officers of communication ДЕА at embassies of the USA in overwhelming majority of the world countries. The administration on drugs has own information centre located in the State of Colorado on border from New Mexico. The information arriving from it is analyzed by prospecting division DEA which makes strategic and tactical forecasts of narcotic situation in the country, channels of transportation of drugs and ways of washing up of money from drugs.

Technical armament of divisions on struggle against drugs very high. In property ДЕА there are 50 planes, 65 helicopters, 5 submarines. For the control over deliveries of parties of chemical components or drugs ДЕА establishes low-power radio beacons and gives the task of NASA for tracking them. NASA by mapping of various sites of globe gives the information on site of radio beacon to within 100 sq. m.

ДЕА as well as FBI, carries out all complex of operatively-search actions, including external supervision and the control of telephone conversations independently, by means of the operative technics, for the bill of that level of return from spent actions sharply raises. In narcotism problem are engaged not only ДЕА, but also law enforcement bodies, i.e. Local police. For the decision of the given problem they aim the efforts at revealing and exposure of addicts and various distributors of drugs. It is annually exposed from 2 to 3 thousand underground laboratories. Job on their revealing and liquidation is the most dangerous for the reason that on 90-95 % approaches to laboratories and the equipment is mined. And despite high professional standard of agents ДЕА which is engaged in the given direction of job, from 2 to 10 underground laboratories annually blow up at their capture. The administration gives close attention as to maintenance of deep investigation of laboratories at their exposure, and to maintenance with means of reliable individual defence of staff.

On arms of each battalion of Administration on drugs there is special car, in the complete set with the special equipment. For liquidation of one underground laboratory, destruction of ready product, chemical components and used equipment ДЕА spends from 300 thousand to 1,5 million US dollars. There is also legislative base for off-budget financing of activity of these bodies for the bill of arrest of actives (money) and the real estate, got on the means received from criminal activity that in separate years exceeds volumes of budgetary financing.

The administration on struggle against drugs conducts not only active offensive job on overlapping of channels of receipt of drugs in illegal circulation, liquidations of underground laboratories, but also will organise the general and individual preventive maintenance of narcotism, especially among children and teenagers. In the country it is created about 2,5 thousand public organisations which resist наркотизму. The special institute — NIAAA, in questions of narcotism and glue sniffing other institute — NIDA which have good budgetary maintenance is engaged in tobacco and alcohol problems. Movement АА and АН is developed.

At the same time, the heroin problem, ЛСД, cocaine isn't solved. Moreover, under Soros's home nursing in three states (in the west of the USA) indulgences are given marihuana. The alcoholic question in the country practically isn't solved. The huge money which is released by the government of the USA on preventive maintenance and prevention of drug trafficking, is used inefficiently, and sometimes and at all irrationally.

The American model is applied also in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, Finland and number of other countries.

The Netherlands model. There are indulgences concerning marihuana which can be got in so-called narcocoffee houses. In many countries of the world narcotourism is developed — addicts go to the Netherlands from Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, France and other states to " unburden the heart" in narcodope. In narcology of the Netherlands replaceable therapy — application метадона is widely developed. Trezvennoe movement is available, but is developed poorly. The Alko-narco-problem as a whole isn't solved. And tobacco and at all is in deadlock. At the same time, under laws of the Netherlands, alcohol concerns rigid drugs. By the way of the Netherlands today go: Belgium, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland.

The Euroasian model. Her profess in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and number of other CIS countries. Beer, wine, vodka and cigarettes is advertised. Are forbidden marihuana, ЛСД, cocaine, экстази, heroin and other drugs. The population of the countries strongly наркотизируется and самоуничтожается. Death rate exceeds birth rate. Laws, decrees and decisions leave as declarations. Substantially the country corrects alko - and drug mafia. Money for struggle against narcotism and narcobusiness practically aren't allocated. Alcohol it is per capita consumed from 20 to 25 litres year. In ranks of the army about 30 % of the recruits attached to illegal drugs aren't supposed. There are processes of rejuvenation and criminalisation of drunkenness, alcoholism, narcotisms and glue sniffings.

The Scandinavian model. We carry actions to it against alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, applied in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and on Faeroes. Here the complex and system approach in business of education of healthy and sober generation is carried out. In these countries under the law it is impossible to become the minister, the teacher or the physician if you consume alcohol, tobacco or any other drugs. It is strongly developed трезвенное movement. The socialist governments of the countries in the actions apply « press system» against any addicts. In the policy and actions they harmoniously influence system of the antinarcotic legislation and stimulate social movements.

In Sweden there is set of the organisations supporting трезвение the nations: National Federation of Sobriety in Sweden the Alliance of the Swedish Associations of Sobriety Council of Sobriety of Christian Churches Association of Opponents of Intoxicating Products the Swedish Branch IOGT League of Juniors IOGT Association of Railwaymen-nondrinkers Association of Drivers-nondrinkers League of Youth of Drivers-nondrinkers Association of Scouts in movement for sobriety Association of playing sports in the open air the Academic Association of Sobriety Association the Dark blue Tape Youth League the Dark blue Tape Association of Sobriety for the Swedish Teachers Association of Nondrinkers Among the Swedish Policemen Association of Sobriety of Youth the White Tape (Female Christian League of Sobriety) Church of Committee of Mercy and Social reliability Church of the Swedish Youth Association of Laymen in the Swedish Church the Swedish Decent Church the Swedish Decent Youth Church the Swedish Evangelic Mission (SEM) and SEM for youth the Swedish Baptist Church Youth League of Baptist Church Church of Methodologists in Sweden Association of Youth of Church of Methodologists the Salvation army Youth Movement of the Salvation army Church Mission of the Swedish Alliance Church Mission of the Swedish Alliance for youth the Swedish Salvation army УWCA/УМСА Association of Scouts Orebro Baptist Church Orebro Baptist Church for youth Sacred Mission Sacred Mission of youth Free Baptist Church Ansgar — Committee.

Approximately the same picture in social movement for sobriety in Norway. Here operate actively: National board of Associations of Sobriety of Norway the Dark blue Cross in Norway the Youth Dark blue Cross the Norwegian Numbers Healthy Tamplierov the White Tape (Female Christian League of Sobriety) the Norwegian Association of Absolute Nondrinkers Absolute Nondrinkers (Youth) Association of Opponents of Intoxicating Products League of Juniors in IOGT in Norway Association of Drivers-nondrinkers League of Youth of Drivers-nondrinkers Association of Youth Norwegian Healthy Tamplierov the Norwegian Grand Box IOGT the Norwegian Association of Nondrinkers the Norwegian Association of Railwaymen-nondrinkers Association of Nondrinkers among the Norwegian teachers Association of Nondrinkers among the Norwegian priests the National Alliance of restaurants, hotels and the public places serving only by soft drinks Council of Sobriety of Christian Churches. Council has 33 member organisations, among which Norwegian Lutheran church, the majority of not Anglican churches and many Christian organisations.

Today all education and public health services in Norway and Sweden are free. Prisons are empty, as there is no clientele. Alcohol and tobacco sell very seldom — is available on one specialised shop on area (district). And all " potion" is more expensive some our alcohol and tobacco in 50-100 times.



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Performance of Majurova in Tchebarkul 2006г.

In 2006 A.N.Majurov has spent in Tchebarkul (the Chelyabinsk area, the Russian Federation) three-day seminar in which course has acquainted listeners with the basic concepts собриологии, existing problem алкоголизации societies, and also with ways of its overcoming. The seminar has taken place at the initiative of local authorities and has collected packed house of the interested and not indifferent people to problem...


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