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Interesting videos about the education, the new inventions, not learnt. To download video about science

In this section the most interesting videos about our planet and its surprising phenomena are collected. You can download video about the most mysterious secrets of our planet, about not learnt and, of course, about the greatest riddle the person. Despite the general development of science and education, the majority connected with human nature remains not learnt, unopened, the majority even the most ordinary phenomena is cleared up by new questions, both at scientists, and at usual people. The difficult device of brain of the person, mysterious mechanisms of memory and intuition all it clears up natural desire to learn new in science, the technician, education, to admire not learnt things. To download video from our site means to receive the exhaustive information on numerous questions absolutely free of charge that raises level of knowledge of everyone seen, opens new horizons, forces to reflect on eternal things.

To download video about secrets, riddles, strangenesses

Our planet is full of numerous secrets and riddles which interested people all their history. Even on modern level of development of the science, not all secrets of the Earth are still opened, the most part remains not learnt. You can find set of the materials, concerning our planet, science, education, the inventions, all new and not learnt on our site. For this purpose you need to download simply video which than was necessary on taste more, and to plunge into the surprising world of riddles of our house the Earth.

To download video. Science. Education. Unknown.



The message from Galaxies / Pleiadian Alien Message (Alaje) (2009 / 10 films)

The message from ALAJE - member of Galactic Federation of Light (the Galactic Federation of Light).

" Hi, I Alaje. I occur from star system of Galaxies. I am member of Galactic Federation, in which thousand benevolent races in the Universe work together. It not science fiction. If you the intellectual in the beginning investigate this information before will start it to criticise. I conducted many seminars about consciousness development in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Many of us, live here as volunteers for the purpose of elimination negative on the earth. Everyone has its own abilities and problems. The Universes are naturally full of life in different measurements. But it is kept secret on your planet. Your dark governors deride themes about aliens and consciousness development so that you had no interest to it and laughed at it. People in the power lie to you in the millenia about aliens and space laws. They don't want, that it knew, because they are afraid to lose the power over you. If you don't believe it, try to find out true on purpose to learn. The proof exists, but you should find it. Only then you will believe also the nobility."

The text of all rollers in text file to DOWNLOAD 1.3 Mb


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31Mb .4

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Secrets of death

Each born should die. It is the law. But the modern science after religion comes to a conclusion: the death is not the end, and transition from one condition in another is faster. Scientific devices fix behind corporal death something is. But what? The film « Secret of death» about why we should so to highly appreciate every instant lives, and, the main thing to believe in Love

1.37 Gb

Video seminar " the Exit from body for 3 days"

Duration: ~ 10 hours

The description: For whom videseminar:

- For those who wishes to learn exit from body and to the realised dreams

- For those who hates insignificant talks and theories

- For those to whom real practice and only practice is necessary

That will give video seminar:

- Ability to leave of body and knowledge as it correctly to do

- Ability to operate extracorporal experience and all its components

- One more world, even more accurate and boundless

- Possibility to travel by the ground, the Universe and time

- Access to reception of the necessary information

- Absolutely new and tremendous way of self-treatment

- Possibility again to see and communicate with the died

- Mastering by the most powerful psychotechnology

- And mn. Other

Advantages of video seminar:

+ effect of real presence at practical seminar

+ the guaranteed effect of all for some days

+ it is possible to look anywhere, when necessary and as much as necessary

+ in times is cheaper than real seminar

It is 10 hour video guarantees result within two days with probability of 50 %.

And 90 % for week at everyday attempts!

Group: 35 persons. Real result of group more than 60 % (35 % after day 1, 25 % after day 2).

Age of 18-70 (!) years. M/zh 40/60 %. Materialists/esoterics of 35/65 %.

The group is zadokumentirovannym the certificate of reality of phenomenon and possibility of its achievement literally from one or several attempts.

Day 1: as is most easier and faster all to endure extracorporal experience, the easiest algorithm, working off of the cores the technician and algorithm, emergency returning in body

Day 2: the analysis of attempts of group and its result, analysis of examples upon, condition deepening, condition deduction, moving, finding of objects

Day 3: the analysis of attempts of group and its result, analysis of examples upon, direct technicians, scopes of extracorporal phenomenon in the applied purposes

+ Set of details rather the technician, curious stories from practice, ridiculous cases, weight of the various useful and applicable technical information

+ 10 indicative video lessons







Spirit of the age

What unites bible myth, acts of terrorism on September, 11th and credit system led by Central Bank? Who and for what creates religions? Who stands up for acts of terrorism on September, 11th? Who and how earns on wars? On whom the average American 4 months in year works? Why war with terrorism can proceed eternally? For what are necessary to mass-media and show business? What future prepares for planet the world government? The film gives the unique analysis of the numerous facts of manipulation with public consciousness since the most ancient times on the present and sets thinking, and whether the world to what us have learnt it to represent is that? And though the film tells about event in America, he helps Russian person to understand principles and technologies of global policy and to find analogies in our history. What were the purposes of christening of Russia to whom act of terrorism in Beslan on whom works as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was favourable? Having realised event essence, you can answer this and many other questions independently.

728 Mb

Boris Korchevnikova's author's project « I Wish to believe!» - the program about unknown history of mankind.

« I wish to believe» is journalistic attempt to understand the most deafening secrets of history. The sight at the world in which each step puts new questions and demands solutions. The idea of creation belongs to Vyacheslav Murugovu both the talented journalist and the producer of television channel STS to Boris Korchevnikovu. Boris itself tries to be convinced of reliability of this or that version, therefore constantly is in search of the concrete facts: behind the rests of historical artefacts goes down in mountain cave or dives on sea-bottom, recreates natural explosion or flight of meteorite in the conditions of scientific laboratory. In shot together with it - domestic and foreign scientists, enthusiasts-fans, eyewitnesses of events and it is simple local residents. Unique archival materials, certificates of experts, sensational opening of scientists, unexpected sight at the questions at issue in the history, acknowledgement or refutation of ancient myths all it in Boris Korchevnikova's new program « I Wish to believe!» .

1 release: Mozart was poisoned with masons

250 Mb

2 release: Antique Troy was in Finland?

250 Mb

3 release: Venice won't sink

250 Mb

4 release: Sacred Graal

250 Mb

5 release: Sacred Graal (part 2)

250 Mb

6 release: Lzhe-Nostradamus

250 Mb

7 release: Bible Sodom and Gomorrah, they existed?

250 Mb

8 release: the Award Rozenkrejtserov, owned the recipe of eternal youth?

250 Mb

9 release: the Turin shroud, it podlennaya?

250 Mb

10 release: Epic athletes, they existed?

250 Mb

11 release: Labyrinths. What for them built?

250 Mb

12 release: Paganism

250 Mb

13 release: Where there was Kulikovsky fight?

250 Mb

14 release: Where there was Kulikovsky fight? (Part 2)

250 Mb

15 release: the Riddle of the woman of the Pharaoh

250 Mb

16 release: the Sword of king Arthur

250 Mb

17 release: Hyperboreas - our disappeared native land?

250 Mb

18 release: Hyperboreas - our disappeared native land? (Part 2)

250 Mb

19 release: Disappeared atlantida - where it?

250 Mb

20 release: the Christening of Russia. How much time christened it?

250 Mb

21 release: amazons

250 Mb

22 release: Longevity, in what its secret?

250 Mb

23 release: In the wake of Flood

250 Mb

24 release: Noev the ark existed

250 Mb

25 release: the Error of Darwin. Why the person didn't occur from obez'yany

250 Mb

26 release: Who has thought up the yeti?

250 Mb

27 release: I Wish to believe in Father Frost

250 Mb

28 release: Houses in which it would be desirable to live. How to be pulled out from standard high-rise buildings?

250 Mb

29 release: Tataro-Mongolian the Yoke wasn't

250 Mb

30 release: From dawn to decline - one day in monastery shaolinei.

250 Mb

31 release: In search of seven miracles of the world (1 part)

250 Mb

32 release: In search of seven miracles of the world (2 part)

250 Mb

33 release: Great walls. What for them built?

250 Mb

34 release: Leonardo de Vincis, whether could forge the Turin shroud?

250 Mb

35 release: the Gold-rush

250 Mb

36 release: Cossacks and Vikings - they of one blood?

250 Mb

37 release: Global warming: myth or reality?

250 Mb

38 release: Duanizm

250 Mb

39 release: Dragons, and can they - dinosaurs?! (1 part)

250 Mb

40 release: Dragons, and can they - dinosaurs?! (2 part)

250 Mb

41 release: beauty Secret

250 Mb

The forgotten worlds. Secrets of mystical revelations

Strange ritual opens door in the world of the remote past and transfers us at the time of when the person made travel to kingdom of gods by means of substances changing consciousness. How changed consciousness the ancient people? What strange and mysterious measurements were investigated by our ancestors? And what worlds are searched till now by the modern person? Really bible prophets aspired to reaching the changed condition of consciousness? Whether also the truth, what have given to Jesus special means to facilitate its sufferings on cross? How ancient it was possible to apply drugs, without getting used to them? We invite you in travel on other measurements.

510 Mb

Top secret the secret power of Shambhala

Legend about the magic country to the Shambhala hidden from extraneous eyes in the Himalayas, people handed down centuries. The mysterious Shambhala drew to itself as magnet and promised the absolute power over the world. Most close scouts of the Soviet Russia and Hitlerite Germany have stolen up to secret solution. In the Third Reich even the elite organisation within the limits of SS - " Annanerbe" who included 50 institutes has been created. Research of technologies of secret policy, methods of coming to power and manipulation people was their purpose. What it was possible to learn expeditions of nazis in 1938, and earlier - to agent OGPU Jacob Bljumkinu? Than the chief of secret department OGPU Gleb Bokija was engaged? For what the secret society " Uniform labour brotherhood" , headed by scientist Alexander Barchenko has been created? For what has been shot Bljumkin which has come back from Tibet, and as by Barchenko and Bokija? Professor Ernest Muldashev, writer Vadim Telitsyn, historian Oleg Shishkin take part in the program, scientific Jury Zaharov, political scientist Timur Poljannikov, the president of the Center religiovedcheskih researches Alexander Dvorkin, traveller Vitaly Sundakov.

350 Mb

Last prediction of Majja 2012

2012. Last Predskazanie Majja Many believe that the ancient prediction of Majja on December, 21st, 2012 will come true and the doomsday will come? have predicted the First World War and tsunami in Asia of 2006. Whether we should concern seriously their prediction of doomsday in 2012?

495 Mb

The magic world of our dreams Secrets of prophetic dreams

We spend considerable part of the life in the world which today would name virtual though it has appeared long before computers and has to them no any relation. It is the magic world of our dreams. This world for us is very important, because we spend in him the twelfth part of the life. For example, if the person lives 60 years 20 years from them he sleeps, and 5 - has dreams. Whether all have dreams and what they mean, why to us is is more often shot thrillers, instead of family serials, what such great dream of the shaman or prophetic dream of Lomonosov?

421 Mb

Civilisation to glacial age

The Popular scientific documentary film giving unique possibility to learn about the newest scientific theories of origin of civilisations. The group of scientists gives the certificates of the developed human civilisation existing to the Glacial age and found on ocean floor, probably, connected with legendary Atlantis.

420 Mb


Understanding bases karmy in as much as possible accessible form: - law Principles karmy, - interactions karm relatives, - reincarnation, - correction karmy, - destruction karmy

275 Mb

Supernatural forces and the phenomena

Throughout all history of mankind the supernatural (paranormal) phenomena always bewitched people of believers and irritated sceptics. In new series of films " Supernatural forces and the phenomena" are used unique archival materials, interview to scientists and the attestations of eyewitnesses, allowing to slightly open secrets of mysterious phenomena and the popular myths exciting imagination of modern people

330 Mb

Life after life

Moudi was one of the first researchers okolosmertnyh experiences. He has offered this term and has described experiences approximately 150 people who have endured clinical death. From the analysis of reports of 150 patients which have worried clinical death, Moudi has allocated nine most often mentioned events which regularly appeared in reports. Anybody from the surveyed hasn't endured all 9 sensations. Some have tested and have described only 2 or 3, others gave descriptions of 5 or 6 sensations. This " exemplary" experience in detail reveals in film where the people who have endured clinical death, tell about the experiences, strange and indescribable, but wonderful conditions full of calmness. These people have realised the new world filled with love and completeness which is in them.

337 Mb

I was on a visit at death

The story ocheviditsy about the other world. The woman has got to accident and has died. On a visit at death she has seen all terrible torments of hell... Also has revived. The strongest shock has forced it to rethink former life.

631 Mb

Thieves of souls. Cults, sects etc.

262 Mb

Experiences of clinical death

The fear, all known condition which pursues us throughout all life. It it is possible to name the purest and absolute emotion. The image of fear arises at the moment of birth. It is created when we have no experience, we have nothing it to compare. And all other images (defining our consciousness, behaviour etc., about images, the mechanism of their creation and job with them will read in the first part of the book) will be adhered to it. So, you are afraid of death? If yes, I can calm you. Death this unknown condition, it isn't studied by you and consequently there is communication for similar image, image which has arisen at birth. It has been filled by pain, uncertainty, cardinal change of world around. As you have possibly guessed it image of fear. We aren't afraid of death, we feel image of fear at mention of death. Being afraid of death we is simple naprosto we feel pure fear of birth.

481 Mb

Change 911-Loose change 2nd edition

More than 20 million persons worldwide have downloaded on the Internet half-hour film " Change" (Loose Change), offering alternative treatment of explosion of towers-twins on September, 11th, 2001. About it on Saturday on the eve of the fifth anniversary of tragical events on September, 11th it was told in the program « the Post skriptum» on TVTs, devoted to this film. Earlier magazine Time has named film « polutorachasovym kaleidoscope of figures, photos, documents, attestations of eyewitnesses and indications of the experts replacing each other under fragmentary rhythms hip-hopa» . The film purpose to expose on points the standard version of events on September, 11th, 2001.

481 Mb

Revolyutsiya.com, or the USA - gain of Russia

In the evening on April, 15th on television channel " Russia" the documentary film of the French journalists has been shown. Film under the name « Revolyutsiya.com. The USA: the Gain and east submission » tells about technologies of preparation and carrying out of" colour" revolutions on example of Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Following on turn, according to authors of film, there is Russia. However, in the film version, pokazanoi on air" Russia" , the termination where it is told about our country has been cut off" .

297 Mb

The truth about September, 11th, 2001

How was actually? Who operated planes on September, 11th? Whether the plane on the Pentagon fell? Terrorists or special services?

90 Mb

Unsolemn war. Revolutions of 21 centuries

Europe... The European choice... The European Union... All world information power speaks About advantage of the European choice to Ukraine today. In newspapers, especially, on TV, it is almost impossible to meet the given reason opposite point of view.

48 Mb

Factory of the zombie

Physicians believe that so-called " poteryashki" (people with the erased memory) - were material for working out of the weapon of zombiing.

It follows from this that the weapon exists for a long time already. And bad people in laboratories and those who supervises over them on our money continue these monstrous experiences...

258 Mb

Amber room

Documentary detective about mysterious destiny of the Amber room - the eighth Miracle of the world, history of its creation, abduction and search

316 Mb

Unique possibilities of brain

Daniel Tammet is allocated by improbable abilities to mathematical calculations, consecutive memory and to studying of languages. He asserts that in the consciousness each number to 10000 has the own unique form, he is capable to " see" results of calculations, it is literally as landscapes, whether and that he can " feel" the number is simple or compound. It has described the vision of number 289 as ugly, 333 as partially attractive, as beautiful. The vision of numbers of Tammet expresses not only in words, but also on canvas.

290 Mb

The theory of pyramids

The theory confirming as if architects of the Great pyramid applied the special unit of measure called by them « pyramidal inch» . All calculations of the smart astronomer really are based upon it « pyramidal inch» what, in its opinion, equals 25th parts of the sacred elbow equivalent in turn of 25,025 English inches (0,6356). From here « the pyramidal inch» has been equal 1,001 English inches.

600 Mb

Tablets from all illnesses

Tablets from all illnesses for the present unrealizable dream of mankind. Doctors and scientists don't believe in miracles, and don't promise us creation of wonderful tablets in the near future. But there are those who think differently. However, to medicine these people of the relation have no. As well as pills which they make, advertise and sell in thousand packings across all Russia

These wonderful tablets and powders in colourful packings became very popular. Them advertise by radio and in newspapers, them sell in drugstores and from hands Them BUDS - biologically active additives name. From headache and depression, impotence and arrhythmia, atherosclerosis and cancer

Whether it is necessary to buy BUDS? How not to fall for the bait swindlers? About it and many other things you learn from our film.

500 Mb

Secret of the Finnish war

Cyril Nabutova's devoted to research of the reasons the author's film, to the beginning and course of the Soviet-Finnish war. In film the set of earlier not published documents and newsreel shots is used, samples of arms and equipment are shown reconstructed on models of those years. For all fans of military history. The film is shown for the first time on TV-6 television channel in November, 2002.

608 Mb

Striking power

The XXI-st century - century of hypersound speeds, global information, computer technologies and innovations. One of the most closed themes in any country - sphere of manufacture of the weapon. Russia not exception. Because the high technologies here are born. Possessing the best in the world samples of arms and military technology, we practically know nothing about their founders - scientists and designers. The privacy veil over these legendary people and secrets of birth of the modern weapon is slightly opened by cycle of documentary films of Alexander Ilyin " Striking power" .

413 Mb

Inhabitancy. Household chemical goods

We are millions modern city dwellers. In 21 century our life is convenient and comfortable, thought over and predicted. Our apartment kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, workplace office or office, the municipal transportation, liked vacation spots - all is our inhabitancy. Within each day we move on the same route. Our life is habitual, but isn't always safe. And danger happens is deadly. Calmness illusion is created by our ignorance. To be saved from dangers, it is necessary to know " the enemy in the person"

495 Mb

Secrets of slavic civilisation

Ancient Romans name teachers of the western Europe. Teachers of teachers etruski! At one time names of slavic tribes developed of addition to root rus the prefixes reflecting features of these tribes, in relation to the rests rusam, for example, ET'russki, P'russy. The prefix et before the self-name rusov means clarified rusy carriers of the high culture which proofs were saved in the north of Italy, in the form of inscriptions on stones and works of art.

In film it is told about occurrence of slavic writing long before Kirila and Mefodija. It I confirm ancient finds of novel writing for us. This writing has been deciphered.

233 Mb

Siberian v'yun

Hand-to-hand fight « Siberian v'yun» is practical fighting struggle (behavioural model) consisting of set of cumulative things, such as: various technical operating time, the shock technics, broskovaya technics, development of ways of movings on different distance and its tracing, acrobatics, psychophysis, biomechanics, psychological aspects on interaction of the person with the person, knowledge of laws of composition, as the space and time organisations, development of ways of deducing of the person from balance, as physical and mental, tactics and strategy and many other things.

700 Mb


The science opens secrets of sexual appeal, showing that love, as cocaine ecstasy. That we choose the partner in smell and at last as well as why we find ideal pair.

832 Mb


People always wished to know the future and to have possibility to glance in the past. To make travel to time mankind aspires in two ways - first, by means of technical adaptations, secondly, using paranormal abilities. However on the earth there are places where similar miracles occur without participation of the person.

536 Mb

Whether prophecies of Majja will come true

From prophecies : « Everyone searches for the road to lives. This way never happens direct and smooth. It will necessarily result everyone in its outcome. The outcome doesn't mean oblivion. The end is only the beginning» . This knowledge of priestess Kukulkana or as them « Keepers of days» still named, have received from the ancestors. Great forerunners of the people have come to Southern Mexico from outside the legendary Seven caves located somewhere in the north. They have brought to people calendar which counts not only days, weeks and years, it shows epoch of the civilisations occupying our planet. In this sacred calendar it is told accurately: on December, 21st, 2012 the epoch of the Fourth sun in which we live, comes to an end. That will be further it is not known. Some researchers believe, what exactly this day prophecies will come true, and there will come the Apocalypse 2012.

309 Mb

Chasm call

Secret psychotropic war of special services never was property of publicity. There is basis to believe that image of scandalous pseudo science, parapsychology, was created intentionally. Meanwhile, in the closed laboratories the confidential experiments which results are really sensational were made.

610 Mb

The forgotten worlds. Shroud riddle

This most known of all relics. The weight of articles and the special literature is devoted riddle of the Turin shroud. We will carry out new scientific and legal researches. Experts will try to recreate the image which can appear Jesus the most exact portrait in three measurements

561 Mb


After building end the 600-metre skyscraper of Burzh-Dubaj becomes the highest building in the world. Not to allow to it to fall from its huge weight, engineers use 30 000 tons of steel for creation of the thin and easy skeleton for the first time applied in 1890th years in Chicago. By means of pumps capacity in 630 horsepowers builders lift concrete tons almost on 600 metres in height. The unusual, aerodynamical form of Burzh-Dubaja protects it from strong winds, without allowing to be formed by powerful whirlwinds, or minitornado. To secure building against earthquakes, engineers have borrowed ideas at the highest building for today towers of Tajbej 101. Thin steel beams on Burzh-Dubae can be braided and be stretched, absorbing force of pushes, like zones of deformation at cars. Let's add to it special glass panels for protection against the sun liftovye the brakes, capable to stop the cargo equal to the 18-wheel truck, falling with rock, and hi-tech walls from glass and steel, and Burzh-Dubaj becomes modern miracle of architecture.

534 Mb

Freemasonry or servitude

Hardly probable we will be mistaken, if we will tell that the most part of people has rather vague idea about masons. What disappears behind this mysterious name? The freemasonry and is full today of secrets, to get in which and to understand their true purposes rather and rather hardly. Telling about essence of the organisation masons often mention such concepts as « philanthrophy, mercy, universal brotherhood» so quite decent picture of activity of this secret organisation is created. However at the attentive analysis of Masonic lodges it becomes clear that they are very far from those noble slogans with which appeals in the speeches

686 Mb

Don't burn on milk

Councils are given by Elena Jurova, the head of test laboratory on revealing of food fakes, and Vladimir Labinov, the director of the Dairy union of Russia. Sour cream check iodine. In the natural cream and ferment contain only, in the counterfeit add starch. If the droplet of iodine which you have dripped in sour cream, became dark blue colour in it there is starch. Remained brown product natural.

518 Mb

Earth icing

Scientists believe that it is a lot of millions years ago on the Earth there was global icing, and there is danger of repetition of this disaster. In film hypotheses about the possible reasons of icing are considered and forecasts for the future become.

657 Mb

The moon: other reality

Already throughout several centuries scientists observe the mysterious phenomena similar to signals of reasonable beings on the Moon: moving light stains, strips, light columns, light blinking and pulsation. Flights on the Moon haven't cleared situation. Pictures of the same areas the Moon made at various times, at times fix the changes occurring on lunar surface. In some photos strange objects are looked through, whether similar to artificial constructions the Truth, what Stalin planned to create military base on the Moon? The American astronauts and Soviet " Moon rovers" have faced what unexpectedness on the Moon? Why the American lunar program ahead of time has been curtailed? Than hearings about activity on the Moon of representatives of other civilisations are called? Authors of this documentary film have tried to answer these and other questions.

500 Mb

The house from warm cubes

The description: the Film about building of two-storeyed cottage, the area of 126 square metres. Modern building technologies are capable to satisfy inquiries even the most exacting customer. However, the majority of technologies used in building are long enough. Therefore, house erection is tightened almost for years. This project is addressed those who wishes to celebrate house warming in the ready warm house already in couple of months after the building beginning. It is told about new technology of building from teploeffektivnyh blocks. In film the description of processes of building, since base choice is presented, finishing furnish of the ready house. The integrated estimate of civil work and materials is resulted. It will be useful to all who plans country house construction.

266 Mb

Lie detector. Gestures. Documentary film

You are assured, what close people tell you the truth? Know what to tell on interview, to receive desirable post? Thought, what to pick up words to achieve reciprocity from the person who to you is nice? To understand the interlocutor and to become successful, it is not necessary to be the attentive listener and to shine with eloquence. It is necessary to pay attention only to gestures and mimicry and correctly to gesticulate most. After all it is proved that gestures are detector of the truth.

420 Mb

In depth of planet the Earth

It is the fascinating documentary film giving to spectators unique possibility to get on thousand of kilometres deep into of the Earth, to see close inaccessible layers of breed and metal, to feel heat and shattering pressure under terrestrial cover.

The Earth as the bulb, consists of layers. Each of them posesses the important role in creation on the Earth of conditions, suitable for life. Travel begins over surface of the Earth spectators can feel all sensations of free flight through 30-kilometre layer of atmosphere. Then you will reach surface level - earth crust, and learn, how the heat in the Earth has led to break of this layer on separate continental planes which are called as tectonic plates. Film « In planet the Earth» carries away spectators all more deeply and more deeply, on thousand kilometres in the Earth where you learn about forms of the life, capable to exist contrary to radiation, and about the centre of the Earth where there is no force of attraction.

972 Mb

History of one deceit, or Global warming

Global warming isn't present! Last years this theme one of the most discussed in the world. About it incessantly tell mass media, active workers-ecologists, politicians. Every day newspapers predict more and more fantastic apocalypse. To us inspire that factories and cars do temperature round all of us above, and above - fault to all carbonic gas or 2. Whether But so it? Has come to learn time the truth. In film will be given convincing that proof that the fault of the person in climate change on planet actually doesn't exist.

500 Mb



The capital of Catalonia - Barcelona, is located at the Mediterranean coast of the north of Spain. Barcelona has saved cultural relics of many times and the people. The architecture of Romance style, gothic style and the Renaissance Here has mixed up. The new, original person to city was given by jobs of world famous architect Antonio Gaudi. It has introduced multi-colour, wavy, architectural forms in shape of streets and the areas. Parkway Rambla - heart of Barcelona - the most well-known, foot zone of Spain. Having stretched on 2 km from the area of Catalonia to port Aventura, he invites to long, pleasant walks.


All Catalan coast is ideal place for interesting, holidays with huge possibilities and attractive mix of sights of the nature, culture, folklore and incendiary, Catalan dances. The river Ebre on southern to edge of Catalan coast is especially beautiful. Here the natural bird's reserve, the world of unknown beauty where birds of passage on way to Africa stop is located.

632 Mb

100 Greatest Opening - Genetics

Aspiration to learn and world around - progress motive power. How the most important discoveries have been made? How they have affected development of scientific thought? Answers to these questions - in documentary cycle of " 100 greatest opening" .

                    The good monk who has made the huge contribution to science, having opened heredity magic. The brilliant inspector, whose jobs of its colleague of the man on-beginning basically ignored, hasn't been made yet revolutionary break. Tempting travel, finding-out of the nature of thread and molecule which defines biology of life. Bespretsendentnoe cooperation of scientific minds for the sake of opening of secret of essence human. The greatest opening in the history of genetics.

700 Mb

Confidential stories: the Nonlethal weapon

On December, 31st, 1979 Muscovites remember New Year's eve till now. Celebratory evening went precisely under the schedule, as the teleprogram. Plots about victories of socialist economy soon should replace New Year's congratulations to the Soviet people from the CPSU Central Committee. Then - peal of bells, and traditional the Blue spark. All has broken unexpectedly. In city light has at once gone out. Many Muscovites have spent New Year's eve without light and heat. The official version - failure because of overload in network. Only through one and a half ten years other version will emerge: there was error in calculations at test of confidential installation

466 Mb

Round the world for 80 days - From Peru to Brazil

You are waited by acquaintance to one of the greatest cultures of antiquity - civilisations . You will meet surprising city of Machu Picchu about which speak, what is it gate on heavens in monastery of gods. You can become witnesses of the most mysterious show on planet - drawings in desert Naska will see " Spidery networks of Sipana" - the unusual necklaces found in burial place of Lord Sipana which about two thousand years learn history of huge Statues of Easter island and many other things.

700 Mb

Vadim Zeland - Transerfing. Reality wrong side. Vadim Zelanda's live lessons. 1-6 parts

Vadim Zeland - Transerfing. Reality wrong side. Vadim Zelanda's live lessons

The original name: Vadim Zeland - Transerfing. Reality wrong side. Vadim Zelanda's live lessons

The reality exists irrespective of you Until you with it agree. Our world isn't what he has got used to seem to us. The material validity is only external, visible, reality display. But what disappears on the other hand, from wrong side? In this film before you the reality in unfamiliar appearance will open. Each of us, without realising that, builds separate layer of the world in which it then and should exist. The will you are capable to create for yourselves any world. It is necessary to know only as. For this purpose there is Transerfing - technics of management of reality which is applied successfully already by millions people.

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The Incredibility theory. Biofield. .1

Health of the person, depends not so much on condition of physical body, and how much from invisible substance which to be round physical body of the person and penetrates it


The incredibility theory: People-X-rays

Among us there live people who see others through. It is congenital gift. At one it it is shown in the childhood. At others at mature age. After serious shocks: stresses, illnesses, clinical death. Everyone can develop in itself(himself) these abilities. Primitive-communal people possessed such gift. People with superabilities radiate strong light streams. It allows them to see others through


The incredibility theory: Biological age

There is objective, but while a little studied size-biological age. Actually each of us grows old ahead of time, after all genetically the person is calculated for 100-120 years. In reality people live to 70 and die of senile illnesses


The incredibility theory: Prophetic dreams

Dreams happen different, the creative dream warning and physiological. film is shown, how them to distinguish and that they mean


The Incredibility theory. Time riddles

The Russian scientists-kosmologi have opened the fifth measurement which differently describes black holes. The three-dimensional model of space is already irrelevant. As the fourth measurement consider time, and the fifth speaks about limitlessness of energy. However, time machine yet haven't invented, but black holes already are created in vitro


The Incredibility theory. Memory riddles

Whether the person can remember all? Why usual people not in condition to use archive of the memory?

The most unusual case of infallible memory Solomon Shereshevsky. It could remember any volume of the information. In 10-20 years he could repeat sequence from 100 words. There is version that people with phenomenal abilities possess easy approach to long-term memory. The information, after long storage is easily taken from " archive" . the assumption that long-term memory forms basis of our intuition


The Incredibility theory. Life origin

As well as the dualism is peculiar to all molecules, DNA molecules - they simultaneously are both energy and matter. Energy, obviously, can be studied on its wave radiation. It has appeared that wave radiation of DNA not simply white noise, and the information bearing certain sense, and coded in kind which can be compared to the text information in direct understanding. Reading out the wave information of the chromosomes which basis is made by DNA macromolecule, scientists had an opportunity to study, write down and reproduce radiations for gene of any kind of live organisms...


The Incredibility theory. Sound


The Incredibility theory. Water of life

Made the Russian scientists and their foreign colleagues, force to look today at water much more seriously. Scientists consider that water not simply elements that water reacts to certain action or thoughts of the person... Water some kind of the biocomputer with which help the person can even create to itself the living conditions necessary to it. Water the loaded substance is information. It stores the information on all with what adjoins with the help . The strongest way to load water the information, it to pass water emotional charge of the person (it is possible to pass mentally or verbally)


The Incredibility theory. Intuition

What is the intuition? It nobody knows. But people use these concept throughout many centuries. From this program spectators learn that is meant intuitive predictions, intuition of decision-making, intuition in estimation of people, female intuition, intuition of the commander, and the puzzle intuitive opening


The Incredibility theory. Nikola Tesla

One more film about the person of the last century, about Nikole Tesla. About its phenomenal abilities. About myths, legends surrounding its figure hidden by time


Stenli Milgrem - Submission to authority (the USA, 1965)


Human behaviour. Experiments (Explorer)


I and others (the USSR, 1971)


Department X - DNA Molecule


Phantom in my genes (BBC)


100 years after apocalypse


The apocalypse will be tomorrow


Edgar Casey. Nostradamus the XX-th centuries


Code of the man. Conception out of the law



It would seem, such habitual substance about which all is known. But latest discoveries have completely turned representations about this substance. Modern scientists come to a conclusion that water proves, as live substance.

It has appeared that water consists of supermolecules, so-called klasterov, or cells, that is, possesses special molecular structure. This structure varies, if water to influence in the various ways: chemical, electromagnetic, mechanical. Under these influences of its molecule are capable to be reconstructed and thus to remember any information.

The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb in itself, to store and exchange with environment the data which light, thought, music bears, prayers or simple word.


Top secret. Water


Flood as presentiment


Indigo children

Today we live near to small people who call " children of Light" , " children of millenium" , " new" children, Indigo Children.

The first to them has paid attention American of Nensi Ann Tepp. She has noticed that for last 20 years on light children with the new colour of aura not extended earlier darkly dark blue colour began to appear.

We meet such children every day and frequently them at all we do not understand. The unbalanced and aggressive Indigo Children calling irritation and disappointment at parents. They have entered into this world, on the one hand, more developed, than their parents, with another - mentally unstable.


Secrets of the Universe


Scientists speak about God


Life origin. The probability theory


Forbidden archeology




Correct education


Indigo evolution


Secrets of slavic civilisation .1


Secrets of slavic civilisation .2


The sixth sense


History taboo subjects. Riddles of ancient Egypt


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .1 from 6. Secrets of seven pyramids


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .2 from 6. Eternal repair


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .3 from 6. Technologies of gods


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .4 from 6. Search of knowledge of gods


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .5 from 6. Logic on the contrary


Riddles of ancient Egypt - .6 from 6. The great transformer


History taboo subjects. Unknown Mexico


Unknown Mexico - .1 from 6. Secrets of city of gods


Unknown Mexico - .2 from 6. Pearl in jungle


Unknown Mexico - .3 from 6. Questions without answers


Unknown Mexico - .4 from 6. About those who wasn't


Unknown Mexico - .5 from 6. Another's knowledge


Unknown Mexico - ch.6 from 6. Mexican dinotopiya


History taboo subjects. Peru and Bolivia long before inkov


Peru and Bolivia - .1 from 6. - behind logic side


Peru and Bolivia - .2 from 6. The witness not only the FloodPeru and Bolivia - .2 from 6. The witness not only the Flood


Peru and Bolivia - .3 from 6. Technologies 10 thousand years ago


Peru and Bolivia - .4 from 6. Mission of divine creations


Peru and Bolivia - .5 from 6. Lost war


Peru and Bolivia - .6 from 6. Secret of stones of Iki


Games of gods


Games of Gods - the Certificate 5.1. Correct education


Games of Gods - the Certificate 5.2. Correct education


Games of Gods - the Certificate 5.3. Correct education


Games of Gods - the Certificate 6. Slavic Habits


Games of Gods - the Certificate 7.1. Live fire. Belief


Games of Gods - the Certificate 7.2. Live fire. The truth and Krivda


And even in present science it is possible to take, something valuable to itself.

You the self-assured person, consider, what for you doesn't remain anything novel in this world? Means welcome to this site. Video which is on him, is accessible to downloading, you can download absolutely free of charge video, and you for minute won't regret about those spent mbytes of the traffic, after all such films you won't see on the TV these films as water of life, for drying brains, from eternal dullness of transfers which twist on public TV. Make so that science, has entered into your life, put education which present as the best but in which words aren't present about those problems which are mentioned on this site, into place. If it is interesting to you to learn about new generation of children which will shortly supersede any other creations distinct from them look film about it in corresponding section of this site. You sometime thought of how ancient people without technologies namely so draws ancient people standard school education, could construct such huge pyramids in Egypt, perhaps any technology, all the same was, is simple from modern people have preferred to hide this technology. Whence undertook and where mysterious Indians of Majja have disappeared, and can, and there were no Indians, it can, there were the beings much more more surpassing in development of the modern person. Perhaps they managed to solve riddle of many measurements which are present at the Universe and they actually anywhere don't share, and live near to us, is simple we them we do not see, because not there we look. Video from this site will force you to think of many things which seemed you usual. The science reveals the secrets on this site, here you can find and download video which will be interesting not only to adult people, or people of certain trade, it will interest all. That of what even to think terribly about what many long years were silent, that many scientific researchers searched, becomes accessible to you. You drink every day about two litres of liquid, it can be juice, it, maybe, tea or coffee, at the heart of all it water lies. And you sometime thought of that, what is it the such. From the school program, you know, what is it chaotic set of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen strong fastened among themselves. And between what the whole institutes take up the issue of studying of this interesting substance under the name " Water" . It is not necessary to try to search for answers to questions interesting you in boundless open spaces of the Internet, simply come on this site and video which in considerable quantity to be on him, itself will tell to you that you interests and even moreover. You simply should download video from this site, it is better than any channel Discovery, it is better than any channels of public TV, it is the selected, refined information, forcing to think. Any education in the world won't give you that will give you this site, at one lesson won't tell about about what there is speech in carefully selected materials. Here it is collected, the science as it is, scientific researchers in the pure state. Necessarily visit this site, and you necessarily will find on him theme interesting you, necessarily download though one roller, necessarily look it, and perhaps, to you that is hidden from look of other people will open. You can make the next discovery or to put forward original hypothesis. Dare, look, think, analyze, give job to your brains. Never think that all of you know, as it is known from the antiquity, with confidence it is possible to tell only one: I know that I know nothing.


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