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Hi, the traveller. If you have got on this page, means, to you have given one more chance to change the life, destiny, карму, have given chance, to change your time for the Earth. Probably, you are uncontrollable дрочил, fucked, had sex and did other connected with it, it is indisputable it is pleasant, BUT, there are things which you didn't guess earlier, and now it is time to you to learn about them Е choice for you.

And those who isn't indifferent to this problem, HELP to untwist this page on the Internet that people under PORNO words, the SENSUALITY, SEX found this page, instead of sites decomposing and corrupting children! Don't speak, what is it it is not possible!! Silly search for thousand reasons, wise simply do and achieve success! All texts more low under signature stamp CopyRight, extend them everywhere with the obligatory link to this page! And one in the field the Soldier!!!


All truth about the PORNO, SEX, the SENSUALITY, impotences

PORNO CONFESSION - ќЌјЌ»—“ј | the PORNO, whether the SENSUALITY and teenagers | It is harmful онанизм? | the Pornography reduces potentiality | As young girls the Sensuality, entertainment Porno on the Internet force to be taken in photo porno | Sensuality, entertainment Porno on the Internet  | ANAL SEX!! | corruption. technology   | the Porno TERROR (influence on consciousness) | the Porno and the Sensuality | How to struggle with pornography | the Pornography as scourge of modern society | the Pornography or why the husband changes Self-destructions? | confession of the prostitute | the Pornography and sensuality - any difference | What harm from porno | PROGRAM NET-POLICE struggle against the PORNO and the SENSUALITY on the Internet | Why it is necessary to save virginity



My authority on institute has fallen in deposit and became below plinth, including among students. I have ceased to be the head in University and the commander on voenke. I began to be afraid to solve problems, I began to hide from them, to run from them, I became the coward. Last session has handed over the last from stream it there was failure for me that me haven't deducted it was necessary even to apply my confidential protection to which I never resorted earlier. Some times me have left to prepare Е one in empty room, certainly I drochil directly there, at institute or left in toilet. Extinct sight, tupovataya smile, very original sense of humour, drocherskuyu hron' it is easy to distinguish.

I felt huge harchkom on asphalt.

Problems with memory and possibility became absolutely obvious to concentrate. Slackness, embitternment, despondency which were sharply replaced by the fits of anger turned on the relatives. And thus full inability to solve the problems. The lack of will erected in the absolute. The desire to work isn't present, money isn't present, the girl isn't present. And friends marry, get children, buy cars. But unexpectedly I have found way out. I have decided to become the donor of sperm. \\\" It is necessary to come in harmony with itself \\\" , - I have solved. I atstskii drocher, chtozh let it will be my trade, at the same time and I will change everything, friends-competitors in the opinion of the nature. And here there was surprising effect: delivery of sperm demands abstention at 72 o'clock, plus I began to go to rocking chair. The hormonal background, began to be levelled, I became joyful, began to communicate with girls, to watch myself, and for last weeks have opened weight of variants with girls. It was similar to dissipating fog, appear, that the mechanisms dozing in my soul start to work. However there was sad thing. Relapse-it happens at all addicts, alcoholics and onanistov.

The day before yesterday and yesterday I was so is upset that podrochil about fifteen times... Onanizm - absolute, main and unique root of all problems in my life. It is said that our life black-and-white. Black strip when drochish', and white when not drochish', also it is not necessary to invent it of anything, only to pass from one colour to another it is necessary minimum 3-4 days. I drochil without interruption 7 years, it were gloomy years, I have to the 22m to years no anything, than it is possible to be proud, therefore I and write this story, I have simply nothing to lose, but I believe that to smog it to change.

The chapter the second.

Velichajshchy secret. Leading role onanizma in human civilisation!

Let's begin our movement from the particular to the general, having begun with role onanizma in life of the separate person, we will come to role onanizma to mankind lives.

Let's state the facts which the author and the overwhelming majority of readers checked on itself. The Most important thing consequence of that are all other consequences, consists that onanizm takes away energy from the person. Slackness, lack of initiative, indecision from here follows. Onanizm lowers in organism level testosterona that leads to that inveterate onanistov men it is possible to name only to formal sign. Those character traits which are understood under " man's" at onanistov are absent. Resoluteness, courage, ability to defend the interests to solve most important tasks - of all of it onanisty are deprived. But the most important thing, at onanista is absent desire and possibility to change the life. To learn onanista it is very easy: the extinct sight, tupovataya « drocherskaya» smile, at onanistov with long standing at the expense of change of hormonal background varies figure-fat is postponed mainly on buttocks and hips, as at women.

These are the shades sadly going on life, them you do not notice, they don't leave trace in memory, in the history. I think that psychological prortret onanista is approximately clear. It is portrait of the ideal slave and I assert that onanizm is a consequence tolpolitarizma and is encouraged with it. The Most prepotent male is at what above level testosterona, (therefore it is difficult to imagine the sportsman-loser). We, people, dissemble and for level designation dominantnosti we use concept of passionarity, actually this one and too directly connected with level testosterona concept, this level in the return image is connected with quantity onanizma. Differently, the less person drochet, the is more to it neimetsya, it shows the big activity in life. And on the contrary. Imagine, as Attila before campaign to Rome lowers times seven-eight, someone from commanders asks: « Well, the master?» , and he answers:« Yes anything, nahren to us this Rome, now bystren'ko attempted and to sleep Е»

Thus, I declare that position of the person in this life directly depends on quantity onanizma. Today to write about harm onanizma it, how to write that homosexuality is illness, and the Aryan race surpasses all in intellectual development level the others. It is under a ban, against the people, risked to write about it, the same mechanisms are used. On the contrary there is weight of articles of doubtful authors which convince us of advantage and necessity onanizma. All is global world politics. It is necessary easier to operate spineless, weak-willed herds drocherskih slaves. Roots of this phenomenon lie in the ancient time. Zhidohrestiansky morals, morals it is thought over created slavish society couldn't avoid such important mechanism of reception of slaves, as onanizm. Not only that she has forbidden the polygamy natural to our kind providing natural selection and progress of mankind, but also that the most important thing has entered taboo for discussion onanizma. That is each drocher-slave became drochit' secretly, in loneliness, I think that anybody doesn't know about it. It couldn't talk about it to other slave-drocherom as together they would guess more likely that slaves they is exclusive because drochery for it meant recognition in sin.

Today we have the Internet, convenient apartments, easy chairs. All conditions that people it is more drochili are created. But about increase in average quantity drochek the passionarity of all people falls. From here all problems white in general and Russian in particular. What is the tolerance - it drocherskaya cowardice, slavish terpil'nost', finished to ideology level. Drocher can't beat, especially kill, but can complain and cry. Therefore at us such power, therefore at us such position on planet. We don't struggle any more and on we battle, we do not solve most important tasks. For different quantity onanizma in society there are different problems: to Open new continents, to Win war, for world supremacy, to make all World socialist, to subdue space, to construct city there where there are only bogs or to increase gross national product by 4 %. All seems to me clearly.

The economy learns us, what no more than 4-5 % of the population are capable to enterprise activity Е That in them such especial? Other statistics says that drochat 95 % of the population Е In my opinion all is obvious Е ideally here the problem with visitors lays down also. We will begin that in Islam of boys it is accepted to cut off shortly before puberty. What for? Simply without skin not conveniently drochit', and the soldier of the Allah drochit' shouldn't, because then it will go to sleep, instead of to be at war. Plus they live the big groups where to retire and podrochit' it is very difficult. It that these semiliterate people achieve success in business speaks and without knowing language manage to remove girls. Onanisty, can't be organised to reject pressure, to put competitors into place. They will better go to whine in the blessings, convincing others drocherov of necessity of branch of caucasus that Caucasians didn't disturb to slaves drochit' and to go to offices. Forces on once again to subdue caucasus as it was done by our ancestors, at them naturally isn't present. To run and hide from problems, instead of to solve their important sign drochera. However, it is necessary to notice that already children of visitors, those which parents have created comfortable living conditions quite often fill up number onaniruyuschih plants.

I here for what don't call nobody, everyone for the present itself can decide to give in to propagation and drochit' or not drochit' and to change the life to the best. Eventually, after all waiters, employees of McDonald's and system administrators are necessary to us still.

I know that people difficultly in something to overpersuade, simply I have counted that should share the supervision, probably, to someone concrete it will help to become happier, and to our subspecies to more successful. I will try to convince you that masturbatsiya, become habit is the phenomenon negative, in the course of time destroying organism, private world of the person, bringing chaos in human life, and generating weight of negative consequences in life and private world of the person. As it is strange, but the principle is very strongly similar to action of narcotic preparations. The first some times the person is literally \\\" departs \\\" with experience orgazma, sensations unusually bright because the human body has large quantity free vital'noi energy which creates sensation of euphoria in human body. During this period long term habit of repetition of pleasure is formed, the person starts to live with masturbatsiei, it becomes its habit, all the same, that the habit to wash, have breakfast or to clean teeth. Accordingly the large quantity vital'noi energy of the person starts to leave now on masturbatsiyu.
Teper' nekotorye dannye:

Vo vremya kazhdogo semyaizverzheniya organizm cheloveka teryaet 150000000 spermatozoidov. Teoreticheski, ih hvatit, chtoby zachat' vse naselenie SShA.

Kazhdyi spermatozoid - eto bukval'no chastitsa novoi zhizni, i organizm otdaet vse samoe luchshee, chto u nego est', chtoby generirovat' novye spermatozoidy. Sperma - eto samaya tsennaya i vital'no nasyschennaya zhidkost' v organizme, naryadu s gormonami zhelez golovnogo mozga. Bez preuvelicheniya mozhno skazat', chto sperma eto kvintessentsiya vsego organizma, i dlya togo, chtoby poluchit' etot \\\" nektar\\\" , rabotaet ves' ulei. Chtoby proizvesti spermu, kotoruyu chelovek tratit pri odnom semyaizverzhenii, organizm tratit stol'ko zhe sil, skol'ko pri proizvodstve 150 gramm krovi. Kak tol'ko eta sperma pokidaet organizm, chelovecheskoe telo srazu zhe generiruet stol'ko zhe novoi spermy. Estestvenno, eto podryvaet organizm, tak kak vmesto togo, chtoby normal'no spokoino funktsionirovat' organizm ekstrenno kidaet vse svoi sily i vse gormony na proizvodstvo spermatozoidov.

Teper' predstav'te, chto eto proishodit postoyanno. Nekotorye yunoshi dohodyat do togo, chto masturbiruyut po neskol'ko raz v den'. Izo dnya v den', iz mesyatsa v mesyats, iz goda v god ih organizm postoyanno proizvodit dragotsennuyu spermu, snova ee teryaet, i snova s beshenoi skorost'yu proizvodit, pri etom vsya endokrinnaya sistema uzhe ne spravlyaetsya s peregruzkami i, grubo govorya, ochen' sil'no muchaetsya, rabotaet tol'ko \\\" na spermu\\\" . Kosti stanovyatsya tonkimi, telo \\\" nedopoluchaet\\\" vitaminy i pitatel'nye veschestva, gormonal'naya sistema podorvana, organizm slabyi, hudoi, boleznennyi, kozha cheloveka blednaya, organizm nachinaet ploho funktsionirovat' so vsemi vytekayuschimi posledstviyami. Masturbatsiya privodit k tomu, chto balans organizma smeschaetsya, i dominantnym tsentrom organizma stanovitsya \\\" nizhnii tsentr\\\" . Chelovek teryaet svoi estestvennyi balans. Balans slomlen. Grubo govorya, v organizme formiruetsya privychka postoyanno proizvodit' i zapasat' spermu, ne zabotyas' ni o chem drugom. Organizm stanovitsya \\\" zatochennym\\\" na proizvodstvo semeni. Eto proishodit s kazhdym, bez isklyuchenii, kazhdyi yunosha, zanimayuschiisya masturbatsiei, rano ili pozdno smeschaet estestvennyi vital'nyi balans organizma na proizvodstvo semeni.

Zdes' i nachinayut voznikat' slozhnosti. Dazhe esli teper' chelovek zahochet brosit' onanizm, budet proishodit' sleduyuschee:

Organizm, privykshii vse svoi sily tratit' na proizvodstvo spermy i zapasat' ee, bystro proizvedet nuzhnoe kolichestvo spermy, i nachnet po staroi privychke proizvodit' ee vse bol'she i bol'she, kogda eto uzhe ne nuzhno. \\\" Nizhnii tsentr\\\" takim obrazom budet vse bol'she perepolnyat'sya vital'noi energiei, ili seksual'nym napryazheniem (v to vremya kak vsemu organizmu ee naoborot budet ne hvatat'), cheloveka budet muchit' postoyannaya erektsiya, navyazchivye mysli o masturbatsii. On budet bukval'no \\\" goret' snizu\\\" ot muchitel'nogo zhelaniya snyat' napryazhenie, da esche pri etom poluchit' ocherednuyu portsiyu udovol'stviya. V soznanii cheloveka proishodit \\\" sdvig\\\" . On nachinaet obraschat' vnimanie tol'ko na to, chto svyazano s seksom, iz razryada, - gonyat'sya za zhenskimi popkami, vse bolee sil'nymi eroticheskimi oschuscheniyami, i tak dalee. Izvinyayus' za sravnenie, no cheloveka v period takoi УlomkiФ mozhno sravnit' s krolikom-razmnozhitelem, kotoryi sovershaet po 26 polovyh aktov v sutki, i dumaet ne inache kak penisom.

Poetomu neudivitel'no, chto lyudi, privykshie zanimat'sya masturbatsiei, vosklitsayut: Brosit' nevozmozhno, proidet para dnei i mozhno s uma soiti v mucheniyah bez masturbatsii! Sovershenno verno! V IH sluchae eto zamechanie vpolne spravedlivo. Tak zhe kak narkomany zavisimy ot narkotikov, oni teper' zavisimy ot masturbatsii. Esli oni ne budut \\\" razryazhat'\\\" chlen, ih eto bystro nachnet muchit'. Eto sovershenno prosto ob'yasnyaetsya! Povtoryayu, formiruetsya fiziologicheskaya privychka, po kotoroi organizm raspredelyaet svoi resursy v pol'zu podderzhaniya aktivnogo sostoyaniya polovoi sistemy. Takim obrazom, chelovek popadaet v zapadnyu:

1. Masturbatsiya stanovitsya ego ubiitsei

2. Brosit' ee on tozhe ne mozhet, tak kak eto bystro nachnet ego muchit', i on snova k nei vernetsya. Poetomu chem bystree chelovek otkazhetsya ot etoi razrushitel'noi privychki, i polnost'yu vosstanovitsya, tem emu zhe luchshe.

Itak, chto delat'???

Vse ochen' prosto.

Organizm bystro teryaet balans, i s takim zhe uspehom ego bystro vosstanavlivaet. Nuzhno prosto brosit'. Bez vsyakih \\\" poslednih raz\\\" , \\\" umen'sheniya kolichestva\\\" i t. d. Tak zhe, kak narkoman perestaet prinimat' narkotiki, vam nuzhno prosto perestat' masturbirovat'. Zdes' i seichas nachat'. I dazhe na pervoe vremya perestat' dumat' o sekse. Postaraites' ne otvlekat'sya na eti mysli, tak kak u vas uzhe vyrabotalsya refleks \\\" razzhigat' ogon'\\\" vnizu dazhe myslyami. Zanimaites' svoimi povsednevnymi delami i staraites' voobsche dazhe ne dumat' o tom, o chem tak hochetsya. Kak by etogo ni hotelos'. I organizm s ogromnoi, - povtoryayu, s ogromnoi skorost'yu nachnet garmonizirovat'sya. V pervoe vremya u vas budet \\\" lomka\\\" , vy budete stradat' i muchit'sya ot togo, chto budet proishodit' v organizme. K tomu zhe budet neopredelennost', s odnoi storony nazad vy ne mozhete vernut'sya, s drugoi storony vperedi vas zhdet esche bol'shee uvelichenie zhelaniya \\\" sorvat'sya\\\" , kotoromu vrode by net kontsa i kraya. Vy ne budete znat', chto vam delat'. Vam budet kazat'sya, chto zhelanie povsyudu, i ot nego net spaseniya, a dal'she ono tol'ko esche bol'she uvelichitsya.

Eto illyuziya. Kak govoritsya, nikakie stradaniya ne dlyatsya vechno. Chto budet dal'she? \\\" Lomka\\\" oznachaet to, chto organizm s ogromnoi skorost'yu prihodit v ravnovesie, chto sub'ektivno vosprinimaetsya v vide psihicheskih i fizicheskih muchenii neopredelennosti i apatii. Vas budet postoyanno presledovat' zhelanie sorvat'sya, dumat' o sekse. Chem dal'she vy budete terpet', i ne \\\" sryvat'sya\\\" , tem ravnomernee organizm budet uchit'sya raspredelyat' svoi resursy, i k vam postepenno budet prihodit' novoe videnie. To, chto uderzhat'sya kazalos' nevozmozhnym vnachale, stanet udovol'stviem v dal'neishem. Uzhe drevnie znali, chto seksual'naya energiya, eto nechto, chto formiruet bogatyi vnutrennii mir cheloveka, ego silu, i ego yasnoe myshlenie. I chem dol'she seksual'naya energiya sohranyaetsya v cheloveke, tem umnee, bogache vnutrenne, i bolee razvitym fizicheski ona delaet cheloveka - glavnoe, ne vybrasyvat' ee iz sebya, a sohranyat' ee v sebe i skaplivat', \\\" rasfasovyvat'\\\" ee v sebe - togda sam chelovek stanet bolee sovershenno ustroennym umstvenno i fizicheski. Chelovek bukval'no nachinaet transformirovat'sya. Seksual'noe zhelanie - eto sama zhizn', seksual'nost' transformiruet cheloveka iznutri. Masturbirovat' - znachit vybrasyvat' iz sebya zhizn'.

Chem dal'she vy budete zhit' bez masturbatsii, tem bol'she vy budete oschuschat', kak seksual'naya sila skaplivaetsya v vas, i pri etom ne muchaet vas, a naoborot, razvivaet vas fizicheski i umstvenno. Eto perestanet byt' navyazchivym zhelaniem, i stanet chast'yu vas, vy budete bodry, vesely, uravnovesheny, umny, sil'ny, schastlivy, i t. d. i t.p. A vmesto masturbatsii nuzhno darit' lyubov', darit' sebya drugim, vmesto togo, chtoby tratit' sebya \\\" v nikuda\\\" .

Vot sobstvenno i vse. Kratko i szhato.

The program on struggle against the PORNO and the SENSUALITY on the Internet

NetPolice (free Russian)

The centre of the Analysis informs the Internet of Resources on start of the new personal filter. The personal filter will help parents to protect children from contacts to the Internet resources, containing undesirable content, and to make acquaintance of children to the Network more safe.

By means of our program you can supervise to the full visitings the Internet of sites from the house computer. Funktsional programs will allow you to choose, on what sites to resolve access to your child and what are reliable for blocking. Reports will give the full information on all activity of your children on the Internet, will show, how much your child has spent time for certain sites, access on what sites to it has been resolved or blocked.

Video the instruction on antiporno to program Netpolice

The program on struggle against the PORNO and SENSUALITY NetPolice

new  35 Mb

On by programs NetPolice DNS - there is still Centralized protection.

1. Choose " the Internet Report (TCP/IP)" and press button " Property"

2. Switch on " to Use following addresses of DNS-SERVERS" and enter Preferred and Alternative DNS addresses

Now all inquiries to Internet resources are automatically processed by the filter

Also don't forget to tell thanks in below pages.

PORNO sites use vredonostnye codes, scripts and other rubbish, besides the PORNO for computer infection! Download and put to itself this program on struggle against the PORNO and the SENSUALITY on the Internet. As it is known, on sites from porno 90 % of viruses which are located get into the computer and believe antivirus, it not the barrier to them, only total interdiction to site will rescue your computer and will save up your nerves in consequence.

PORNO, SENSUALITY and teenagers

The Internet became integral part of our life, and together with the Internet there was set of possibilities to find not find any information, to reserve any goods, but also almost uncontrollable access to pornography has opened. And if the adult person himself solves, it is necessary for it or not (it is conversation separate) for teenagers such question isn't necessary Ц find though one 14-year-old child who owing to the hypersexual activity could refuse to see forbidden video from temptation.

Sex, sensuality, pornography contrary to opinion actively extended recently, what is it it is useful, interestingly and doesn't attract any unpleasant consequences for family, sexual life, at all isn't such to harmless videos. In particular for children. I don't say about that today it is possible to get almost freely any porno Ц with children, with animals, sado-mazo and other distortions. And it is final, it is not necessary even to mention that, how much all it negatively influences not strong mentality of the child. Looking through porno, video of the erotic maintenance, the teenager not only " removes sexual stress" , but ceases to understand that there is responsibility, respect, love, spiritual interaction of two people. Seeing that it is possible to meet the desires in such free image, without obligations, without satisfaction of spiritual needs of the partner, it is possible with sufficient clearness to predict that such child will grow absolutely incapable to build high-grade relations between the man and the woman, the relations based on love, respect, trust.

Today many are indignant, saying to that the TV was captivated by insurgents with the blood rivers, thrillers, horrors, pornuhoi and sensuality which negatively operate on children, generating bol'shee quantity of maniacs, murderers, tyrants. However, that the pornography as is terrible for rising generation prefer to hold back for some reason.

Moreover, there is opinion that such video as the sensuality, porno help teenagers to remove sexual stress, to plunge into the world of sex without danger to pick up any disease. Probably, such point of view has the right to existence, however we forget that if today the teenager removes thus sexual stress, further at it two ways. The first Ч the growing up child simply can't conduct normal sexual life with the real partner, transferring on these relations that perception (a little inadequate, it it is necessary to tell) which was generated at pornography viewing. On the other hand, many simply can't begin active sexual life with the partner therefore as have got used to remove sexual stress viewing of porno, sensuality. And I don't tell it about inferiority complex as porno actors have usually enough big sizes of genitals, and porno of the actress, accordingly the big breast, long feet and so on.

That is why insistently I advise to parents to pay attention to sexual education of children and not to shift responsibility for this education on porno the industry, anyway, if you want, that your child has grown morally healthy.

Whether it is harmful onanizm?

It is is final harmful, I will answer you, the skilled sexopathologist with the huge experience of job.

For many years which I have spent being engaged in sexology in family relations and studying of the reasons of barreness and impotence and men, I have noticed strange things in my patients. Many my clients came to me and complained that they or absolutely any in " pastel" , or, even worse, were impotent men. The strangeness consists in, whether that each of them at question « you are engaged masturbatsiei?» Unanimously answered that were engaged in it since the childhood and till now Е As many modern information carriers affirms that onanizm it is good that young men he prepares for sexual life, and for men of middle age it not bad discharge after full labour mode. I agree with one of the facts set forth above, and in the given essay I will try to convince you of the return also. I have made portrait average onanista which is engaged onanizmom since the earliest childhood and its consequence in the present.

So, imagine the boy who grows in normal family, standardly develops, as doesn't differ from the contemporaries neither on physical, nor on intellectual indicators. And here our hero till that period in his life when it starts to become the man or as it will sound on language of science, the puberty period grows. And here the most interesting begins. In the morning, at the moment of awakening, this young man tests euphoria of pleasure at excitation of its sexual member, he doesn't understand that to it occurs, this strange feeling, so body pleasantly satisfying it whence undertakes. Hands as on automatic management, reach for sexual member, and, as though not operated anything, start to make smooth movements the first in his life onanisticheskii the certificate in which ending this young man will feel such satisfactions of the corporal desires that can't stop more never throughout all his life. The same day he will repeat the certificate onanizma again and again so will proceed day by day. What will it receive in exchange to this euphoria and inhuman pleasures? And it will receive that will lose the most valuable that is at the person is its health, and this only thing that won't be restored never and for what is it it will be impossible to buy. Being engaged masturbatsiei all free time, it loses that vital juice which makes its organism Ц sperms. You only imagine that occurs in it when all forces and energy rushes on restoration of stocks of sperm. And if this young man is engaged onanizmom, accompanied kazhdorazovym semyaizverzheniem, the only thing that there is to our internal corporal world it what to take away accordions allocated for another purposes and perenapravlyat' them on creations all new and new sperm. And where are borrowed and vitamins, hormones and fibers don't come back any more? I will answer easily this question, probably, it shocks you, probably, no, but it is the fact, and from it not to get to anywhere Ц they are borrowed at levels of growth, intellectual development, development of reaction, logic and so forth. You represent that instead of the organism developed also dews, it simply uses all internal resources what to supply you with new sperm. And all because of this the harmful certificate onanizma. Think that for you it is more more important, when you the person developing in every respect useful to this society and ready to introduce in it that that new and useful, or you that never there will be person of the full maintenance, the person, capable to continue the sort and to develop it.

And here the same guy who has learnt onanizm, and the harm which has not learnt it, starts to be slowed down in development both physical, and intellectual. All its contemporaries go in for sports, look just fine, vigorous and active, clever and beautiful submit this world, they understand who they such, and he only is engaged onanizmom, remaining always such grey and imperceptible that is simply a pity to look at the such. It can't stand for itself(himself), can't defend the point of view Ц all it starts to engender in him inferiority complex which further will simply transform it into the person closed on completely deprived of pleasure of life and time sense Е So we receive as a result, at you, the reader, is choice, you are possible also are engaged onanizmom, probably aren't present, if the second, I am ready to shake hands with you and to name the person if isn't present, and you nevertheless onanist, the only thing that I can to you advise, it to throw onanizm right now, time and on always, for the present is possible, while it hasn't transformed your life in nightmare, yet hasn't deprived you name of the person, yet hasn't killed you Е Know, probably, you will tell that most simple in this world so it to give to whom that councils, thus itself without having visited this situation. Yes, I am possible and wasn't in similar situation, but throughout the life have seen enough of you, and take my word, that I saw, any person on this planet so I have some facts against which I can lean doesn't wish, instead of is simple speak. Only to you to solve, whether you will continue to be engaged onanizmom or nevertheless will turn to the real muzhik, will remain the person and will put end in relations with the hand Е

SEX - Corruption. Tehnologja Samounichtozhenja

Information the PORNO - terror

Whether influences masturbatsiya potentiality?

My answer with which I always pay off at similar question, of course, and consequences can be the most pitiable. I the sexopathologist, and for the long practice at me was many patients whom impotent men in sexual life were. In given article I would like to give an example simply from the statistics, the Experience of the Norwegian sexopathologists done by my Norwegian colleagues consisted in the following: over the last 10 years the quantity of impotent men in Norway has increased by 25 percent. In this connection was the full medical analysis of men - citizens of Norway is carried out, and also the test in which one interesting question was asked is carried out Ц whether you are engaged and whether were engaged in the past masturbatsiei. Survey hasn't resulted in what, and here the test data has resulted all seksopatologicheskoe community in stupor. It has appeared, 90 percent of the tested impotent men throughout many years and till now were engaged and engaged masturbatsiei Е

And here from this point on the most interesting also begins in the history of sexual pathology. Similar experiments which have shown have been made in many strange that the men who are engaged masturbatsiei in warm and cosy places (in which occur basically sexual masturbatsii) looking at monitors of the TVs, computers or is simple on cover of magazine with the bared models can't reproduce erektsiyu in movement, at sexual the certificate, in enough fast and in any way quiet situation Е And so my conclusion. The person who is engaged masturbatsiei, simply can't be considered as the person for the person who is not leaving after anything on this planet, isn't that. Therefore, if you want, that you considered as the strong, worthy person, the good friend and correct support of the family, stop to be engaged masturbatsiei today, tomorrow can be late Е

Why it is necessary to save virginity

Virginity deprivation what means this word-combination? The modern world with its pragmatically scientific approach to all asserts that virginity, is only the thin strip of skin closing input in vagina which with ease any cosmetic surgeon can restore. Likely for this reason virginity loss seems to some lewd female representatives excellent business when they regularly sell to the anxious men sensation of that they become at them the first, for big enough money. However anybody from us doesn't reflect, than for the person the first sex, it not simply physical affinity during which time there comes sexual discharge as those who expose the virginity online, for buyers with the big purse think actually is. The first coition directly is reflected in the future posterity, all whom will be given birth by the girl, will carry in itself genotype not the biological father given to it sperm, and the one who has taken away the most valuable from the girl that has been given it by the nature Ц its innocence.

It was in ancient times accepted to look virginity and if after copulation in the first marriage night the husband couldn't show bed-clothes soiled by blood of the spouse, means on it the brand babbling was imposed and children whom she gave birth couldn't be called as children of her husband. Deprivation of virginity before marriage in ancient times was considered as the greatest grief in family of the girl as it couldn't count on marriage with the worthy and dear person, and instead became the popular domestic maid from whom passing lodgers haven't failed to retire. Loss of virginity before wedding, at ancient Slavs associated with loss of own person, the spiritual image. Today, unfortunately, the first sex on drunk party or in night club toilet is considered normal. Certainly, such condition of things is a consequence of information lack. For certain, if those who sells virginity online who loses it with the first comer knew that from this person there will be all their further posterity, they 10 times would think before powerlessly to move apart feet, obeying will of the moral ugly creature decided to create with them such. Today it is exclusive in the remote settlements it is possible to meet custom to look virginity, but there there live strong people from the spiritual point of view with which it is necessary to follow example, instead of to follow the tastes of the dissolute TV, aspiring to clear in the person low animal instincts.

If you don't want, that your children gave birth to moral ugly creatures, the future alcoholics and addicts, explain to them that virginity loss can be exclusive with the liked and reliable person who can assume overall responsibility for this act to which the first sex only won't brag of occasion to friends. The state should forbid to realise virginity online as only so it can though somehow to stop degeneration of the slavic nation and to save its genofund. It would be quite good to return custom to look virginity in modern society, it is probable then, to young little girls virginity deprivation wouldn't seem such easy procedure.


So, in this article I would like to tell about very widespread method of the intercourses Ц anal sex and if to be exact, harm of anal sex for organism and about adverse consequences of this sort of sexual satisfaction.

Your obedient servant by the trade is the sexopathologist and in the given job I will tell about the problems, arising after anal sex. Now on resources much the Internet it is possible to observe considerable quantity of every possible stories, doctrines and video of treatises about the given kind of sex, and in each of them it is possible to meet positive responses and not one real description of danger and harm after anal sex. Most of all I am am killed by that all these " stories" are conducted from the face ostensibly enough the well-known and authoritative doctors in the field of anal sex. Let's look to the truth in eyes and, at last, we will understand that anal sex simply terribly influences our organism and on our way of life. Absolutely recently to me on eyes some has got video - record in which it is very detailed and in paints the intercourse through anal aperture was described. Here only some citations which have most of all surprised me on given resource « before beginning the anal intercourse, the partner should spend number of exercises over anus the of the partner, for example, to be engaged anal masturbatsiei Е» . You to me only tell that for delirium this sexopathologist, the given kind masturbatsii bears is made either language, or partner fingers, and it conducts to numerous diseases, for example, it can result from the lung Ц to ulcers in language, to enough heavy Ц skin diseases of manual fabrics for the anus microflora contains large quantity of harmful bacteria, and hygiene of cavity of anus as though wasn't observed, to achieve absolute cleanliness practically not probably.

That I have read further, has simply killed me, incompetence of the sexopathologist, narrating this horror, doesn't give in to any explanation:« The partner to lay down on stomach, enclosing under it some small pillows, at this time the partner continues to be engaged masturbatsiei anus, further the partner gently moves apart feet of the partner and the excited sexual member in cavity of anus to the end Е » starts to push smooth movements. I will explain, if anal sexual intercourse is made for the first time, full vtalkivaniya the sexual member will be hurt by cavity of anus of the partner, it can be simple microcrack which in consequence can do to organism harm at a rate of hemorrhoids, and also can lead to more terrible consequences, from every possible locks or, on the contrary, incontiences to hypertensive stress of mentality. You only imagine that the sexual cavity is indeed hurt, it will lead to that gases and kal it will be simple naprosto to accumulate in the top channels of intestines, and, further, will lead to that accumulating superfluous elements produktoobmena will get to blood, as leads to serious consequences Ц intestines ischemia, zashlakivanie anal channels, to blood poisoning and the further cancer. It is good, if these consequences keep itself waiting long and will be shown to the full more close by organism old age and if isn't present if symptoms start to be shown at earlier age, I even would tell in young years then we receive simply one more superfluous invalid in society, and all from - for what, from Ц what some careless don't have not enough pleasure in traditional sex?

I think that wasn't present, travmirovanie partners (together with the partner if it is a question of passives sexual minorities) occurs because of illiteracy in sexual intercourses, in ignorance of that anal sex isn't comprehensible in ordinary decrease that to its certificate and the partner, and the partner should be physically prepared, gigienicheski are cleared and morally adjusted. All again rests against ignorance and lack of information of society in such affairs, as anal sex the young generation perceives sex as that that lung, danger should to and responsibility, probably, I now will tell, how it is read, strange enough things, but sex is not only corporal pleasures, this and responsible enough action of human existence which can bring both positive, and fatal enough factors in your life. So, anal sex, is one of versions of sex which bears on itself of anything, except danger: At best, only time capacity, in the most bad, losses of the most valuable health and formation by the invalid. Only to you to solve, remain always such beautiful and vigorous, or to exchange the youth and quiet old age for disappointment handful Е

As young girls force to be taken in photo porno

The modern world is filled by debauchery, nasty thing and the platitude, all it flows in consciousness of people not only from telescreens, but also from monitors of the personal computer. The sensuality has captivated online the Internet, 70 % of the traffic (the information passed on network) are by-products of the industry of porno of photo in which the bared nature, anyhow, appears in the most trite and vile display. Supporters of this phenomenon don't mention about harm masturbatsii in which all fans of resources are engaged where are stored photo porno, they don't inform teenagers onaniruyuschih over dissolute pictures that their potentiality, in 5 years masturbatsii will be zero and they can't give pleasure to absolutely anybody. Online the sensuality also makes on the woman negative impact, but for any reason more and more girls become bare before lenses tele- and cameras. In what the reason of that photo porno become such extended and as involve young foolish women in this disgusting business on which one have huge money, and others actually sell the soul to devil and die in oblivion, without support of close people.

When the girl is processed by the recruiter it doesn't tell about harm masturbatsii, he doesn't say that its images will lead to impotence and partial loss of potentiality of millions men. That it will subject to tortures and to do from this, photo porno. Initially she doesn't suspect that online sensuality becomes the beginning of the end of her life as then her life to turn to one continuous sexual intercourse, and nobody will be excited with its mood and state of health, it becomes piece of meat which will be forced by lewd males. The tightening in business network on online to sensuality occurs in two stages, initially there is quiet conversation on which for a moment show to the future victim some frank porno of photo, then look at reaction of the girl. More often it is sharp negative after all each person understands, similar it is impossible to show and look, as finally the potentiality at men falls, after all for excitation it is required to them much more more perverted pictures, and naked body kind not in condition to get it. Also nobody speaks that harm masturbatsii on is great so much what followed forbid it, instead of to glorify as alternative way of removal of sexual pressure.

During conversation documentary acknowledgement that people acting in film in online to sensuality are very successful are shown, and porno of photo don't represent no trouble, after all nobody will see them, except several perverts abroad. But actually it not so. Brilliant trinkets, fakes from not precious metals, all it, according to recruiters, will replace advantage of ninnies soglasivshihsya to pass interview on highly paid job. The potentiality of those who long time is engaged masturbatsiei is under the threat as harm masturbatsii is very great, it consists in activity reduction spermatozoidov and as consequence to possibility loss to impregnate yaitsekletku.

Porno and Sensuality (anti)

Cry from the heart....

Me it is simple from itself deduces, when I search for material necessary for me, music, films and other wished ob'ekty in network, is constant vylazyat banery, any advertising, absolutely idiotic, with the porno maintenance, sex and other (!!!) already from one kind such (banerov - sex of photo of whores of gays, pictures, porno of rollers) throws me in shiver and just anger! At me the younger brother, to it of 7 years, and it sits often near me. Sat more precisely. Now at him I don't leave in the Internet, I simply am afraid of the one who can grow from it. Sexually anxious teenager, then the maniac? It is a little more and I will become the ascetic because well I can not already see all this dirt when I search, say, for the report on Indians of the North America and instead of what to me vylazyat naked, I apologise, whores without censorship, and sometimes - GAYS (!) to what have come?? Really the people spreading it absolutely have lost conscience, mind?. I am silent about those who resolves similar muck.

One more detail simply kills me - on many sites the warning factor, on type " Attention operates, so to say, the site is intended for persons of the reached majority if to you 18 years weren't executed, leave site" . What for delirium?? If the teenager searches pornuhu it won't stop it, it is simple to that isn't punishable in any way. Idiocy, ches word.

Excuse for excessive emotionality, but it is simple already goes beyond all limits.

Know, I understand that nobody will clean this muck from network, but let at least there was no advertising, after all as it is known - to Whom it is necessary, that will find. Well in ideal it is, of course, better in general than it wasn't.

How to struggle with pornography

That disappears behind this word instantly drawing attention Ц " Porno" . What real face of this terrible industry on manufacture of photo, various low-standard videos of porno, and also vile porno of magazines. Many consider that that luster which any cover of the corresponding edition sparkles, that is and inside. Actually all at all so. Many once, having got to this business, never from it are pulled out, and die because that in herself this actually bears sex the industry. All photo sex is comprised by images of the bared maidens, usually very young age. Why they come to this business? Why they are ready to be bared before cinema and camera lens? The answer to these questions is simple Ц " Money" . In it money, that they show the delights pays. Actually them buy, and they become toy in hands of the perverted director. But they sell not only the pride and honour. First of all, they sell the health. After all nobody shows those who long time " works" in this business. Show nobody the decayed noses, fallen prostitutes which are sick of syphilis and all the same continue to serve the clients, distributing to the right and on left this dreadful disease.

Nobody shows porno of actors at which there comes full impotence by 30 years and they aren't capable not that to have children, they at all aren't men. Those who earns billions on sale of porno of photo don't speak about it, they don't speak, that shooting in video to the young girl will cost, don't inform it that erosion of neck of uterus smoothly developing in uterus cancer never to allow to have this girl of children. The industry devours sex and mills people, as huge meat grinder. From it it is impossible to be pulled out. It is necessary to try and receive once for the photo sex any money, and this money will be copecks in comparison with that the person actually will receive, having extended your photos on the Internet as you already participate in this system and as if the addict bear in paws to the distributor the photos. Why there is this problem why from it don't struggle? Why those laws which exist and operate, don't influence in any way the porno market? On these questions the answer same, as well as on previous Ц " Money" . Money gives the chance to distributors of porno of photo, and also low-standard videos simply to pay off from representatives of the law and order. Besides, many people who possess the power very much not to use away at all production industry sex.

Thanking it, thanks to those laws which they accept, porno business has possibility to find opening and to get into minds of usual people, masking photo sex, under grants on sexual education and various training courses. But it is terrible actually not that porno the industry develops and receives huge profits on corpses and the broken human lives. Terribly that 95 % of people of all globe are engaged in complicity to this business, buying production. In the modern corrupted society there is huge demand for production of this industry. And perhaps it is necessary to struggle not with concrete distributors of pornography, and with the fallen customs, with those who buys this production. After all the usual market postulate will operate, there will be no demand, there will be no also offer. Sex the industry will simply be ruined, and if it won't have money there will be nothing to pay to girls and young men for whom high payment of their local " job" is the defining factor in favour of choice of this vile way.

Pornography as scourge of modern society

The porno online is loaded often automatically at browser start, the Internet simply teems with announcements about free porno, but thus nobody speaks about how the man's potentiality behaves, uniform line that harm masturbatsii on is great so much that finally deprives of the person of ability to have children and to continue the sort. The family is cell of society and all intimate relations between the wife and the husband should proceed in its frameworks, however the porno online opens all sacraments, showing to the perverted spectators absolutely not truthful image of sexual intercourse, vile details of the perverted sex. The industry in which the free porno annually turns moves in billions dollars and breaks lives to millions trustful little fools following the tastes at so-called invited, hiring them for the further operation that the potentiality of perverts raised also they, despite harm masturbatsii, continued onanirovat' sitting in front of the monitors.

For the purpose of lobbying of interests of the industry in which porno online corrects public organisations which support this phenomenon are created, deny any harm masturbatsii, and influence of this process on man's and female potentiality. Propagation which is conducted absolutely from all mass media tries to put free porno abreast with sensuality inherently at all less vile phenomenon of the modern corrupted world. The way of young and silly little girls to the world of porno begins with sensuality online when it to have to humour itself before lens Web of the chamber connected to world wide web. In what harm masturbatsii for men and for women consists. First of all, the male masturbatsii loses after a while the main pride Ц the potentiality falls absolutely to zero, activity spermatozoidov in sperm at single eyakulyatsii is less more than in 5 times, on the probability to have not simply healthy posterity, and posterity in general so much decreases. But those who offers free porno for some reason hold back these facts.

The porno online influences the person even worse as it occurs in mode of real time, the husband actually changes to the significant other on her eyes, it completely destroys family. Harm masturbatsii for the woman consists that sensitivity of its genitals decreases to unacceptably low level and finally achievement of the highest point of pleasure for such women is impossible. Their requirement will be not not sustained by any potentiality of men. The future of those who takes a great interest in viewing of porno online - men impotent men with zero bent for to the woman who becomes in due course frigid. The free porno destroys the nation and genofund of the people which it looks. About harm masturbatsii should blow at every turn, but unfortunately anybody doesn't do it also man's potentiality gradually starts to decrease, problems in relations with opposite sex begin from 25 years while earlier this age made 40 years.

Pornography or why the husband changes?

Why harmfully to look sensuality why the porno isn't admissible absolutely not to look, why the sensuality online is one of kinds of modern change. This sort of statements will seem to much absolutely ridiculous, however they are scientifically confirmed. The person who takes a great interest in viewing of porno of photo, the person which long time looks porno online, this person absolutely not adequate, is the person becomes the moral ugly creature who isn't capable of normal human relations in family. Type announcements « the Sensuality free of charge» enter the person into absolutely inadequate condition, the person as hypnotised clicks under the given announcements in open space of the Internet and is caught in a net this dissolute vile business based on the most low human instincts. The person who constantly is under the influence of pornography and films of the erotic maintenance it is possible to send safely to the psychotherapist on long treatment. As at this person the adequate perception of opposite sex absolutely varies.

The person starts to suffer sexual frustration which finally can end at men with full impotence, and at women simply loss self-esteem and long depression. To look sensuality harmfully not only for health of the person, it is negatively reflected in family relations of the person. If earlier, the man was to show enough ankle of female leg that he has started to feel sexual inclination. That after viewing of photo or even porno online, the simple bared nature of the woman any more doesn't call the person sexual inclination. The person, having seen enough any nasty things, something wishes to try itself also similar, close people as a result suffer, as a result of the woman suffer humiliation, and in certain cases fathers start to corrupt the juvenile daughters. And now it any more horror stories for the night, is absolute reality. When the life of the young girl is ruined by its own father, is simple prolistav the next release of porno of magazine, or simply having gone to look. These girls can't trust after happened to men more often, they become closed, malicious and very inclined to suicide. The sensuality online corrupts people. Why wives hotly react to special attention of their husbands to opposite sex if it occurs in real life and are absolutely indifferent to how the husband presses on the link « the Sensuality free of charge» and observes of how dissolute another's women are engaged in self-satisfaction, observe of how steams have sex in all conceivable and not conceivable poses.

The porno to look this same what to change to the wife with the vile street prostitute, only if in case with the street prostitute the husband works to rent room in cheap hotel in case or in case with porno online change occurs to photo practically in the face of the wife, in their own house, in their own room. Many families break up that wives feel not comfortably during viewing so the films which have pleasant to husbands, they simply can't look sensuality as consider itself worse, than those dissolute maidens showing to the right and on left delights.« The sensuality free of charge » it only tempting phrase, actually the person pays for it in the family well-being both the psychological and physical health. Not only the porno, but also sensuality online should be absolutely forbidden, the place on modern TV they shouldn't be it should be out of the law and for them should name really, instead of arrange indicative processes which actually are superfluous advertising for the pornography industry.

Confession of the prostitute.

Me to call Anzhelika, I wish to tell the story to those girls who think that sensuality, or various photos of session, this cheerful employment which brings many money, not especially straining. Now to me of 30 years, and I die. I die not of shame which accompanied, rumpling all my life, I die not of remorse which constantly exasperates me, I die of AIDS. Sex which I sold to people, finally has ruined me. I have got to tenacious paws of this terrible porno of business when I yet wasn't 18 years old. For three years of " job" during shootings of various videos, I have earned nothing. All earned money left on trinkets and to nobody the necessary things, on the expiration of this period I was spat out by this business as the fulfilled material because my next analyses have shown positive reaction to HIV. I have caught during shooting of the next portion of porno online which should be laid out in the Internet on one of the western sites. The partner has appeared simply familiar the director, therefore it and didn't pass medical analyses.

Also it has appeared, what exactly it and is carrier of this virus. That I had to worry about these three years of employment by pornography, you at all don't represent to yourselves. With feelings of girls which " work" in this business absolutely nobody it is considered, interests nobody that to you painfully to do this or that porno scene. Those who say that the sensuality is easier and better, obviously you deceive, in it, all is absolute in the same way, the same nasty thing, the same disgust. I couldn't find to myself the young man as nobody wished to fasten with me of serious relations when learnt about my " job" started to perceive me simply as doll which gives free sex. Finally, I have ceased, someone to search, and now living the last days, decaying outside and inside, I remained absolutely one. Photo porno, various low-standard videos it that has sent me me to the grave. Porno online which promised to lay out in the western countries, finally have laid out on one of the Russian sites and all my close people have turned away and have refused me, even parents don't want me the nobility. For them their daughter has died, as soon as she has dared at being bared before chamber lens. As soon as, she has dared to sell herself to these vile people with damp palms, which only and think of how to earn more money. According to 95 % of girls which, anyhow, concern this industry, die of venereal illnesses, or become from them lifelong invalids at whom wetting follows through kateter in cellophane package because their urinogenital system is eaten by bacteria and viruses. 5 % of girls, commit a suicide, after the next porno online comes into the hands of their acquaintances.

Sensuality about which defenders of morals blow pseudo, even worse, than porno video because after shootings of erotic scenes, stupid group rape of the actress usually follows, after all frequently in this business accept actresses for animals. The innocent porno of photo which agents of this industry ask you to make is only the first step to precipice and nasty thing which if you will make never can't return back any more. Sex well is on sale, but those who is passed sex from him and die. Don't become on defect road, not to the bill of exchange the invaluable life on unnecessary trinkets. Appreciate usual human relations which aren't impregnated by disgusting smell of calculation and benefit. Don't sell the life for 30 silversmiths. Now looking back back, I never would agree to participate in that erotic session photo, but, unfortunately, the life I can't change. You change the life and if to you offer something similar, run from these people, and address in militia is better, there sometimes there are fair people.

Pornography and sensuality - any difference.

Whether it is harmful to porno? Whether is the sensuality safe alternative of photo and various low-standard video of porno? These questions constantly excite public opinion, but, unfortunately, nobody undertakes any concrete actions and don't find normal substantiations definitively to forbid these vile kinds of earnings. Whether yet clearly find, or don't wish to find. As all Internet dazzles with the information on what harm bears in itself any porno online. Any photo of the erotic maintenance can't completely pass for mentality of the person. Tests spent at specialised institutes of the USA have proved that constant viewing of sites and films of the pornographic maintenance, constant viewing photo sex, involves strengthening of aggression of the person, raises human cruelty, reduces moral values, and finally does of the person usual animal who can't about what the friend to think, except as of it. After long viewing of materials of the pornographic maintenance at the person the condition libido worsens, the sexual inclination to opposite sex decreases, as usual sexual intercourse any more doesn't involve the person, he would like to be engaged in the perverted, severe sex which causes exclusively pain and sufferings.

The sensuality in the same way influences human mentality. In families in which one of spouses too takes a great interest viewings of porno of photo or vile videos it is observed bol'shee number of matrimonial changes, than in families in which at all aren't engaged in viewing of photos similar sex. Why there is such situation. Because, online, it is possible to compare viewing of porno to frequent change of sexual partners as in mode of real time the person observes of how other person has sex. Besides, it is what is it immoral, it creates impunity illusion. And the person has obsession that if it is possible to look at how others have sex, means it is possible and to try to make it, and not with second half. People as though didn't confirm lobbying interests of manufacturers which make films with category " Sensuality" that their production unlike porno shows the beautiful image of coition of the man and the woman. But as they don't try to play upon words, the sensuality remains film which represents sex.

So that in erotic films scenery are picked correctly up, and light is put, they don't become less dangerous to society. Sex of photo which are published in the Internet from shootings even the most modest erotic film, represents in certain cases such pictures which not always it is possible to see on photo. For this reason it is extremely necessary to bring up question on interdiction of the reference of any erotic and pornographic information in society. It is necessary to close the Internet sites with pornographic materials and to forbid translation of porno online. It is necessary to raise responsibility degree that distributors of similar materials didn't get off with the administrative penalty, and instantly got to prison. As by and large these people represent danger to safety of the country, they kindle cruelty and debauchery in the country. More often on TV twist porno video for this reason it is necessary to pay attention to modern TV and more to regulate transfers which actually directly advertise the Internet resources with materials of erotic and pornographic character more rigidly.


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