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Harmonious education of the child. To download video, how to avoid corruption and debauchery at school

Corruption and debauchery of children in the modern world the frequent phenomenon which main objective is violent replacement of attitude of the child. The debauchery and corruption not the individual phenomena, they are applied everywhere, putting pressure upon your child. Wish it to avoid? You can download video about debauchery and corruption of your child in the street and at school that will allow you to be as much as possible vigilant and will bring feasible mite in correct and harmonious education of children.

Debauchery and corruption at school. To download video about education of children

School the important element in development of each person in which, frequently there are fatal influences on the child. To manage to expect all possible problems, it is desirable to download video on theme interesting you. It will help you to expect possible problems, to manage to explain to the child what not all thoughts at school should be taken on trust. If you wish to present to your child the happy childhood you need to limit as much as possible harmful influences which are rendered by modern society. Debauchery and corruption of modern youth the important problem by which the insufficient attention presently is paid. That will familiarise with it more close, we suggest you to download video which will answer the majority of your questions, will give food for mind and will help to protect you and your relatives from harmful influence.

To download video. Corruption.






Juvenalnaja justice

Having heard the unusual name « yuvenal'naya justice» , people usually shrug shoulders and ask: « And what is it?» And if it to tell, how supporters of the given innovation that is a question of creation of special courts for minors who are necessary for high-grade protection of the rights of children anybody and won't suspect anything bad say. At us many any institutes of the childhood: kindergartens, schools, children's sports sections, children's polyclinics, hospitals, sanatoria, camp. Why not to be and to special children's courts? And meanwhile yuvenal'naya the justice represents such blasting of detsko-parental, public relations and all Russian vital way. As it is known, the major component of process of globalisation is family destruction.

Probably, anybody shouldn't be convinced of that any more that mass depravity of children through mass-media and even through school " innovations" , purposeful destruction of authority of parents, the direct and latent propagation of drugs, the gaming which has crippled already incalculable quantity of young souls, demonizatsiya children's consciousness through books, films, the same mass-media all it not casual isolated episodes, and consistent policy of globalistov-reformers. But, by their own recognitions, them very much stirs " imperfection" of legislative base. Therefore all of them forces try to " improve" it.

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Poison from elite: the biological weapon

The director: Galina Tsareva

About film

From founders of films " the Truth about inoculations" and " Transgenizatsija genetic bomb" , " lie Pandemics" . Today it is much told about new calls of safety and stability of society, laws on struggle against terrorism are passed new. However any measures will appear not so effective if the factor of biological terrorism is not considered. Bioterrorism - use of biological agents or toxins for destruction of human, food, ecological resources or reception over them the control. Components of the biological weapon get today to many products. Considerable quantity of the bioobjects deduced in laboratories get enough sleep today on our planet. Illnesses which arise after their application, don't give in to treatment. One kind of virus can mutirovat' so quickly that becomes almost uncontrollable any means. In film it is told about the biological, genetic, ethnic weapon, about nano-technologies, about mutations which occur to animals and people, and also about new unknown illness " margelonov" , amazed already millions people. You will see, what experiments were spent over nothing suspecting civilians of planet only with one purpose - to subordinate will of the person and to reduce the planet population.


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Tsareva G - the Truth about inoculations

Data from documents for office using and the other a little known facts is cited.

What is postvaktsinarnyi syndrome, about sharply increased level autoimunnyh diseases that such vyholaschivanie immunity, about that that the first 18 months of life the baby is compelled to struggle with the illnesses imparted to it and many other things....

In film take part Kolesov D. V (the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, the academician of the Russian Open Society). Chervonsky P the virologist, member of the Russian Open Society on bioethics and the international society under human rights. As experts immunologists, they discover the facts which to you no medical sister from technical school and any pediatrist (will tell one owing to education, others in force " promytosti" minds on student's bench).

In film it is told about terrible consequences of vaccines. The structure of vaccines (mercury salt, formaldehyde and aluminium), possible postvaktsinarnye complications is analyzed. The facts are mentioned, allowing to look at other party privivochnoi " medals" . In our country there was criminal tradition to vaccinate all successively that 80-85 % of children ill with diphtheria lead to pitiable results (healthy children became already casuistry), appear " correctly and in due time" imparted. The tuberculosis too doesn't wish to " be liquidated" , despite inoculations the BTSZH-VACCINE.

Surprising data on the different countries is cited.

Parents autichnyh in America submit children on manufacturers of vaccine AKDS and hepatitis In to court, including their reason of development of autism at their children.



Tsareva G - Transgenizatsija - genetic bomb (ch.1 from 2)

Tsareva G - Transgenizatsija - genetic bomb (ch.2 from 2)

One of present burning issues is the problem of introduction and distribution of the new biotechnologies connected with genetic changes of live organisms.

Genetically modified (transgene) organisms contain in the genetic device fragments of DNA from any other live organisms, for example, in plant genes of insect, animal or even the person can be inserted. By means of gene engineering hybrids of potato with tomato, soya with grey tobacco, sunflower with string bean are already received. Is and more discouraging data: cold-resistant grade of tomatoes with the built in gene of flounder, drought-resistant corn with gene of scorpion, tomato with gene of toad. But whether it is enough at the person of knowledge to play role of the Creator? 828 scientists from 84 countries of the world have signed the post card to the governments of all countries about danger of genetically modified organisms (GMO). Now such signatures already more than 2 thousand. Scientists demand to enter the moratorium on use of transgenes in food.

In 2003 crops GMO all over the world occupied the areas more than 70 million hectares. And, at the same time, last years the question was sharply designated - the given technologies are how much safe?

The genetically-modified organisms - today it is problem with many unknown persons. And these unknown persons will prove not now, and through tens years in us, in our children and grandsons. And the mysterious gene of scorpion will declare itself when will be

Any justifications are useless. Therefore the question on net production of not bearing threat is question of survival of mankind.

In film it is told about scientific researches in the field of GMO about technology of creation GMO about barreness H'm-organisms about genetic pollution about food and agrotechnical risks about medical risks about GMO in children's food about GMO in Russia and other countries.




Tsareva G - Corruption (ch.1 from 2)

Tsareva G - Corruption (ch.2 from 2)

All power the sex culture interferes in our life, in our feelings and thoughts. From different directions on us the sex shaft approaches. It is difficult to save cleanliness in the conditions of spiritual anarchy and approach of the western anticulture. In Russia after program acceptance « family Planning» disease of teenagers of venereal illnesses has increased in 50 times. There was syphilis epidemic. Among children growth of disease by this illness has made 43,6 %. Every fifth case of revealing of syphilis and every third gonorrhoeas - at teenagers till 17 years. Here still statistics: 1. In Year more than 3 thousand Russian schoolgirls is younger than 14 years do abortion. 2. After 14 years of 15 % of schoolgirls do 1 abortion of 6 % - two and more. 3, Of all legal abortions of 8,6 % do girls more youngly 20 years from all illegal their share makes 13,2 %. 4. 25 % of schoolgirls at the age of 15-18 years have one and more partners. However, after program exposure « family Planning» , business on it hasn't come to an end. Contrary to logic the ministry issues the order « About the statement of Approximate position about the centre of assistance to strengthening of health trained» in which valeologicheskii the approach is the central link. For neutralisation of resistance of parents other approach - medical, improving character is chosen. Now the valueology hides for screen of healthy way of life or OBZh, health and hygiene lessons. The sexology takes root into various school subjects, up to biology and the literature. After strange lessons on washing, toothbrushing and hairstyle of nails conversation always comes « about it» . It is inadmissible, that the school became place of corruption of children.




The Moscow week. About harm of some animated cartoons

In the given film Alain Dalles, masons and other organizers of genocide of our people won't be mentioned. Here it is short and with bright examples it is shown as destructive thinking it is put in subconsciousness of our children (well and in us, adults, too).Propaganda sex, dissoluteness, permissiveness and sneer by that there was piously generation back - here that daily falls upon children's brain. Magazines, TV, advertising, even cartoon films!!! Who from you reflected seriously, what and " the Beauty and the Monster" beat " Shrek" on not strong mentality not worse beer bottle? This, not such long documentary film, should look all who has got the child, is going to or simply plans to live.



The Moscow Week: childhood Murder - pornography, drugs, cartoon films (2007) TVRip

Influence of information technology on birth rate reduction. Who lobbies the laws which are playing into the hands narcobusinessmen, manufacturers of cigarettes and alcohol. Propagation of the early beginning of sexual life, freedom of sex, sexual dissoluteness and poligamnosti, trial or civil marriage. Intrusion into secret of continuation of the family, purposeful processing of mass consciousness for achievement of demographic collapse. Animation and its influence on mentality of children and on parent instinct.

The fairy tale - the mechanism of formation of model of world around, images of mum and the daddy, the grandmother and the grandfather, the friend and the enemy, good and harm of all of that, everything, on what it will be guided all life. Perception of world around of the child in the images and construction in consequence of model of the world. Image of the woman, the girl, the girl... Formation of sexual behaviour at children. Images mul'tyashnyh heroes for imitation.



Medvedeva I.J. - About advertising and children

It seems, anybody doesn't doubt any more that the modern industry of advertising actively maintains children. Correct installations in relation to this or that brand try to generate at the person as soon as possible. In it there is logic. Many experts limit the top age lath of any target audience to 45-50 years. It is considered that then to influence opinion of the person it is almost impossible (except for advertising of some specific groups of the goods of medicines etc.) What for to be up against a blank wall, trying to catch recognition of people with already settled sights? Many advertisement makers consider. I am much more favourable to involve in myself the young audience easily perceiving all new, with not settled tastes, habits, with even nesformirovavshims style and way of life. The generation, since young years brought up in the spirit of adherence to certain brand, will save the attachment throughout all life. They will carry by the loyalty in years, and the advertising budgets which are not forming, and only supporting interest of these people, will essentially decrease.



Virtual aggression

We recommend to look to all parents! In film it is told about the researches spent by children's psychologists at the Russian schools. What images develop at children as a result of viewing of advertising, insurgents, horrors, modern cartoon films and computer games? How these images then influence behaviour of adult people? Parents, give more than the attention to own children! Don't shift the role in education of children on TVs and computers! This aggression isn't visible simple sight uneducated light of Belief to the person. About this aggression don't conduct mass media reportings. It, like, is invisible. But the film shows it and shows " in all beauty." Why children who are spending time at the TV, then draw not beauty of the nature or angels, and any evil spirits? The answer in the evident experiment photographed in one of schools. What is 25th shot and what in him is represented? You will see for the first time it visually and will understand, as as it is put in subconsciousness of the person through this shot and as it influences development, outlook of such person. And how its predilection for the computer influences development of the child? Scientists will tell, why development of brain of the Australian natives advances now development of brain of modern children from the civilised world. What occurs to soul of the child under the influence of passion and passion of computer games? What forces and essence are installed in such soul and what start to dictate to it?



The beginning

For youth about features of teenage age, about relations of the guy and the girl, about what beginning it is necessary to put film in the basis of course of life.



The church isn't silent: conversation about marriage

Orthodox mediko-educational centre " Life" . Videostudio " Tsargrad" . 1999

Conversation of priest Dmitry Smirnova with schoolboys about family, love, marriage, and also about influence on the people of Russia of western " culture" .

Once, recollecting the today's time of troubles, we, perhaps, won't believe to ourselves that could live among such mess of different representations about the world, in such impoverishment of love, at such odichanii customs...



About depravity of children

Transfer tells about imperceptible, but purposeful influence of modern animation on children's mentality and awful demographic consequences of popularity of similar cartoon films.



About the program of destruction of family in Russia

Vsetserkovnoe orthodox youth movement and life Association have spent in Moscow conference « Orthodoxy in life and family protection» . From whom and from what they were required to be protected? At conference it was a question of « programs of sexual education» which the Ministry of Education of Russia plans to enter everywhere in high schools.

We shouldn't stay in illusion that is a question of two points of view the point of view of supporters of the newest programs connected with made in western countries « sexual revolution» , and the point of view of its opponents. Business is absolutely differently...



The sex price

Many girls make decision to enter in sexual relations, without having any representation about consequences of the choice: « If I knew that for me waits, wouldn't allow it to occur! But anybody didn't warn me...»



Fear vaccine

Forecasts about the future flu epidemic excite the population of all world. According to the World organisation of public health services, unique rescue of mankind from infectious diseases is vaccination. The CART develops programs of vaccination for Third World countries and finds money for purchase of vaccines at pharmaceutical concerns. And many inhabitants of the Latin American, Asian and African states at all don't suspect, what exactly they participate in long experiment of manufacturers of vaccines.

Until recently Russia entered in so-called " BSE" - the favorable list " eks" , made by manufacturers of vaccines, is strict for corporate use. The abbreviation " BSE" means that in the country it is possible to test new vaccines...

Heroes of the program - Veronica Mikhalev, Andrey Volkov and Dima Artamonov - already never will be same healthy, as millions their coevals. They became invalids against the will, and at will of the state which meaningly goes on such victim, in advance planning percent of complications.

Whether there will be our countries range for large-scale experiment of pharmaceutical concerns?

What tragical consequences of vaccination for the patients which stories are told in the program?

About it (and not only) - in documentary investigation of journalists of broadcasting company " Top secret" .



Vaccination - the latent truth

All know that inoculations, become to each person in the childhood, beginning practically from the first hours after birth, and create immunity against set of illnesses. From some illnesses, such as hepatitis B, tuberculosis, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, krasnuha, inoculation parotitis are included in national calendar of inoculations and become free of charge. However not all know that from inoculations there are also complications including fatal cases and no means always inoculations are health guarantee. Also it is told about it in the given film. The film shows different view on mass preventive inoculations, the official point of view and as answers following questions rather than says:

* Efficiency of inoculations.

* Structure and the mechanism of action of inoculations.

* Real consequences.

* Why inoculations proceed.

* Legitimate rights of patients.

* As will cope with the put damage.



Gratitude of life



How much is passion

Documentary film " How much is passion?" Will tell about how the gaming is arranged and that is hidden behind its neon facades. What laws regulate gaming in Russia? To whom does it belong, how there is its repartition, and how much earn casino?

The first casino has opened in Monaco 150 years ago. At that time fans of gamblings gathered in Monte-Carlo from every corner of the globe, hoping to catch good luck for tail. In America of casino those years were out of the law the authorities of the State of Nevada have resolved gaming only in 1932. Today in Las Vegas round the clock and without days off half-thousand casino work.

In Russia the first gambling institution has opened in 1989, at communists. To get to the casino consisting of two hotel rooms, it was possible only on record. Today at us than 300 casinos " boss" 350000 of " one-armed gangsters" (such nickname pinball machines have received) and more. Gin has got out of bottle and has solved to itself in what not to refuse



Silent shout

Our film documentary, and at its display we recommend to observe pedagogical care as some shots can call shock: the silent shout, the deformed child's face which will be lost before our eyes.



Don't leave me, mum

Russia dies out. The part of the population of the country obviously degrades, entering life under recipes and scenarios of the western advisers. Before eyes pass shots of sad panorama of the human faces concealing image Divine because of the immersing in " pleasure" of the world. But scientists-demographers quite often reject poverty, unemployment as the reasons of extinction of the nation. In what the reason? The film answers this question. What is telegoniya? Unexpected opening of scientists-genetikov of secret of chastity, its deep sense for destiny of the people. That is why it protected as great jewelry earlier. That is why now it is destroyed by organizers of the New world order through all mass media and advertising.



Who swings cradle



The heavy truth. The control over birth rate



Who raises your children?

Necessarily visit on this site, necessarily look video or in mode online or be simply arranged more conveniently near your computer and after you decide to download video you more never will allow, that your child, watched TV with all its dissolute platitude, you will unconditionally not trust any more to school in which propagation of debauchery and all in relation to children is simply conducted. Children cease to be those whom should, they not so naive creations which kiss for the first time in 25 years. You learn that the child by 15 years, anyhow, faced displays of sexual interest to itself from outside, both adults, and contemporaries. The children's age has ceased to be that protects these young creations for all horror of violence and debauchery of the TV flowing from the blue screen. Scientifically fact in evidence that at children which live in « the civilised world» brain practically ceases to develop and they turn to silly, stupid, insensible creations which don't have any authorities, there is no idea, there is no purpose in life which only and do that that " tusyat" , " are delayed" , " hang" . Unless you want, that the monster who will grow has grown from your child and will be the tyrant in family which with ease will raise hand against the woman and which won't disdain the power over own child and doesn't use it as toy for sexual igrisch. Video placed on this site will open to you eyes, on that than the government of your country when appoints obligatory inoculations, from different illnesses is engaged. You can download video then to show to its familiar and simply close people who have children or who plan them to get that they for certain knew from what it is necessary to protect young lives of creation not having experience. The horror consists that today all do in opened, and nobody names genocide against the people, cases when the child dies after to it have made vaccination by preparation which have bought under the state control, today such egregious examples are called simply as incidents and exchange letters that the child itself is guilty that has died supposedly nobody knew that at it intolerance on this preparation. The children's doctor became today practically as the worker of concentration camp who does all that order to it from above. You have bought to the kid modern cartoon films? Then necessarily look video from this site and you learn that your child after will look such cartoon films does. You need to download simply video for ever to pull out the aerial from the TV with large quantity of films of horrors, with violence and brainless advertising, which is directed on making from the child from the earliest age of the zombie which puts on in one stamp of clothes, buys only those products about which hears from the TV and inherits behavioural models from stupid western insurgents, and pornofilms. If you want that your children have grown moral ugly creatures, it is not necessary to be late for a long time on this site, it is not necessary to read and look all materials presented here, simply leave this page, and be again dipped into the world of debauchery and platitude in the Internet world. Will preserve the children's peace of your children to nurseries, at least until then while they won't start to show any public position, until then while they won't have opinion that all those horrors flowing from the telescreen haven't affected in any way formation of the integral person from the young young man, or the young young lady. Don't neglect development of the child.


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