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It is possible to allocate five periods during which deistviyavrachei can lead to birth crippled – intellectually defective or injured – the child. The first period precedes the conception, the second – pregnancy, the third – patrimonial fights, the fourth – childbirth and the fifth – finding in hospital after the delivery. We will consider each of them.

The period before conception

The future parents didn't have yet thought on birth of the child, and over its health threat has already hung. Doctors not always think of that their some actions can bear danger. Subjecting patients to excessive x-ray irradiation, they hardly consider that it leads to rough developmental anomalies and intellectual inferiority of fruit. More often negative consequences are shown at pervorodyaschih mature age because the dose of x-ray irradiation collects during life that raises risk of birth of the child with syndrome of Down. In serious consequences for the child results also irradiation of men. Children from men, spermatozoidy which have suffered from action of X-rays, also can have developmental anomalies and various forms of intellectual backwardness. Potential influence of radiation on fruit development – one of the main reasons on which the x-ray irradiation should be avoided, as far as possible, from the earliest age.

It is quite probable that attending physicians will underestimate risk of radiodiagnosis, to represent it as minimum. The stomatologist, for example, can declare that pictures of tooth cavity are harmless, as dose of one session of irradiation very low. Don't believe it! Has no value that the dose of this or that session of radiological research is insignificant. Dangerously that in time before conception it can collect so that will appear capable to cripple the future child. I advise to the patients to refuse radiological researches if they aren't appointed for diagnostics of conditions menacing to life. If the doctor will recommend this research to your child, don't hesitate to show the concern. To mind to doctors it is difficult, but after all health of the kid is the most important. Insist on that the radiation dose at research was extremely low. Take an interest, whether there has passed the radiologist special training, whether the equipment was checked recently, whether there corresponds dose to medical purpose.

Make sure that the laboratorian has protected reproductive bodies of the child special apron. Never forget that the x-ray device bears danger of death. The researches, one behind another, have elicited shocking facts in carrying out of radiological researches to the USA, including application of the faulty equipment and use of not trained personnel. Also that than all is more shocking, in most cases in similar researches there is no necessity. Other risk factor – oral contraception. Conception is admissible at least in some months after its course, differently the child can be born intellectually defective.

Of that to be careful during pregnancy

In group of the greatest risk during the first hours, days and months of life get not only nedonoshennye children – born before their bodies were generated, but also too weak bodies because of low weight. Therefore adequate, high-grade food of the woman throughout all period of pregnancy – one of factors of normal development of fruit. At the time of my youth doctors advised to pregnant women « is for two» , today's accoucheurs-gynecologists are inclined to restriction of their weight.

Still recently as much as possible tolerant increase, according to the majority of doctors, was four and a half – seven kgs, now tightened belt have slightly weakened: are limited to nine-eleven kgs more often. It is more reasonable, but nevertheless the sense in restriction isn't present any. Besides, it can lead to low weight of the newborn that poses threat to its development and even life. Danger of medical recommendations about restriction of weight of pregnant women is rather real. In 1975 in the press have informed that every third pregnant woman in the USA (more than one million person) suffers from exhaustion. Among the reasons were specified not only shortage of means for normal food and aspiration to save figure. The overwhelming majority of pregnant women underate because of the restrictions established by the doctor. Similar concerning themselves the future mothers shouldn't to suppose: their exhaustion will fatally affect the child.

The main care of the woman during pregnancy is not the increase in weight, and high-grade food. When the doctor warns what to recover more than on seven-nine kgs the pregnant woman shouldn't, he usually refers that " the correct" weight will facilitate childbirth and will prevent development of toxicosis of pregnant women – one of the most dangerous (sometimes even deadly) pregnancy complications. The explanation of the doctor sounds convincingly, but the truth isn't. All available data testifies the return. If the lying-in woman is exhausted, there is danger that its uterus won't cope with sorts properly and fights will be tightened or even will stop. Insisted on restriction of diet the doctor can rub hands: after all it is remarkable occasion to Cesarean section for which it is possible to help solid large sum. And to mother and the child the Cesarean section will bring the next troubles.

Similarly business with toxicosis is. The certificates collected for the last half a century, speak about that, what is it the disease state is caused not by excess weight, and inadequate food. Because of lack of necessary elements of diet liver job is broken, and the organism reacts the symptoms diagnosed as toxicosis. Many women are hardly kept in the limits of weight established by the doctor and appear on its top border during the responsible prepatrimonial period – last two months of pregnancy. If to medical recommendations to follow strictly, future mother has to pass to half-starved diet when as much as possible high-grade food for increase in weight of body is necessary for the child being in its womb. Besides, the given period is critical and for development of brain of fruit.

Starvation of the pregnant woman for the sake of any restrictions imposed by medicine poses threat not only to its health, but health and life of the child. My council to pregnant women: whatever doctors recommended, in questions of food and weight set be guided by common sense. Don't lose so dream necessary for you because of trouble concerning that more than would be desirable your weight for your doctor. Think better that children who were born with insufficient weight, die in the first month of life in thirty times more often, than at whom it normal. Because of lack of the nutrients necessary for high-grade development, in half of such children some degree of intellectual backwardness is observed. They three times more often, than at newborns with normal weight, have epilepsy, cerebral paralysis, behaviour and training problems.

Therefore let your food will be high-grade and balanced. Also don't take in head to starve! And if the doctor annoys you of that you « have typed more than thirteen kgs» , think that to it to tell to close this theme. So resolutely refuse recommendations liked by doctors to accept diuretics at hypostases of hands and feet. The liquid delay in organism happens during the different periods of pregnancy almost at all women. It, as a rule, normal and even the useful phenomenon. The liquid detained in fabrics is necessary for the maintenance of additional quantity of blood necessary for mother and the child. To consider hypostases as symptom of toxicosis and to register diuretiki for deducing of liquid accumulated in hypostases in most cases incorrectly: the liquid is necessary both to the woman, and the child. Results of such " help" can be catastrophic. Death rate among children born from mothers, not having hypostases at pregnancy, for 50 percent above, than among children from mothers, their having.

Besides, reception diuretikov can finish to death because of pressure decline up to occurrence gipovolemicheskogo shock! The doctor, I do not doubt, will warn the future mother about special danger during pregnancy of smoking, reception of alcohol and other means influencing mood. He is obliged about it to warn, and to its words it is necessary to listen. Is serious that proof, what even their moderate use can negatively affect on health of the child.

For the same reason the doctor should warn against danger of reception during pregnancy of the medicines sold without the recipe, – aspirin, means for cold and to that similar. Unfortunately, the doctor hardly something will tell about risk of those preparations and procedures which will be appointed by him. Harm to fruit is put also by the medicines which are released under the recipe, x-ray irradiation, ultrasound and such procedures, as amniotsentez *, used for diagnostics of developmental anomalies of fruit. * Amniotsentez – puncture plodnogo bubble. (Comment red.) I don't have possibility more in detail to tell about their danger, and you should study this question independently. Editions about risk of medical procedures at pregnancy set, among them – my book « Man's medicine: as doctors will cripple women» .

Intervention in process of sorts

In the beginning of the head I asked to think of, whether to give preference to house sorts, not to be exposed to risk of intervention, inevitable in hospital. Almost any form of the obstetric help in the course of sorts which should be natural, is unsafe and can potentially lead to defeat of brain and intellectual backwardness of the child. If childbirth passes houses, the woman and the child risk much less.

Some years ago doctor Lewis E. swept from university of the State of Wisconsin investigated two thousand sorts, almost half from them were house. Its conclusions speak for themselves.

• Thirty of children born in hospital have got patrimonial traumas. Cases of traumas at house sorts wasn't.

• Resuscitation at sorts in hospital was necessary in fifty cases, at house childbirth – in fourteen.

  • Neurologic infringements were received by six children born in hospital, and one child born of the house.

Scope of medical intervention, characteristic for hospital sorts, horrifies. I will agree that some of used procedures are defensible, especially in critical situations. But in the American medicine the syndrome « prevails we will make everything that it is possible to make» , and threat proceeds from it. That is conceived for critical situations, is applied is universal to everything which have entered at door of delivery room. In the course of typical hospital sorts one unnecessary intervention follows another. I will not stop on details as about them you can read in my previous books. I will mention only internal and external monitorings of fruit, intravenous food, anaesthesia, stimulation oksitotsinom, epiziotomiyu* and Cesarean section.

* Epiziotomija – surgical section promezhnosti. (The Comment red.)

About risk of monitoring of fruit with use of ultrasound patients don't know almost anything. This information widely doesn't extend, and doctors prefer to keep mum. I think that become to me known data will interest also you. Application of monitoring of fruit, as well as any other researches, calls number of unpleasant questions on which at attending physicians of answers isn't present. And this one more certificate of infringement by doctors of precept of Gippokrata " do not do much harm" .

External supervision of fruit, or monitoring, occurs to the help of two belts clasping stomach connected to recorder. One belt reacts to pressure and measures frequency and force of fights, another by means of ultrasound defines fruit condition. Usually in hospitals monitoring is used at all sorts though one of the researches, spent on 70 thousand women, hasn't found out difference in results of sorts with monitoring and without it, and other researches have shown that death rate of babies at sorts with monitoring above. It gives the grounds to assume that at the best their use is senseless, and in the worst – is harmful. For today scientists have no convincing proofs that ultrasonic influence is injurious to health, that it is safe. Unlike X-rays, the ultrasound of ionisation doesn't call. This fact also became the proof of safety of ultrasonic methods of research for those who protects them. However the argument of defenders of ultrasound is rather weak. I can't unequivocally assert that the ultrasound can do much harm to the child, but also the doctor using him in the same way can't assert that it is harmless.

The British epidemiologist Elis Stewart, heading « the Oxford review of children's oncology» , in 1983 has informed on suspicious tendencies: children, podvergshiesya in womb to ultrasonic research, fell ill with leukaemia and other kinds of cancer more often, than those who has avoided it. The document of the World organisation of the public health services, calling for careful research of danger of ultrasound and restriction of its use, tells about advantage and risk of this procedure the following (italics everywhere mine): « the Choice of format of research (ultrasound. – the bus) on the person presents special difficulties. The latent periods of development of cancer can reach twenty years, or the effect will be swept up in following generation …

As the human embryo is sensitive to other kinds of radiations, there are fears that it is sensitive and to ultrasound. Researches on animals specify in necessity of studying in public neurologic (in kognitivnom the plan and in the plan for development), immunologicheskih and gematologicheskih influences. There are some that certificate that influence of ultrasound in formation of bodies of experimental animals can lead to congenital defects. These aspects of researches in public weren't checked, and to make it it is necessary. At present it is not known, whether ultrasonic diagnostics of fruit of mother or to the child in respect of the forecast of outcome of pregnancy that should be carefully investigated first of all is of use. If the conventional advantage of such research isn't present, there is also reason to subject to it no patients, considering cost of procedure and possible risk » .

What to do, if, despite arising questions concerning risk of leukaemia, suppression of the immune response, congenital defects of fruit and other possible consequences of ultrasound, the doctor will insist on research with its application? I suggest to agree only in the event that the doctor will give convincing, scientific proofs of necessity of procedure, its advantage for you and the child and absence of any harm as at the moment, and in twenty years. The doctor can't refuse with deep arguments to you granting of such proofs, but also give them it too can't, after all they don't exist. Probably, it will push him to that followed it make from the very beginning, – having forgotten about ultrasound, to use stethoscope!

The woman who has already given birth to the normal, healthy child, doesn't have necessity to worry about antenatal dangers until she won't decide to give birth still. And here pervorodyaschih I urge to study possible risk carefully. Because of dangers about which I have told, I find idea of house sorts so attractive. For this reason I was extremely glad, when both my daughters have decided to give birth to houses. To my perfect and healthy grandsons now two, three both five years, and daughters expect on one – they too will be born at home.

The same whom house childbirth frightens also who are made by the choice in favour of maternity home, should be on the lookout. I hope, they will necessarily use everything about what have learnt in this chapter and in the books recommended by me, and will try to avoid possible dangers of hospital sorts.

Dangers of children's chamber

In spite of the fact that competitive struggle has led to situation improvement in hospitals, it, alas, hasn't abolished so-called children's chambers. In them, for passage of some procedures (some of which are ordered by laws of many states), babies are placed right after by births. Overstraining from shout, the newborn all alone spends in such chamber at least four hours. Only after that mothers allow to feed with its breast or if she so solves, give it artificial feeding.

The doctor who has delivered, will immediately drip in eyes to the child silver nitrate – dominating in medicine of the USA chemical. This procedure is directed against the gonorrhoea which carriers, on ridiculous suspicion of doctors, all lying-in women are. Not who others as doctors, have taken care of that this " preventive" measure became obligatory in each staff.

To all newborns – it is universal, motivating it is care of their health, – enter into eyes, in the form of drops, rather offensive nitrate of silver. Why in that case not to check the future mothers on presence of gonorrhoea? Doctors however reject such possibility, referring that absolute accuracy of the analysis isn't guaranteed. It is the absolute bosh – after all and the mentioned preparation isn't absolutely effective. Practice of its use sporna also because in case of development in the child gonoreinoi oftal'mii – irrespective of the reason of they be will spend therapy by antibiotics.  

Application of nitrate of silver for which children pay in the well-being, has been to some extent justified before occurrence of antibiotics. At 30–50 percent of children who have received it develops chemical kon'yunktivit: because of the filled eye of dense pus first seven and more days of their life pass in blindness. Long-term psychological effects of it aren't known by anybody. Procedure is capable to call and corking of plaintive channels that demands uneasy surgical intervention. At last, some doctors – and I belong to their number – consider that high frequency of occurrence miopii and astigmatism in the USA can be connected with influence of this caustic substance on gentle cover of eyes of newborns.  

In some states silver nitrate began to replace with antibiotics though proofs of that their use prevents gonorrhoea, no. Solving problem of the direct harm put by nitrate of silver, abusing antibiotics (which, probably, the set of times will repeat), the pediatrist creates new threats to health of the child.  

In many hospitals of abusing antibiotics follow one another. In attempt to prevent distribution of hospital infection among children, many doctors enter penicillin to all newborns. It should be avoided, especially if there is no necessity to treat antibiotic already existing illness. It is proved that each application of antibacterial medicines of this number is fraught with sensitivity loss to them subsequently. Besides, some children have risk of development anafilakticheskoi reactions to any antibiotics.  

As soon as the child gets to children's chamber, him bathe and, quite probably, use soap with geksahlorofenom. For a long time it is known that geksahlorofen, having got into organism through skin, can call neurologic infringements. Nevertheless soap with this substance continues to serve as means of prevention of epidemic infections with bacteria with which swarm hospital chambers.  

The special indignation calls that bathe the child with harmful soap, while idle time obmyvanie flowing water not less effectively. It is proved by five carefully spent researches with participation of 150 newborns: on 25 children bathed in one of four antiseptic tanks, and 50 – in usual water. The bacteriological tests taken from children for the third and fifth day after bathing, had no differences. My council to parents: don't allow doctors to test on the child potentially dangerous chemical for protection against infection, after all simple water is so effective! In hospital chamber of each newborn subject to the analysis on fenilketonuriyu (FKU). Obligatory in the majority of states, it is made to define on purpose, whether the child this rare disease leading to intellectual backwardness suffers. Fenilketonuriya it is called by deficiency in organism of certain enzyme and happens less than at one of hundred thousand newborns.  

The analysis on FKU in itself isn't dangerous, short of the prick needle opening way to bacteria, which as I already spoke, in any hospital great variety. The problem consists that results of research differ discrepancy and is frequent lozhnopolozhitel'ny. The child with the diagnosis « fenilketonuriya» translate to strict diet with substitutes of fiber which have unpleasant taste, call adiposity and do food rather monotonous. Doctors don't have common opinion concerning duration of diet. Its terms fluctuate from three years to the lifelong. Besides, the majority of doctors exclude for patients fenilketonuriei children chest feeding.

I consider absolutely senseless to doom babies to awful diet on the basis of the analysis which can be erroneous. And the diet calls serious questions. Seven years ago employees of the centres of treatment FKU in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and Germany have found out that at some children neurologic recourse proceeded, in spite of the fact that illness early diagnosed also special diet supported properly. These children have received the diagnosis « atypical (alternative) form FKU» and subsequently have died.  

If in family there were no disease cases fenilketonuriei, advise to refuse the analysis on its revealing and to remember that parent milk – the best, in my opinion, treatment if illness nevertheless is present. If it was not possible to avoid the analysis also its result it has appeared positive, insist on repeated research in two weeks to exclude its inaccuracy. If also the repeated result appears positive, specify the form fenilketonurii (classical or atypical) and be convinced that the offered diet corresponds to it. And by all means achieve that chest feeding has proceeded at new diet as it – the best protection accessible to the child.  

At favorable result of the repeated analysis try not to stretch for many long years painful meditations over, whether there was first result erroneous. One of negative consequences of mass analyses is the emotional trauma of parents at lozhnopolozhitel'nyh results. I had to hear time and again question: « As you think, it (later the speech beginning, later schooling to pot and so on) can't be called fenilketonuriei?» .  

About the same occurs, when the pediatrist informs parents that at their child « weak noise in heart» . If other symptoms it is not revealed, " noise" don't testify to any illness. The list of gloomy illnesses on which presence in large quantities check newborns, constantly extends. In each staff develop special programs of revealing of such diseases and even bring respective alterations in the legislation. Them, basically, doctors initiate, and, how much I can judge, they and receive from it most of all advantage. But unless it is not absurd to subject children and parents to physical and emotional risk of analyses on the diseases meeting time in hundred years? 

Among the dangers expecting the baby in children's chamber, – treatment of jaundice with the help bilirubinovyh lamps (phototherapy). Easy jaundice at newborns – the phenomenon normal. It is observed in 30-50 percent of cases, and possibility of its occurrence isn't in the last instance connected with intervention degree in childbirth. It seems that each generation of doctors thinks out new ways of interventions in the health, the creating problems demanding same. From this that it is necessary to test much to the lying-in woman in hospital – anaesthesia, stimulation of sorts, reception of medical products, – increases probability of development in the child of jaundice of newborns. This illness is by-effect of all these procedures.  

To the newborn almost always enter the vitamin K influencing for speed of fibrillation as doctors learnt that children are born with its deficiency. It is nonsense if only mother of the child doesn't suffer from strong exhaustion. However injections do to all children without exception. Such procedure can lead to jaundice and, accordingly, to treatment bilirubinovymi lamps that bears risk dozen documentary confirmed dangerous consequences for health of the child. Treatment for the conditions called by treatment proceeds at times all life and demands new unsafe procedures.  

Bilirubin is pigment of bile in blood. Many doctors consider it capable to provoke brain defeat as believe that it can get into the central nervous system. Actually bilirubin – usual product of disintegration of the red blood cages, giving to skin of the child icteric shade. To be afraid of this condition it is not necessary, except for rare occurences when concentration of bilirubin is too high or sharply raises in the first day of life that is usually caused by the Rhesus factor-conflict and demands transfusion (replacement) of blood or treatment bilirubinovoi lamp. Light of lamp which is in dark blue part of spectrum, quickly oxidises bilirubin that provides deducing by its liver. The same effect it is possible to reach and it is natural – ultra-violet radiation of the sun.  

If jaundice not illness of the first day of life, risk from its treatment more than advantage. For week or two bilirubin it will completely be deduced itself, and under the influence of solar beams it will occur even faster. Though the jaundice of newborns in most cases is condition normal and not menacing to life, doctors usually insist on its treatment bilirubinovymi lamps. Thus, the harmless physiological condition is treated by not harmless phototherapy! Why not to allow solar beams to render the same effect? According to health services, the phototherapy of jaundice of newborns can cause increase in death rate from pulmonary diseases (respiratory insufficiency) and hemorrhages. Cases of asthma of babies from the small pillows intended for protection of eye during sessions were marked also.  

Doctors assure often that treatment bilirubinovymi lamps doesn't bear any harm. But whether it is possible to believe what isn't known to them about the consequences shown at once after course of phototherapy, – irritability, slackness, diarrhoeia, laktoznoi insufficiency, intestines frustration, dehydration, digestion problems, deficiency riboflavina, infringement of balance of bilirubin and al'bumina, about deterioration of visual orientation with possible decrease in reaction, DNA change? And here anybody actually doesn't know about the possible delayed consequences of this treatment.  

If the baby was born malovesnym – as a result of the Cesarean section imposed by doctors, the excessive control of weight during pregnancy or for other reasons, reanimatsionnoi chamber of procedures newborn and spent in it to it not to avoid. Doctors extremely are proud of branches of resuscitation and those miracles which they in them create by means of the newest technics. Personally to me their pride is obscure. Efficiency proofs reanimatsionnyh chambers it is not presented yet, and about their additional risk for newborns it is known much. If the newborn with small weight appears in incubator, it means its full isolation from mother from the first hours of life. Here he risks not only to burn, but also it is essential to suffer from oxygen submitted to incubator.  

Errors in dosage of stream of the oxygen, submitted to the baby, can lead retrolental'noi fibroplazii – the most frequent reason of blindness of children. That it to avoid, the careful control of level of oxygen in blood of the child, that is its capture for the analysis is required. It in turn can lead yatrogennoi to anaemia. One intervention causes of another, and blood transfusion that subjects the child to risk of infection with HIV-infection or syvorotochnymi hepatitises, as a result, can be necessary.  

If so happens that the child has got « on oxygen» , to parents, at least, it is necessary to let to doctors know that they know about this procedure and that it very much disturbs them. It though in some measure will warn negligence from outside the maternity hospital personnel.























Slavic education, ÷.1

Slavic education, ÷.2

Slavic Education, ÷.3


It is possible not to doubt any second that the word-combination “YuVENAL'NAYa JUSTICE” isn't known 95 % of the population of our country. Moreover, I bet that hardly the majority of these of 95 % even will want to understand this term. Next pseudoscientific and umnopodobnaya rubbish – they will tell, and … will very strongly be mistaken. Because scientism of this word-combination has been thought up specially that simple people over it didn't reflect and didn't penetrate. And to penetrate and reflect to eat just over what for if to speak very short, and without going into details, the given term designates TECHNOLOGY of COLLECTING At YOU YOUR CHILDREN!!!

That for bosh it fences – the reader will tell now. – who it can select at me my own child? And what for? Alas, dear brothers-compatriots, I speak quite seriously. Now consistently and purposefully the legislative soil for MASS COLLECTING of CHILDREN At PARENTS prepares. What for it becomes, we still will talk hardly more low for now we will consider, this technology will work how.

To begin with one fact: according to some information, last year the allocated USA the means directed on subversive activities in Russia, went mainly in two directions. The first is so-called “protection of freedom of speech” (here, I think, all is clear), and the second – that yuvenal'naya justice. And now we will reflect: if the given information is correct (and CIA, clear business, doesn't send the financial reports to us, therefore to collect the information it is necessary on the basis of expert estimations) there is question – really these two directions can be compared among themselves on importance degree, especially in pre-election year in Russia? It appears it is possible. The juvenalnaja justice is considered by experts of information war, as the most powerful means of decomposition of Russian society from within. We still will return to question – why so efficiency of this weapon for now we will talk in what actually it is great consists and as works.

So, as always, all the most vile that comes crawling to us from the West always comes to us not under the real face, and behind a mask of, mask. And this mask – humanism!

Our western bewitched " friends" have strongly attended now to position with the rights of children. As we know, they at us are anxious for a long time by human rights (and we even know surnames of some chelovekov by which rights they are especially strongly anxious). But it any more news, we have already got used to their philosophy of Jesuits and anybody seriously doesn't make common cause with this idea, unless for not belittling human advantage vspomoschestvlenie. And here with the rights of the child is it is fresh, it is not worn out also by flies not obsizheno.

How they are going to to protect the rights of our children? All is very simple. Here, say, razbalovalos' your liked child, has done a lot of mischief, glasses were beaten also by the other similar. You, naturally, in the educational purposes, have given to it slightly on bum hand. Earlier all on it also has come to an end. Now will be not so. Having received after the priest, your child there and then will run in corresponding yuvenal'nyi court (by the way, we have forgotten to explain that yuvenal'naya the justice – means children's justice) which will settle down nearby from place of your residence, there to it kind uncles and aunts will help to write from dictation on your the application for brutal beating (and if the child isn't able to write yet for it the statement someone will carefully write another) the defenceless kid then against you criminal case (you will be there and then excited haven't misheard, so – CRIMINAL CASE!!!) . Certainly, on the first time you at once in prison won't plant, but nerves will pull about be healthy and, the most important thing, you have already got to card file yuvenal'noi justices as the monster-parent, and your child too has got on the account, as victim of parental atrocity. Now, be assured, your family it is more in rest won't leave. Your child will be constantly visited by " kind" uncles and aunts and to ask him as his parents behave, will advise what to do, if parents dare to it something rough to tell and, God forbid, to give clip, will explain where to go to complain, how to write the application, where to call. Now it is necessary to you to get the second time on attempt to bring up the own child as you already there and then turn to the RECIDIVIST, and here then with you will already speak very seriously. Speech will go at once about deprivation of the parental rights, withdrawal of the child from family and its transfer appointed yuvenal'nym court to reception parents (it is possible, even foreign) or to children's home. And to you already will threaten quite really with prison.

Actually, it is a question of the ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION of EDUCATION of CHILDREN PARENTS and simultaneous encouragement of total informing of children on the parents, teachers and in general all adults.

Someone, having read these lines, will tell: can't such be! You obviously exaggerate, draw all in black colour, frighten fair people. Such doesn't happen in the nature! Because can be never!

I hurry you to disappoint. That I have just described is already today's reality in many western countries where yuvenal'naya the justice became for a long time the same trivial reality, as well as parades of pederasts in the main streets, marriages between same-gender people or the bishop-homosexual who in every possible way propagandises the sexual orientation in the sermons. By the way, many democratic editions still wrote recently about these cases of collecting of children at parents in the western countries in heading of funny things. Say, here is how there ridiculously occurs, try, give to the child clip, there and then there will arrive police squad and " will screw together" you of days on ten in handcuffs, to the decision yuvenal'nogo vessels. And then still the penalty will solder in – thousand in 10 euros, yes will raise the question about deprivation of the parental rights. Now, the truth as yuvenal'naya the justice began to move ahead to Russia, with corresponding western financing, from pages of democratic editions suddenly “as cow language has pinched such articles”. It and is clear, not for that, such mad grandmas in the country vkachivayut, that this " noble" idea to discredit any jokes-pribautochkami. Here all is serious – any disobeyed edition will try “to put on money” (as our gangsters speak), to press on distributors that didn't take on distribution, will deprive of advertising etc. Well, in general, usual “freedom of speech in a western way”.

But with freedom of speech " in a their way" all is clear for a long time already. And here with yuvenal'noi justice all becomes more serious and more serious literally every day (not year, and in the afternoon – I haven't made a reservation). And that else was described recently in newspapers as amusing western funny thing, the incident, promptly starts to turn to our severe reality. Already there is set of cases of acceptance by any commissions (at us while officially yuvenal'nyh courts still aren't present, but it SO LONG!) decisions on withdrawal of children from families, deprivation of quite normal parents of the parental rights and even about their criminal prosecution. While it rather rare occurences, but yuvenal'naya the justice, and its paid conductors firmly intend to make the most next years it the RULE!

They operate, it is natural (as we already spoke), behind a mask of humanism. Shout at any closed meetings about thousand umuchennyh parents poor kiddies, juggle with figures of children's death rate and unsuccessful families, naturally, flavour the reasonings in figures on mullions-strong homelessness at live parents.

It is necessary to note, having listened to performances of pair such radetelei humanism that all sounds it convincingly. Moreover, actually the problem exists. It is necessary to recognise and not to say it that at us actually calm, yes smooth surface, yes the Divine Good fortune. But all the matter is that yuvenal'nye yustishniki this MOST REAL PROBLEM to SOLVE aren't going to AT ALL! Think, they will struggle with alcoholism in our families? Think, they will help homeless children, to put them on way true, to tear off from street? Think, they will lift morals in our society? Perhaps, you for second have thought, what they will return people to God (otpadenie from which is original cause of ALL disgrace on our earth)?

As though not so! Not a chance! Not for this purpose the western grants pay in it.

Here now we have approached to the answer to question: WHAT FOR IT is necessary for ALL OF THEM?

All too is simple as door. They wish to destroy independent family in Russia. This last cell of society which, despite many disgraces which are created in modern families, all the same constrains all society from disintegration. That's it this penultimate fortress (last, our Church and our Belief is) which for the present resists to disintegration and wish to take and destroy.

Let's remember once and for all: AGAINST Russia there is incessant for minute INFORMATION WAR. This war is much more effective, usual hot war, with tanks, bombs and rockets. More effectively because if all correctly to organise, as a result the OPPONENT STARTS to DESTROY ITSELF ITSELF!!! For own bill!

Here yuvenal'naya the justice is element of such information war. If everything that they have conceived, it will be possible, by efficiency of destruction it will be equivalent to falling of several tens thermonuclear charges on the basic our cities. I don't exaggerate.

You only present, what remains from family where children since the early childhood accustom to " knock" on the parents for any attempt of education? Have presented? And now present, what remains from the process of education in family if the child is because of each remark of mother, not to mention clip of the father, there and then to call yuvenal'nuyu police which will be “vintit'” the father and mother in handcuffs and to drag them in " lock-up" ? Have presented? And now present, what will be with the person at whom for no reason at all, because of real nonsense have selected the child and have given to its another's people? The person in this situation runs into full stupor, can't resist, loses over itself the control. Remember, how much people finished in 90-s' years life suicide, having lost job? What stresses tested heads of families who couldn't contain the families? What it was shock. Remember? And here it is a question of the most expensive – about the ONLY CHILD!!! In comparison with it, stress from job loss – simply trifle, easy cold. We will remind that at us family basically ODNODETNYE and the child for many – unique meaning of the life. It actually means that at introduction in action of mechanisms yuvenal'noi justices, we are waited by epidemic of suicides of parents of the deprived parental rights. And those who won't commit suicide at all, will be completely demoralised for years, deleted from life, lost for the nation.

Yes all consequences of introduction yuvenal'noi justices even can't be counted now. Especially for our country, saved (unlike the West) though any spiritual core, though any rests of morals and belief. It will be like EXPLOSION of the NEUTRON BOMB!

Actually, for this reason, as we have told in article beginning, expenses going from the West on introductions in Russia yuvenal'noi justices now are comparable to the expenses directed on overthrows hated I Will sink down “Putin mode”. These are things comparable on destructive force. Only overthrows “Putin's mode” are short-term investments, and yuvenal'naya justice are long-term investments into the future. In the future of the West and for lack of the future at Russia and all of us.

Besides, yuvenal'naya justice it, speaking language of experts of the information war, the LATENT THREAT. We of this threat yet don't see and we do not feel, and when we will see and we will feel, will be already late. The car will earn on all power, milling bones of millions people (that there semimythical Osventsim, it will be pohlesche). Recollect, when in the beginning 90 to Russia here as it is silent, without noise started hundreds totalitarian sects, somebody worried? Now them began to press on the sly to nail, but they and now pull out from families, from society, and sometimes and from life of thousand and thousand people. Consequences will affect as early as years and years. And here the bomb, than totalitarian sects will be more feasible.

That is why it is necessary NOT to OPEN, immediately, now late yet THIS LATENT THREAT, to make its obvious and, without fluctuating minutes to KILL this dragon already creeping in our house – YuVENAL'NOI to JUSTICE and its conductors on the western money.

With us God!!!














And not only the West …


There is one question, strategically important in my opinion on which the right movement doesn't turn proper attention. It is women's issue. I will state the point of view, it is more correct not absolutely mine, and is based on researches which are reflected in such books, as « Russian break» Bashlachyov, « Secret of eternal life» by Morozova, « Death of the West» Buchanan. Sense that extinction of white race is caused by the whole complex of the reasons, but main from them - change of position of the woman in society. Choice socialisation, and, the main thing, attraction of the woman in industrial sphere and its separation from family – here the reasons which finally have led to present position with birth rate. And then our problem in this direction is so to change position of the woman and its outlook that she has wanted to give birth.


And it is the whole policy. It is necessary to begin with separate training of boys and girls, and it is necessary to learn to the miscellaneous, everyone the, according to mission. Boys, naturally, trades as it was always. And girls – huge and major science how to establish happy family in which healthy and happy children will grow. Then – restriction of vocational training of women qualitatively and quantitatively that is to leave it " female" specialities, and by quantity of women arriving in HIGH SCHOOLS to limit. Also it is not necessary to say that it is possible to combine family and job. It is possible, of course, somehow having given birth to one and which – as having brought up by means of day nursery and gardens. And any more won't want to combine! Difficultly it. And the main thing – is poor-quality. And to formulate problem it is better not as restriction of the rights of women on education and job, and as its protection from harmful influences of these in view of its Main Vital Mission! (Naturally, to stimulate economically both early marriages, and birth of children, through the salary of the man-head of the family, or in another way. The woman who given birth and has brought up, let us assume, 3 children, and is better - more – should feel executed the mission on the Earth and provided till the end of life is all elementary).


Practically to realise it it is possible, having given to the young girl the CHOICE — as it is better to realise itself, in trade or family. And if the choice is really equivalent, and it is better if it is with clear advantages of choice family the overwhelming majority of girls will choose it. This choice should be supported by the state social guarantees of that having given birth and having brought up worthy citizens, the woman REALLY feels worthy, respected and financially secure NOT LESS, than the business lady who has devoted to career.


If in more details to contemplate this problem it is necessary to notice that for worthy realisation of family choice the quality education of humanitarian character (basis of medicine, pedagogics, psychology, art) which the family and school should give is necessary for the girl. Besides, the woman can realise during life itself on miscellaneous. If at genital age of the priority there should be first of all family realisation to marriage or after growing of children of probably more attention to give to professional work. It is realised not by interdictions, not unfounded appeals, and creation of such conditions which will automatically cause the necessary mass choice of girls and don't exclude possibility of choice especially professional for especially presented girls.


The MAIN THING! Already now it is necessary to start to change ideology in this direction. And to begin with dethronement of old stereotypes about equality of women, all feministic delirium.


Here pictures from life. On March, 8th, " successful" women of city, the writer, the poetess, the artist, the official were going to and allow to praise each other who how much books have written, who how much pictures. About children any at all hasn't recollected. Here also leaves, have given up women the female job, have seized for another's, man's (because the public opinion respects her more!), and another's job is good be not to making and the is thrown.


Or here the overheard conversation: the young girl with admiration tells about the familiar artist whom having given birth to the child, doesn't give up job, is wound in workshop, despite shortage of time. Yes is better she to children would esteem the book or has slowly taken a walk with the child in park!


Or here in the newspaper hold competition « Woman of year» . Whom we there see? Correctly - " successful" business ladies. Look at students. The age approaches, the nature demands the, it is necessary to establish family and to give birth to children. Appearance simply cries out about it, and the society demands, that the girl learnt any mathematics with physics. I don't speak about ubiquitous smoking maids...


Also it is all form our films, mass-media, magazines and other modern advertising stuff. And better to say — weapons of mass destruction.


There are three widespread female images:


Mother, the Business woman (the girlfriend, the assistant, soratnitsa) and the Mistress. I ask to understand me correctly, here there are no estimations. All these roles as a rule are present at harmonious female life and are combined sometimes quite harmoniously. Priorities that the main thing, and that the minor are important. For example, the harmonious woman – necessarily mother (without motherhood it is impossible to consider the woman successful), but it can be thus and the good teacher or the doctor, for example, can be and the defender of children, soratnitsei and the assistant of the man, that is and it can execute business role depending on the developed circumstances, but already the second turn of the importance. And it in bed with the liked husband should be the skilful and seductive mistress.


When priorities are built correctly – the big problems don't arise. In sew realities the most attractive image which is imposed by our mass-media and advertising – first, the prostitute (only recollect, how much these glossy buttocks), both secondly babbling and simultaneously " the business" woman. Their various variants. Mother as that isn't looked through.


From here mad cult of eternal youth which reaches such absurdity, as use of germinal fabrics in rejuvenation therapy. Propagation of business success and equality with the man which is based on competition in traditionally man's field of activity. And after all true equality is respect of achievements of the man in business area and equal respect of achievements of the woman in family area. To everyone the! And then together the man and the woman will represent mighty force.

It is necessary to introduce raised ideas – the relation to genital funtsii women as to divine, worthy the greatest respect ON A LEVEL WITH creative activity of men and all-round support of society. And it concerns all aspects of life, up to fashion when the present ideal glistopodobnoi makaroniny, and the Real Woman will be appreciated not. And not appearance and commercial success, as now, and REPRODUCTION of the LIFE and creation of aura of love should become MISSION of the Woman and its care. Here true mission of the Woman! And theme of our propagation in women's issue. In every way we should make image of Mother attractive to our little girls.


Guys, look back on the girlfriends. When you in each snotty little girl will start to see the future Mother and to understand, what is it in it the main thing, much will change. Can then silly very young (and not so) CHICKEN will throw out the smelly nicotinic dummies and will reflect that their health is not only their private affair, their health is divine gift which many generations of ancestors stored and handed down. And these CHICKEN have no right to dispose of it only at own discretion. They are obliged to do the utmost, that not only to save, but also to increase the health, so also health of the posterity. Otherwise they are worthy all condemnation of society. Here is how it is necessary to bring up female youth.


Also don't say that there are more important problems now. Won't want the woman to leave offices and manufacture and to return to family to the traditional role, will refuse to give birth – all man's activity loses any meaning. And time isn't present on meditations...

Video. Eëåíà, mum 4õ children





Here I now on myself will set an example you, Watson, as I too can't completely razombirovat'sya in any way though I know about the general situation in the World behind the looking-glass and I try razzombirovat'sya, but we are programmed iveroalienami since the childhood and all " education" zaprogramirovany so decades of conscious effort, that razzombirovat'sya are necessary. The colleague the doctor, which in course of alternative obstetrics Here writes. And here I formed too within the limits of medical ofitsiala, also couldn't assume that in sorts it is possible and not to cut umbilical cord! Know, how everything, it is necessary and it is necessary... And what for it is necessary also whom it is necessary? - To Think over such simple questions there was lack of time. And in vain! Read:


" Dear Holmes! I already somehow wrote to you on theme of chest milk and some other themes. I wish to add a little here yours infu on theme of sorts and novorozhdennosti (since in this business I work some years not on the medicine party, naturally. By the way, when studied at medical institute - all was normal, it was pleasant to me until we haven't started to study pharmacology. I had cultural shock. What for we learnt anatomy, physiology where all so is fine arranged and then to give to the person this delirium which on 1 POSSIBLE therapeutic effect will call heap of by-product. So I further also couldn't be entered in system of medicine and in due course was engaged, it is possible to tell, naturopatiei: research of conditions of the health, natural methods of improvement). Absolutely precisely, what" to help" how it occurs in maternity homes - it is not necessary and it is harmful. Moving to maternity home, enemas, surveys etc. call stress the woman. Stress hormones compete with internal natural oksitotsinom for receptors on uterus and t.o. Block fights (especially if the woman has arrived to maternity home early - in irregular patrimonial activity that usually and occurs - all so women adjust). Childbirth for a while stops. They again would begin, if to the woman have allowed to relax, retire, behave how it would like. But who will give? Will wait a little and give, correctly, oksitotsin. In case the woman gives birth to it itself. And in case childbirth is completely stimulated? (I also noticed it, Watson that in the USA childbirth oksitotsinyatsya is universal all is standard report) there Is deep oppression of development own oksitotsina by feedback principle. What is it gives subsequently?


1) oppression of the oksitotsina gives then bad sokratitel'nuyu ability of uterus (postnatal bleedings, delay lohii, endometrity)


2) oksitotsin answers and for that milk followed from breast - means: nagrubanie breasts, laktostazy, milk lack (not because it isn't present, that is why that it can't flow out)


3) oksitotsin in combination with endorfinami in poslerodovyi the period is responsible for education of related bonds between mum and the child (actually, abilities to like) - so-called " impriting" - zapechatlevanie: " it is my mum" and " it is my child" - for this purpose mum and the kid the first hours after the delivery (0-2-6) should be together and save visual contact. It also occurs in the conditions of house sorts instinctively, but in maternity home - who will give?


About it it is well written in books at Michel Odena (the French doctor-military man the surgeon who became then the accoucheur-gynecologist and has come to house obstetrics. In England at it now the centre on studying of primary health: it collects scientific researches on all to the world and carry out researches on theme: as events of sorts and the postnatal period influence the further health of the person.


The umbilical cord can to be tied up at once. Basically, it can to be tied up at all!


(Correctly, Watson, animal ties up nobody umbilical cord! Animals wait instinctively as the placenta will depart also then umbilical cord bite off, when it starts to dry up itself. That is the nature-mother and here has provided full automatism. Correctly, give birth to mammal millions years, and accoucheurs has appeared only recently, and that only for people. Would be not present to think over this simple fact!)....


... I saw video of house sorts where parents-yogas at all didn't cut umbilical cord - and carried the kid with placenta in plateau nearby. At the time of delivery the body of the child is strongly squeezed and, on type as from sponge, from it some part of blood is squeezed out and stored in placenta. When the kid will be born - it cyanotic, but blood from placenta quickly quickly turns pink - comes back - is poured in the child back " .


(Watson, that is, - if to cut off umbilical cord at once, before its natural reduction, without waiting re-returnings to it blood in the newborn it is a lot of blood of the child remains in placenta......


Nearly rugnulsya! What we fools, Watson! -


So it can therefore someone to all world and collects placentae from all rodomov, being covered, say that, what is it, ostensibly, for " cosmetic needs" ? And after all blood of newborns - the higher degree of freshness - svezhak, fresh doesn't happen - be weighed immunity from mother - all kolostrum! Eritrotsitiki, gemoglobinchik, leikotsitiki, antibodies, antibodies - nov'e! Eleksir youth! And by the way, blood in placenta - isn't turned off!


This assemblage is too obligatory and is organised on all countries, even the USSR handed over placentae to someone on the West! And if, Watson to check up? It can again those collect placentae?

Watson, I even know as to check up! It is necessary to enter into placentae radioactive isotopes (mechennye eritrotsity) and after to track their way. And if we register then these isotopes in organisms of some humanoid, you understand, about whom I speak, and among whom to search, we will receive precisely the existence proof " Caen and BAALov" and even their surnames and names!


The most interesting development, Watson! We will note, but while we will come back to the letter of the reader:.... It is possible to wait easy while the placenta is connected to uterus - the child " breathes" through placenta " on-starinke" . When the placenta will start to separate from uterus walls (because of series of strong reductions of type of fights) - gas exchange through placenta to stop and reflex the kid will make breath. That is it is not necessary to hurry up, that the child has inhaled at once after the delivery. Just at that time, while it is connected to placenta, it needs to be laid out on tummy, face sideways, and to iron, it is possible to clap a little on back that slime from respiratory ways has flowed out. Even if the child has swallowed okoloplodnyh some waters, they will flow out, and the part will be soaked up by lungs (it safely). When the umbilical cord will stop pulsation, it can be tied up, if don't wish to carry placenta in plateau with antiseptic tank while the umbilical cord won't fall off (Somewhere for 5-7 day). The umbilical cord falls off, when the navel will begin to live, that is without education ranki. In maternity homes umbilical cord turn off ahead of time with education ranevoi surfaces, therefore it (umbilical ranku) still for a long time it is necessary to process houses.


Concerning placenta - it is final, at will. But the majority of our women who have given birth to the houses, save it in freezer (that hasn't deteriorated) to 40 days (it is type power communication with the child, " afterbirth" - knowingly is called) and then dig in under tree on any earth. It is type so our ancestors-Slavs? Did. I specially wasn't interested in it, since to the 2 children in maternity home have already given birth, if I will give birth still - I will prosecute more densely this subjects. Further - to nurse only and to be with the child always together to age of 6-8 months. It is possible to tell that the period pre-natal vynashivaniya has ended and the period extrauterine vynashivaniya begins. As at kangaroo. To sleep with the child it is necessary together (especially if it is 1-2 child). Further - will understand. There are good American authors on theme of motherhood and the childhood William and Martha Sirzy. It is possible to esteem much at them. In general, all you will not tell. Everything, really, very simply, but is nuances and many myths is on this theme. If there are questions and problems, it is possible to address to chest advisers, house midwifes, etc. Is both in Ukraine, and in Russia, both in America, and at us, in Belarus. Yours faithfully. I will be glad, if to someone has helped. If is dop. Questions, can send, I will answer. Theme actually big and very important. Tatyana " .


Thank you very much. See, Watson, Holmes too in something the zombie. It always concerns such things, in which you not the expert. - speak to you it is necessary, you and perceive as the law. And razoborat'sya, - there all on the contrary. Chekhov was expressed that when start to squeeze out from itself the slave so it and turns out slow and painful expression. Not all on it go. Minority! The majority go " skotoprogonnym lane" in direction on skotobazu.


Now all is clear, Watson that it is necessary to do at the time of delivery
1). When the placenta will start to separate from uterus walls (because of series of strong reductions of type of fights) - gas exchange through placenta to stop and reflex the kid will make breath. That is it is not necessary to hurry up, that the child has inhaled at once after the delivery " . - That is placenta after vyhozhdeniya the child - the placenta starts to separate from uterus walls. Correctly! Then the child also starts to breathe, even if at it the umbilical cord isn't tied up! That is it in current of 5-10-15 minutes from exit of the child.


But this stimulus to the breath beginning - placenta branch - natural, instead of iskustvennyi from umbilical cord bandaging.


2). When the umbilical cord will stop pulsation, it can be tied up, if don't wish to carry placenta in plateau with antiseptic tank while the umbilical cord won't fall off (Somewhere for 5-7 day). The umbilical cord falls off, when the navel will begin to live, that is without education ranki. In maternity homes umbilical cord turn off ahead of time with education ranevoi surfaces, therefore it (umbilical ranku) still for a long time it is necessary to process houses.


That is, Watson, in practice:


When the child without umbilical cord bandaging has begun to breathe, it is necessary to wait still while the placenta will be reduced, will be wrung out, and will overtake the blood to the newborn, and only then to cut off umbilical cord.


Let's look whereas will become nervous " kan and baaly" when will start to receive placentae without blood!


That is in formal medicine all process, as well as it is necessary in the World behind the looking-glass, goes in the opposite direction and in direction of satisfaction of needs " kan and baalov" . Instead of waiting for the natural permission of sorts, they " tear claws" and do all on the contrary: at first cut umbilical cord, leaving in it half of blood of the child and throwing it, all sinyushego and newborns in rodomah all sinyushnie after such here instant umbilical cord scraps. Now it is clear, Watson that all process of acceptance of sorts indoktriniruetsya kriptoalienami in medical institutes, proceeding from satisfaction of the kan-and-baalskih shkurnyh requirements. Why? Now give birth to billions people " Estimate, how much is born daily and how much it is made placentae! As much how much and children!


And in placentae at early umbilical cord scrap there is half of blood of the child!


Why half of blood remains? Because the placenta weighs exactly as much how much and the child. And as blood circulates in regular intervals between placenta and the child at early pererezke umbilical cords - even before reduction and self-squeezing of blood by placenta - half of circulating blood of blood remains in placenta, that is the newborn loses half of blood in circulation which take away in unknown direction! At the adult if half of blood to take out from blood circulation, - will die! And the newborn endures premature interruption krovobrascheniya and loss of half of volume of circulating blood! Half OTsK! Total, Watson, multiply half of blood of each newborn which by the way, isn't turned off and can be delivered the consumer fresh multiply by daily quantity of sorts in the world, and compulsion of delivery of placentae, and the accurate organisation of gathering of placentae, and accept, Watson, validol! Here so! It should be sat down and rethought!


Here to me, the reader has already sent:


" Hello, Dock! The citation:" ... Why half of blood remains? Because the placenta weighs exactly as much how much and the child... And as blood circulates in regular intervals between placenta and the child at early pererezke umbilical cords even before placenta reduction - half of blood remains in placenta..." The citation end. Dock, and after all this piece is familiar to me on example of plants! I have noticed for a long time, how the vegetable grower-fan that if to dig out from bed garlic in the autumn, but not to cut off from it leaves at once as it is done by some vegetable growers, and to spread out somewhere on warm dry aired attic garlic continues to grow! It is possible even it and on linen cord to hang out under attic ceiling, it is desirable roots downwards. And here, in process of drying up of green leaves the head (bulb) of garlic continues to grow and be poured. Nutrients from leaves gradually pass in bulb. The bulb on cord grows, really grows! The nature, it after all not the silly woman that so it is prodigal to be scattered by the stocks. And here, when leaves completely will dry up (than not umbilical cord?) Then it is possible them and to cut off, and that isn't strongly short, and so that it was possible to braid garlic in plait. And the back can't be cut off under the collum - the garlic head will quickly dry up at storage, and it is necessary to us?"

Very interesting transfer.

" Eternal youth - myths and reality" (Garjaev P. P)

He tells that it managed to allocate from pupovinnoikrovi elements which allow to recustomize growing old bodies in a new way. Here it. They at all too hide " . - Yes, Watson," Garjaev" is kriptoevreiskaya surname" Ha-Rjaev" (the Ha-Ivritsky article) Here it, by the way, speaks about negative influences of ultrasound on fruit.


But we will pass while to other aspect. Here last time I informed that not less than 30 % of sorts in the USA kesaritsya, that is the stomach to the lying-in woman is cut. You think are as in the USSR became because of difficulties of sorts? - In the USA of Cesarean sections of 90 % become because of difficulties in private life of the doctor. I explain: as private medicine the maternity home is type of paid platform for vygula dogs where owners walk the dogs for otsteg to the owner ploshadki. Lying-in women belong to private doctors, and for use of public maternity home owners of lying-in women unfasten money to maternity home. The Doctor-accoucheur therefore appears in maternity home only to deliver the personal lying-in woman. Lying-in women of its other doctors don't excite. And here look daily situation in American rodomah which leads to that in 30 % - percentage kesareniyu all rozhnits in the USA!


Let's tell, the doctor have called on childbirth. At the lying-in woman of fight. Normally it is process there is uncertain time. One can rozhit' for 4 hour and the friend for 24 hours. I personally went, mother spoke, 48 hours. In the Soviet hospital nobody forced normal process of sorts, because the doctor-accoucheur was the person on duty, was on duty days, and to it all the same was when the woman within days will give birth. Oksitotsinov Even it was not better if childbirth is tightened for other days, - to it not to accept.


At all that in the American maternity home. We will assume, the American doctor was called in maternity home on its lying-in woman at ten o'clock by evenings. While it goes to maternity home, he has already told by phone - stimuirovat' to it childbirth and to put it hormone oksitotsin to drip intravenously that when it will arrive in it come, the child already would climb. It comes to maternity home, and she doesn't give birth. Oksitotsin doesn't help. Then it increases dose. All the same doesn't help also childbirth start to be tightened at night. The dream is lost. And suddenly the American doctor finds out that at it its one more lying-in woman should give birth to 5 mornings and more the third should give birth at 3 o'clock in the afternoon next day. That is, it here should as damned oshivat'sya in it grebanom maternity home with it grebanymi lying-in women the whole days successively. Have found the fool! It is a lot of them and I one. At them childbirth of times in the life, well two, and I here sit in rodome days, what at me affairs of others aren't present? Total, at 12 o'clock in the morning our American doctor-uhar, and all of them such, loudly using foul language, occupies operational for the whole night and kesarit all three lying-in women successively: both which the first and which should give birth to 5 mornings, and that which should give birth only in the afternoon. But it to 5 mornings has delivered all three lying-in women, and easy leaves to sleep home, knowing that anybody already minimum won't disturb it days, as it " has already presoaked" all nearest lying-in women in literal sense of this word. And that it has for no reason at all cut three healthy women, is it excites least on light. The American doctor-accoucheur also purposefully says lies, putting in the history of sorts any formal occasion to kesarevu - their weight can be thought up. That is lie and deceit on konveere. And I to you will tell, and we in hospital had maternity home that in each American maternity home it is a lot of doctors-accoucheurs - tens, and almost every night at any doctor such here work involving all hands. Almost every night! 6 tys sorts for year is on 20 sorts in day!


Also what, Watson, is normal medicine in normal human society? The medicine puts the blessing of the patient on the first place instead of personal time of the doctor! Also that is interesting, anybody in America doesn't know it and consequently doesn't lead up this question to public consciousness. All of them are accustomed, what is it the normal system and to discussion isn't subject. American - the best means! As a result Americans not zayut that at them tvarit'sya! For this purpose it is necessary to be the person from outside that vidit' their nightmare to which they have simply got used and don't know that it is possible to organise it's OK, having put in the centre of care the lying-in woman, instead of personal business of the doctor. But here that the reader from Chelyabinsk informs:"


" Hello! I read your site since summer of last year - more recently. As a whole idea - correct. I have reached it, studying in the Chelyabinsk state medical academy. Only one course there was disaccustomed. Further - couldn't. All was too opposite. Much that. Including professors spoke on the first course - you work on Office of Public Prosecutor. That is not treatment overall objective of the doctor. And it is correct" otmazat'sya" from Office of Public Prosecutor. And to it learn. You write that in the USA of 30 % kesaryat. In small town the Chelyabinsk area, and in most chelyabinske kesaryat more than 70 %. Ginekogologi simply" fill" hand. For what - is opredleennye reasons. But even I am afraid of them to sound - too terribly. Concerning Vikasola. I communicate with many people. And here the majority at all don't know, what is it stick to children. And the jaundice is enough at many newborns happens, unfortunately. Medicine - the main weapon of Jews. So was always. Knowingly persecutions on witches were. And who such witches? It is simple vedun'i - treated people natural means. And through their iudeo-Christian Near-Eastern religion have destroyed. And after all quite uspeshnoyu. Till now are afraid true vrachevateli to be shown to the public in eyes - will condemn at the best. For pseudo science. Jews already are afraid of nothing in Russia. Absolutely. They are masters. And not there will be they simply so to give " .


And more one important very much question was taken out by the colleague. It


3). " zapechatlevanie:" it is my mum " and" he/she is my child " - for this purpose mum and the kid after the delivery (0-2-6) should be the first hours together and save visual contact. It also occurs in the conditions of house sorts instinctively, but in maternity home - who will give?"


It is called " bonding" bonding. Razvite communications between mother and the child occurs throughout all 9 mes pregnancy " .


Now I to you will tell something important, Watson because anybody yet didn't express philosophical mirovozrenie vntriutrobnogo fruit.


From the point of view of fruit - Installed is womb of mother -
It weigh its world to which he for 9 months gets used. And suddenly it should teleportirovat'sya in other world. For fruit is as flight on other planet, - transition in other measurement. Ask opinion of fruit - it never would get out outside to it and there it is very good. But as well as in case then, such phenomenon as " death of the person" , anybody the fruit doesn't ask, wants they or doesn't wish to be born. Therefore - attention!


It for being outside of people - this process, so-called - " CHILDBIRTH" . And for fruit is DEATH.


The FRUIT dies, the newborn appears.


It know, how cycle at the butterfly: the butterfly, cocoon, caterpillar.


Can be and that phenomenon which is called as " human death" , death actually isn't, and is otbrosom the old form and transition in the new form of existence in other world about which existence we, people don't know, as well as the fruit of the person doesn't know about external world existence, and the butterfly doesn't know.


I will pay your attention, Watson that one of forms of the butterfly is just " the snake form" - " caterpillar" - on scientific " larva" it is on the contrary read as pure Hebrew: " WORK involving all hands" (ABRAL).


Still the citation from Vicks about oksitotsine and feeding by breast: Production oksitotsina during development of milk by mother promotes bondingu, reducing nervousness of the child " owing to what, clearly that nakachivaniie oksitotsinom lying-in women, suppresses its development own oksitotsina, and brakes lactation in the nearest postnatal period with all consequences following from it, as well as my colleague above marked.


Here I to you will tell concrete life: In the USSR after all as well as everywhere, the same system has gone from the West, mothers after the delivery from newborns separated for some days. That is for the newborn as you understand now, it there was accident - DEATH. And here in Moscow in 1982 taki the experimental maternity home in which the child could be with mother in one chamber has been constructed. Earlier, to this maternity home: mothers shout good floor-mat separately - children shout good floor-mat separately. And it is considered all for norm and architecturally the maintenance of newborns in one chamber with mothers wasn't provided. And here I had to talk with matereyami from new maternity home. They say that the child even when with mother lies nearby and that shouts! Doesn't arrange it it! And it is necessary to put it on stomach of mother and it calms down at once, calms down, chustvuet mother in whom was 9 months " in antecedents" ! BONDING! And represent as newborns shout containing separately! And too after all, will tell, supporters " from time immemorial theories" that " from time immemorial" separately contained! Therefore, Watson, strangers also don't suppose in maternity homes under other pretexts.


The colleague-doctor from Belarus finishes:


" Dear Holmes! It is glad that the letter was" in theme " . And, really, it is how much useful to comprehend questions together. Here to me in general to head didn't come that the centralised gathering of placentae can have such here" bloody" sense... And the truth. Yes blood what: the newborn, also it is not turned off, by the way. I wish to share some experience and supervision still. It is rather doubtful that in the conditions of maternity home it will be possible to agree giving to placenta otpul'sirovat' and to return all blood, and to the child to sigh independently. I in this business already take some years educational program among pregnant women, all in detail I tell.


And so, such focus has gone right to 1,5 mum from all (some hundreds). I to myself explain it to that as you and have told, doctors work on the public prosecutor. While the child is connected by umbilical cord - it under jurisdiction of the accoucheur as soon as umbilical cord cut - give to the pediatrist - everything, it already " pediatric" more likely. Well, also aspire to make it operativnen'ko. In general among doctors such understanding (and at me too so was) that the child himself can't be born - it needs to be " twisted" in the magic image - to do turns by head and when he was born - that aims somewhat quicker " to cast away lasty" . Though, as we see, children survive without thanking, and contrary to medical aid.


By the way, one of chest advisers of Ukraine to me told that when it has shown video of house sorts to one professor-accoucheur (at them there the joint project was with maternity home) - so it was in the shock, all world has turned over, since he has seen that the child leaves mum herself, without obstetric receptions everyone there. Before he about it also didn't suspect. Well it to that, is how much close to reality that pass in medical institutes.


Therefore, if we wish to realise our " plan" of sorts - or in maternity home it is necessary to have the responsible relative who divides your sights and it is ready to intercede for you before everything, or to consider question of house sorts. As well as one your reader, that has accepted 2 children of the house at the wife said, children, the born houses (and their mothers, by the way, too) differ from other kids ESSENTIALLY. They as though from other planet (is more correct, and the real earth dwellers-goi should look?): quiet, attentively look since the first instants of life (anybody after all in eyes hasn't thrust any muck also children see AT ONCE, instead of in 2 weeks as to us tell " professor" ), very realised.


Absolutely in another way relations with parents and education natural, not the strained then are under construction. Mum very sensitively and adequately understands the child...

As a rule, anybody from them doesn't take root. In general, it is all one continuous process: if parents didn't drink, didn't smoke, normally ate and behaved - they will have good pregnancy which will normally pass in correct childbirth and happy conscious roditel'stvo. Erroneous actions and decisions at any stage - even on-ignorance - in an any way the SIN also it is necessary to answer before the ESSENCE (as you and spoke in the book " How to return to life" ).


The child and the woman, given birth / I, for example, can easily distinguish houses from roddomovskih even in some years. But here, of course, it is necessary to give choice to the woman. And that not because of fear before maternity home it made such decision that is why that knows that can give birth itself, wants it and feels that all will be good. Well, and it is necessary to prepare for this process, to esteem the necessary books, on employment good to resemble since, really, it is necessary painfully and on-drop to squeeze out from itself the slave. Yours faithfully, your reader-gojka " .
















I have faced problem of children's hyperactivity, being in the USA. My beloved-emigrant has acquainted me with the children from divorce with the American. All children were in pampers (3, 6 and 8 years), and madshaya constantly sucked dummy. Children couldn't eat behind table: put in mouth piece and then ran on room, rolled on floor. Children didn't respond to the names. Their games too were any senseless: races on the house, pushes each other to tears. The most part of time children watched TV and fought before it.


The boy of age of 8 years of 6 months was on tabetkah from " deficiency of attention and hyperactivity" . When it was on tablets, it left one in room, silently read the book, didn't play pranks. When tablet forgot to give, he behaved also, as sisters – as small animal. Tablets called it pains in stomach, small appetite, dizziness, night hallucinations: he heard shouts and saw monsters. He couldn't sleep without light. Regularly from 5 years mother drove it on psychotherapy.


As their father has told, children were brought up by nurses as the family was rich, and mother took care of the own life. For next three months during visits of children to the father I have learnt them to go to toilet. And then has advised to remove the boy from tablets as on my supervision, it absolyuto was healthy. All its illnesses specified in medical card, type of incontience of urine, kala, hyperactivity, were education direct consequences.


The father has used the parental right and has forbidden the further treatment of the son.

Exactly month later the summons has come to court: mother had legal proceedings for again to place the son in psihiaricheskoe treatment. And, as one would expect, protection of the child has been charged me. Lawyers undertook to go only on sessions as have told that against psychiatrists any judge won't go. And psychiatrists of the father didn't listen – the patient, instead of the healthy child is necessary to them.


But here has worked my good Russian education. In the first, I have lifted all state documents with the data of children's death rate from psychotropic medicines. All is on the Internet. All these medicines are included no more not less into cocaine group and place the child on drugs.


In the second, I have found for all medical history of the child, and have deciphered all records. And then has shown that all tests which the child received at psychiatrists, have been passed by it on hurrah, but doctors paid attention not to them, and on complaints of mother.

Each school record and estimation me has been analysed. Rendering of witnesses I have removed all and have issued. As a result, in year of struggle, contrary to the developed practice, the judge has taken out verdict against mother and against psychiatrists.


Now the child is completely healthy and trained behaviour rules.


" Hyperactivity" and " deficiency of attention" children actually only passivity and deficiency of attention of parents to children. The TV and elekronnye games give to children impulses to action while they remain to sit on sofa, not dissipated physical energy collects. The child splashes out it after.

Absence of discipline preserves wildness in children: they squeal in supermarkets, chase without stop etc. And absence of the parent in their cares and affairs, does children blank, empty.


Be not afraid to bring up children! Don't poison with their Ritalinom, Kontsertoj and other dust. Vymyshlenye illnesses – the justification of parental irresponsibility. The generation of the Americans which have grown on tablets, is similar to the zombie. Their brain contacts have been destroyed by tablets in tender age. Devastated, not obedient to themselves, children roll down in depression. And then try to cheer up drug to which are already accustomed since the childhood in the form of mood regulators. Don't give in on this infection, Russians, don't kill the children!


The citation:

From personal experience.......


All know, what such giper tone of muscles, and giper excitability? And so there is one simplest way of treatment of these conditions at children (it is possible and at adults). Simply at such children the horrible deficiency of tactile tender sensations and deficiency of quiet liking and supporting dialogue is observed. The recipe is simple, as two plus two! Embrace more often and iron children. Enter with the child dialogue more, play with it in various games, especially in those games where tactile contact is necessary. And you are surprised, how soon yours giper the active kid to relax, as will start to vanish overwound in knots and muscle ropes how gradually to be restored mentality, dream, in general simply don't learn the child since to you it (child), instead of afflictions and difficulties will bring pleasure, and the smiles, instead of tears or roar.


Ps: All ingenious - is simple!








Girls-authors have very well explained the true image of the woman put by the nature in the person. At discrepancy to it to have value in the opinion of the man and creation of healthy strong family becomes malovozmozhnym. It would be desirable that modern teenage and female magazines published such materials, instead of on theme as " it is easier rastat'sya" or " how to look seductive" .


The keeper of the future

« The woman — the keeper of the future. The child — the most valuable, than it owns. Each child whom the woman gives to the world, is fight in which it battles for survival of the people» . Today representatives of the weaker sex try to keep up with external lustre, beauty and riches more and more, forgetting the real destination. The image of the modern woman is far from morals ideal. Since ancient times in the woman appreciated not grace, and ability to child-bearing. With such tendencies and the relation to girls became others, and it naturally enough.


Present freedom of customs gives huge open space for flight of fancy. In modern society every possible distortions, both moral, and physical, should are not condemned, and, on the contrary, are encouraged. But even with such strong decomposition of society which we have for today, there were sane people, and representatives of the weaker sex not exception. The western values have led sensible once feminist movement to full absurdity. That, in turn, calls tearing away of normal men. But all the same the question arises: what way of life the woman should conduct?

On this question we will try to find the answer.


The first variant — family and home

The real Russian woman primordially was considered as the keeper of home, and into this concept enters not only economy, but also encouragement of the husband — the defender of family. The family for it is supreme value. To protect lives of people expensive to it, she is ready to dare at much and is ready even to kill. Weakness and cowardice never will get the best of this woman. She is mother, the wife, it can be as soratnitsei, and reliable support of the husband. Fidelity, fidelity and honour always were and will be inherent in the Real Russian Woman. These three words should be known to all national conceiving people and to be observed absolutely in all: in fidelity to the Native land, the family, and, undoubtedly, fidelity to the ideals.


The woman is first of all mother. The continuation of the family is the supreme value granted to people, and it is impossible to forget about it in any way. Unfortunately, today there is number of the reasons on which women refuse to have more than two children or at all don't wish to have posterity and on it there are reasons... The Financial position is prominent aspect at planning of children. Frequently we hear: « I do not presume to give birth to itself because on themselves money doesn't suffice, and on children — especially!» Yes, it is really important, and many explain absence of children or one available child that they not in forces to support (to dress, learn) it because of lack of money.


Except financial position it is far not last role plays age. Remarks in style: « I still too young also don't wish to have at present children as they will be burden» , unfortunately, not rarity. For modern type of women career and glamour life, rather than continuation is much more important some kind of. Some to years to 30, already having much developed, start to think of creation of high-grade family, but it is late enough age for birth of the kid, especially, if it is the first-born. Under statements of physicians, the best age for birth of the child — 20-22 years.


The least widespread factor, but nevertheless taking place to be, uncertainty in the father of the child is. To hear from some representatives of the weaker sex of word: « If I give birth, he will throw me. After all I, during pregnancy, will go with stomach, and after the delivery I can grow fat. And around after all so much beautiful and slender girls …» — commonplace. However, from the aforesaid it is possible to draw conclusion that the majority of women, giving in to populism and herd instinct, become the inveterate egoists, doing not wish to think of what, except as about itself. So egocentric behaviour, of course, can be justified, but it it would not be desirable to do, after all each of us has head on shoulders. It is time to learn already to solve most how to live the life, instead of be simply one making of mullions-strong slavish herd.


It would be desirable to pay attention that at modern rate of life for youth the concept " family" has turned to something washed away and has taken form from area of the theory of relativity. Word " family" loses the former value. Many prefer nowadays very widespread civil marriage, marriage without children and without obligations before each other. Forgetting about elementary traditions and starting up them in bottomless precipice, we doom ourselves to drowsiness of the sources, the values... Since ancient times the family was and should remain great value in life of Russian person.


The insulting and humiliating fact is that present Russian girls wish to meet the man only material security will be which main advantage. However dream of any girl sooner or later becomes sincere and the faithful husband who will be from it despite of everything, accepting its such what it is, with all lacks. But! Similar stereotypes vary at once as soon as those will catch sight nearby of the man which pockets are filled by money. Temptations of magnificent life get the best of all earlier, apparently, the settled principles. The base of the person instantly falls, and the first occasion to meet " purse" doesn't keep itself waiting. During such moments it becomes not so important: who it and whence, what at it colour of skin also that for thoughts at it in head...
Way to healthy children.

To women without Russian muzhik hundred times to think.

Whether how to check up love it?


What person will want to be born owing to only carnal joys? Everyone would like to be to the love created in great impulse, aspiration to creation, instead of to be on light, as consequence of carnal joys. Judge, anybody from psychologists or physiologists not begins to deny today influence of external mental factors on germ formation in womb of mother. Among other big and, frequently, dominating value has also the relation of the man to the pregnant woman. We can't deny and influence on formation of the future person of the relation of the man to the woman at the moment of their sexual affinity. In one case is relation, as to object of satisfaction of carnal lust. In other - as to sotvortsu. Hence, the result will be miscellaneous also. Probably, the child conceived under such circumstances, will differ so strikingly on I.Q., how much modern person differs from monkey.


. From the aforesaid the first rule follows:

The woman, wishing to give birth to the high-grade person, to establish strong happy family, should manage to seize the opportunity at which the man will want to approach with it for the purpose of birth of the person and will represent the future child, to wish its birth.


You and will infinitely receive cones and to cripple the health all not doumevaya why men treat badly you so. Why apply to you force, don't want from you children or talk smut at you. Choosing itself on life type of behaviour of the " free" or " chaste" woman you doom itself to following " collateral" effects.


" Covremennaya" the free girl showing the sexuality is a success of men (admirers, adorers, numerous " friends" and so forth). However testing weight of attention from outside men it becomes as a result of only time purpose (has achieved-has overslept-was comfortably-has left). What normal man will want from it children?


Children want from the modest, chaste, pure girls saving natural beauty. Them like madly, all heart, completely their each part as the most valuable, Heritages want from them children because they - embodiment of Russia, the Nature.


P.S. Interestingly all the same with what thought the Negro or the chock does children from the white woman. I think that its brain is more likely occupied by lust as it seems to me vryadli with peace thoughts and in any way with thoughts on the desired joint child.




Moskovskieginekologi prefer abortions  — You will be saved?   The girl in chamber of 2nd Gynecologic hospital looked as if not at it, and somewhere by. Indifferent kind, pale tear-stained face.   — Yes, I wish to save, — Natasha has silently answered.   — We too tried, — one more patient has responded. — and I, and the Daw here, — she has nodded towards the neigbour, — all only is useless. Have told “dead fruit”. Here to all so speak. And then scrape out...   ... You can convince as much as necessary that with pregnancy it's OK. To you will explain, what is it not so, and will find at the future child “the pathology not compatible to life”. You will hear, how its heart fights, and to you will tell: “dead fruit”. You will direct on artificial interruption of pregnancy though it seemed, even five-six months, and you will be two. Because your yet not born kid is necessary not only to you...   Your child is necessary to the old man, at which problems with potentiality. It is necessary to elderly madam who wishes to look sixteen-year. It is necessary to the official — for working capacity increase. After all medicines from embrional'nyh materials are capable to work wonders.   “He all the same will die!”  Natasha Semenova waited for the second child. As it is necessary, was registered in female consultation, has handed over uncountable quantity of analyses. About three months all was as it should be, the woman fine felt, the fruit developed strictly “by rules”. On the thirteenth week of pregnancy at Natasha periodic pains have begun. It first hasn't given it value, but in three days has decided to make ultrasonic just in case. In direction from female consultation it has come to 2nd Gynecologic hospital.   — I was very much frightened, to tell the truth, by neigbours in chamber, — Natasha tells. — but I at first have thought that they are upset that pregnancy has interrupted. Especially, as it was then found out, one of my neigbours loses the child in this gynecology already in the second time. I have been assured that at me all will be as it should be: the matter is that precisely same problems at me were in the first pregnancy, but all has passed, and I have normally given birth. Through pair of clocks Natasha have sent in ultrasonic office. On chairs before office 12 women sat. Different age, generally on late terms of pregnancy — from 19 till 23 weeks. Further looked as dreadful dream.   — While I waited for ultrasonic, the office left women who sat in turn before me and have already passed research, — Natasha speaks. — all them was seven persons. Some women left in tears and said that ultrasonic has shown “dead fruit”. I thought that I go mad. My turn has then approached, I have entered. The Doctor-uzist has very quickly spent to me the device on stomach is and minute hasn't occupied — and has told: “Well, dead it at you. Strongly don't worry, now we will clean, next time you will give birth”.   — I don't believe you! — Natasha has told, trying to keep as it is possible more easy. — you say lies. Can't be such that all had dead child. I will make ultrasonic in other place.   — Yes that you understand? — The doctor was indignant. — I do thirty years ultrasonic. Go to chamber!   — It has appointed to me penicillin, — Natasha speaks. — and I have been assured that the child live, and have asked sister, whether will hurt penicillin is after all antibiotic. By itself, it too has shouted at me that supposedly there is nothing to philosophise, do that is told. And neigbours in chamber have explained that penicillin prick before " cleaning" . That is me already prepared for abortion.   But to get rid of the child Natasha wasn't going to. She has called the husband, it has taken away it from hospital and at once has brought to polyclinic at Financial academy — on repeated ultrasonic research.   — Your baby is live, — have told to Natasha in polyclinic. — heart fights...   — The history me at all hasn't surprised Natashina, — the vice-president of Welfare fund of protection of family, motherhood and the childhood tells Igor Beloborodov. — With similar stories to us address with depressing regularity. The scheme same: on late term of pregnancy — 20—25 weeks, are more rare on small term to the woman do ultrasonic and speak: “the fruit dead”, or “pregnancy stood” (does not develop), or “fruit pathology”. And persistently offer abortion. Further depends on the woman: it can arrive how Natasha, — that is to address to other doctor and to make the repeated analysis, and can go on abortion. That, unfortunately, more often also occurs.   Natasha has returned to 2nd Gynecologic hospital behind things. She asked to give out it results of analyses, but in the answer has heard the standard: “On hands we do not give, it is not necessary”. And after has come to that doctor who so persistently assured her is “fruit dead”.   — I have made ultrasonic in other place, and to me have told, the child live!  — Anything, — the expert with the thirty-year experience has answered. — all the same will die.   Error with in advance considered intention  “I am afraid to address in our regional female consultation as it is assured that me will send on abortion. Our doctor if to her the pregnant woman comes, for some reason always searches for the reason to send it on abortion (it is too young, too old, the second child is necessary to nobody etc.), and it not exaggeration as for abortion it takes money from the woman, and for conducting pregnancy to it nobody makes even gifts”.   “On the sixth month of pregnancy to me have made the blood analysis on al'fafetaprotein. When I have come to learn results, I was invited in office by the doctor and has told:“ Excess on some units. It means, at the child will be hearing disorder or sight. I to you very much recommend to make abortion ”. I, certainly, didn't begin to get rid of the child, he was born absolutely healthy, without any deviations. But all other months of pregnancy I simply went mad”.

“To me tried to scrape out the healthy child — in 1998 in 64th hospital. Now to my girl 4 years”.
  These letters any not exclusive. Similar cases in Moscow hundreds, if not thousand. Skilled doctors-gynecologists too confirm these facts.   — I have worked some years in the Center perinatologii at 29th maternity home, — doctor-gynecologist Irina Klimenko speaks. — when the patients directed on later interruption of pregnancy because of pathology of fruit came, simply hair rose on end. The woman with normally developing pregnancy, all in norm with the baby, is any insignificant deviations which, by and large, on what don't influence. And it direct on abortion — moreover on term of 20-25 weeks.   Yes, on term of 20 weeks of pregnancy to you can abortirovat' the healthy child — because of negligence or nonprofessionalism of the gynecologist. It only medical error. Yes, to you it cost the child. But from errors the ingenious doctor isn't insured even. And still pregnant — persons unbalanced, easily panic and in general are inclined to imaginations.   Only one isn't entered in this smooth scheme. It is very favourable to Doctors-gynecologists to be mistaken. Especially — on the second trimester of pregnancy of the patient.   Manufacture without waste. The file  In the early nineties on the basis of the obstetrics and gynecology Center the Moscow International institute of biological medicine is created. Heads institute Mr. Dry, the expert in the field of so-called fetal'noi therapies — in other words, treatment by means of the preparations extracted from human embryos (foetus — in Latin " fruit" ). The next revolution in medicine — still, on assurances of the doctor of Dry and its colleagues, preparations from abortive material — practically panacea, “youth elixir”, and sphere of their application — from Alzheimer's disease to impotence is proclaimed. The material standardly is extracted: the women, going to to make abortion (under medical or social indications), write the receipt:“ ... The present I certify the voluntary consent to use of my fruit received at free operation of artificial abortion, for the research purposes with possibility in the further their therapeutic application ”. Cost of" therapeutic application ”impresses: one injection of preparation manages in 500—2000 dollars. Thus the germ possesses miracle biological properties only at the age of 14—25 weeks.   Here the citation from article about “new word in science — fetal'noi therapies”. Year — 1996. “... The Indisputable leader in area embrional'noi therapies — the International institute of biological medicine. This method and in other Russian clinics is used. The scientific research institute of pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, scientific research institute of transplantology and artificial organs, TsITO of N.I.Pirogova, children's clinic MMA of I.M.Sechenova — all of them to some extent resort to embrional'noi therapies”.   Triumphal procession of wonderful preparations interrupts unexpectedly: it is found out that the biomedicine Institute undertook not only to make, but also to sell fetal'nye fabrics. “Activity MIBM, delivering embrional'nye fabrics in the USA, — are declared by scientists at Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in February, 1997, — can call charges of Russia as the councillor of Europe in infringement of the international norms forbidding sale fetal'nyh of fabrics”. After a while in business about trade in abortive materials there are new figurants — the Russian centre of science of obstetrics and gynecology and the Center of reproduction of the person. Period of validity of the licence which have been given out by centre " ?« ??Nn??µ N???n" to the International institute of biological medicine (MIBM) led by Mr. Dry on June, 30th, 1998 comes to an end. The new licence doesn't stand out, old not prodlyaetsya. But the commercial organisations are connected to race behind “abortive material” already. And the raw materials are required to all.   Business on “victims of abortion” becomes the reason of absolutely unique phenomenon: among women all becomes more popular trade " person-incubator" . They are ladies who earn to itself on life exclusively that become pregnant, and after spend artificial childbirth. Under the informal information to " walking incubator” on all extent of pregnancy 150—200 dollars a month pay and rent somewhere room. After abortion, having handed over valuable germ and placenta, the woman receives order of 1000 dollars and, having had a rest, makes a fresh start. The maximum quantity such beremennostei — seven then " incubator" loses any ability to reproduction and earns heap of accompanying diseases. Very few people from them lives till 45 years...   The scandal connected with sale fetal'nyh of fabrics, quickly ceases. Next three years pass rather easy. That occurs actually, anybody doesn't know.   But, as we managed to find out, manufacturing of preparations from abortive material hasn't stopped. On the contrary, with problem leaving in shade the conveyor has only increased turns.   To kill not terribly  From conversation with the gynecologist-endokrinologom, the candidate of medical sciences Olga Sekirinoj:   — Whether it is possible to say what intentionally send women on abortion on late terms of pregnancy?   — Yes, and occurs. There are " lured" medical centres. If they see the woman, at which probability of congenital uglinesses at the newborn more than at other women of younger reproductive age one-two in day direct on artificial interruption of pregnancy. It not abortion, is premature birth. It enter into uterus neck special gel with prostaglandinom, than call izlitie okoloplodnyh waters and abortion, or stimulate premature birth intravenously. This material is carefully saved — even okoloplodnye waters, even if material really with pathology. Because for rejuvenation of organism and, say, improvement of potentiality at elderly men it approaches. From these materials are made fetal'nye preparations. Application of such preparations costs very big money. It is the whole network: The material is taken, frozen and passed to destination — now after all many any enterprises specialising, say, on embrional'noi to cosmetics.   — And you most had to face similar cases?   — Yes, I faced it personally. When I " sat" on skrinningovyh ultrasonic, to me is direct with it approached. Pier if you see possibility of defects of fruit, at once direct to us. Offered “serious surcharge”, but I, certainly, have refused.   — How there can be such " operation" ?   — We will tell, at the woman the stomach was ill. Have directed on ultrasonic. There speak: “Oh, and at you the baby dead, it is necessary urgently artificial childbirth”. And the baby live is born. Certainly, deeply nedonoshennyi, at us such can't leave, even if want. And the woman is assured: “I heard, he has cried”. And to it so in a familiar way: yes isn't present, it seemed to you, at us here children's branch nearby. And if not to understand, you find out nothing also nothing will prove. And what was? And was nothing. The woman had abortion. And all.  — What equipment is necessary to process abortive material in fetal'nye preparations?   — One expert — the cytologist is necessary. It is not necessary to any huge laboratory.   — You can comment on the situation described by Natasha somehow?   Is complete outrage, and, unfortunately, history quite realistic. All the same earlier somehow masked all these things: we will tell, put possible defects of fruit to so-called group of risk, offered repeated research on which already declared: all has proved to be true, at you ugliness of fruit. But to suffice young little girls... All the same the medical violence is purer than knife with pistol.   So, under the certificate of the doctor-professional, in Moscow well organised branched out network on " extraction" embrional'nogo material and to manufacture from it medicinal and cosmetic preparations operates. The action mechanism is fulfilled to trifles. But, as well as any developing branch, manufacture fetal'nyh preparations demands more and more raw materials. If at first there were enough " real" late abortions — when really there was threat of life of mother or ugliness of fruit, incompatible with life already after a while the material began not to suffice. The so-called group of risk has gone to course: pregnant women are more senior 30 years, pregnant women with bad heredity etc. And, apparently, gynecologic hospitals and female consultations in general have ceased to carry out recently “the plan on late abortions”. And terrible diagnoses are put to the right and on the left — irrespective of age and state of health of the woman. It is not excluded even that experts of this rare " profile" are assured that do good deed. After all wonderful preparations prolong to someone life.
By the way, in overwhelming majority of the countries fetal'naya therapy is forbidden. In Russia it prospers. But the main thing at all in it. For fresh abortive material as it is found out, the real trifle is necessary. The erroneous diagnosis uzista or not quite authentic result of the analysis. The question price — 2000 dollars for one injection. Perhaps therefore the quantity of " errors" constantly grows? After all if it is possible to earn on error why not to be mistaken as it is possible is more often?
  “Yes late abortions cat naplakal! Ones and a half it is, no more, percent from total number”, — doctors will wave away. However, they providently don't translate small percent in absolute numbers. According to official figures, for last year in Russia it is made about 6 million abortions. And one and a half percent from six millions is 90 thousand children. All" 90 thousand children — the city population — annually destroy late abortions. And nobody knows, skol'kih from these 90 thousand have destroyed for money.   Welcome to abortion  It long disagreed to meet the journalist. Seven years Ekaterina Olegovna has worked the midwife on " first aid" and suddenly, is unexpected for everything, has decided to leave and... To leave in monastery. Probably, that Ekaterina Olegovna has told, isn't connected in any way with fetal'noi therapy. But if such communication nevertheless is, it is necessary to recognise that " abortion-car" tries to involve service of the emergency help in orbit of the activity.— Not so long ago to my girlfriend — too to the midwife — have offered new job, — Ekaterina Olegovna speaks. — It was a question of usual fence of analyses — it was necessary to take blood from pregnant women only. Loading — five hours per day, the salary — 10 thousand roubles a month, to our measures simply improbable. Place of the future job — the Center of planning of family and reproduction (TsPSIR) that on Sevastopol. She has tried to find out, for what, actually, are going to to pay such money. And the person who has offered her this job, has answered: “At us in villages TSPSIR any office. They pay very big rent. These analyses what for are necessary to them. You can call directly there and all to learn”. She has called, and any woman from mysterious " office" has explained that it is a question of pregnant women, and 10 thousand a month is the beginning only. The girlfriend has taken an interest that will be subsequently with these women. Has received the answer:“ 90 percent of pregnant women will go on interruption ”. Certainly, she has refused, we have talked about it, were moaned-pouzhasali and have forgotten. And in July at us at job declare: the general meeting of accoucheurs of" first aid" is planned — to be everything, the meeting is supervised by the head physician, it almost on heads of all will count. In general, to fear have guided. All accoucheurs from all substations were going to. Head physician TsPSIR has come on this meeting. About two hours told about the centre: than they are engaged, as childbirth accepts etc. in general, the information which, by and large, isn't necessary to average medical staff. And by the meeting end declares: we supposedly in the centre will have now genetic laboratory. One already operates on Oparin, 4, is the Center of obstetrics and the gynecology, the second — in clinic on Big Pirogovke. Laboratory specialisation — deadborn, germs with genetic pathologies and illness of Down. The head physician has very in detail told that they manage to reveal infringement at stage of pre-natal development and “to relieve women of these problems”. It is natural, if the diagnosis “illness of Down” is made, the woman goes at once on pregnancy interruption. And at many the sensation that invited all just was created to advertise these “genetic laboratories”. Anyway, us asked to direct women with suspicion on fruit pathology there. When I it have heard to all, I had sensation: the new genetic laboratory is somehow connected with that job which offered my girlfriend.   Certainly, neither in this meeting, nor in offers of head physician TsPSIR isn't present any kriminala. But who will be charged for decency of each concrete doctor? Or for professionalism genetics? Also what for strange " office" offers ten thousand roubles for blood sampling from vein which maximum three costs?   The live child — continuous losses. On him you will not earn. And here such terrible words for any woman, as " pathology" , " ugliness" and “dead fruit”, — the first step to the constant income. The death not born will be last step on way to money.

Rejuvenation death!! Or, what doctors do?



















Laboratory for job with deckman cages and fibroblastami

Mum, allow me to live

Diary of not born baby

To download both rollers in fleshe 3,7Mb



All know that new medicines at first test for animals. And only having convinced of comparative safety and unconditional advantage of these medicines, give to their people. Hardly someone from readers would began to accept preparation, having learnt that experimental dogs and monkeys « haven't sustained clinical tests» .


And as though you have concerned to what, having received so " encouraging" results, experimenters, nichtozhe sumnyashesya, have passed … to people? Likely, would assume, what it is a question of experiences of doctors of the Third Reich?


But we subtracted this data at all in documents of the Nuremberg process, and in « Demographic reports» American University of J. Gopkinsa, published as appears from the text on the first page, with support of Agency of the USA on the international development. In the report it is told about in'ektsionnyh contraceptives. It is possible to make only one prick and some months not to be afraid to become pregnant. Very conveniently, yes here trouble: Management under the control over products and medicines of the USA (UKPL the USA) the whole 25 years, with 1967 on 1992, didn't allow to apply these means in the United States. Results of experiences on monkeys and dogs weren't pleasant to them – at poor creatures tumours roughly developed.


But " contraceptive" firms didn't despond. In total in 3 years after ineffectual giving of the first demand in the USA, in 1970, not approved preparation has been registered in Thailand, and since 1975 it have started to extend widely there within the limits of National program PS. And now about 12 million women in developing countries apply in'ektsionnye the contraceptives which so weren't pleasant to dogs and monkeys. In Thailand such desperate already 12 %.


However, there was one unpleasant contradiction: opponents of racism aren't present-is not present and reminded courageous experimenters that the contraceptive pricks successfully applied by them in the countries with the colour population, in the USA are forbidden. But in 1992 it is misunderstanding it has been settled. The CART, become by then one of strongholds PS, has presented certain « the epidemiological proofs confirming that fact that response of human body to influence of hormones differs from the reaction observed at animals» . And therefore, « UKPL the USA more doesn't demand, that contraceptive hormones passed check on cancerogenic effect in experiments on dogs of breed bigl'» . So for health of doggies it is possible not to worry any more.


And here for health of the Russian women to worry enough, in our opinion, costs, after all in'ektsionnye and other « medicines for children» now propagandise contraceptives everywhere: in numerous newspapers and magazines, in polyclinics and female consultations, by radio and TV. And everywhere inspire, what is it – it is convenient, effective, accessible. And the main thing – well is absolutely safe! There is even brochure which and is called: « don't worry! Hormonal contraception» . It is let out RAPS by circulation in 105 thousand (!) copies.


And it is valid, not all are excited with demographic crisis in Russia. And the moral aspect of problem anxious far not each woman. Especially in youth when it would be desirable « to be for itself» , without facing set of difficulties which inevitably come together with children.


Well, let's talk about contraception from positions of " healthy egoism of the woman» . (Such concept our oldest tried to enter into domestic use E.Lahova's sex-revoljutsionerka. She even suggested to declare 1997 « year of healthy egoism of the woman» , meaning by it rough pleasures of " safe sex» . But the public response to its offer hasn't followed. « Unfortunately, the Russian women don't wish to be sterilised» , – year has ingenuously complained later, acting in the State Duma, president RAPS the academician V.Kulakov.)


So, we will open the brochure mentioned above « don't worry!.» . And we will look in parallel in the materials which have been not intended by " schedulers" for general public. In the same « Demographic reports» University of J. Gopkinsa and in the book of professor I.Manuilovoj « modern contraceptive means» .


« Hormonal contraception, – affirms as the brochure“ don't worry!. ”, – one of the most reliable and safe methods … In modern preparations of dose (hormones. – buses) are lowered several times, therefore complications practically doesn't happen …


The international experts who constantly carry out large-scale researches, have come to a conclusion that modern preparations don't render harmful influence on organism » .


Now we will look that in this respect writes I.Manuilova. In its book is even special podglavka which and is called: « Collateral reactions and complications at reception OK35» .


Here – only some of the by-effects listed by the author:


• dizziness,

• vomiting,

• adiposity,

• depressions,

• spasms of feet,

• hypertension,

• thrombophlebitis,

• swelling of stomach,

• neurodermatitis,

• jaundice,

• pulmonary emboliya,

• barreness

• and even, imagine, oblysenie.


Later complications concern


• myocardium heart attack (death rate raises in three and a half time),

• hypertension,

• zhelchnokamennaya illness,

• hemorrhages in brain,

• sight infringements.


It seems that the international experts from them « large-scale researches» something have overlooked …


But we will go further and we will look podglavku « Indications and contra-indications» . First of all, in it the most important postulate denying vigorous advertising of contraceptives of new generation contains:


« … it is established that modern most effective methods of contraception … have much more contra-indications than ineffective …» .

That is, the more reliably, the more harmfully.


« To absolute contra-indications, – warns I.Manuilova, – following diseases which are available for the woman now OK concern purpose or were in the anamnesis (i.e. in the past. – bus):
¦ tromboembolicheskie diseases

¦ defeats of vascular system of brain

¦ malignant tumours of reproductive system and mammary glands

¦ infringement of function of liver, cirrhosis.


It is not necessary to appoint OK to women at whom in the anamnesis were:


• heavy toxicosis of second half of pregnancy,

• holestaticheskaya jaundice,

• herpes or itch during pregnancy,

• depressions,

• asthma,

• the epilepsy or is available hypertensia (diastolicheskoe pressure more than 90-100 mm hg),

• is crescent-cellular anaemia,

• giperlipidemiya,

• diabetes,

• rheumatic heart disease,

• psychoses,

• otoskleroz.


The risk of development of complications at women with following diseases is raised:


• adiposity,

• prediabetom,

• infringement menstrual'nogo cycle or acyclic bleedings of not clear aetiology,

• myoma of body of uterus,

• diseases of kidneys,

• migraine,

• mononukleozom in the anamnesis …

• retsidiviruyuschim kal'kuleznym cholecystitis,

• and also, at smokers … » .


In other place the author still names allergy and varicose expansion of veins. Also adds that the age is more senior 35 years is additional risk factor.


Tell, whether will be women who don't fall under one of the listed categories much? Unless teenagers. At them few sores are valid, as a rule. Though allergikov and among them – it is enough. And each girl-teenager smokes now almost.


But it doesn't excite " schedulers" . « It is possible to apply tablets and to teenagers with established menstrual'nym cycle, – it is readable in the brochure“ don't worry!. ”– their reception helps to get rid of pains during time menstruatsii and predmenstrual'nogo indispositions» .


There's more: « … application of these preparatov36 is one of the best means of treatment of eels at girls-teenagers» . Represent, what is lethal argument for the little girl, at which age spots and which is ready to get rid of them at any cost?!


About spots the question remains opened. At least, Manuilova, on the contrary, specifies in them as on one of by-effects. She them, the truth, elegantly names « akne» , but it only scientific terminology, the essence remains invariable.


As to teenagers it carries them to group of risk and adds: « At purpose OK teenagers should mean that there are messages on interrelation between long reception OK at early teenage age and late development of cancer of mammary gland» .


Not is better affairs and with in'ektsionnymi contraceptives – those about which there was speech in article beginning are. If you remember, dogs bigl' were delighted with them not. And no wonder, after all by-effects from contraceptive pricks – though take away. Even from « Demographic reports» University of J. Gopkinsa, more than loyal to « to medicines for children» , appears that in'ektsionnye contraceptives can lead to bleedings.


« Within the first year (application of injections. – bus) normal menstrual'nyi the cycle is observed only at 10 % of women. Women … should be ready to that in the first 6 months of application of preparation at them irregular bleedings can be observed. And then, the next 6 months and further, – rare bleedings or amenoreya» 37.


« In certain cases bleedings can be such plentiful and long that … it is required to render specialised medical aid» .


Yes … somehow not so it turns out with « healthy egoism of the woman» … Not only that plentiful bleedings weaken, so also unobstructed love joys for the sake of which kitchen garden fenced, become, to put it mildly, inconvenient. Anyway, rather problematic.


Doesn't add appeal to these preparations and possible adiposity as consequence of their application, – adiposity which in « Demographic reports» tactfully name « increase in weight of body» . At some (it is final, not at all) « the weight of body» has increased for year by 13 kg. Another has carried a bit more. « In 3-year-old research of preparation Mesigyna it has been revealed that at one third of the women using this means, the weight of body has increased from 3 to 8 kg» .


Perhaps to women of Thailand, many of which chronically undereat, « increase in weight of body» only to the person. And here some western consumers of hormonal contraceptives (GK) language doesn't turn to name women – so they are spoilt by the completeness. And by the way, now it is clear, whence in the West such quantity of the friable, swelled, barrel-like fat women which it is not clear as move, not that indulge in " safe sex» .


About cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, strong headaches, dizzinesses and vomiting, and also « symptoms which can cause stroke development» we will not extend. Here – approximately the same picture, as with hormonal tablets, but adjusted for the big efficiency. (Remember at Manuilovoj: « … the most effective methods of contraception … have much more contra-indications, than ineffective …» ?) we will better stop on something new. For example, on softening of bone fabric, on scientific named by osteoporosis.


All know that at old men of bone easily break. It leads often to crisis of neck of the hip, guaranteeing deep physical inability till the end of life. And so, contraceptive pricks can provoke crisis of neck of hip in 25, 30, 40 years! In one New Zealand research it is said that in'ektsionnye contraceptives increase risk of bone crises by 10-15 % (!).

Well, good women of easy virtue … For them this risk, it is possible to tell, professional. But it is simple so, for the sake of art … the Right, it is not necessary.


By the way, there is one contra-indication which needs to be considered and to professional women of easy virtue. Apologists of hormonal contraception, as a rule, hold back him. But sometimes all the same blab out.


« Jaichniki at reception of oral contraceptives, – writes I.Manuilova, – decrease in sizes … and look like, characteristic for yaichnikov women in menopauze (i.e. at climax).


And here – even more certain statement. Defined because belongs to the opponent of " safe sex» to the gynecologist G.Rudykinu.


« What will be if to suppress air outlet from lungs, blood movement in vessels? And hormonal contraceptives are applied often not one month, and years. All this time organism doesn't carry out the normal functions. In due course the quantity of sexual hormones starts to decrease.


Yaichniki decrease in sizes, their vessels are narrowed, food is broken, they can't work, as before. The Same occurs in all departments of sexual system. All organism comes to ageing, quickly grows old.


After the termination of reception of hormonal contraceptives strong blow too is struck to hormonal system. Now the organism tries to return to initial condition which to find can't any more. Usually after such shocks it definitively goes wrong » .


We hope, you understand that ageing of internal (especially, such important as yaichniki) inevitably affects appearance of women. It both wrinkled skin, and extinct eyes, both the grown dull hair and nails. Whether not therefore, despite cosmetology advanced achievements, the western women so look more often is more senior the years? Not movie stars and top models, and ordinary women whom you meet in streets of Germany or France. After all it is enough at least times to visit abroad to be convinced: cock-and-bull stories about fine looking, eternally young foreigners is typical myth. One of many with which we were fed with last decades.


Especially painful theme for advocates of " safe sex» are tumours. They go all out literally, assuring that GK not only don't call oncological diseases, and even opposite, promote treatment from these. But in the review prepared by National institute of cancer (USA), it is said that for women the risk of disease by mammary gland cancer on 20 % above is younger than 35 years drinking contraceptive tablets. And researches of the British scientists draw even less consolatory picture: at women till 36 years accepting GK 5-8 years on end, risk to be ill with mammary gland cancer increases on 40 %, and at those who professed « safe sex» over 8 years, – to 70 %. And Manuilova is compelled to recognise that GK increase probability of adenoma of liver in ten-twenty times.


However the brochure « don't worry!.» On such trifles of attention doesn't turn. More than that, in it tablets " Diana-35" are vigorously advertised. For the ignorant it is explained: in 1994 because of this preparation in Germany noisy scandal as after 20 years of its existence in the market it was found out has burst that it raises risk of cancer of breast. In Germany the preparation, naturally, has been forbidden. Well and they can poison Russia, apparently.


As to contraceptive injections we offer you pair of citations from « Demographic reports» .


« When within the first 5 years after use beginning (injections. – the bus) at women doesn't develop mammary gland cancer, further they aren't exposed to the raised risk» . In transfer from casuistic language on human it means: if in the first 5 years hasn't died, – you have chance to survive.


And the second citation, not less worthy:


« That fact that the risk increase is peculiar to the women, recently started to use (injections. – Avt.) … suggests that (these injections. – buses) can accelerate growth of already existing tumours, instead of to transform healthy cages in cancer» . Here it is the argument! Following the similar logic, Rodion Raskolnikov could tell on court in the justification that it didn't kill the old woman, at it and so was predinsul'tnoe condition, and blow by axe on head – has simply accelerated this fatal process.


But what all of us about sad yes about the sad? Whether it is time to cheer up and recollect that business not only in « safe sex» . Children as " schedulers" speak, should be only healthy and desired. And epithets « healthy and desired» always are used together. As if, if desired, necessarily healthy. And healthy happen only desired. And as « children at will, instead of occasionally» (too « planirovochnoe» cliches) turn out as a result of competent use of contraceptives, it will be logical to assume that the above-stated means – are harmless to the planned posterity.


In the brochure « don't worry!.» On this bill are expressed unequivocally: « health of the future posterity of tablet don't influence» . It is told, how it is cut off. Really the Roman simplicity and clearness of style. There are no questions. Or … nevertheless the pair shy voprosikov arises in the head burdened with the previous knowledge?


Why on health of future mother contraceptives influence very much even negatively, and posterity health – well in any way? After all harmful substances tend to collect in organism and, accordingly, will poison fruit. And then, the woman with the undermined health is completely not necessarily capable to take out and give birth to the healthy child. Imagine the girl-teenager whom, following councils of this or similar – to it nest' numbers – brochures, begins years in 15, and even in 13, to accept contraceptive tablets. At first – from spots. Then, « to enjoy own sexuality» . Also accepts their years 10-15 successively. (Well, after all « in reception it is undesirable to do breaks!» – our liked brochure warns.) In what condition there will be organism of this poor fellow when it, at last, will ripen to thought about « healthy and desired» ? Barreness growth (which as we already wrote, often it it is called GK) – the fact well-known, the same as also number increase nedonoshennyh children (that directly is connected with health of women).


But there are also more exotic pathologies which couldn't hold back even « Demographic reports» .


The research spent in Thailand, has revealed that children born by women, using contraceptive pricks, « have high probability of presence of additional fingers or lack of fingers … and chromosomal defects» . In other research influence of such pricks within 1 month to or after conception « almost doubles risk of birth of children with low weight of body and, probably, partly calls risk increase neonatal'noi death rates more, than twice» .


In general as it was sung in there is popular song, « think, solve» .


We at last will talk about animals. To sustain sketch in elegant genre of rondo. Remember, we began with monkeys and dogs? And we will finish history about cat.


Recently one doctor living in Samara, has told to us as it has gone to buy contraceptives for the cat – too it roughly bred. It has already made happy with kittens of all whom could, and on the market to go intelligent education didn't allow. But the saleswoman (too, probably, yet up to the end having like rynochno-advertising ideology) has asked it unexpected question:


– And you know, what animals die of these tablets earlier?

He didn't know. Also has decided that it is better to learn to trade in kittens.


35 I.e. oral contraceptives, and, simply speaking, hormonal contraceptive tablets. – bus

36 Contraceptive tablets. – bus

37 I.e. the full termination of the monthly. – bus

Hormonal contraceptives are actually means of mass sterilisation zhenschin.malotogo that here is how inform periodically unexpectedly their women accepting, not this main thing perish. Hormonal tablets protect the woman in the special way - they create hormonal sterility.


These tablets create from the woman gormonal'no neutral gender being - the infantile silly woman which isn't known what for at her by crack between feet and has no desire to have children. Because the desire to have children - goes from hormones. Moreover, also that isn't told anywhere except special magazines - the woman sitting on hormones and consequently accordingly not having menstruatsii, it then after these tablets it is very difficult to become pregnant. The organism has already forgot to be the woman. And the more the woman was on contraceptive tablets - the more difficultly to it to return to normal state. Many can't already become pregnant at all. In it the latent sense of total advertising of contraceptive tablets - total sterilisation of women.


That that at them at all cancers of mammary gland and genitals this by itself is trifle. But the main thing here - prospect of total sterilisation of women - the accurate plan of Kriminterna. Without presence of Kriminterna pushing this reckless plan - in any way it is impossible to explain why obviously with meditsiinskoi the points of view criminal substances hormones, are distributed it is not free almost. Notice that all other hormones are strictly registration veschesta, to extend which in the USA - criminal offence. Try to push in the USA from hands prednizolon - will plant as for drugs. And contraceptive hormonal tablets - it is free to girls at schools distribute as candy - put on them since the childhood. - the devilish country.


Why at hetero-pairs children of nonconventional orientation " are born


One of the reasons is covered that the program of " birth rate regulation" , spent known over-world structures, includes imposing of hormonal contraceptives. One of consequences of the use of these " medicines" just also is the hormonal shift leading to homosexuality.

Other consequence of these " contraceptives" is contribution to AIDS distribution. So all from one flask spilt on the world by masons.


" Interestingly, and what for, to these masons it is so much homosexuals"


All is very simple: in 20th years of the XX-th century by Rockefellers there has been begun the program on population reduction. In particular, it includes destruction of institute of family. As you, obviously, understand, homosexual pair not in condition voproizvodit' posterity. Growth of number of such pairs reduces number of pairs, capable posterity to reproduce.

At last, Roman, Bilderbergsky and other clubs for Russia the population limit – 50 million persons is established. Among other ways of achievement of this purpose – homosexuality introduction. That's just the point that % th parity of this public, especially in the countries where it at the state level is encouraged, already exceeds usual indicators.




























Girls, look, only 4 minutes. It ob'yasnyaet that occurs to drawings with yaitsekletkami when the girl drinks.

Fragment from V.P.Krivonogova's seminar on sobriologii - science about sobriety.

Exists so-called tandemnyi principle: it is important, that the information have apprehended and have correctly reacted though 7-10 % of girls (and guys too), and other will be tightened. This principle was repeatedly checked as in public, and on animals. If 7-10 % of individuals start to behave without corresponding to associates - the others with this or that speed start to assimilate to these of 7-10 %.

If each of you tells about it to the acquaintances and girl-friends, on light will be healthy children more. Now unique time, breaks the information which always hid from the inhabitant. It is a little more and again will put the Iron Curtain and again anybody will know nothing, only tobacco, alcohol, drugs and the house-2.

Hurry to learn and to tell to friends.


To sleep or not in one bed srebenkom?


To begin with I will specify that I will mean the small child, from birth to, approximately, three-year age.


If parents knew that tests and their newborn feels, they wouldn't suffer over the decision of this problem where to sleep to the child. Or if mothers could trust completely in the instinct in the decision of this question, the problem wouldn't become, the child would sleep near to mother. But it is difficult to instinctive behaviour to make the way through stratifications of various data and prejudices, fears and conventions.


Many mums consider, it is what is it simply wonderful that their kids will have separate room, since birth, their own, remarkable beds. The future mum with pleasure selects curtains and small pillows in tone, blankets, coverlets, rugs and toys, equipping the pretty cosy world to the child. It goes shopping, thumbs through magazines where so all is remarkably arranged also all so beautifully. Searches any special matrasik with napolnitelem from sea grass, and it is terribly afflicted, when finds out that it, for example, is too expensive for it. Well and so on …


And what its kid thinks at this time? Can be and thinks nothing, but that he feels, it is possible to assume … to It warmly and closely, probably, he feels itself(himself) as certain ovoidnuyu the form (under the form of internal surface of uterus which limits its world). He hears sounds of mum's organism – palpitation, breath, peristal'tiku intestines, blood noise in vessels. He feels taste and smell okoloplodnyh waters (they fill mouth and nose of the child). Through neirogumoral'nye reactions he feels changes in mood of mother, he feels, when to it is cheerful or sad, when she is frightened or when becomes angry. It is familiar with all emotional experiences of mother and it is possible to assume that he perceives them, as own. He sucks cam and sometimes umbilical cord loops, learns to suck.


In the middle of 20 centuries English psychoanalyst Donald Vuds Vinnikott has assumed that the child feels itself as single whole with mother and the sensation of this unity is saved within several months after birth of the child. The further researches in this direction confirm this assumption.


The world of the child, its Universe is his mother. This statement remains fair and after birth of the child.


What occurs to feelings and desires of the kid after birth?


It gets to other world where there are other sounds, light, other sensations of heat and cold, it is compelled to make actions of which it was not capable (for example earlier, he breathes, publishes sounds). What remains invariable? Periodically it gets almost that to former condition: to it to become closely, warmly, he hears familiar sounds, the truth is a little in another way and when he sucks feels familiar taste and the smell similar to taste and smell okoloplodnyh of waters. Only then he feels in comfort and safety condition. These feelings surround it when it is on hands at mother or lies near to it.


What does the newborn child given feel?


I will quote Vinnikotta: “Left for a long time (it is a question not only about hours, but also about minutes) without habitual human environment, they endure experience which it is possible to express here such words:

Disintegration on pieces

Infinite falling

Dying … dying … dying …

Loss of any hope of contact renewal ”(from D.V.Vinnikotta's book“ small children and their mothers ”, p. 64, psychology and psychotherapy Library, release 52., M," class" , 1998g).

It is a question, certainly, not only about joint dream. This citation will be especially interesting to those parents who consider that it is not necessary “to accustom the child to hands” and “crying develops lungs” …


The joint dream with mother is necessary for the child for formation of the counterbalanced mentality, for creation of confidence of world around and, first of all, in own mother, for steady feeling of safety. For the small child mainly superficial, superficial dream is characteristic. The big share of superficial dream – necessary condition for development of healthy brain. The brain continues to grow and develop only in phase of superficial dream. During superficial dream the child supervises, where there is his mother, whether nearby it. If mum nearby isn't present, to it terribly long is in this phase to one, the kid falls asleep more deeply or wakes up. Having sufficient on duration superficial dream, children sleeping together with mothers, have richer potential for the further development. Civilisation, dividing mother and the child, doesn't use possibility of the brain programmed on continuous development, limits them.


In the event that mum and the child sleep separately, the kid can have long deep sleep. Sometimes the two-month child starts to sleep from 9 evenings till 9 mornings, “as brevnyshko”. In such situation the long deep sleep of the child is protective reaction to stress. Stress for the newborn is the dream separately from mother.


During joint dream with mother the kid receives the tactile stimulation necessary for high-grade development of nervous system. The child hasn't enough the touches of mother received during wakefulness. To the full receive necessary the child can only during joint dream.


Superficial dream it is possible to name also the protective mechanism of the kid. If in the sleep something happens, the kid has frozen, or poperhnulsya, or has got wet, or it became difficult to it to breathe, from superficial dream to leave and call to the aid easier.


The tactile stimulation going from mother, it and reminder to the child that it is live and it is necessary to breathe. Tactile stimulation is necessary for the child for non-failure operation of the respiratory centre. The syndrome of sudden children's death rate meets less often when the child sleeps with parents. For newborn children sometimes happen respiratory standstill, apnoe, in the sleep are characteristic. That the child has started to breathe, he is necessary for touching (certainly if it has occurred several seconds ago, instead of three minutes). Value of tactile stimulation obschepriznanno. By Leading firms on manufacture of the medical equipment are issued kuvezy for nedonoshennyh children with the mobile " bottom" , simulating respiratory movements of thorax of the person (That would seem to the kid that it lies on mum's breast) …


For what the joint dream with the child is necessary to mother?


For long and successful chest feeding. The woman so is arranged that the maximum concentration prolaktina, the hormone leading to education of milk, are formed in its organism at night during time sosaniya the child. Stimulation of the nervous terminations of skin of areola sends signal in brain which, influencing hypophysis, leads to development increase prolaktina. Most of all prolaktina it is formed during night sosaniya the child. If the woman never feeds the child at night, or puts it once (usually in 6 mornings), gradually milk development starts to decrease (because of insufficient stimulation prolaktina). Long to feed the child on such conditions it is not possible. In most cases women notice that milk starts not to suffice catastrophically by 1,5-3 months after the delivery.


Mum, also as well as the child, receives regular stimulation of the integuments, necessary condition of normally proceeding lactation. The child sleeping near to mum, nestles on it much longer, than that child whom all time postpone. Mum receiving constantly signals from warm skin of the kid, can doesn't worry about quantity of milk – its hormonal system always has powerful additional stimulus.


For mum at whom to the child even 1-2 months, it not so is important, it and so carries it on hands much. It happens especially actually for mum of the growing up child, 5-8 months which starts to move much in the afternoon, and mum carries it on hands since it creeps less or tries to do it. The joint dream allows to compensate for the deficiency corporal contacts and creates favorable conditions for high-grade feeding because the child can as though " forget" to eat in the afternoon. Further night feedings allow mum to come to work, for example, or for a long time to leave, without worrying that its child won't eat up.


How the child, sleeping with the mother, behaves at night?

The kid can fall asleep “for the night” in interval approximately from 10 evenings to 1 o'clock in the morning. With 2 till 5 mornings (depending on time zasypaniya) the kid starts to potter and be put. When at the kid " the fast" dream begins and it starts to show trouble, mum “opens one eye”, puts it and sleeps further. Mum sleeps, certainly, isn't strong and isn't deep. It is possible to tell, dozes. When the child, nasosavshis', releases breast and falls asleep deep sleep, mum too falls asleep. Happen, nevertheless situations when mum, having put the child of hour per 2 nights to one breast, having opened eyes, finds out that 8 mornings, and they lie all as well the kid all with the same sisei “in teeth”. It is necessary to notice that so night feedings only look in the event that mum is able to feed lying in convenient pose, and can relax during feeding. Actually " night" feedings in interval with 3 till 8 mornings are considered. At this time at the child of monthly age happens 2-3 and more applyings. And there are small children who are put, for example, in such rhythm: in 22, in 24, and then in 2, in 4, in 6, in 8 mornings. There are children at whom at monthly age was 6 podutrennih feedings, and by 3-4 months there were 2-3 applyings. More often by 4,5-6 months the number podutrennih feedings again increases. It happens is connected by that the kid of this age during the day starts to be put less often, sucks not long, easily distracts, and " gathers additionally" necessary at the expense of active night sosaniya. Becoming is more senior, the child doesn't refuse at all from night sosaniya. Children, for example, are more senior year very actively can to suck at daybreak approximately from 4.00-6.00 mornings, sometimes almost continuously, till the awakening moment, in 8.00-10.00 mornings. Mums simply should know that the desire to suck and to sleep at night near to mother is not bad habits, and psychological and physiological requirements, and shouldn't struggle with them.


All children are programmed by the nature on joint dream with mother and active night sosanie. Kids who are fed it is artificial, too have requirement pososat' at night. Acknowledgement to it can be observed at parental conferences on the Internet (for example, on site and One mum starts to complain that its child slept always since 9 evenings till 9 mornings, and in 6 months each hour has suddenly started to wake up, another complains that can't disaccustom like already big child of 1,5-2 years to night small bottle with milk in any way or tea, yes not from one … Or more recently one mum 9ti the monthly kid complained that can't postpone it in personal bed in any way, he since birth can sleep only near to it, despite that she feeds him is artificial …


The requirement for joint dream, is at all children, irrespective of feeding type. At those children whom haven't allowed it to realise, it temporarily dies away, as if it and wasn't, Any psychologist will tell that the unsatisfied requirement develops into complex which waits for the realisation, as delayed-action bomb. If there will be certain reality situation, circumstances in which this complex can be realised, the person ceases to operate reasonably, rationally. The adult with obstinacy of the child, behaves absolutely illogically only because carries out the program, over it the inveterate complex supervises. And it can happen at any age.


The most typical picture of similar realisation which many can observe in life, is situations at which the woman can't leave the man in any way which beats her, drinks, it is bad to it concerns, only because one is afraid to remain in bed at night. And it is fear subconscious, osoznanno it not undertakes at all explain, why it with it remains, and it can last for years. The fear of night loneliness forces people to suffer unsuccessful partners in life, to live together with for a long time bothered relatives, to get superfluous pets etc. I don't think that at least one mum, aspiring " not to spoil" the kid, will wish it further such sad destiny.


If mum has accustomed the child to sleep one, it, as a rule, rather without serious consequences transfers it till 1.5 years. In 1.5 years there is first realised fear of darkness, and the support lack on mother necessarily makes itself felt. The child is afraid to fall asleep one, it pulls parents to itself(himself), calls them, cries, learns to manipulate them. To 2-mind to years in many families the problem zasypaniya, and from it and joint dream turns to the whole fight. Easier only that who already sleeps together with the child, therefore it is more reasonable to solve problem before execution to the child of this age.


Children who always slept with parents, usually easily and without serious consequences pass the first nightmares, and are shifted in the separate bed after 3 years. Conflicts arise only there where the complex because parents have reconciled not at once to presence of the child at their bed already has had time to be generated or have tried to postpone it in separate bed too early, and it has remembered it.


As shows the statistican, children who in the 5-6 years, still sleep together with parents, had experience of separate dream more often, and it is more than half from them has come to parental bed after 1.5 years! That is, when parents don't sleep with the child of five months, there is no guarantee that they shouldn't do it after 1.5 years, and here to the child they have already provided non-realised complex and adverse psychological consequences!


There is and more heavier variant when the child already got independence, for the decision of the problems, all the same comes to parental bed in 4-6 years. Then on the to ox it doesn't leave therefrom to 20!


What is necessary to know and be able to organise joint dream with the child?


The child should know that he can sleep with mum and adapt to it, mum should be able feed conveniently lying mum should be able to sleep with the child and to have a rest simultaneously. All it is impossible at once, spontaneously, by itself. In practice on the adaptation leaves from 2 weeks till 1.5 months. In the event that to sleep with the child since birth (or to begin right after maternity homes). If mum already had child with whom she slept together, it adapts faster. For mother having many children such behaviour naturally and it is not so necessary to adapt.


If to try to learn later, on the adaptation that leaves not less month, and provided that mum is convinced of correctness of the actions! The child who hasn't got used to joint dream, can strongly turn, kick, awake mum with the movements. There can be complexities and with thermoregulation, after all as told in one known film « 2 Indians under one blanket never will freeze» . Here and mum with the child heat each other, therefore it is necessary to change the habits in clothes or to take cover easier blanket … If to it to add change of rhythms of night dream, it becomes clear that to be retrained much more difficult, than to solve these questions gradually, in process of occurrence. If mum tries begin in 5-6 months it can to fail!


Possibility of safe joint dream at unprepared mums strongly depends on the form and the size of its breast.


If at mum the breast is more 4 sizes – it is impossible for it! Independently to try to sleep with the child. It is necessary to address to the nearest adviser for chest feeding. If it isn't present nearby it is necessary to find mum, able to sleep with the child, able to feed lying in convenient pose. It is desirable, that it there was mum with positive experience of feeding of several children …


If at mum of problem with applying – it is difficult to it to solve them in lying position. It is necessary to understand at first with problems convenient position, then to learn to supervise position of the child lying during day dream and only then to start to do too at night.


For what reasons of mum don't sleep with the kids?


Mums don't know that the joint dream is necessary.

After perusal of the above-stated mum will know that the joint dream is necessary also for it and its kid.

Interdictions of doctors

The doctors competent of questions, connected with chest feeding and psychology of the newborn, have nothing against joint dream with the child.


Because of uncooperative altitude of relatives, especially the husband.

Relatives don't know about necessity of joint dream with the child, it is necessary to them to tell about it. (It would be desirable to add that the majority of people not very much likes to be engaged in matrimonial relations indoors where there is someone the third, let even the small child, even in own bed. In the presence of additional premises of problem isn't present in general, but to solve it it is possible, even if superfluous premises aren't available …)


Aren't able to feed lying in convenient position

It is necessary to learn, address to advisers for chest feeding, or to the skilled mum, able it to do.


Because of the inconveniences connected with the big breast size, the inconvenient form of the breast, the involved nipple.

Also it is possible to get rid of these inconveniences by means of advisers for chest feeding or skilled mum.


Are afraid to spoil the child

Joint dream to spoil the child it is impossible.


From hygienic reasons

Mum and the child on chest feeding have identical microflora.


Are afraid “zaspat'” of the child.

Mum can't zaspat' the child if she is able to feed lying in convenient pose if it is healthy mentally if it hasn't blocked " sentry" zone of cerebral cortex alcohol, soporific or drugs.


Safety measures

(From William and Martha Serz's book “your child” / the Lane from English M.Luppo, D.Suvorova, E.Chervinoj. – M: CRONES-PRESS, 2000. – 736s.)

The kid should lie between mother and wall of bed which can be made or to buy. It is possible to move up also bed closely to wall and the child to put from this party, near to mother, instead of between parents. Consider still that children are more senior year more often turn in the sleep and can wake the father if sleep between parents.

Don't take in bed of the child if you are under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizer or any other means lowering your sensitivity to presence of the child.


Avoid overheat. It can happen, if the child at first have warmly wrapped up and have laid in cot, and then have transferred to the parents which bodies became superfluous source of heat.


Don't put the child on soft feather-bed – it can be buried in it by head too deeply.

It is more than place, it is less to people. Too small or general bed for several children is too is unsafe for the baby. It is not necessary to sleep to the father or the brother with the child on sofa – the child can appear is clamped between back of sofa and the senior. The more bed, the more safely. Don't allow other children to sleep with the kid all at once.

Don't sleep with the child in hydrobed with strong excitement. It can get to crack between mattress and edge or body of mother. His neck muscles are insufficiently strong to release head, and he can choke. Without waves it is more safe than hydrobed in the absence of cracks.


Accept safety measures that the child hasn't rolled down from bed though it and is improbable, especially if he sleeps near to mother. After all the child as the rocket with infra-red prompting, is drawn to its body. And still for bol'shei safety, especially if the child remains for a while one, use any terminator – wall, divannyi the platen, put chair back to bed or think up still something, that podstrahovat' the kid








































According to Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Goskomstat vRossii to execution to the child of 3 months stop to nurse 45 % of women, by 6 months of 32 %, and by year of only 14 % of women save chest feeding. For all period of development of mankind the gastroenteric path of the baby hasn't been adapted for artificial feeding. From the point of view of biology it is simply impossible. Chest milk it not only useful foodstuff, but also product possessing unusually active biological properties: hormones, biologically active substances, immune complexes, the live cages of parent milk actively participating in regulation of development of children's organism, completely are absent even in the most perfect dairy mixes intended for artificial feeding.


Parent milk always will be the best food for newborns and children of the first year of life also because its structure, varying during feeding, precisely corresponds to age and individual requirements of the child. Only chest milk can provide high-grade development of the child, protect it from allergic and other diseases. Preventive action of natural feeding concerning risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, chronic diseases of intestines, leikozov is confirmed also.


The first milk colostrum plays special role in food of the newborn as in him the considerable quantity of fibers in the concentrated kind, vitamins and other food substances contains. Besides it possesses active protivoinfektsionnymi and gormono-regulating properties. The colostrum is the natural vaccine which use at general chest feeding could rescue from death more than one million children year.


Not only health and longevity, but also perfection of moral-psychological properties of the person contacts today natural feeding. Only at chest feeding conditions for optimum development of the central nervous system and mentality are provided. Even during the periods of life kept away from the childhood intellectual possibilities of the people nursed, appear above, than at those who was raised is artificial.


Components of parent milk:



The most changeable components of chest milk fats their quantity corresponds to requirements of the growing child. The maintenance of fats in milk changes in the course of one feeding, it isn't identical in current of one day, and in process of growth of the child changes according to varying energy needs of the child. In the beginning of feeding milk is poorer fats, it is as though removed milk. Gradually the quantity of fats increases, while, at last, the child won't reach " cream" , last portion of milk containing the considerable quantity of fats. This milk contains the factor of saturation which creates sense of fulness at the kid, and he ceases to suck. We will imagine that it wanted to child to have a drink. It pososet also will be satisfied some minutes by the first milk with the low maintenance of fats. In current of day he still will want pososat' minute two small emotional additional charge in breaks on type " take me on handles" . When the child is really hungry, he will longer suck, more intensively, saturation will come, when it pososet more high-calorie milk allocating later. Chest milk not only surpasses cow and dairy mixes in structure of fats, but these fats are better acquired. Chest milk contains enzim lipazu substance which helps to digest fats in such a manner that their big part is acquired by organism and less deduced from it. Special fats, so-called irreplaceable fat acids, are a part of the vital components mielinina covers of the nervous fibres promoting faster passage of impulses.


Powerful fibers

Fibers basis for organism growth. Reception of high-quality fibers especially big role plays the first year of life of the child as it grows at this time faster, than in any another. Your milk contains the fibers specially prepared for the growing child. These powerful substances promoting growth can't be made or bought. Each of them benefits the child. Milk (the cow, a part children's mixes, and human) contains two basic fibers: syvorotochnyi fiber and casein. Syvorotochnyj fiber is very easily acquired by intestines of the person. Casein participates in stvorazhivanii milk, it is slightly more difficultly acquired by intestines. Your milk contains basically syvorotochnyi fiber. The cow milk and some mixes contain mainly casein. Chest milk approaches intestines of the child more. It absorbs fibers of chest milk is better, quickly digests them and doesn't deduce as improper food for itself. Except syvorotochnogo the squirrel, your milk contains other fibers which are usually absent in the cow milk and in children's mixes. We will consider this elite group. Taurin fiber of brain who, apparently, improves development of brain and nervous system. Laktoferrin one more fiber peculiar to human milk. It transports necessary iron from milk in blood of the child. This especial fiber also operates the maintenance of bacteria in intestines of the child. Besides suppression of harmful bacteria laktoferrin constrains development of fungi of sort Candida developing toxins. One more group of natural antibiotics in your milk, so-called lisozimy, the fibers promoting destruction of harmful bacteria.


Fiber of chest milk of the person is much easier, than fiber of cow or other milk of whom make dairy mixes. Therefore chest milk quickly " stvorazhivaetsya" in stomach of the child, also leaves for mastering in intestines in some minutes, and the dairy mix is late in stomach at 2-3 o'clock. Therefore it is recommended to feed with mix " on mode" , and breast - " on demand" without restriction.



Human milk contains more lactoses (dairy sugar), than the milk developed by any animals (on 20-30 % more than cow). In mix add sucrose or glucose to approach them on taste to chest milk. So why your child should receive this best sugar? The answer: it is necessary to brain! Experts in food consider that one of lactose derivatives galaktoza is necessary for development of substance of brain. Researchers have found out that the above the lactose maintenance in milk of mammal, the more its brain. It confirms great value of lactose for development of the central nervous system. Lactose also improves mastering of the calcium necessary for growth of bones. Lactose not only promotes growth of brain and bones, it is necessary to intestines, thanks to it useful intestinal bacteria Laktobacilla bifidus breed.


Vitamins, mineral salts and iron

Nobody can provide the child with these substances how you can make it. These substances are unique on the high biological value, their big part is used by organism, passing from your milk in fabric of the child. It is not enough losses. Not so business with mixes and the cow milk is. Efficiency in this case low, biological value is insignificant. In blood and fabrics of the child passes 50-70 % of the iron containing in chest milk. Not used there is smaller part of iron. As to artificial feeding in blood 10 % of the iron containing in the cow milk, and 4 % of iron from mixes arrive only.


Deducing of waste

Besides, that other kinds of food, except chest milk, are inefficient, surplus of the substances which are not absorbed by intestines, overloads system of conclusion of waste, for what the organism pays off with metabolism deterioration.


The milk structure varies with growth of the child

The structure of nutrients in chest milk varies with the years the child. There are no children's mixes which on the structure would correspond to colostrum or milk of the first week of lactation.


Protective substances:



In each drop of your milk millions tiny white blood cages of leukocytes which circulate in intestines contain and destroy harmful bacteria. Chest milk possesses such valuable nutritious and protective properties that in the ancient time it named white blood. Leukocytes in intestines in the first weeks of life, when protective system of the child still the weak especially is a lot of. In process of perfection of immune system concentration of leukocytes in your milk gradually decreases, but they are present at milk still at least 6 months after the delivery. Besides infection destruction, these precious cages, like blood, save and transfer enzimy, being growth factors, and the fibers battling to infection.


Except leukocytes, chest milk contains also the antibodies of the squirrel destroying infection. They circulate on all organism and destroy pathogenic microorganisms. To protect the child from activators of infection mother fills insufficiency of its immune system with many ways. One of them transfer to the child of antibodies through placenta. But these antibodies by 9 months appear spent. In process of reduction of quantity of antibodies in blood of the child their maintenance in your milk raises. It finishes job which carried out blood earlier, protecting the child until its protective system that occurs by the end of the first year completely won't be generated. Functions which till birth of the child were carried out by placenta, after birth carry out your mammary glands they both feed, and protect.


Immunization by milk

In colostrum the highest maintenance of leukocytes and antibodies, and colostrum is developed during this period lives, when own protective possibilities at the child the lowest. Microorganisms round you continuously change, but your organism has protective system. At the newborn this system wasn't generated yet. When the new activator of infection gets to organism of mother, antibodies are developed to it. This new army of fighters with infection through milk is passed the child. Now it too is protected. Dynamic process of immunization by means of milk continuously creates protection to the child.


About contraceptive action of chest feeding.

During pregnancy in organism of the woman occurs the numerous and difficult physiological changes meeting increasing requirements of fruit and promoting further normal current of sorts, the postnatal period and lactation. During pregnancy loading on heart in connection with development of additional matochno-placentary circle of blood circulation increases, the volume of plasma of blood increases, changes mineral, carbohydrate, fatty, etc. metabolism. After the delivery all changes, characteristic for organism of the pregnant woman, gradually come back to initial norm. Many of these processes come to the end by 4-6 week of the postnatal period. However by numerous researches it is established that to the full the female organism is restored after the delivery and the subsequent lactation only in 2/2,5-3 years. In particular, only to this term the iron depot in liver in kind ferritinovogo complex is restored.


If the subsequent pregnancy comes with interval less than 2 years, especially against lactation the risk of development zhelezodefitsitnoi anemias at the woman sharply increases.


Expressed ZhDA during pregnancy can lead to the premature birth, habitual nevynashivaniyu, to decrease in weight of body of the newborn. Against ZhDA at 40 % of women late toxicoses develop, decrease kompensatornye organism possibilities at raised krovopoteri in sorts.


The interval between detorozhdeniyami makes the greatest impact on survival rate of children. Many children perish every year because of small interval between sorts.


As the state of health of the pregnant woman, character of its food during pregnancy etc. influence fruit development, environment of the child is formed long before its birth. The woman can be physically exhausted after recent pregnancy: if she again becomes pregnant, risk of development of spontaneous abortion, mertvorozhdeniya or births of the child with low weight of body more than at observance of interval 2/2,5-3 years between beremennostyami. Thus, in the presence of small interval between sorts at the child will be much less chances to survive.


Chest feeding is effective way of the control of birth rate only in case anovulyatsii or if matochnaya environment isn't capable to support pregnancy. In most cases anovulyatsiya lasts from 4-12 till 24 months after the delivery whereas some women begin ovulirovat' already on the first-second month of the postnatal period. The data of recent researches shows, what even after restoration menstruatsii frequency of approach of pregnancy at feeding women below the same indicators among the women who have stopped chest feeding. Frequent and continuous stimulation of breast sosaniem leads relative functional inaktivatsii yaichnikov with which the contraceptive effect of lactation is connected. Amenoreya the lactation period it can be supported frequent and short or rare, but more long chest feeding.

Thus, the nature gives pause and cares of that the woman could restore the forces for birth of the healthy child. On rusi said that the feeding pregnant woman is candle podozhzhenaya from two parties, having in view of lack of forces on cultivation practically simultaneously two children.


How long to nurse the child?

From the point of view of advantages of long feeding the set of the researches comparing children, raised by parent milk, and children-iskusstvennikov from the point of view of frequency of various diseases and level IQ exists breast. In all without exception cases, it is artificial raised children have higher risk of diseases and low level IQ, than children nursed. Researches which divided " chest" children into categories, depending on duration of feeding by breast, have shown that the less child nursed, the it showed the worst results, both from the point of view of higher propensity to diseases, and from the point of view of IQ. In other words, if categories were 0-6 months of feeding breast, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 + month the group 18-24 + was the best, on the second place was group of 12-18 months of feeding, on the third place - the group 6-12, and, at last, results group of 0-6 months were the worst among children nursed, but nevertheless it is much better, than at group of artificial feeding. Indicators of frequency of gastroenteric diseases, respiratory diseases of the top respiratory ways, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart diseases etc. and t.p were considered. In the same way, children who fed longest, received the highest indicator IQ.


Chest feeding is necessary for the child throughout the period defined by the nature. After 2,5 years the child has process of natural fading sosatel'nogo reflex. Gradually it brings to nothing all feedings, simply ceasing to require process sosaniya as that.


The parent breast is calculated on the same period of feeding (2,5-4 years) also. After one and a half years of feeding the breast gradually enters into stage involyutsii lactations. It is characterised by that the breast isn't overflowed, milk to be made not so constantly, and is developed in reply to sosanie the kid. Here thus both mum and the child approach to lactation end. At first day feedings completely leave, then evening and the last leave podutrennie sosaniya. Gradually the child starts to sleep night deeply.


Advantages of long feeding by breast

Nutritional value

Scientific researches prove that on the second year of life (and even after two and more years) milk remains valuable source of fibers, fats, the enzymes splitting in intestines fibers and fats hormones, vitamins and microcells which quickly also are easily acquired.


The maintenance of vitamins and microcells in female milk can change depending on diet of mother, but at its balanced food always corresponds to requirements of the child. For example, at chest feeding on the second year of life the kid is protected from deficiency of vitamin A which is necessary for normal formation and functioning of eyes, skin, hair, and also the vitamin K preventing occurrence of bleedings. Besides in female milk the optimum quantity of iron which is very well soaked up in intestines of the child contains and prevents development zhelezodefitsitnoi anemias.

Scientists have counted up that if the one-year-old child receives 500 ml of chest milk a day its daily requirements for energy are provided on third, in fibers - on 40 %, and in vitamin C almost completely.
Protection against diseases

It is interesting to notice that each pathogenic microorganism amazing mother, stimulates development of the antibodies present at milk and received by the child. Concentration these of substances in milk increases with the years remains and with reduction of number of feedings that allows children is more senior to get strong immune support. Antibodies cover intestines mucous membrane similarly to " white paint" , doing its inaccessible to pathogenic microorganisms, and provide unique protection against infections and allergy. Besides, fibers of female milk stimulate development of own immune system of the child. Also in female milk the substances stimulating growth of useful bacteria (bifido laktobakterii), in intestines which counteract settling by its pathogenic bacteria contain.

Other fibers of milk also are important. For example, fiber laktoferrin, connecting iron, is capable to prevent growth of some the bacteria acquiring iron.


Decrease in risk of allergic diseases

Long natural feeding (from above 6 - 12 months) in combination to hypoallergenic food of feeding mother considerably reduces frequency of development of food allergy at children.


Bite formation, structure of the person, development of speech in children is defined also by duration of natural feeding. It is connected with active participation of muscles of soft palate in the course of reception of milk from breast. Children, it is long nursed, reproduce tonalities and frequencies of sounds is better. Infringements of speech at them meet less often and, basically, these are physiological replacements of sounds " sh" , " l" , on more " simple" sounds that easily gives in to correction.


Advantages of physical development of children

At chest feeding the optimum parity of fatty and muscular fabrics in organism of the child and optimum parity of length and weight of body is provided. Physical development of the child corresponds to its biological age, doesn't advance it and doesn't lag behind. It was defined on terms of formation of various bones of skeleton.


In chest milk there are factors of growth and brain development (for 3 years - 95 % of volume of the adult person), immunnoglobuliny which some more years after excommunication contain in blood of the child.


The important role is played by emotional aspect of long natural feeding. Special communication, psychological attachment which is established between mother and the child during feeding, is saved on all life. Psychological development of such children can be advancing, they adapt in adult life is better.

Process of chest feeding helps with formation of soul inherent only in the person and the person, comprehension of and world around knowledge.


Mums, it is long nursing, show more cares of children, it is more positive to them concern, support feeling of love that is especially important during the critical age periods of children after year. In whatever pressure there was mum when it has a seat to feed the kid, by the end both feedings relax, and at both the mood considerably improves. Besides, at the women nursing, malignant new growths of mammary glands and cancer yaichnikov much less often develop.


All time while at the woman milk is developed, shares on three important phases: molozivnyi the period, mature lactation and so-called involyutsiya (gradual fading) lactations. In norm last period begins in interval from 1goda 8 months to three and a half years. Milk which is developed at this stage, on the structure is very similar to colostrum: in him many leukocytes, the antibodies still bringing huge advantage to the growing organism of the kid contain. The child whom at least month ate involyutivnym milk, minimum on half a year is protected from infectious and prostudnyh diseases.


Long feeding by breast is extremely useful for children with neurologic displays, after all during time sosaniya brain blood supply improves. The kids who were born by Cesarean section or stimulirovannyh of sorts, require smooth, soft accustoming to world around and branch from mum's body. All it as well as possible provides chest feeding. Therefore more and more mums feed the child with the milk until the kid himself won't refuse breast. Usually it occurs between two and a half and three and a half for years.


Chest feeding is natural process and the nature has put forms and terms of its regulation, considering thus the optimum period between births of children.


Thus duration of feeding by breast of the child influences more than 2th years health not only its immune system in adult life, but also other bodies and systems. At girls - on health of reproductive system, ability it is easy to conceive, easily to take out and easily to give birth to the child. At boys - on health of kostno-muscular system, ability to lift and carry weight without harm to health.
















Development of the child occurs strictly under the laws established by the nature irrespective of, we know them or not, we accept or we reject. The person – not most investigated being. What is created in this strange grey substance - brain how " feels" on distance parent heart, what such intuition or inspiration? And physiological processes not up to the end to us are clear – what to hide.


Let's consider influence of disposable diapers on the different parties of development. At once I wish to make a reservation is NOT my OPINION, it is simple vyzhimka some objective knowledge.


1. Relationships of cause and effect.


As we already know, the intelligence is not set of knowledge, and ability to establish relationships of cause and effect. When this ability is formed? In three years, seven years, or seventeen? The base of the future person is put on the first year of life of the child, at infantile age attitude bases are formed. Also the kid does the first intellectual opening in diapers. And – in literal sense. The big mental work is necessary to the child to establish the relationships of cause and effect first in life between desires to mocheispuskaniyu and defekatsii, and, so to say, their result. Disposable diapers deprive of the child of this first " scientific" opening, means, there is no the very first natural push to intelligence development. The the child is more younger, the influence of various factors on its development is stronger. On the first year of life the inquisitive researcher is formed, and it is not necessary to prevent to the nature to work on intellectual development of the child.


apd: Here it is necessary to explain more in detail since many, read this article, have for some reason thought that the relationship of cause and effect is developed at the child almost by year. The matter is that departure of natural needs occurs at the child since birth (I hope, it is my dear opponents not begin to challenge?). And this relationship of cause and effect - the FIRST in his life. Simply because no other processes, except contact to mum, and departure of natural needs at the newborn are present dream, meal. To say that the child has very quickly established relationships of cause and effect between that and at the age of 6-7 months - it is possible for those, but doesn't concern theme. I will repeat that the specified communication is established very much early when child yet don't learn to understand something.


2. Tactile sensations.


The child learns the world body. Its thinking is based on tactile contacts. If to deprive of the baby of sensations necessary for it – there is nothing to speak about intelligence development further. What means – tactile contacts? First, of course, it is caress of mother and close people. The more corporal contacts to mother, the better for development of the child. Secondly is set of various invoices which the child touches: sand, water, fabric, stones, blades, tree and other. I wouldn't put in one number with natural materials various toys for motility development: our receptors it is very thin are arranged. And polymers for them – the same invoice, what form they wouldn't be. Thirdly, own body – the big source of sensations for the child. At all it the main stimulator of receptors – processes mocheispuskaniya and defekatsii. I Am sorry at fastidious, but it so.

And influence of disposable diapers doesn't come to an end on the first year of life. The child deprived natural tactile sensations can lose interest to kinesteticheskim to researches. I wish you to warn that one-year-old and two-year « chistyuli» , afraid to soil handles is accident for intelligence development. The Kinestetichesky channel of perception will be the leader throughout all preschool childhood. Children long carrying pampers, usually are afraid to touch unknown substances, and necessary for development tactile razdrazhiteli to them even become unpleasant. That is, children are afraid to be researchers. By the way, possibility and ability to be spoilt (sand, ggryaz'yu, ooze, clay, paints and so forth) is elderly till five years haven't something in common in inculcation of skills of accuracy.-Che thing.


(Here the explanation is necessary, differently me will accuse of desire to leave baby to lie. I say that the child should FEEL processes mocheispuskaniya and defekatsii, instead of potter, excuse, in results. " Pampers" don't allow to feel it).

As it isn't surprising, but « pachkanie» the kid it is necessary also for mum. Mum needs to learn to perceive the child any – not only clean and silent, but also soiled and crying. It is necessary for it to learn parent patience and unconditional love. The nature gives it such simple exercise! After all with growing of the child patience oh as it is useful!


3. Recognition of signals of own body.


Disposable diapers attract behind themselves the most widespread disease of urinogenital system – enuresis. (It is necessary to notice, what is it not the unique reason of occurrence of enuresis. It can be caused genetically, to be complication on some diseases, and many other things. I say that children carrying pampers, have more chances to lose the control over mocheispukaniem). It is possible to observe on children's playgrounds of preschool children which aren't able to distinguish in time signal, and do the affairs in trousers. It puts deep trauma to the child, destroying its self-estimation, so to say, from within. He doesn't realise it, all processes occur deeply in subconsciousness. But for consciousness of the preschool child to be described in trousers is infancy sign. When this discomfiture happens with five years' (especially it concerns boys) the self-estimation suffers even if parents convince the child that in it there is nothing bad.


4. Discomfort.


The baby should be happy and quiet. Thus to it it is necessary to feel sometimes from the point of view of psychological development some discomfort. It is paradoxical? At all. Our emotional sphere is arranged in such a manner that the spectrum of positive emotions can develop exactly so, the spectrum of the negative is how much developed. It is a pity, what not on the contrary, the truth? What does it mean? And how it is possible to allow for the baby to feel negative emotions, without harming to fragile mentality? The nature has thought up the ingenious decision: the kid feels discomfort and, hence, endures negative emotions, at departure of natural needs. It is necessary to notice that infringement of other processes (dream, meal, dialogue with relatives) don't render such beneficial influence but only put psychological trauma. Thus emotional development occurs is most high-grade.
5. Hygiene.


At parental forums to protection of disposable diapers write: « Yes there are no scientific researches proving their harm!» . Allow, you from whom wait for scientific researches? From companies " Haggis" or " Pampers" ? Independent scientific researches?!

To me it is thought, enough common sense. Here to you research, quite scientific: put on diaper (the big sizes are on sale, for sick people), and resemble some hours on heat. And it is even better – lay down in him to sleep. And then argue on hygiene. Some attack reusable, gauze diapers – say, they are source pelenochnogo dermatita. Well, it if not to pay to the child of attention, and in general it not to wash. Because the normal child " will declare" at once, if the diaper has become wet. And in it won't lie hours, as in described " pampers" .

Disposable diapers are made of the modern materials well absorbing urine. Think, unless " absorbing" it means " dissolving" ? Urine doesn't leave anywhere, it is simply absorbed by special lining. By the way, these materials are still a little investigated, and that for chemical reaction occurs there inside – anybody doesn't know, including manufacturers. And so, the child goes with heating up uric compress. Yes will excuse me admirers urinoterapii, but in it there is nothing useful. Decaying urine are steams of ammonia which not so well influence genitals. Besides, parents don't wash away the kid after each change of " pampers" , and use damp napkins. You read though time their structure? You know long-term influence of these chemical compounds? Anybody doesn't know. One Is known: genitals of the small child – not place for chemical experiments.


6. Disposable diapers and barreness.


This phrase can be met under heading « myths about" pampers" . Certainly, barreness is too. But the hotbed effect of disposable diaper, moreover in combination to urine containing in him will allow the boy to meet as soon as possible man's illnesses, it is the fact. Physicians recognise that the last twenty years« man's illnesses » have promptly looked younger. I have read amusing enough message at one forum:« here say that in " pampers" the temperature raises – lie! My husband has measured by finger, it same! » . It, as they say, both sadly, and is ridiculous. For genitals of the baby and our fingers of fluctuation of temperature are felt differently …

I am very glad that me well learnt to medicine (at our pedagogical university there were some obligatory courses on medicine and defectology). To me has carried that business occurred in the mid-nineties in Russia when behind backs of doctors bright boards didn't hang. Now you can find phrase « the recommendation of leading pediatrists» - think, how much are these recommendations.


7. Public opinion.


The most important thing – to sustain public opinion. Because mum which not laziness to care about health of the child and which doesn't put " CONVENIENTLY" above it " is useful" , feels the outsider. Think – whether always on extent of history the opinion of the majority was really correct?

Diapers it is really convenient, but it is necessary to think – than the child pays off for mum's convenience.


It is strange to me to hear from mums: « Well I can't erase diaper!» . It is possible to think, the modern woman erases on zinc board in ice-hole, upon my life! Besides, not to erase, it is possible to learn to distinguish signals of the child, and to " land" it (it not vysazhivanie on pot, I ask not to confuse).


Separate theme – yasel'nyi the kid. Parents of such child need to allow to " breathe" to skin at least after yaselek, and not to use at all disposable diapers at night (especially without changing them never as love very much now).


In summary once again I wish to repeat that to the nature all the same – whether is known we its laws, they will operate.

APD: has recollected one very authoritative opinion: JaNush Korchak put schooling to pot above development of speech for mental abilities. About as! And it was the doctor.





















Naturally and beautifully.


House childbirth. Still to steam of centuries there was no red cross and people in white dressing gowns back. There were no doctors-gynecologists. All childbirth was accepted at home. It was natural process.


Childbirth in water adds still the big beauty and harmony, than simply dry house childbirth. Blood is imperceptibly dissolved in water, and water does process of occurrence of the kid are natural (from okoloplodnyh waters in usual water). House childbirth is surrounded by aura of holiday and intimacy of event.


Childbirth in maternity home. There is no beauty. There is no naturalness. The typical medical certificate which already often is coming to an end with operation.


Natural environment


House childbirth. Water at water sorts usual water, is a little podsolenaya sea salt. Silent pleasant music plays. Muffled light.


Childbirth in maternity home. In hospitals after frequent processings by bleaching powder and ultraviolet viruses and microbes mutiruyut in very hardy versions. Strong lamps shine. Doctors swear. In cases of paid sorts address with the lying-in woman more politely.


Sterility = cleanliness?


House childbirth. All is simply accurate and pure. The child and mum are influenced by natural bacteria that they were surrounded and will surround. Immunity is developed. :)


Childbirth in maternity home. Sterility deprives of habitat and blocks the information from organism of the child about that, its what environment waits. Immunity doesn't become more active.




House childbirth. All under your control. If will decide to do inoculations, you after can always address for them and their physicians will be obliged to make free of charge. Other question, and it it is necessary - to prick to the child such horror stories?


Childbirth in maternity home. Ask nobody. Prick any rubbish, often deceiving the lying-in woman.


Relations the daddy and the kid


House childbirth. For me acceptance most the child was the true moment. It was the self-affirmation moment, more I wouldn't like and it would not be desirable anybody anything to prove in the world. I became simply confident that that didn't occur, I have already made for the sake of what it was necessary to be born. The moment when I took the child to be remembered for the first time in hands to me forever. Till now, I feel this sensation in hand! Daddies, believe, you can too such test! It isn't forgotten. What there sex, what there other women, what there money, career when there is such delightful action of life. It, it, after all not to repeat any more never! There will be other children, other childbirth, but this childbirth, this child - they occur here and now.! (From responses of the daddy)


Childbirth in maternity home. The daddy being nervous, waits for messages what occurs - who was born? How mum and the child feels? And then goes and gets drunk. Sorry, celebrates. In gratitude often give to medical staff something to cajole. When write out mum and the child, the daddy is given by parcel with the child and speak are your child. To you nikazhetsya, what in something have deprived the man?


Terrible alternative of events. The daddy dares to be present at sorts at hospital. The wife gives birth, durom shouts (or odurmanenna anaesthetising), try to pull out the child, blood " pools" , white dressing gowns, spets.oborudovanie, the daddy costs and looks. And I am am amazed with such people - as they manage the fads not to reject observing such horror film? To see as the wife as difficultly child and not to have possibility of anything suffers to make, only how to stand and look.


Birth stages


House childbirth. Childbirth goes on four natural stages:


1 Very well and fine.

2 All is bad, everywhere press also exit it is not visible.

3 Struggle for life. " Light in the end of the tunnel" .

4 Again very well, but there is great knowledge - that there is this world?


Childbirth in maternity home. In cases kesarevo sections, take away the important third stage which gives invaluable experience from the child - that means to struggle for life and to win?! To mum kolyat anaesthetising and it too loses in sensations on these stages of sorts of the child.


Time and terms


House childbirth. There are no restrictions in time. It is possible polnost' to take pleasure in nature of sorts.


Childbirth in maternity home. The conveyor of lying-in women. Stimulation of sorts - commonplace. Practise rodouskoryayuschie mechanisms and technologies.


Mum and the kid


House childbirth. The child at mum also is put at once to breast. From breast after the delivery there is colostrum. It plays role natural imunnoi protection by mum of the the child. Chest feeding right after sorts, gives signal to organism of mum that the important stage is finished also uterus can be reduced further that the placenta (afterbirth) was born.


Childbirth in maternity home. The child at once carry away for survey by the doctor. After survey vrachem bring to mum. The time break between the important events can will be stretched about several days. Then bring the child on feeding strictly under the schedule.


Legal responsibility


House childbirth. Otvetstvennast' for childbirth and the child lies completely on parents. On life they will be responsible also for the child.


Childbirth in maternity home. Physicians legally answer. Upon   destruction of the child (neck damage during the moment when dragged its nippers from mum) at sorts in one of rod.domov in Dimitrovgrad, punishment was - displacement from post. It strongly consoles? How you think, physicians kesarit' what for aspire once again, than to allow to be given birth more naturally?

Childbirth in water. Naturally and divinely!
















« In some kingdom, in nekotoromgosudarstve...» — remember, how in the childhood, in the evenings, our travel to the fantastic world began with these words. And we, having got with feet on sofa, having clung to mum or the grandmother, without breathing almost that nothing to pass, listened... And together with Gerdoj tried to melt ice heart of Kaja together with the Cinderella dreamt to go on ball and with impatience occurrence God waited together with the heroine of fairy tale « Alenky floret» tried to grow fond of monster shaggy and terrible. And time asked to tell the pleasant fairy tale more and more.


Today many parents don't read to the children of fairy tales — both time doesn't suffice, and life now such, what not before magic to learn the child to survive in this difficult world. And if to ask modern children what at them liked fairy tale, the majority will keep silent, and instead of name of the liked fantastic hero will name the character of computer game...


And meanwhile, been born during immemorial times, before many other genres of the oral and written literature, having incorporated all popular wisdom and dream of harmonious, creative life, the fairy tale gives to the child more than valuable experience, than usual conversation or manual of the adult. Thanks to it the child learns that the life is similar to the travel full of unexpected opening and adventures that during any instant the world can start talking, because it — live and consequently important carefully and sensitively to concern all around. Thanks to fairy tale the child understands that the course of life is difficult that it not simple and smooth what is the test helps to become stronger what is overworks work, and got easily and for nothing, can as quickly to disappear. The fairy tale hints what to make correct choice liking heart, instead of prudent mind helps. Also prompts that kindly always wins, and justice is more effective brute force. The fairy tale learns the child to study, learn itself and the world around.


Therefore children sometimes listen some weeks to the same fairy tale successively, without allowing to change in it or to pass at least word. (It is a pity that adults, getting tired to repeat, wave away from such requests.) means, this fairy tale and helps the child to understand right now something for it important, to acquire necessary models of behaviour, to solve the next vital problem. Then it leaves this fairy tale as step, and goes further.


Meeting with fairy tale for children the greatest necessity and pleasure source. Not casually the most ancient, probably, has some years ago revived in human history method of practical psychology and one of the youngest methods in modern scientific practice — skazkoterapiya. This word at one raises smile, at others surprise. One consider as its auxiliary means in job of psychologists, others perceive as naive system and only, but, having learnt more close, open for itself boundless possibilities skazkoterapii, treatments of soul by fairy tales.


The matter is that bright images of fantastic stories fill unconscious the person, becoming original storehouse of every possible reality situations, ways of dialogue with other people, decisions of vital problems and realisation of plans.


But the child can't use these treasures if nobody discussed with it of fairy tales but only read or told. (But even simple hearing is good — it gives though any protection and support in life.) that knowledge of the world which are given by fairy tale, have revived, the adult should find possibility to discuss with the child read, to compare fantastic plots to stories from life. So the kid learns to operate osoznanno, to see relationships of cause and effect between events, to reflect on the mission, to open the abilities and talents.« Whether it is important for the child? Whether early to it to reflect on such " serious" things? — One of authors of method reflects. — important and not early. Moreover, can already be late later. If we look back around we will see in what have resulted destructive actions of the adult person afflicted with illusion of own impunity, interaction denying " fantastic" laws with the World. Perhaps, fairy tales is both " trifles" and " lightness" , however they don't destroy world around, and appeal to the light creative parties of soul of the person. Therefore skazkoterapiya with children, teenagers and adults today it is especially actual. At least because it is necessary to stop avalanche of the destructions made by the person. And to make it it is possible, only when the person comes back to the primary, " fantastic" perception of the world » .



To XVII-XVIII centuries magic fairy tales and stories told not only to children, but also adults — in the winter it was hardly probable not the basic entertainment for inhabitants of villages. Then about fairy tales were in earnest and it is quivering. Hearing of fairy tales was spiritual need.


The wisdom which was born during far-far times, hasn't lost urgency and to this day. The modern adults burdened with conventions, stereotypes of logic thinking and " reasonable" style of life not less than children, require fairy tales. The fairy tale removes all this touch, and it appears that in shower of the adult person too there lives the child — opened, sincere, surprised. It only has hidden for high mountains, for the far seas, has taken cover behind seven doors, guarded day and night.



Has Perhaps, come it is time to allow to it to be shown? To release the creative beginning and to look at the world in a new fashion? Not very well, how much to us of years, because we as children, too we wait for miracle. We believe that someone wise will prompt how to learn to overcome difficulties and to resolve conflicts how to become happy, necessary, to find loyal friends and assistants. And the answer, as well as one thousand years ago, the fairy tale can give.




Experts have established that crests from artificial materials not only are harmful, but also are dangerous. Many, probably, noticed, how from under plastic comb sparks because of created huge pressure are strewed. From metal comb hair become covered by cracks, their ends are split, « sekutsya» . At using plastic combs the static electricity is directed at hair, there are microcategories, hair become fragile and fragile, plastic forms in due course microcracks, and it is niche for reproduction of microbes and parasites, fertile field for development of illnesses of hair and head skin.


Physicians persistently recommend to use combs from natural materials: bones, horns and, is better, from wood: beech, alder, birch, maple, fir, juniper, cypress, apple-tree, apricot, mulberry, nut, sweet cherry, mountain ash, ash-tree, aspen, bird cherry and every possible tropical trees.


In ancient volumes it is told that combs from beech wood cure of dandruff and render positive effect on growth of hair and on the central nervous system as a whole as on head the nervous terminations connected with many internal are located.

It is considered that nail and hair of the person are close on hardness, therefore, at selection of comb from wood spend on its basis nail and if on comb there will be scratch can be assured that it won't hurt to your hair.


It is possible to use the natural intuition: if, taking comb in hands, you will feel heat, and at touch to head there is pleasant sensation, this comb to you means approaches.

Combs and crests from the natural tree, processed by special waterproof structure from beeswax, repeinogo and lavandovogo the butters prepared under recipes of old masters, and nothing processed, are irreplaceable hair on care and for the general massage of integument of head and the natural butters used at processing of combs possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal actions, and, denaturiruyut protoplasmatic fibers of pathogenic microorganisms who detain development of bacteria and as a result lead to their   destruction.

Careful, daily combing of head clears hair, deleting the dirt and dust particles which have died off cages of skin, dandruff, in regular intervals distributes the fatty greasing accumulating at radical parts of hair, on all their length, not elektrizuya them, makes massage, improving blood circulation and head skin food. Your hair remain healthy, elastic and soft, loaded by force of the Earth and energy of the Sun.


Safronenko V. M « wood Secrets» , Moscow, « nuclear heating plant Publishing house» , 2003.




In Russia long since collected grasses, fruits, koren'ya the plants which medical properties were successfully used for preparation of medicinal and cosmetic means. Ancient means and ways on care of hair are known. In the recommendations which have reached us there were recipes of infusions, tinctures and broths of herbs.


Infusions prepared from medicinal vegetative raw materials with which filled in with water, boiled 10-15 mines, cooled 40-45 minutes


Tinctures - medicinal vegetative raw materials insisted on spirit or vodka without heating.

Broths - medicinal vegetative raw materials boiled in water of 30-35 mines, cooled 10-15 minutes

Russian national medicine recommends broths from roots of burdock against hair fall, dandruff, itch, for strengthening of growth of hair. For this purpose roots of annual plants dig out in the late autumn and in the early spring. From the dried up raw materials prepare broth. One share of small cut dried up roots fill in with ten shares of boiling water, boil 10-15 mines on weak fire, defend 2-3 ch., filter. Ready broth rub in roots of hair or rinse it hair after head washing.


It is possible to make ointment of burdock roots for strengthening of hair. For this purpose the prepared broth evaporate on weak fire to half of volume. Continuing to warm up, mix half-and-half with animal (nutryanym) fat. The received mix densely pack into container with dense cover with which cover with the test, and put in the warm furnace for saturation of fatty basis by infusion. Ready ointment periodically rub in roots of pure hair.


As classical preparation for care of hair consider repeinoe butter. Prepare it so: days draw 1 part of the fresh crushed roots of burdock in 3 parts of sunflower or almond butter, boil 10-15 mines, often mixing, defend and filter. Prepared thus repeinoe butter adds beautiful shine to hair, accelerates their growth, serves as good food for roots, destroys dandruff.


The very first spring flower - mother-and-stepmother - long since known herb. Collected its leaves in the beginning of summer, dried in shade, applied to the best growth of hair and against their loss. Usually prepare infusion mother-and-stepmother in combination to nettle. Three table spoons of the dried up grasses fill in with litre of hot water and insist during 30-40 mines, filter and at once apply. Sometimes do it more strong, filling in the same quantity of grass with smaller quantity of water, with it impregnate roots of pure hair not less often 1-2 times a week.


For the medical and cosmetic purposes now use young leaflets of plant because they contain the greatest quantity of useful substances.


Centuries checked medical properties of nettle. It is known that in XVI century it was widely used in recipes of Russian national medicine. For care of hair infusion is recommended. Table spoon of the dry leaves of nettle crushed in powder fill in with glass of boiled water and hour draw in dark place, filter and at once apply: moisten hair or their roots, don't wipe towel. Infusion strengthens hair, improves their growth, eliminates dandruff.


Why in water?


The basic idea - to soften gravitation action on brain of the child. While the child passes through the rigid patrimonial channel, he tests huge overloads and strong stress. Earlier, in womb of mother, it was in comfortable suspension, and then it had to move on close and rigid pipe. It is exposed both physical, and to mental tests. There is dying of one condition and birth of another. The child leaves one world and comes to another. And this transition is rather difficult and is hard given to the child.


However we can facilitate a few its torture if it passes from the water environment in the water. Thus the brain of the child squeezed at movement on patrimonial ways, finishes at once, accepts the former form, spasms act in film. The child, again it having appeared in the habitual environment, relaxes and has a rest after the transferred stress. In water the child is quickly restored, gathers forces and in 15-20 minutes is already capable to suck breast of mother. And now present that the child is " on land" : on it presses air column, and this pressure doesn't give possibility to have a rest - after all is additional loading on brain! It is possible to make simple and evident experiment that it is better to understand event: break egg and pour out yolk on table - under the influence of gravitation it will be flattened out. And now break one more egg and pour out yolk in glass with water - its form hasn't changed! (Charkovskogo I.B.'s comparison) So hydroweightlessness rescues brain of just born baby from overloads.


By the way, in the textbook of obstetrics of the prof. of V.I.Bodjazhinoj of 1968 of the edition the method of struggle against asphyxia is described: " the Child who was born in asphyxia at once immerse in tray with warm water which establish on bed between feet of mother. From resharp umbilical cord it is not necessary to hurry up: while the placenta hasn't separated also umbilical cord pulses, from organism of mother to fruit pass known quantity of oxygen. The further measures of revival are spent at indispensable warming of the child. The given method is offered I.S.Legenchenko and was widely adopted" . At that time in maternity hospitals still applied such methods. Later it is definitively cunning from use of maternity hospitals as caused superfluous efforts to medical staff.


So, the main advantage of water sorts - to lower loading on brain of the child. But there is more to come. Water as natural spazmolitik, helps the woman to relax. And it not only is pleasant, but also it is useful at the time of delivery. Patrimonial ways relax, softened, facilitating advancement of the child. Spazmolitichesky action of water well influences gleam of vessels of placenta which provides food of the child. It is possible to explain easier: in warm water placenta vessels are less narrowed, therefore the child receives more nutrients and oxygen. It is obvious that in such conditions it is easier to it to transfer loading during birth, the patrimonial trauma decreases.


And more one important advantage. At usual sorts there is so-called " syndrome of hollow veins" . This considerable deterioration of blood circulation in feet. Vessels are pressed, blood doesn't arrive almost in feet, and because of it pressure at the time of delivery raises. And as the woman during usual sorts lies on back, pressure upon veins amplifies, and blood circulation worsens. At water sorts even if the woman lies on back, pressure upon veins is much weaker, blood circulation is better, and the syndrome of hollow veins doesn't arise, so, there is no also pressure increase.


So, water childbirth is sparing mode for brain of the child, the improved food of the child through placenta at the time of delivery, the raised elasticity of fabrics in the warm water, natural anaesthesia without drugs, quieter condition of mother.


P.S. The historical inquiry:


In 1984, having a rest in Moldova, I have met the ancient grandmother. To it it was good for eighty. It went with klyukoi, having bent double. I then stuck to all: I would like to learn from old people as they have given birth earlier. I have started talking to the grandmother and wished it to surprise with our innovation that we give birth in water. And she in a valiant way handles vsplesnula so, also speaks:" Instead of you have opened America, we always so did earlier. When the woman started to give birth, we put it in trough, obkladyvali rags stomach to it, and splashed on it water that to it it was easier during fights " . And when I have learnt that the people used water as the anaesthetic, me became so easily on shower, what is it not we have thought up that the people it used. And the people - not the fool. It will use that helps that doesn't help - all was swept aside, because was checked by life. And the life shows all, where white and where black, and nobody will suffer. Helps - we take, doesn't help - everything, we refuse. Also it has appeared that our ethnographer, the doctor Pokrovsk carried out detailed researches, and in the book" Physical training of children at the different people " has specified 1884 that in most cases childbirth spent to bath, and also cases when in difficult sorts the woman went are known to give birth in the river or other reservoir (in warm water, it is final). Knowledge povitusheskie passed by birth, from mum to daughter, and strongly they weren't frank with any different expeditions, differently will lose force of this business. Even the midwives in villages hid and very much protected as carriers of secret knowledge. Therefore that in bath occurred, it was held back, as people didn't consider that it is necessary to speak about it. And it is correct. The same as hid pregnancy till last day that haven't maleficiated, haven't spoilt the maid beremennu. It now in 2-3 weeks all run on ultrasonic. And ethnographic material now not to reach, because it is hidden specially that people didn't know the roots and went on the conveyor to give birth. Therefore whence it poor to know, how gave birth orthodox earlier. It is visible to someone it is not necessary, that knew whence athletes Russian that Russia healthy was were born. It is necessary for them, that all this chemistry foreign ate, yes beer drank under sigaretochku and that heads have been braided in maternity home. Therefore anything surprising that if communication with roots is lost, and povitusheskie traditions interrupt. Especially in 1917 g when the continuity of generations has interrupted. It was necessary to Someone, that national traditions were forgotten, institutes and maternity homes have begun.


So, if in baths used troughs with water because of absence of baths and pools it is logical and physiologic now when they have appeared, them to use. After all water still softens, as before, childbirth for mum and reduces patrimonial trauma for the child.

To childbirth in water, we give birth for 1 minute )

Film about the natural birth, healthy childbirth, childbirth in water, childbirth with love





Hair are given uneasy for appearance. They - original natural aerials of our organism which spend hidden vivifying force of space to body. Our hair — carriers of communication with the Higher world, keepers of magic force. Once in Russia the plait in hand was considered in the thickness as symbol of female beauty.




It is possible to speak about " space" value of hair set of examples. In ancient Russia didn't cut hair. This custom was saved in modern monasteries even in relation to men. Hair are perceived as « antenki» , accepting the space information. At malicious sorcerers they uncombed, disheveled, confused. And on the contrary, the image of long beautiful streaming hair calls kind feelings in shower. That hair are data carriers, knew since ancient times.


Daily combing of hair is some kind of magic ceremony. People since ancient times gave particular attention to care of hair.

To girls from the early childhood hair braided in one three-beam plait for it symbolised association of vital forces of the Worlds of the Reality, Navi and Pravi. The plait settled down along backbone and was considered that light Bcelenskie forces through hair pass all in backbone and fill body, Soul and Spirit of the girl with special vital force, preparing it for the future Sacred mission of motherhood. When the girl married, its maiden plait untwined and in exchange to it two plaits for from now on it received through the hair collected in plaits, vital Bcelenckie forces not only for herself, but also for the future pe6enka braided. In Russia women necessarily closed head povoinikom, to break headdress was considered as the horrible insult (oprostovolosit'sya - means to be dishonoured).




They happen not only different colours, but also various structure: thick and thin, direct and curly. Fine hair speaks about many-sided nature of the person in connection with the Sky, i.e. possibilities to catch wide " wave band" . Rigid, thick hair at the person of more simple with constant " range" . Therefore people with fine hair are mistaken is more often, they are easier for confusing, but they are easier restored after any tests. At kucheryavyh hair possibility of " hindrances" , turbulences therefore their owners differ the raised emotionality, spontaneity is great. But kucheryavye people never happen fans unlike people to straight hair. It is considered that if at the person hair at the best it left on more direct road were straightened. At posedenii the structure of hair varies. It is considered that while the person doesn't grow grey, he leads the life but as soon as there is grey hair — the resonance with other people joins.




In induistskoi to mystical symbolics hair, like web or yarn threads, designate « power lines» the Universe penetrated « hair of Shivy» , - powerful god. Drevnevostochnyh and antique gods, evangelists and apostles represented with long hair that specified in their physical firmness and mental fortitude more often. Was considered, what exactly lives in hair smothering, and if them to cut off, the person can lose mental and physical strength.

So, according to apocryphal « to the life Book nebesi and the earths» Samson - the antiquated hero who has become famous for feats in struggle against enemies, carried the long plaits giving to it powerful force. When Samson has broken given by it to gods vow of chastity and has grown fond of Dalilu, it under « drunk shop» has revealed to it secret: « If to cut me my force» will recede from me. The artful beloved has waited, when the man has fallen asleep, and sostrigla from his head seven plaits. Samson has immediately weakened, than and foes have used, - have blinded it and have forced to work on mill. But when at Samsona otrosli hair force has come back to it, and it has destroyed building where there were enemies. To cut off hair - means, to change the life, it well knew in olden time. Voluntary and even with pleasure the people who are in condition of nervous shock cut the hair only, following the antiquated instruction in grief « to renounce hair and to throw on all of them malicious» .


Time hair - source of our space Force, means, everything that to them occurs, changes channel of the hidden river which washes us the biopower waves. Therefore any influence can change to hair in this or that party not only our appearance, but also all our life. Probably the old sign is connected with the same mystical relation and accumulation in hair of energy of vital force - not to cut hair to pregnant women. About one year it is not recommended even to brush the child, not only to cut. To children till 12 years even tips of hair didn't cut, that not sostrich' the mind comprehending life, Sort and Universe laws not to deprive of their vital force granted by the Nature and oberegovoi of force. Straightening of tips of hair for the length of no more than one nail at young men is more senior 16 years was made that hair grew faster, and this act could be made only in days of new moon.


Combing of hair was original Sacred ritual during which time it was possible to touch space streams and to feel literally this word streams of vital force descending from Heavens. Sacred ritual by means of the crest made or from Sacred metals, or from branch of the Sacred tree was made. To children at small age hair were combed by Parents, then they did it independently. To entrust comb the hair could only to the one whom well know also whom like. The girl presumed to comb the hair only to the elect or the husband.



Each Woman is the Goddess. Bereginya I – names the husband the liked wife. Than it preserves the man and all family?


In hair of the married woman great force, wisdom, knowledge and abilities is concealed. Hair connect us with the Universe and with the friend the friend. The woman, is capable to accumulate and keep the hair great volume of the information and force. Marrying, the woman accepts force of the Sort of the husband, receives its surname. The social status changes, the form and hairdress kind that plays important role in creation of happy family varies. Our ancestors, knowing about magic force of hair, very much thought much of them. The married woman braided hair in two plaits and stacked crown round head. So still my grandmother went. Head put on scarf, povoinik or kokoshnik. The headdress hid hair from another's sights.

To the girl since birth didn't cut hair. Mum carefully looked after hair of the daughter. Braided plaits, decorated tapes. « And that the maid up, plait from top to bottom to grow plait to toe, grooms hurry» - the mother sentenced. The girl put on nalobnuyu bandage, went bare-headed (on extreme measure in the summer), thereby getting knowledge, force and abilities.

Our hair are threads which connect us with mirozzdaniem. On these threads to us there is force and knowledge. Correctly looking after the hair, we cultivate beauty, health, we find force and wisdom, we support traditions of our sorts.



On health and destiny of the man the beard and moustaches render great influence. The beard is riches of the Sort. For anybody not secret that the man with beard and hair is wise, mature husband who can be responsible for the acts. And shaving beard, men lose communication with the It come, the Ancestors. Boyars at Peter I spoke: « the beardless person becomes zhenolikim» . Hair help to receive force and knowledge from the outside. « The beard is more expensive than head» - used to say in Old Russia.


About beautiful hair long since composed songs and fairy tales.

What force is required, that from hair to pull bowstring for onion, or to weave rope. Fairy tales narrate about how the hero rises from vault on the maiden plait. The dwarf, having got confused beard for stub, cuts off it and loses the magic power. The hero rises on the sky on « devyatisazhennoi to plait of the heavenly maiden» .

The wedding ceremonialism very beautifully characterises beauty, force and power of hair of the bride.


« The fair maiden in the fair-haired plait» has got confused


« That at (name) golovushka inclined,

At her fair-haired kositsa, plait raspletennaya,

On white shoulders the plait is spread out»


« About fair-haired plait, about good dev'ei to beauty»


Hair looked after, them concerned very quiveringly. Hair never threw out on wind – the head will be ill. Ancestors knew that if hair will come into the hands of other person, on it could tell that thin. Hair burnt or carried to the river. Corresponding value, along with hair, has also crest. In archeological finds there are the crests topped with images of bird, as feminine, and ring. To comb the plaits it is better comb from natural material, for example: tree. When hair combed, sentenced, that health was added, force and beauty. To paint hair too don't recommend, as on colour and the form of hair depends, what information will arrive to the person from mirozzdaniya. Receiving " the alien" information the person it can not be defined in this world, find the mission. Grey hair which appear, it is not dependent on age of the person, help to be typed wisdom. In modern cities it is better not to let hair down, and carefully to pin up them. Our threads very easily pull on themselves not only positive energy, but also negative. Better to say, any.

On the nature, in wood it is good to let hair down, to incorporate to nature manpower. It will clear and will caress, will fill with force and health. Cutting tips of hair on new moon that grew is better, it is possible to shear negative power which has collected.

All of us it is known – the more dense hair, the health is better. Than to strengthen and how to look after our riches in the modern world? We will return to recipes of our ancestors.


Instead of shampoo:

- The shaken up yolks are used. It is good to add wheat passed through coffee grinder or sunflower seeds.

- Rye crackers are soaked in boiled water, kashitsa is put by thick layer on hair. Through 10 – 20 minutes to wash off warm water. Grain yeast favorably influences structure and growth of hair.

- Crude yeast to fill in with curdled milk (yoghurt), to warm up on water bath. Turned out zheleobraznuyu mix to put on hair, to wrap up with hat and to hold in current of hour, after to rinse.

- It is possible to wash with dry powder gorchitsy.


Masks replace head washing, but to use them better once a week.

- Masks from clay are good, in it mineral substances contain many.

- Mask from ovsyanyh flakes with honey and aloe juice.

- In equal shares to make boiled water camomile, linden, nettle. In 30 minutes to filter, crumble crusts of rye bread. In 15 minutes to put weight on hair and to leave under film on hour – ones and a half. To wash out broth from grasses.


Broths improve structure of hair and head skin, add shine, force and health to hair.

- Broth for oily hair: nettle, calendula flowers, oak bark. To fill in with boiled water, to insist 30 minutes, to filter.

- To rinse hair broth from equal proportions of grasses aira, camomiles, nettles.

- Broth from burdock rhizomes.

- Broth from hop for dark hair: handful of hop and handful tatarnika to fill in with water litre, to boil 20 minutes, to filter, cool.

- Nettle apply in the form of broth.

- Broths from linden are stopped by hair fall.


Fat seboreya (dandruff)

One part of infusion of calendula on 20 parts of warm water.

As the juice squeezed out of lemon (one part on 20 parts of warm water) is used. It is used for opolaskivaniya hair after head washing.


Dry seboreya (dandruff)

At dry seboree before washing hair need to be fed up. 30 minutes prior to washing put on head curdled milk or yoghurt. The good effect gives regular – twice a week – rubbing in in head skin of butter of sea-buckthorn berries. Honey is useful also – in vodka semilitre dissolve the l item. Honey also rub in head skin 20-25 minutes prior to washing.


Are useful at dry skin and dandruff of mask from repeinogo, olive, kunzhutnogo butters, from wheaten sprouts. Butter to rub in head skin and to put on polyethylene hat. In hour hair carefully to wash out and rinse.

Hair fall

At hair fall salty masks well help. On the washed up head put on hair partings large table salt and leave under film for 15 minutes. Rinse water. Do this procedure each time after washing of hair. Through 6-10 times the hair fall will stop.


AIR apply as means from dandruff and hair fall in the form of broth: 4 items of l. Root aira it is necessary to fill in 1 l. Waters and 15 minutes to boil. If hair strongly drop out, healers advise to use onion. On small grater rub 2-3 bulbs of the average size. The received weight distribute between two pieces of chintz and as hat tie on head. From above wrap up holstinoi so that onions juice didn't become numb in eyes. Put on head polyethylene package. Compress don't remove within 15 minutes. Repeat procedure 2 times a week. Within 2-3 weeks after application of this means not so pleasant smell of onion on hair will keep.


OF the HORSE-RADISH or even usual mustard plasters do equivalent to onion compresses. Mix the l item. Honey with the same quantity of aloe and ch. L. Garlick juice. The mix can be prepared for the future and to store in refrigerator. Before head washing to one item of l. Mixes to add yolk, to stir and, having divided hair into locks, to put on head skin. To put on cellophane package, to tie scarf. In 20 minutes hair it is good to rinse, rub one more yolk and to rinse with water. For last rinsing broth from field horsetail, camomile or nettle prepares. To apply means of 5 consecutive times. From plentiful hair fall as growth factor, apply los'on: 50 g the dried up rhizomes of nettle to crush, fill in 250 ml of water and to boil within 10 minutes on weak fire. Broth to filter, add 100 ml of 40 percent spirit. Weekly within 10 days to rub los'on in head skin. To wash hair at this time it is not recommended.


The first weeks two hair will get used to new ways of washing, the main thing to have patience and wait. Got used to chemical shampoos and conditioners, they can be capricious. There can be sensation of not finished washing hair, but assure you, it passes. Hair gain strength, health and shine. The beauty of your hair is external shine and internal health. Giving to itself to more time, we get it in the future, living in beauty, health and good mood. Fill water with which you rinse hair, the most light images, desires, love, health, Light of the Sort Supreme. Recollect clemency condition, call the Goddess of water - Mother Danu, address to it with wishes and gratitude, read prayer. You receive enormous results, charge of love, caress and health. Thank the World for the help.


Glory to Native Gods!


Considered harmless the ultrasound can... To hurt the genetic device. To such unfavourable conclusion the Moscow researchers under the direction of the senior scientific employee of Department of theoretical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Peter Petrovicha Garjaeva have come.


Blow on genomu.

- Should admit, - Garjaev tells, - earlier we very much were afraid that genetics laws can use to the detriment of people. And it has appeared, what is it for a long time already do... Physicians. Without knowing that create, they influence the genetic device of the person. And now it is difficult even to imagine the remote consequences of this large-scale experiment with people.


Enlightenment has begun in the beginning of this year. To renew financing, sponsors have demanded from scientists, neither it is a lot of, nor it is not enough, essentially new effect. Pier, don't wish to make discovery, be short of money. There is nothing, scientists have given out effect. Cand.Biol.Sci. Peter Petrovich Garjaev and the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Andrey Aleksandrovich Berezin have laid down for itself the impudent aim: to get in inner sanctum of live matter - wave gene which operates organism development. The nature diligently protects gene from any intrusions to save for the future generations hereditary programs. But scientists have decided to make to them the amendments - to enter the new information in DNA " texts" .


It is known that the molecules of DNA allocated from cages publish the diversified sounds. It is the real symphony of life where, probably, there are " melodies" of all fabrics, bodies and systems which can develop on DNA commands. But scientists while can define only spectrum of these acoustic fluctuations. So it is a lot of them and they are so weak what to distinguish them only supersensitive equipment is capable.


To allocate from chaos separate sounds of life with scientist help... Light carriers - photons. Helium-neon laser beam direct on fluctuating molecules of DNA - being reflected from them, light dissipates also its spectrum writes down the sensitive device. Such measuring system is called as installation of spectroscopy of correlation of photons. Garyaev and Berezin have poured in ditch water solution of molecules of DNA and have processed its generator of ultrasound. They have refused to name to me of frequency of acoustic fluctuations, have only noticed that some overtone could be heard ear, as thin whistle. But researchers don't hide results of experiment - on the contrary. Consider as the debt to tell about them as it is possible bol'shemu for quantity of people.


Before influence by the generator of molecule of DNA published sounds in wide range: from units to hundreds hertz. And after - molecules have begun to sound with special force on one frequency: 10 hertz. It is saved some weeks which have passed after experiment. And the amplitude of fluctuations doesn't decrease. Speaking in images, in the life symphony one shrill note began to prevail.


- DNA job, - Garjaev explains, - it is possible to compare to the high-speed computer which instantly accepts large quantity of decisions. But imagine that on the computer have struck sledge hammer and as a result on all questions it gives out the same answer. Something similar has occurred in wave genome when we have deafened by its ultrasound. Its wave matrixes so were deformed that in them one frequency has sharply amplified.


About what the phantom shouts?

But even more scientists were surprised with other fact: distortion of spectrum of acoustic fluctuations has occurred not at once. After influence they have checked up, how DNA preparation sounds, but haven't found any changes in its " melodies" . Afflicted with failure, have poured out old solution, have poured new and have frozen it in refrigerator. And when next day have defrozen and have again measured, directly were stupefied: the intact preparation of DNA behaved so as if it has received ultrasonic devocalization.


- Perhaps all business in frost? - I ask Peter Petrovicha.


- No, - the scientist answers, - we checked control preparations of DNA. When them defroze, they still published sounds of wide spectrum.


At last, the following result was the most amazing. Have prepared new preparation of DNA in new ditch, but have placed it to the place of the old. Unexpectedly the preparation " has stridently cried" , as though it too have processed ultrasound.


- And suddenly during experiences you have guided fields at spectrometer, and they began to operate on DNA?


- The ultrasound isn't directed, it is known to any physicist.


After numerous checks scientists have come to amazing conclusion: the ultrasound " has offended" DNA molecules, and they " have remembered" it. Molecules have felt strong shock after which long came to the senses and, at last, have developed the wave phantom of pain and fear. Which remained on place of so awful experiment for them. Under the influence of this phantom and other DNA have endured similar shock and too " have cried for horror" .


The further researches have shown that 80 time of ultrasonic irradiation double spirals of DNA untwine and even are broken off - as happens at strong heating of these molecules. During such mechanical damages electromagnetic waves which create the phantom are formed. He is capable to destroy DNA like heat and ultrasound. Something similar occurs, when to the wounded person cut off hand or foot, and then many years are ill it " empty place" . According to Garjaeva, the phantom effect sometimes arises and on place of cancer tumour: when it delete, there is wave matrix which then creates new colony of malignant cages.


Scientists consider that during their experiment in phantom formation participated... Water in which DNA molecules swam. Under the influence of the ultrasonic generator in this solution groups of several molecules of water could be formed - they became small generators of acoustic fluctuations which from different directions continuously sounded and hurt DNA. As a result on their broken off chains there were clots of electromagnetic waves - solitony which could exist independently, podpityvayas' energy of environment. Set of these solitonov has formed wave matrix, or the phantom.


Scientists managed even to photograph DNA phantom. About preparation there was bright ball which left the branched out lines. It is similar to the tree shined with flash of lightning. But instead of foliage it has been shrouded by light cloud from extralight microparticles. The phantom " swam" about DNA preparation and when that have cleaned, continued to soar over this place. Against light cloud scientists have fixed soaring " tree" on many pictures.


DNA execute dead march.

- These experiments show, - Garjaev speaks, - that the ultrasound calls not only mechanical, but also field distortions of DNA. It means that in the hereditary program there can be failure: the deformed fields will form the hurt fabrics - from them the healthy organism can't develop.


- But after all it is awful! - I have interrupted the scientist. - now all over the world very fashionably ultrasonic scanning. The method is considered absolutely harmless, therefore it widely apply to diagnostics of children. " Appear through" ultrasound even pregnant women to learn sex of future child. Levity and self-confidence of " tsars of the nature" are simply amazing. They know that some animals use ultrasound as the weapon: dolphins suppress it fish, cachalots of squids and so on. But physicians have suggested patients to undergo to similar influence - and they have willingly agreed, even have given the children on experiments with ultrasound.


- And our researches have shown that the ultrasound can be extremely harmful to live systems. That only we didn't do to remove deforming phantom effect in DNA, created by the generator. Mixed and diluted preparations, many times froze and defroze them, replaced old DNA new, but on scoring place all the same there were abnormal wave structures. This wave matrix was saved and formed new failures in hereditary programs. It is terrible even to think that the similar effect arises in human cages after ultrasonic diagnostics. It is no wonder that in modern clinics is born so many patients and ugly creatures: the ultrasound could deform their wave gene. And when to adult people do ultrasonic of sick bodies, they become difficult for treating. Then without knowing that create, physicians make experiments with people. And these experiences can have catastrophic consequences for the future generations. It is not excluded that the ultrasonic technics spends vivisection of the " civilised" people. They wipe out themselves to clear place for " wild" tribes. Here really: to ruin guilty people. God dims it reason.


... I very much hope that Garjaev is mistaken. But some years the strange ring which costs in ears after ultrasonic inspection in one of the best clinics of the country where me " have educated" from top to bottom doesn't give me rest. This ring is very similar to whistle of the ultrasonic generator. Really in me " DNA shout offended" ? It would be desirable to learn, how other patients who have taken place ultrasonic feel. Perhaps they will overpersuade me. But if Garjaev of the rights it is not necessary to despair: scientists know how to prevent genetic accident. After all they have learnt to enter into DNA not only destructive. But also the salutary information.


The prayer is stronger than radiation.


For example, researchers have made experiments with grains of wheat and barley which have received doses from 2 to 10 thousand X-ray. Particles high energii broke off chromosomes - it seemed, grains already dead. But scientists processed their special electromagnetic waves on which acoustic fluctuations of human speech have been imposed. And not simple, but rhythmical, turned to high ideal - better to say, prayers. As a result in grains wave " skeletons" of healthy chromosomes were formed, and on them the broken off chromosomes were restored. The genetic device of cages wonderfully got rid of damages.


While this technology the group of the Russian scientists under the direction of Garjaeva owns only. But, fortunately, prayers can restore health and without the aid of technical devices: it proves thousand-year experience of religion. On prayers of sacred and simple people which addressed to them for the help, rose weakened, began to see clearly blind, the died revived. And now scientists try to find explanation of these miracles. Probably, prayers clear up reserve mechanisms which were developed by our far ancestors in the genetic device. These mechanisms are capable to raise repeatedly stability to hurting factors of environment.


For example, it is known that huge pangolins - monitor lizards maintain monstrous doses of radiation. These ancient animals have got such ability ten millions years ago when they lived together with dinosaurs. In the end of the mesozoic period the radioactive background has sharply increased. Perhaps, from it dinosaurs also were lost. But monitor lizards have adapted and have lived till our time. And people have very strongly changed since then. But in our genofund ability of ancient ancestors to be restored after strong irradiation, fortunately, was saved. It is necessary to learn only to switch on this ancient program which at pangolins, probably, is realised at the expense of phantom mechanisms.


- Superstability of some organisms to hurting influences speaks so, - Peter Petrovich speaks, - that they are capable to save healthy wave matrixes of the cages, fabrics and bodies. Them continuously destroy radiation, yadohimikaty, electromagnetic fields, but the broken up molecules are restored under schemes of wave matrixes. We have cleared this ability in wheat and barley grains, but it can be restored and at the person. Then in him will appear organizuyuschee the beginning, certain phantom of health which will constantly clothe new flesh. As though it is a lot of cages perished, instead of them the new will be always formed. To such person not terribly any irradiation, including ultrasound. He won't grow old under the influence of this phantom of youth.


Earlier group Garjaeva essentially didn't put experiments with people, being afraid of unforeseen consequences for their genetic device. But conviction of scientists has hesitated for a time, when they have understood that other " experts" destroy for a long time this device, without knowing that create. It can appear that these experiments have gone too far, and to restore the undermined genofund mankind can only artificial methods as in experiences with irradiated wheat and barley.

Uzi i rebenok

Pregnancy and Uzi





















I will make this record devoted to the most terrible consequences of smoking - to consequences for children.


To smoke during pregnancy to put it mildly it is very bad, and it is better to say inadmissible, from it weak children are born: they weigh a little, are ill. About it knows everyone. Instead of for a long time scientists have found out that the child, in womb of mother got used to nicotine, risks become the thick smoking loony with criminal bents and with aggressive mentality.

Gradually scientific it is possible to open the new facts about action of cigarettes on human body. It has appeared that from smoking it is put not only harm to lungs, bronchial tubes and heart, but also glands of internal secretion, is broken digestion, character and teeth is corrupted, the potentiality decreases. But the biggest harm puts smoking to not born children.


Nicotine, carbonic oxide, benzapiren and even some radioactive substances from cigarettes, in organism of the pregnant woman, after the first inhaling instantly get through placenta to the child. Also it appears, concentration of all these substances in fruit organism much above, than in blood of mother! That occurs further and " to hedgehog is clear" . Nicotine provokes placenta angiospasm, and the child has oxygen starvation. Poisonous substances negatively operate on all its gentle bodies, prevent to grow and develop normally to the kid. As a result the majority of children born by smokers, are born with small weight, often are ill, develop slowly, than contemporaries, die in the childhood is more often.


The statistics clearly shows: smoking (irrespective of quantity of smoked cigarettes) during pregnancy increases chance of its adverse end almost in 2 times! After scientists have informed and have published this shocking data, it became clear: to give up smoking prior to the beginning of pregnancy - unique way to give birth to the healthy child. However even then, when about danger of smoking it became known to all future mums, many women and couldn't for nine months will get rid of addiction.


The information on insufficiency of weight and not clear delay of pre-natal development sounded abstractly and not intelligibly, and mental and physical from nicotine was real. To refuse addiction didn't help neither positive spirit, nor nicotinic adhesive tapes and cud, psychotherapy sessions. Approximately 25 % of all pregnant women continued to poison themselves and the children. By the XX-th century end the new facts about harm of smoking on pregnancy have shaken the medical world. Okazyvaitsya that nicotine destroys not only physical, but also mental health of the future child. German scientists have found out that for children of smoking mothers already at early age the carelessness, impulsiveness and useless overactivity, even level of intellectual development in them below average, than at the usual child is peculiar. Also the so-called syndrome of " fidget Fila" - these children more often develops, as a rule, are aggressive and inclined to deceit. English doctors have proved that at children, whose mothers didn't give up smoking during pregnancy, on 40 % the risk of development of autism, mental illness at which the person can't contract with the surrounding validity raises and is guided by the world of own experiences. Trying to explain the received fact, scientists have assumed that in all insufficient supply of brain of germ by oxygen is guilty. Besides, it is not excluded that in nicotine influences the special genes which are responsible for psychomotor functions.


The international research group uchennyh from university Emori in Atlanta (State of Georgia) has revealed law between smoking of pregnant mums and propensity of their children to criminality. They have compared data on four thousand the men who were born in Copenhagen from September, 1951 till December 1961, and also history of their arrests by 34 years. They have drawn conclusion that those men, whose mothers haven't got rid of smoking during the pregnancy, in 1,6 times were imprisoned for nonviolent crimes and in 2 times more often for the violent is more often.


On it frightening opening haven't stopped. In 2003 scientists from England have found out the fact of dependence of smoking at early stage of pregnancy and birth of the child with crevice of the person. According to Peter Mossi's scientific carried out research (the professor of stomatologic faculty of university in Dundee), sky formation occurs on 6-8 week of pregnancy, and smoking of future mum during this period can be shown in kind of " the wolf mouth" or " harelip" at the child. Additional researches have confirmed guess. 42 % of mothers which children were born with defect of the person, smoked, being pregnant women. As to non-smoking mothers at them such " wrong" children were born twice less often.


American uchennye, approximately during the same time have proved that at the women smoking during pregnancy, clumsy children is much more often are born. Among such children, risk kosolaposti, above on 34 %, from usual children. And if, with the hereditary factor, it is combined besides smoking of mother risk that the child will be clumsy increases in 20 times. And, at last, the newest data. Children of the women smoking during pregnancy haven't given up smoking, on third more often, than all the others, risk by 16 years to receive diabetes or adiposity. At the boys who were born at smoking mothers, yaichki the smaller sizes, and concentration spermatozoidov in sperm on the average on 20 % more low, than at children non-smoking have. Children of mothers smoking during pregnancy, several times more often start to smoke, than children, whose mothers during pregnancy didn't smoke.


Certainly it is all only the dry statistics. To whom nibud' it also can will seem to the boring. But nevertheless at smoking women, during pregnancy, less clever children, and less adapted for life are born. Think, about the future children. At birth of the child, you incur the big responsibility. Therefore it is necessary any way will get rid of this " poison" .


Important not only to find " correct" point, but also to pick up metal that there were no problems with health

To piercing of ears not so it is a lot of contra-indications, but nevertheless is:


Any diseases of blood

kistoznye eels

Propensity to allergic reactions.


Thus the allergy can arise not only on costume jewellery, but also on ear rings from precious metals: silver, gold. After all, actually, that such test 586 on gold product? It means that pure gold in him of 58,6 %. The rest - alloy of metals into which can enter nickel, chrome, copper and so forth And they strong enough allergens. Allergic dermatit on metal develops long enough, weeks three-four, symptoms can be at once and are imperceptible. But also it passes too far not at once, calling unpleasant itch, irritation. There can be even suppuration. If you have noticed unpleasant symptoms, is better to address to the allergist. For treatment contact dermatita often appoint hormonal ointments, therefore it is not necessary to be engaged in self-treatment.


By the way, to check up, whether there is no at you allergy on metal, it is possible to arrive, as with hair-dye: to attach adhesive tape ear ring, or metal klepku from belt which called irritation, to forearm skin. If within three days there will be no reaction, means, the allergy at you isn't present.

It is impossible to bathe month

That in ranku no infection has got, masters of piercing insistently don't recommend to bathe in open public reservoirs (including pools) month after puncture. Refuse using another's phones. Don't forget to wipe ear solutions which were advised by the master.


Gold can improve sight

Besides allergic reactions, fans of piercing can wait and other danger.

- On ear lobe, and not only on lobe, it is located more than hundred points through which it is possible to influence our internal, - our expert has told, to. M. n., the neurologist, iglorefleksoterapevt Victor KOSS. - Chineses already have understood thousand years ago that ear - one of the major akupunkturnyh systems in our body. For example, on lobe the points which are responsible for normal functioning of eye, mindalin, the top and bottom jaw, language and internal ear (see the scheme) are located. If the person has problems with sight the puncture in eye point can strongly affect ability to see.


If in family there are problems with sight, it is better to try not to mention the important point. At propensity to disease of eyes the puncture can affect development of short-sightedness, glaucoma, katarkty... But influence can be and positive. It depends and on property of metals of which ear rings are made. For example, gold can improve sight as is good conductor. And here silver, on the contrary, negatively to affect sight function. Neutral metals (the same medical alloy) won't bring neither advantage, nor harm. I don't see especial harm in piercing of ears. Certainly, if not to take a great interest in excessive piercing. One-two holes are harmless. And here five-six can already hurt to organism. Disbalance of nervous system, not clear indispositions can begin.


It is better to do it in the childhood

According to scientists, is better to pierce ears till 11 years. After research and interrogations they have found out that at girls who pierced ears at later age, frequency of development keloidnyh hems has increased in 2,5 times. Keloid - to these not clear and up to the end not investigated opuholevidnoe growth of connecting fabric of skin. Because of it in puncture place there can be rough hem. To clean it it is possible, but problem that it can return.

The aurikuljarnaja nomenclature and ways of localisation of points of auricle


  In 1984 the nomenclature (IAN) auricle points has been created international akupunkturnaya, 110 points where to each point certain number and the name was compared have been defined. Further different authors entered additional points at new numbers, names of existing points a little varied, differing in English-speaking, French-speaking and Russian-speaking managements. Not in all managements the accurate description of localisation of new points was given and their introduction isn't always well-founded enough. It created mess. Business especially became complicated at localisation of points of back surface of auricle where there are no accurate anatomic reference points. In some managements it was offered to find these points according to schematic drawing. But in this case the probability of error to get, for example not in AT149 (ulcer), and in AT159 (heart) that could lead to undesirable consequences for the patient was high. Therefore, at attempt of creation of the new nomenclature aurikulyarnyh points in 1990-1991gg (19) quantity of the conventional points has been limited. The working group has been collected at the CART on creation of the new nomenclature from leading experts of Europe and Asia, however, unfortunately, leading domestic experts aurikulyarnoi reflexotherapies in this group haven't entered into areas. Accurate criteria of standardization of the nomenclature aurikulyarnyh points have been put forward.:

1. The point should have the common and standard name.

2. The point should have the checked up therapeutic action.

3. The point should have the accurate standard localisation in one of 14 areas


Fig. 1 Anatomic zones of auricle and sootvetsvuyuschie it of projection of internal

 Äýíàñ âñåì  Äýíàñ âñåì

In the literature it is possible to meet their designation in the Roman figures together with the name of zones.

The head and the person is projected on lobe (zone - I).

Head and brain – on protivokozelok (zone – VI)

For the bottom half of head, oral cavity, nasopharynx and throat " answer" kozelok (zone - II) and back ear groove (zone – V).

Glands of internal secretion are in mezhkozelkovoi to cutting (zone – IV).

The trunk and backbone are projected on protivozavitok (zone – VII).

The top finitenesses are located in lad'evidnoi to pole (zone XI).

To the bottom finitenesses there corresponds the top leg protivozavitka (zone – VIII).

It is necessary to search for buttocks on the bottom leg protivozavitka (zone – IX).

The cavity of basin and internal genitals are projected on area of triangular pole (zone – X).

To diaphragm there corresponds curl leg (zone – XIII).

The Gastroenteric path is located in zone, adjacent to curl leg (zone – XIV).

The abdominal cavity is projected on shuttle (zone – XV).

The thorax cavity corresponds to bowl cavity (zone – XVI).


Fig. of 2 Points of forward and back surfaces of auricle under the nomenclature 1984 g

 Äýíàñ âñåì  Äýíàñ âñåì

1 - the top point anal'gezii at ekstraktsii teeth 2 - the sky (point of the top part of mouth) 3 - mouth bottom 4 - language 5 - the top jaw 6 - the bottom jaw 7 - the bottom point anal'gezii at ekstraktsii teeth 8 - the eyes, the first 9 - internal ear 10-mindalina, the fourth 11 - cheekbone (cheek) 12 - top kozelka 13 - adrenal gland 14 - external nose 15 - throat and throat 16 - nose cavity 17 - thirst 18 - hunger 19 - hypertension 20 - external ear 21 - the heart, the second 22 - glands of internal secretion 23-jaichnik 246 - the sight, the first 24a - the sight, the second 25 - brain trunk 26 - toothache 26a - brain appendage 27 - throat and teeth (point of molars) 28 - hypophysis (brain point) 29 - nape 30 - okoloushnaya salivary gland 31 - regulating breath 32 - yaichko 33 - forehead 34 - cerebral cortex 35 - thaw-jan (temple) 36 - skull top (top point) 37 - cervical department of backbone 38-kresttsovyj backbone department 39 - chest department of backbone 40 - lumbar department of backbone 41 - neck 42 - breast 43 - zhi¬ vot 44 - mammary gland 45 - thyroid gland 46 - toes 47 - heel 48 - ankle joint 49 - knee joint 50 - coxofemoral joint 51 - sympathetic nervous system (sympathetic point) 52 - sciatic nerve 53 - buttock 54 – lyumbalgiya (painful point of waist) 55 - shen-men (point TsNS and narcosis at operations) 56 - basin cavity (uterus neck) 57 - hip 58 - uterus (sexual point) 59 - reducing the arterial pressure, the first (gipotenzivnaya point) 60 - asthma (bronholiticheskaya toch¬ ka) 61 - the hepatitis, the first 62 - brush fingers (chzhi) 63 - clavicle 64 - humeral joint 65 - shoulder 66 - elbow 67 - brush 68 - the appendix, the first 69 - the appendix, the second 70 - appendix, the third 71 - krapivnitsa 72.1 - the curl, the first 72.2 - the curl, the second 72.3 - curl, the third 72.4 - curl, the fourth 72.5 - curl, the fifth 72.6 - curl, the sixth 73 - mindalina, the first 74 - mindalina, vto¬ raya 75 - mindalina, the third 76 - syndrome yan the liver, the first 77 - syndrome yan the liver, the second 78 - ear top 79 - external polo¬ vye bodies 80 - mocheispuskatel'nyi the channel 81 - rectum 82 - diaphragm (point « zero» - zero, on P.Nozhe) 83 - branching (solar plexus point, on P.Nozhe) 84 - mouth 85 - gullet 86 - kardial'naya 87 - stomach 88 - duodenal gut 89 - small intestine 90 - appendix, the fourth 91 - thick gut 92 - bladder 93 - prostata 94 - mochetochnik 95 - kidney 96 - pancreas (at the left) and bilious bubble (on the right) 97 - liver 98 - spleen 99 - ascites 100 - the heart, the first 101 - lung 102 - bronchial tubes 103 - trachea 104 - three parts of trunk 105 – gipotenzivnaya flute, 106 – back bottom, 107 – the back middle, 108 – back top, 109 - the bottom part of stomach 110 - the top part of stomach





To understand principle easy. If you have decided to admire landscapes behind train window, it is better to have a seat the person in the direction of travel. If to sit against course, to look not so interestingly: you have not time to consider subject as it becomes ever less and soon vanishes.


Similarly occurs at small children.


When you go on circle, eyes of the child cling to subjects of surrounding conditions (children so are arranged, they learn the world). The child clings eyes to subject, sees off him, then the subject leaves its field of vision, and it clings to the following. After all to sleep the child don't intend! For it dream — annoying obstacle for knowledge of this such interesting and bright world!


And now attention — secret! When you go on circle clockwise, eyes of the child, seeing off subjects, are compelled to open more widely! And if to go against eyes, seeing off subjects - I am closed! Such is human anatomy.

It turns out that if the child lies on the left hand at circulation clockwise his eyes are compelled to open more widely, and against hour — to be closed. If the child lies on the right hand, all on the contrary. Thus, if the child on the left hand, go counter-clockwise, and if on right — that on hour.


According to the author, time parity zasypaniya makes 5 and 15 minutes. The quite good occasion to try.


Note vrossiiskoi to press: " Research centre ROMIR Monitoring has tried to find out, what should be the modern Russian" . We will disassemble this message deductively:


First, what is this office " research centre ROMIR Monitoring" ? - Judging by the name foreign, or applying to be foreign. As the foreign centres never wished Russia anything except troubles, probably it is necessary to expect dirty trick. Thus, notice that any " the research centres" , don't do researches in general - researches, and especially in the West, especially in the conditions of copyright preponderance, quite concrete people who have surnames do: Smith, Johns, Petrov, Ivanov from which it is possible to ask strictly, in case if their job - linden and which in case of success wish to receive money for the research. Here you try to find this office in the directory - quite probably you at all won't find it - simply signboard. Even " Office Nikanora" all knew Nikanorovoj. - Whose this office? - It is covered by gloom. CIA?


It - completely anonymous office, and anybody wants nothing, except how to inform some, so to say " figures" . Then it appears, what is it interrogation. By itself that who interrogated, as well as on what basis and that was for technique, certainly is informed nothing. Though, as you understand, in interrogations this main thing. Whom you ask - so to you and will answer.

And what this centre does? As if only interrogations - that it not the research centre as interrogation is not scientific method. For example the Institute of Polls of the Gallop conducting in the world (there was such American Jew) and is called - " poll" and doesn't apply to be " research" . Why? - Therefore something that can be fabricated, can't have any relation to the exact sciences and to science in general is concerns propagation area.


From what demon, ostensibly, " the research" foreign centre has suddenly decided to find out this, what should be the modern Russian? Now you receive the answer to this question: There are only 37 % of Russians consider that the woman should be mother, and that all of them pensioners, that is obsolete element. Actually, who and as, and what Russians interrogated, and whether interrogated in general - not very well - important, as though by the way, to introduce in consciousness of people that - the modern Russian shouldn't give birth. The weight silent, zagranichno sponsored offices in which the maximum some persons works has now divorced, it is no more office but which have loud anonymous names. And they are occupied by that getting wages in dollars, are engaged klepaniem similar forgeries - unostentatiously, gradually introduce in subconsciousness of people such unnatural concepts, as:


That the woman shouldn't give birth,

That the modern woman should smoke and drink and basically to work,

That perverts are the normal phenomenon,

That marihuanna not the drug that rasslablyatsya under the influence of alcohol is abruptly,

What to conduct self-destroying way of life is it is modern,

What to hand over itself on bodies are to save life of other people,

That sexual intercourses, oblizyvaniya each other and scenes of murders on TV is normal phenomenon and what is it should look all,

That patriotism - is last refuge of the villain,

That all progress in the West,

That Israel, the USA and England - ours the best friends,

That China and Moslems wild people and the worst enemies of Russia,

That army of Russia to what,

- And so on and so forth - all that read in newspapers and look on TV, giving out wished by the West as results certain scientific-researches which anybody and never spent as these leaflets reflect only that, in what wishes to transform the West Rossiiju and anything else.


Nonbasic instinct


The mankind has got tired of sex. It is not necessary for it it so much, how much imposes the market. Anfisa Chekhov, Zigmund Freud, Sheron Stone – you already zadolbali with the basic instinct, allow to be easy.


It, probably, the most terrible secret of modern civilisation. To very few people the boldness publicly will suffice to declare: « naked meat Will suffice! I at all don't wish to shake up every day dust on the or even another's bed! And every other day – too I do not want. It is not so interesting to me to look at women because from them there is nothing to remove! What for these swine who sit in television pond, internetovom pond and glossy pond so like to tickle me for eggs?! I have many other interests and desires! Companion militian-police that you stand, make already something with these anxious. You see – they break my right to inviolability» .

« In man's organism there is small body which is always hungry if it try to satisfy, and is always satisfied, if it hold in hunger» It is necessary to somebody to tell something similar as him there and then will accuse at the best of homosexuality, in the worst – in impotence. And impotent men are the most discriminated caste, is worse than Negroes and terrorists. Therefore nobody speaks. I the first. Know, how it is terrible?! Here now I will blink and I will continue.

I'm ok. And with man's health, and with sexual orientation, and even with family. I not the maniac and not the hypocrite. I like the wife, and not only as mother of my children. I am able to look at good female figure and to wish its owner of the worthy groom, especially if the figure – not the only thing that the girl can offer. I even can, looking at the next ship floating by in skirt, to sigh about something such, but only to sigh, because the wife at me planing, hardly that – puts at once mental cruelty.


Sometimes I go in such business trips where there is no TV, Internet and live women, but fresh air, silence, trees and physical activities suffices. These trips happen long. And each time I am surprised same: « the basic instinct» doesn't show any claims to my organism. When there is no any external razdrazhitelei, nobody sparkles integument the sexual leaves on the second plan, giving way to the human. Once I have appeared in mental hospital and have got to talking there with the head physician. So it has turned out that this hospital has been compelled to divide territory with monastery, therefore interview was quickly threw on abstention theme: what is it – norm or deviation?


The answer of the medical worker which, despite affinity to monastery, was far from votserkovleniya, has amazed me. It, that is she has told about the following:

The requirement of human individuals for sexual dialogue for today is monstrously exaggerated. That level of sexuality which is set by information field as norm, is peculiar unless to people to patients, and not only mentally. Seksotsentrizm consciousnesses it is characteristic, for example, for the first stage of the tuberculosis, some skin diseases and even leprosy. Not to mention that exclusively strong requirement for sex is observed at the majority of patients of psychiatric clinics.


– That is Vysotsky's creativity in that part where « head physician Margulis the TV has forbidden» , meditsinski is correct?


Is thus that at the time of Vysotsky there was absolutely other TV. Even it is terrible to me to think that will be with our small bol'nichkoi if at least on hour we switch on it in the evening. About mental health of those who watches TV " at liberty" , I don't think for a long time already. Otherwise itself I will go mad.

After that conversation I haven't ceased to sit in front of the screen and the monitor, but have involuntarily started to analyze role of sexual component in that information product which we consume, and also how then it affects our behaviour. Also has come to a conclusion that the image of Lenin of times of the USSR is flabby starushkina breast, in comparison with what place in our consciousness is occupied now with the basic sexual symbols. All of us live in the power of the most severe dictatorship. It is dictatorship of soft buttock. Dictatorship of the big breast. Dictatorship of long feet and short sexual relations. If someone wishes to sell to us zadorogo something unnecessary on the board it puts near to this unnecessary the half-naked woman – and we should run there and then in shop. Also we run. If you at least once a month don't take off pants from any new female bum, means, you or are unhealthy, or not the muzhik. To us let it know, and we understand.

The market of mental health was grasped left unfinished zigmundovy by descendants. Voices of normal psychiatrists sink in bog of " media medicine» . « The seed in organism of the man is razdrazhitel' which needs to be splashed out constantly!» « Regular illegitimate sexual life – the best means from depression!» Curious detail – authors of similar mantras, as a rule, have full feature set of impotence: obverse cellulitis, bald napes, impressive stomachs. The reason of it, in my opinion, that if the person is intemperate it is intemperate in all: in sex, zhrachke, booze and media vanity.


And now try to talk to any brawny, tightened doctor, at which in pocket not bought crust of socially-domestic academy, and fair state title. He will explain to you that propensity of healthy organism to abstention is even not Christian valour, and the medical fact. Men with the perfect physical data, being in the best sports form, least have desire attacks urgently to climb in someone's bed. In the Ancient Greece abstention of athletes was everyday occurrence, and today sportsmen more others are reserved in relation to the weaker sex.

The strong, courageous, taken place man doesn't do cult of sex, isn't its slave. On the contrary, he the owner of this instinct, it knows, that he wants, whom he wants and is simple so by the seed isn't scattered. And only the person weak – physically, psychologically and statusno – dares to consider requirement for reproduction as " the basic instinct» . Only at such eyes all time ransack in search of naked thigh, and hands constantly last not there. Result of such chaotic and senseless sexual life — mutual degradation: and the one who from above, and the one who from below.


Once very much for a long time, when still it was possible to think head, instead of the mudyami and another's breasts, someone very clever has told: « In man's organism there is small body which is always hungry if it try to satisfy, and is always satisfied, if it hold in hunger» . Weather forecasters say that the spring will soon begin. Time to be the man. The present.









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