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Now it is very little told about chastity and heredity.

            In days of the Great Patriotic War there was such episode: the German doctor surveying stolen from USSR to Germany girls at the age from 16 till 20 years, has found out that 90 % from them were virgins. He has addressed to Hitler with appeal immediately to begin peace talks, convincing him that it is impossible to win basically the people with such high morals … As has been proved by victory of those Russian people. Only on moral basis our people, Sacred Russia can revive.

            In extreme antiquity our ancestors had arch of moral rules about chastity and heredity. They knew that from the idle girl there is no good posterity. Presently this law could explain the genetics, opened in the XX-th century the phenomenon named " telegoniei" (" body" - in the distance, far, « goniya» - designates sexual glands, hormones. Telegoniya – far sexual hormones.) It consists that the man first in her life has solving influence on all posterity of the woman. It puts genofund of posterity of the woman, without dependence from, when and from whom she will give birth to the children. It which have broken virginity, becomes the gene father of future children of the woman. Girls necessarily should know about it to avoid fatal mistake. Opening telegonii has been hidden at once from public publicity as it closed road for any sexual revolutions and other global changes of universal system, such, as, pseudo-humanism, cosmopolitism, youth depravity, development rock- and other pseudo-cultures, narcotism, spaivaniya, abortions, the atheism covered and barefaced Satanism.

            For last hundred years in gynecologic offices it is destroyed more than human lives, than in wars. Now fabrics abortirovannyh recommend babies in use in medicine, perfumery and even in the food-processing industry. It is inspired that « sex freedom» is the main thing that is necessary for the modern person. In Russia of schoolgirls of 65 % till 16 years had sexual communications. We come out on top on children's prostitution. Sin and harm not correctly to perceive as something inevitable. The person isn't created for sin, and for reasonable life under the truth of Bozhiej. And our parental problem consists in providing to children life not only physical, but also to open it road to God. There is historically authentic law – the people which have wallowed in fornication, quickly degenerated from the person of the Earth.

Zhdanov V.G.Telegonija (the Science about virginity)

Telegoniya - be cautious


The people marrying, in the majority wish to have children. But not all know, how VIRGIN CLEANLINESS what exactly depends on it influences posterity health - what will be your children... Our ancestors knew about it: they were able to notice that from the idle girl there is no good posterity and strictly punished loose women. Therefore it is moral the fallen girl considered spoilt, unworthy marriage. That is why all religions unanimously speak about necessity of morals. That is why at all spiritually developed people of loose women despised, секли at pillory, threw stones. Presently communication of virginity with quality of posterity could explain the genetics, opened in the last century the phenomenon телегонии.

            And opening of has begun that approximately 150 years ago коннозаводчики, deducing new breeds of horses, for endurance increase have decided to cross horse to zebra. Experiences haven't gone right: hasn't occurred uniform conception - neither at horses from man's individuals-zebras, nor at zebras-mares. Experiences have stopped and about them have tried to forget, believing that business is finished. However in some years at the mares who have visited experiences, striped foals began to be born. From thoroughbred stallions!. The stunned scientific world has named this phenomenon телегонией. Experiences of contemporaries - C.Darvina, professors of Flint, Felix Ladanteka and other scientists - with other animals - have confirmed the given phenomenon. The Individual, evolution, heredity and Neodarvinists " (M. of 1889) has written to F.Ladantek the book" . Where in the head " Telegonija, or Influence of the first male" has described made experiments. Only experts-dog breeders very long time ago knew: if at least time the thoroughbred bitch ties dog-mongrel and even if as a result of it, at it from it puppies are not in the future all the same thoroughbred for posterities from it there is nothing to wait.

            Голубятники also about it well know. If not pedigree pigeon " has trampled" thoroughbred to the pigeon, eё at once kill, because, even at the most " elite" spouse it will have only not thoroughbred children that plumelets at the tail-end not, colour of beak, still something. Whether the modern girls should, making the decision before marriage to begin intimate life, to know it? Undoubtedly. However, nobody knows about it. And by our time there was paradoxical situation: cattle breeders know about this phenomenon having a direct bearing by birth of high-grade posterity, mainly only. Otherwise in Russia there would be no the best breeds animal - neither thoroughbred racers, nor dairy cows, excellent sables... By the way, domestic furs have won the third part of the world fur market!

            Opening телегонии in 19 century at once has been hidden from people as slightly opened mysterious veils of destinies of set of people - simple and great. But the main thing, it firmly closed road for any sexual revolutions, and it wasn't included into plans of the enemy of human race.

            For засекречивания has been found and even the convenient phrase is brought in the encyclopaedia: ostensibly the phenomenon телегонии hasn't proved to be true... But, as they say, there is nothing secret that wouldn't become the obvious. Especially when the international festivals have started to be held in territory of Soviet Union, there were frequent facts when our Russian girls began to give birth from white genetically healthy husbands - children " neither in mother, nor in the father, and in the black and moronic good fellow" . The genetic mutation of chromosomal chain many years ago происшедшая illegitimate communication was the reason of occurrence of these children became fault of family tragedies. What here to hide, " girls - добрачные women" , especially from among numerous prostitutes, " wild" or organised " escort - services" , today often give the " lawful liked" the latent fruits добрачных sexual communications - addicts, glue sniffers, homosexuals or mentally defective, frenzied morons-children.

Naturally, as now at the theory " telegonii" uncountable set of opponents which result " results of researches and experiences" , proving that telegoniya is delirium what to reckon with her is not to respect itself and the desires. The majority of these theorists - people interested for the pornography industry will sustain essential losses if the phenomenon telegonii is studied by children from school bench. Therefore for them it is more profitable, if our children start to study at school the program " family Planning" , promoting corruption of the future generation, and, hence, - to replenishment of their purse.

In second half of XIX-th century the stunned contemporaries of Flint and Ledanteka began to bother physiologists of all world with the same question: " Instead of whether the effect telegonii on people extends?" But scientists it was not necessary to adjust any more. Intensive physiological, anthropological, sociological, statistical researches and even experiences if, naturally, such possibility was given have begun. And very soon the impartial science has declared firmly: " Yes, the effect telegonii extends and on people, and even in the much more clearly expressed form, than in fauna!" Here here the privacy curtain also has fallen! But there is nothing secret that sometime wouldn't become obvious. The severe validity of our today all the same would bring scientists to this problem even if and wasn't in XIX-th century of case with zebras. In second half of XX-th century with development of communications of possibility of dialogue including sexual, between people of different races have repeatedly increased. And results of it should see unless only blind.

            For example, after all large international actions in territory of Russia (youth festivals, the sports Olympic Games, etc.) at us cases of birth of children negroidnogo type, especially in Moscow and Leningrad were pretty often observed. From some women thus it was possible to hear recognition that they had sexual contact with representatives of other races some years ago, and have become pregnant and gave birth to children from the husbands - white people. But on any inexplicable for them to the reasons children left " neither in mother, nor in the father, and in the black good fellow" cases when the daughter who gave birth to the child negroidnogo kind paid off for sins of mother Besides, are known, even in general never in life having seen the Negro. Till now we spoke, leaning against example with people and animals, about transfer by telegonii - external signs of the father. And whether the latent, internal signs of the father are passed?

            Yes, are passed! And it in telegonii the most dangerous and, I would tell, ostroznachimyi the factor! Means, not all is equal, what were at the woman its sexual partners before it has married and has given birth to the child. Just the science also has approached to this conclusion about telegonii when on it have imposed " taboo" , and the books written on this theme have been gradually destroyed. There is question: and what if " the traveller the good fellow" was the addict, the alcoholic, the genetic degenerate, the homosexual or mentally sick " with greetings" ? After all people of this type are most inclined to chaotic and irresponsible communications. The orthodox way of life in Russia only just revives, and " democratic" customs just and are based on immorality and irresponsibility. Here also it turns out that, apparently, outwardly normal and healthy parents in the children suddenly see not themselves, and old " greetings" from any ugly creature.

Children want from the modest, chaste, pure girls saving natural beauty. Them like madly, all heart, completely their each part as the most valuable, Heritages want from them children because they - embodiment of Russia, the Nature.


About chastity and heredity


Code of the man. Conception out of the law. Telegoniya


Slavyano Aryan vedy. Telegoniya. Laws RITA.

You don't worry for the children? You doesn't disturb that your daughter to lose virginity before wedding with any moral ugly creature, after all then it will find to herself the good husband and they will have clever beautiful children. And you heard something about such concept as telegoniya? The proved theory that the person saves genetic material of the one who has deprived of its virginity on all life and reproduces it in the subsequent posterity. Telegoniya at people it is shown with huge force, genes of the person deprived the girl of innocence, can be passed even through generation. Thus, there is damage not only the future posterity, but also children of your child.


Telegoniya video removed in laboratories of institutes which carried out research of this phenomenon at people instantly was coded, as it could undermine all rasputnye the ideals imposed by the mighty of this world which main objective have degeneration of the strong title nations. Slavyano Aryan vedy strictly observed cleanliness of posterity without supposing occurrence dobrachnogo coition of girls. Besides, there was whole arch the Law Rita » which informed people that in case of the introduction into communication with the stranger the girl became spoilt corrected under the name« and couldn't give birth to healthy posterity to the husband. Only present, still 60 years ago in our country the Law Rita » was observed« and virgins is elderly 16-20let there were 90 % of girls, today, when the phenomenon telegoniya at people and when it would seem percent of not touched little girls is scientifically proved it should turn to 99,9 % actually on « 0» . All has turned over upside down, that was considered as advantage today earlier is derided from screens of TVs. Now unfortunately nobody recollects slavyano Aryan vedy in which it is accurately painted that is correct and good for the person and his life and that isn't admissible absolutely not. Only ponder upon figures – more half of girls till 16 years had casual sexual communications. If to consider that in most cases they were tempted with the future addicts and alcoholics telegoniya shows that is more than half of future generation will be such.


If earlier the chastity was virtue today it what silly girls not having the opinion following the tastes at dissolute, trite heroes posing with the telescreen and telling faster wish to lose as it is necessary to live. Nobody searches on the Internet of " Telegonija of video» for all have rushed to porno searches to observe vile pictures of rapes, sex, and is simple rasputnyh maidens lost the pride and on sale for money. All education system is constructed so that as much as possible to break slavyano Aryan vedy and honoured for a long time educations of slavic culture « the Law Rita» . All curriculum learns young men to that is possible and even it is necessary to follow the tastes of the low desires, all is made, that since the childhood the person learnt animal instincts and obeyed them, degrading and turning to the moral and physical ugly creature giving birth similar to. Nobody speaks, and telegoniya at people is expressed much more brightly, than at animals and its influence on the further human life up to the end isn't studied even not. How the first sexual experience will be reflected in your descendants? Whether wish to see you them as stupid slaves to thirsting bread and the shows, ready to sell the body and soul, for money meeting all perverted desires the power of the holding? To such world Russia slides today. At schools it is necessary to twist « Telegonija of video» , instead of films how correctly to use condoms and where it is possible to make abortion, in case of not planned pregnancy.


Everything, at all without reading slavyano Aryan vedy without asking at all question in what the arch essence « the Law Rita» consists and what principal cause of its occurrence know that pornography, debauchery, prostitution and corruption juvenile it is bad, but nobody asks question why it exists. The reason is simple – all occurs under the protection of the selling power which has ceased to defend for a long time interests of the people, and thinks how more to fill the pockets and to destroy on root Russian people. Force of the people in its spiritual and genetic cleanliness, and it proves telegoniya at people, after all in the same way as the breeding racer is capable to overtake horse of humble origin, and pure genetically and spiritually the nations are capable to submit the others and to be serious threat for handful of people started to operate all world and periodically engaged in the company organisation on replacement of spiritual ideals low and immoral. Telegoniya video would receive wide popularity as would open eyes to many representatives of mankind on true condition of things, on that in what result rash acts and so-called errors of youth. It is much more difficult to win the people which are strong spirit and possesses high morality and morals, than over those who is subject to decomposing influence of the false ideals which propagation is conducted from all mass media in which word not to be told about « the Law Rita» and all negative consequences of the corrupted society, low desires let out outside and dissolute way of life.


Slavyano Aryan vedy glorified morals, spirituality, chastity, modern idols of youth and all youth policy it is directed on that since early years of the girl gave itself on worry to the most backward and most poor representatives of the nation – to alcoholics, to addicts, moral ugly creatures who leave the intrusion into the maiden body the vile and disgusting trace in genetic code of the future generations which never can become healthy high-grade people. Telegoniya at people even more often becomes the reason of degeneration of the whole nationalities which have lost the face and the soul. Look at the Malaysian countries where the female population humours the perverted desires of foreigners, local society which on what isn't capable, except how to serve the western money-bags, really you would like, that such has occurred and to us, and our country became the supplier of prostitutes on the western markets that foreigners arranged in our country sex rounds and stole in slavery of women and children. If it would be possible to look telegoniya video such wouldn't be, and today realities are that, what exactly to it we move.


Today it is difficult to correct, that has been made for years of existence of democracy with the false ideals and with double-faced governors regularly destroying the people. But using slavyano Aryan vedy, educating and informing citizens about « the Law Rita» , about science under the loud name telegoniya people will have chance to get out of oblivion precipice, to restore the cleanliness slavic gene, to soar spirit and strong to become on feet having returned true beliefs and values, having returned vysokomoral'nyi arrange lives and respect of other nations. Telegoniya video should be accessible to everything that everyone could make for itself(himself) choice, whether it is necessary to gain the first sexual experience not particularly with whom and to doom the future posterity to repetition of the errors or having saved chastity to become the keeper of national property – slavic genotype.








About concept telegoniya. Levashev S.N.

Telegoniya. (Collection)



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