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The TV - box


Physiological influence of TV on development of children

The introduction

Whether you know that the TV not simply became for many people object of worship, but even in certain cases because of impossibility to look liked transfer or serial to families there are the conflicts reaching at times to rukoprikladstva and serious traumas, death cases are fixed. Someone can think that the TV bears exclusively harm as does the person aggressive, unsociable and in every possible way corrupts it, however so occurs only in case of uncontrolled viewing of everything that is broadcast on public TV. In the dosed out quantity, it can be excellent help, for information reception, from news telecasts, however it is not necessary to forget that any news it only subjective view of the operator and the correspondent. Since then as the first TV has seen the world has started to accept transfers, has passed the little more than half of century, and its audience has grown in infinite set of times as today any family can't present the life without this invention, without reflecting at all that in this box they bring in the house misfortune, debauchery, nonsense and actually the manipulator consciousness of the person. People constantly use the TV for the purpose of information reception, the Internet, radio can't be made even on popularity to TV yet as it is independent without efforts of the user in easily perceived form informs to the person all events which occur in the world. So considers the majority of people burning the eyes, looking in this callous box. Whether so it actually? If wish to learn all truth about modern TV, be not too lazy to read up all material presented on this page up to the end. Most likely, you for ever pull out the TV from the socket and hardly sometime to it will approach. As he agitates you to buy clothes of this or that stamp, it forms your opinion concerning what or events and people, it dictates to you how to live. Wish to learn why? Read further and remember that you won't see this information in one transfer on TV and will not read in one newspaper, mass-media of the such don't publish.

Compulsory bombardment of retina

How eyes react on such unnatural, always nepolnosostavnoe the image? The same as at viewing of slide or other image, they scan teleshot fast movements to receive complete image. Means, they fix any casual point to scan it more steadfastly, but, still long before fixing in general will begin, the electronic beam has time to leave from this point, the luminescence excited by it dies away and instantly disappears. Means, here there is already nothing to scan. Therefore eyes make sakkadu to other point of fixing, do the following attempt and again are trapped: that that was just brightly shone, during the following instant spreads shapeless shade. And proceeds: the sight can jump anywhere, but anywhere won't find constant object which could be scanned. Without restraint rushing light point always advances it. Advertising which everywhere tells that zhk TVs are absolutely harmless to human eyes. Whether so it, or is the next deceit of TV? Present that you try to see something that as soon as you translate to it sight disappears, on the fifth minute of such exercises on capture by sight of that or your eyes will get on forehead, will start to cut and all surrounding things will appear as though in fog. And now the shocking fact, looking zhk TVs or any other sources of the rushing image your eyes constantly try to be focused on something one, however it constantly escapes and is lost being dissolved and dying away. The reason of it the elementary physics, TV works replacing 25 shots in second. Each shot, is separately taken picture and all of them vary with huge speed. The eye retina simply hasn't time to react to such changes and can't normally be focused on something, thus zhk TVs possess one powerful lack besides that pixels constantly change intensity of the luminescence, they also slowly die away transforming any dynamical scene into weight of dim images for which the loop of the previous shots lasts. Thus, as you can see, what zhk TVs doesn't facilitate job of eyes, and on the contrary does it even more hard, and national pover'e, that that who sits near the TV it can go blind faster unfortunately the scientific fact. If you are ready to exchange all paints of the world and clearness of the sight for liked serial or the next portion of severe silly jokes go to the box faster and soak up in yourself all nasty thing and platitude which flows from it as excrements flow in ditch on the water drain. All information glorifying zhk TVs is handwork of their manufacturers corporations which the main thing to get the profit and to sell made production, and it deeply to spit on that go blind you from viewing of telecasts or turn to the full idiot who does not have the opinion and following the tastes at standing in your apartment callous zombiruyuschego of box.

The fallen asleep sight

When people decide to buy the TV, they think that thereby they become more formed, they can watch transmissions showing art subjects, showing reproductions of various pictures of artists with world name, simply will see landscapes from different corners of the world. You sometime asked question, whether there is difference between the image written on cloth the gifted artist and picture daily observed, that who has decided to buy the TV, in kinescope borders. The answer to him will force you to shudder, as if each part of picture has own colour and shined from the outside does it only more brightly and more accurately the picture appearing on the TV screen, has absolutely other nature and than more brightly surrounding conditions, it looks especially faded. To understand essence of this statement, try to present the picture, which each site at sight at it as though it is dissolved in water turning to shapeless stain. To buy the TV doesn't mean yet, will join the world perfect, for this purpose is better to descend in museum and personally to take pleasure in play of light and shades on cloths of masters, instead of to watch transmissions about museums which each ten minutes on preview trailers with demonstration of binge interrupt, tobacco, and resorts on which dissolute maids entice all the forms. To buy the TV today means to rank itself as class of those who line doesn't understand in art, that who voluntary follows the road degradation and dullness who has no opinion and follows the tastes of " fashionable" tendencies and brands. Wish to become one of herd of rams, which operate by means of box, then hasten in the nearest supermarket to buy the TV and to start to dissipate thoughtlessly the life at the beautiful box dazzling with bright paints. The choice is always, you or the person the judge perfect which sees change in picture depending on illumination, or animal who is involved with low instincts and which is capable to eat and breed only. Switch on the brains before something to do in life, and many times think before starting up in the life this box of Pandory the TV.


The stop of movements of the eyes, essential decrease in beta frequencies on EEG, metabolism and pulse delay all these signs speak about fading of own activity which generally very quickly should result consciousness in the twilight condition close to somnolence. So, probably, also would occur, if to it not protivodeistvovalosoderzhanie telecasts. Looking in bright picture which shows lcd the TV, observing for what or dynamic body of show you hardly will manage to fall asleep, except that, long time even after the screen lcd the TV will go out at you in head events seen will be scrolled recently, and throughout several hours you hardly will manage to calm the consciousness and normally to fall asleep. In what the reason of such deep penetration of everything that flows from screens, in human brain. Theoretically condition in which the person looks lcd the TV it is possible to characterise as follows: The warm rhythm is slowed down, in the same way exchange processes in organism much more slowly proceed, activity of job of brain falls to minimum, eyes without moving are focused in one point. If at present to the person disturbed nothing, it necessarily would close eyes and has failed in the long healthy dream, however that point on which its sight is focused doesn't allow to it it to make constantly resulting it in consciousness varying pictures which shows lcd the TV showing the next telecast. The TV possesses huge set of methods which instantly encourage people and switch all processes occurring in brain on the screen, without allowing to make the way through this veil of any thought distracted from viewing. Among these cunnings it is possible to allocate sharp switching between various scales the image, object prompting close up and its sharp distance, various foreshortenings of shooting, beginning from shooting with floor and finishing demonstrations of pictures received with height of the bird's flight, sharp transferring of the spectator to other place. All these receptions competently alternate among themselves that, having looked lcd the TV, the person still for a long time was in borderline between wakefulness and dream, and finally always remained disseminated, was interested event round it less and aspired to get home somewhat quicker to the friend whom is - lcd the TV. Don't give in to mass zombiing which occurs in various body transfers, limit viewing of this box to minimum. Since there is TV, avtoryperedach are compelled again and to urge forward again attention of spectators that those didn't fall asleep. Constant installation of shots, turns and flows by the chamber, panoramirovanie and scaling, change of place, situation and scene here their most tested receptions. They provide to the spectator lung, dreamily, sliding through space and time, possibility to look that from height of the bird's flight from " the frog" prospect, to stay that here there, to seize details, then again to soar to heavens and so endlessly.

Illusion of own activity

Till now regular researches of such parametres of teledisplay as frequency of change of shots, positions of the chamber, scaling and panoramirovaniya, and only trial, selective, but also they give some information on what can be figures were undertaken not. It is found out that frequency of change of shots averages, depending on genre, 2 5 seconds. Whether you know that regularly watching TV throughout the long period of time the person at all doesn't test lack of real experiences and supervision of objects of wildlife. Really this subject can replace the real human life. Last researches spent in one of research institutes, have shown that the modern TV changes shooting foreshortenings, picture scales, in general, changes shots each 2-5 seconds. It is not necessary to confuse this indicator to frequency of shots, the TV flashes, as before, with frequency of 25 shots in second. At first sight this indicator can't instal panic, is final at first sight change of shots fast enough and as it should seems it to be perceived by the spectator hard. However time for which there is replacement of one shot with another, seemingly, to one indicator of ability to live of the person. Eyes of the person can incessantly be focused on what or point of motionless subject no more than for 2-4 seconds. The secret which is hidden by those who uses the TV for change of human consciousness consists in it. The TV manipulates consciousness of those who it looks, it actually takes away your life from you and disposes to it at own discretion. To reduce quantity of people in the street during certain time, it is enough to show then interesting transfer, or popular film that people didn't leave at all houses enough to achieve, that the TV broadcast the interesting information round the clock. Thanks to that all pictures passed by box vary as in life. Sensations of discomfort even from long viewing of the TV at the person don't arise. Harm from it is felt after a while and it is expressed in breakdown, decrease in activity of the brain, the braked reaction and if to consider indicator IQ adequately estimating intelligence of the person, decrease in mental abilities. Sitting at the screen you slowly turn to herd of sheep which with ease can be taken away on slaughter-house and to transform into meat so was with war in Iraq when thousand civilians have been killed, that has occurred in the Chechen Republic when people alive milled in meat grinder of automatic turns, and pressed tanks. Wish to die buy the TV. From the point of view of objective change amazingly fast, it is subjective zhezritel' endures it as absolutely normal to it even in head doesn't come to estimate, as shots soon vary. Such supervision allows occasion to ask question, however long eyes can be fixed on object in natural environment before to pass to another. Special jobs give the values fluctuating in limits between 2 and 4 seconds. It will amazingly be co-ordinated with frequency of change of shots in TV











As us otuplyayut. To look everything, NECESSARILY!!!

Management of mass consciousness

The telescreen as drug source

Gerta Shturm's remark is absolutely defensible that osharashivayuschie the televiewer sudden changes of scenes and sharp changes of plans aren't so obligatory conscious teledirection without ceremony could obespechit'plavnye transitions, pauses and " semiseconds" if only would want. Why zhk TVs can be equated on influence on the person to drugs, whether not too loud this statement. To answer this question it is a little enough to understand the narcotism nature more deeply. It is possible to consider as the addict the person who regularly uses the synthesised substances stimulating its centre of pleasures or stimulating allocation by glands of the person of special substances easily soaked up in blood and making various impact on the general condition of organism. Substances which influence most often human body concern adrenaline, endorfin and some narcotic preparations. Zhk TVs certainly can't stick to you in vein heroin dose, or force to inhale cocaine path, however to stimulate allocation of such substances as adrenaline and endorfin quite can. As the majority of plots which show on TV, have osharashivayuschii character, they shock people, calling thereby splash in emotions injection in blood of excessive dose of adrenaline. If the person regularly burns the eyes, looking in zhk the TV throughout all one month, and then such person to deprive of this box of Pandory, that he will test can be equated safely to condition lomki as at the addict as organism got used to receive hormone large doses adrenaline can't refuse additional dope easily and simply. People at which have taken away zhk TVs after long viewing at all lose dream though that they had also dream that it is impossible to name, the brain is simply cut down from overabundance of the received information. Except dream, any display of humanity is lost, irritability which in consequence develops into nervous breakdowns is shown. In the same way as well as the addict, the person at which viewing of telecasts selects all free time, becomes less sensitive to that he sees, it requires even more shocking information. Zhk TVs as well as drugs destroy human brain, decomposing it let not physically, but is morally exact. But etone would solve the basic problem of teledirectors problems all the attention again running into prostration, inherent in TV as to that irrespective of, the dramatic art is how much good. It is not surprising that business logically goes in directly protivopo­ false direction aside more and more frequent and strong osharashivaniya the spectator.

The chamber imperceptibly operates thoughts

After elections in the Bundestag of Germany of 1976 won by coalition SdPg/SvDp, some attention the researcher of mass media Keplinger who managed to show has involved in itself that during election campaign of the won candidate from SDPG Helmut Schmidt not casually showed on the TV in " frog" or in " the bird's" prospect is more rare, than its lost contender Helmut Kohl (HDS). Between scientists rough polemic has about it inflamed. Whether you know as lcd TVs form your thinking how there is influence of that see on your opinion and as the point of view imposed to you, becomes natural to you. The countries can serve as concrete example of how lcd TVs can change not easier life of the separate person, but also elections passing in Germany in 1976 when contrary to the majority of forecasts Helmut Schmidt has won. The reason of this victory didn't give in to logic explanation until then yet haven't analysed video which was shown on public TV during all extent of the pre-election company. Certainly, then about lcd nobody heard TVs, but even black-and-white devices on which difficult were distinguish the accurate image could to influence mentality of the person and has forced millions people to make the choice in favour of the certain candidate. All was simple enough, foreshortenings of shooting of both candidates were different. The winner removed in foreshortenings level with its growth while shooting of the candidate which has lost, was conducted or from level of feet, or over head. It shocked all experts, and has been there and then coded. Since those times has passed a lot of time, there were lcd TVs and together with them new technologies of influence on consciousness of the person. Today isn't present the uniform person who saw TV and wouldn't face its influence on the life. Tooth-paste which you clean teeth, brush, shampoo, soap. All is ostensibly chosen by you actually is chosen for you by those who removes and extends preview trailers, those who wishes one to make profit of you. Wish to sponsor money-bags owning factories then switch on the lcd the TV more likely and continue to absorb brain as if sponge all that delirium and nasty thing which flow from blue screens. In one old film the hero said that one continuous TV won't be fast anything. Judging by that occurs around these times not far off and owners of planet soon there are media magnates if only you don't stop this information terror, on absolutely having switched off lcd TVs. Really so insignificant factor how shooting prospect, and vpryam'mog to cause so important consequences? Certainly, there were also doubts, but it was already impossible to ignore theme: how much the way of teledisplay influences on podporogovye liking and antipathies of the spectator?

TV the excellent tool of political manipulation

Such conclusion is especially remarkable that as examinees (by number 179, students have been chosen from institutes of Mainz and Wiesbaden, and also from Majntssky university) exclusively. Authors of the message haven't managed to hide quite at all the amazement (and can, disappointments?) : Just students, « having sufficient knowledge of sociopolitical area» , so easily come under to influence of purely formal elements of the display which does not have something in common with soderzhaniempred'yavlennyh of arguments. How you consider, whether the higher education can, high social literacy, intelligence at level of the university professor to rescue you from manipulation which makes the TV with your consciousness? That you are the clever person, at all won't protect you from suggestion which goes from television screens and influences directly subconsciousness. It not the unfounded statement and konstatirovanie the proved scientific fact which is based on researches spent in one of the American universities. Students of older years who were offered to watch TV simply on which showed specially prepared political rollers which problem was to incline students on this or that party of political fights participated in experiment. In the end of viewing when have switched off the TV, it was offered to examinee to vote for this or that party of political opponents, the result has stunned all. Despite that the arguments resulted in video spoke well for one and it was logical to assume the victory of the party which is coherently giving reason for the belief, other force which simply removed in advantageous foreshortenings while competent arguments of the lost were shown on plans which shooting has won was conducted from high point, or removed from the earth. Such not in the artful image the TV could bypass all logic communications in human brain and inspire to subconsciousness what exactly those whom removed are correctly worthy to be chosen. To students haven't helped neither their knowledge, nor their literacy with social sphere, and the majority of them were active participants of public life of university. The conclusion from here follows that the TV serves far not to usual people, and to society elite influencing consciousness of weights and driving in into them those or other belief. You are assured till now, what are the supporter of this or that political party? And it can be simple you in it have convinced? Think over it before again to take seat in convenient armchair and to start to absorb in itself all stream of dirt and nasty thing flowing with the screen. All former theories saying that imennotakie people size up to themselves basically under the influence of the substantial party of arguments, have ruined. It was impossible to appeal to shortage of interest or critical abilities at examinees as in the reports made after display of material by all examinee, appeared, according to the spent analysis that « to all without exception critical ideas» are to a great extent inherent in them.

The emotions which have been written down on hard disk

Additional aggravating circumstance the effect found out and confirmed with Gerta Shturm in 1972 during set of large laboratory experiments. It investigated emotional influence of radio and TV on recipients, precisely measuring it at level of unconscious physiological reactions (pulse rate, frequency and depth of breath, elektroprovodnost' skin). Experiment repeated after the lapse of one, two and three weeks with the same examinees to check up that from the apprehended knowledge and the endured emotions was saved in their memory. Wish to learn, why lcd TVs represent serious danger to mentality of the person. Why fans to look entertainment events and any bosh which show on mass media very badly remember any information, except that that has been seen by them at viewing. All that is stated more low for the first time published openly, the data about experiment spent in 1972 has been there and then coded and has passed to category of military technologies of change of consciousness. That happens at Gerta Shturm in its laboratory. Researches spent there aimed to learn how usual, instead of lcd TVs, and public radio influence people. Each investigated has been connected to exact equipment which measured all basic indicators of ability to live: pulse, frequency with which there was breath, ability of skin to instal electrical equipment. Duration of experiment was enough big, over each examinee researches were carried out in current of three weeks in which result scientists have faced with improbable ami Today when lcd TVs have captivated almost each house, these results of research should be known to everyone that though somehow to prevent contamination of the brain the useless data. So, after three weeks the examinee have suggested to reproduce seen and heard during the first experiment. It is necessary to mention that the various information was shown by means of radio, usual feature films and plots of the mass media taken from transfers. It has appeared that in first two cases the brain has shown usual indicators of memory, trifles weren't late in him and the person could reproduce only really important data. In case from mass media which actively advertise today lcd TVs seen three weeks ago it was not forgot at all and called all same emotional reactions at the reproduction. The most terrible that the brain of the person should forget necessarily the information, thanks to it we can normally live and not feel discomfort. In case of function infringement zabyvaniya the person loses ability to sleep and adequately to react to event around. In such consequences results public TV. Results have appeared unexpected for all participants. Storm informs: « After the lapse of three weeks it was found out that the knowledge received through TV and radio, has been forgotten according to for a long time already known curves zabyvaniya (speed zabyvaniya is slowed down in due course), and here the called mass media emotional experiences remained in primordial form. In emotional experiences it is not revealed any changes, any corrections of emotion of the recipients, arisen at them during the first transfer, haven't undergone zabyvaniyu.




Adiposity epidemic

Think that, having decided to buy the TV you will provide to the children safe leisure during which time with them no trouble can't occur? And as to you picture on which at yours the child instead of the put 40-50 kg are represented all 100-140. Think, it can't be, then address to statistics which was conducted by the American researchers. The public TV since 80th years actively inserts into all children's transfers isn't dependent on age of spectators active advertising of foodstuff. More often these products haven't something in common with healthy and useful food. To buy the TV doesn't mean yet to make the child happy, but this purchase can put it on road of reception of superfluous calories and as consequence will transform it into shapeless fat being at which since young years heart troubles will begin, will appear otdyshka, in times the risk will increase to receive diabetes and for the rest of the life to prick insulin. Want such destiny to the child? Then hasten in shop to buy the TV. In what the reason of such influence of TV on children why having looked the next transfer, to it so would be desirable to buy something sweet, tasty and so unhealthy. All speaks simply enough, the children's mentality is most subject to suggestion and influence, it is enough to show on the screen authoritative in circle of children of the hero which eats or drinks something as dite there and then wishes to do the same. The food-processing industry prays on mass media as they help to sell production made by them. Many manufacturers even stimulate people to buy the TV, arranging various actions as they know that all money spent by them for prizes and gifts to return in the form of money paid by buyers for their harmful products. Except products rich with sugar, the whole branches such as restaurants of fast food which feed people with really poison calling gastritises, ulcers, adiposity and heart attacks from zakuporivaniya vessels cholesterol are advertised. However those who could buy the TV don't see all it, the bright picture with the cheerful clown, the happy small children receiving various gifts and with appetite eating greedily hamburgers instead is shown.

When children become murderers

Whether you know that zhk TVs can make of your child the aggressive murderer, or at least sotsiopata which, without supervising the actions, can suddenly show aggression in relation to other people. Vivid example which has shaken all world when teenagers have arranged slaughter at school and have killed some the schoolmates has happened in 1999 in small town of America Litlton. Someone tried to explain this incident by severe computer game in which teenagers the day before played, someone spoke about wrong education of parents, zhk TVs with all their maintenance anybody, behind exception unless hasn't mentioned absolutely one German newspaper which has resulted very interesting statistical fact. It appears that else before the person reaches age of 16 years it faces with more than two hundred thousand crimes which are anyhow connected with violence display, besides, for the same period of time the person sees about sixteen thousand murders and all it show it zhk TVs which surround people since their birth and to the death. Only present, what quantity of nasty thing pours out on head of your children, and all it is shown not in vile films of horror, and on public TV, and in the afternoon when each child is capable to approach to zhk to the TV and having switched on it to see this muck the eyes. Only present that occurs in head of the child to which it is necessary to observe terrible pictures of the dismembered corpses, the raped girls, the cut axes of spouses. Shortly it, he starts to consider as norm, ceasing to be surprised and frightened the seen. After that time when barrier, between the telescreen and real life is completely erased will be at all behind mountains and then, zhk TVs give rise to the next monster from whom it is not known that it is possible to expect and which not clearly that can provoke on not motivirovannuyu aggression. Take care of the children, protect them from the worst that today exists let's to them watch TV uncontrolledly, be interested what films, and transfers they look, and then you will manage to save their mentality and reason in healthy condition.

The TV the device for deenergizing of children?

On how much correctly such statement, what the TV doesn't allow to children to develop normally? Really it is valid so then why in one supermarket doesn't hang such announcements, on one box isn't pasted, labels « After 18» and nobody speaks about it publicly on public TV. For many modern parents the TV as they consider, became panacea as it is possible to switch on the children's channel with cartoon films and having planted near it the child to occupy it at 2-3 o'clock that wasn't in the way and didn't prevent to be engaged in house affairs. Whether you however know that to children, especially till 10 years the passive way forwarding time is extremely counter-indicative. During this period of life of each person it should receive maximum quantity of emotional experiences from the world surrounding it. The child should realise independently every possible imaginations and develop the creative abilities playing games with surrounding children. The TV freezes the child at the screen, showing to it bright images risovannyh the cartoon films which heroes severely finish more often and substitute each other. What will be the person if since the childhood he observes of how terrible monsters grasp the whole planets finishing with their inhabitants as the protagonist with impunity kills enemies. The TV doesn't allow to the child to develop in the high-grade person as disconnects its aspiration to play, run, lead high-grade life replacing all it is artificial experiences for the next invented idol. And after all about 10 years are elderly there is formation of inclinations of the future physical development. All impellent functions are perfected, touch is developed, the child independently adjusts sense of the equilibrium. Only think that it can perfect sitting at the TV unless ability quickly to press control panel hand thumb. The kid for whom the TV has replaced friends and which near it spends time considerable quantity at mature age should face such problems with health, as the broken coordination of movements, adiposity, heart troubles, muscular dystrophy, early problems with sight. If you wish the kid of all of it, leave at its order the working TV necessarily more often.

Children look absolutely differently

If you can't occupy the kid with anything, and the best variant than buy the TV can't think up, don't hurry to realise it in life. Stop and think that you know about influence of TV on the child as it will be reflected in mentality of the kid the transfers seen by it and plots to whom the lovely kid, after some years spent at the telescreen will turn. Whether you know that any of celebrities never will decide to buy the TV to the child as they know how it is negatively reflected in him all seen shots showing debauchery and nonsense, teleshow which have no other sense except how to destroy the contender. The children's brain is arranged absolutely in another way, than brain of the adult person which possesses large quantity of filters. The small person perceives all vzapravdu, completely trusting all seen. He can't adequately appeal yet categories kindly and angrily, well and badly. The children's brain perceives seen not simply as information stream, and as the guide to action. To buy the TV to the baby, means to give it thing which begins to dictate to it what to do as to conduct and what to speak to associates. You casually didn't notice as modern teenagers, this tarabarskii language, these animal grimaces talk, hardly such they were learnt by parents. All is result of negative influence of mass media on mentality of the baby. Any of youth subcultures existing for today wouldn't receive such distribution if them didn't show on TV. To buy the TV often offer at a discount, some governmental organisations independently give to its children's homes or families with considerable quantity of children. Really all it becomes only with good intentions? And what about that it well-known telecasts about influence on developing brain of the kid then there is question why suppose display of all this nasty thing why don't select the licence at channels which twist low-standard films and show. Than it is possible to explain it? You think that can learn the answer to this question if decide to buy the TV, you're right, can, only will be too late.

The TV harms to speech development

If you think, what is it the joke and the TV doesn't influence in any way speech of children you are mistaken. It is enough to cite some statistical data which quantities of time spent by parents and children near the TV concern. As soon as these devices have appeared this time didn't exceed mark at one o'clock. After approximately 15 years, in 1980, adult steels to spend for viewing of telecasts about 2 hours a day, in 18 years this indicator has increased for 75 percent and has made three and a half hour. Today people spend 4-5 hours of the life for viewing of transfers of broadcast mass media. Only present 5 hours of complete silence, doesn't occur what dialogue between parents and children. The TV deprives of possibility to talk to close people thereby, slowing down development of the kid. That the kid could talk normally and competently to it it is necessary to practise this skill and the more he will speak, the faster its speech becomes comprehended and coherent, but those who occupies children including the TV, doesn't give them possibility to practise informal conversation by that, dooming them to slow intellectual development and sneers of the contemporaries. Except infringement of speech children who take a great interest in viewing of telecasts constantly have conflict to parents as in the absence of dialogue touch between them is lost and actually the kid turns to another's person which destiny is absolutely indifferent to parents. Much worse the situation develops with children to whom give the own TV as they find alternative to any dialogue in him and is frequent enough instead of children's transfers are engaged in viewing of films for adults, and senseless shows which don't bring up in the person anything except cruelty. Time which such children spend at the screen comes nearer by five o'clock, the brain for such time interval is overflowed not by the necessary information and to remember, something really necessary and standing the kid can't, even in the presence of desire. So the TV reduces level of intellectual development of children. Only present, you spend 20 % of the life at TV screens if you manage to live till 70 years 14 years from them you stay at the screen. You voluntary lose life if to analyse your daily schedule: 5 hours you are held in the tenacious paws by the TV, 7 you sleep, 9 to last the average working day with lunch break, 2 leave on road before job, 1 more on cooking food, total 24 so passes 5 days in week.

Fatal consequences of false model of thinking

Why it seems to people, what exactly lcd TVs are capable to solve problem of speech development of kids. In what the reason of such erroneous opinion and why throughout the long period of time with the advent of radio and their TV considered as the best teachers of how correctly to talk. The problem isn't limited to infringement of speech development of the babies, the similar condition of things when lcd TVs replace interpersonal communications, directly influences the general model of behaviour of surrounding people which voluntary close itself within four walls and the bright pictures shown by him of mass media look. The culture of society thus isn't simply lost, it regenerates in something disgusting and vile. All centuries-old foundations of society suddenly cease to exist and lose any value, on replacement with it the false ideals propagandised by all preview trailers come. Lcd TVs kill ability of the person independently to think and make decisions, instead they impose it in advance programmed decisions which conduct people on life from the birth to the death transforming them into captives of subjective prejudices. It is impossible to turn off all responsibility for event today with society on someone, your life depends on you and you make decision to buy lcd TVs or not, you independently choose the way of intellectual development or full degradation and regeneration to moral ugly creatures of television channels ransacking by uncountable quantity in search of the most vile teleshow, or the most severe project body. Remember that the high-grade model of behaviour at the person can't develop only thanks to system of information interchange which can certainly give lcd TVs, necessarily there should be spiritual component, hidden communication between parents and children. Earlier principal cause in favour of radio and TV application in training of babies of ability to speak named that that anybody except competently schooled announcers can't correctly show to them as it is necessary to speak. Now all has changed, announcers suppose often not only wrong speech, but also dare to be expressed abusively on the air. They can learn it children.

How to concern TV in an adult way?

The TV not simply operates today people it does it constantly, and those who is subject to such management at all don't realise it and moreover they like such way of life. It is easy to live, when for you thinks and someone makes decisions another. Yes you don't have individuality, but by and large you have nothing to worry, as round you the same slaves which were subordinated to itself by the TV. People like addicts who consider that at them aren't present the slightest dependence on this box continue to convince itself that at all of them is perfectly in order that the life in which there is no even hint on normal human dialogue, and should pass. Someone, having analysed the existence the decision that it is necessary to do something makes, goes to special clubs which problem opposition to total penetration of TV in human life is. They even dare not to switch on the TV in current of several weeks, however being at home, taking the taken away place, this box of Pandory all the same will open sooner or later also the person subjected to constant temptation to switch on it, will make it. Strangely enough, but very few people from these people despite comprehension of the problem dares on always will get rid of invention this corrupting and killing any cultural values. TVs continue is on the places and finally take away the person back, in the world of debauchery, platitude and nonsense. The reason on which people come to that the TV it angrily that conflicts in family start to arise with enviable periodicity, and essence of conflicts one haven't divided time of viewing of this or that transfer. In this case there is comprehension of it is possible what to live absolutely and without mass media. The given decision is followed by unconditional refusal of viewing, what or transfers. But unfortunately the picture with conditions in family doesn't vary at all, and having been upset people come back in captivity to this inanimate object with the shone screen. Simply having thrown out from life the TV it is impossible to adjust it, for this purpose it is necessary to think up real alternative forwarding time in the bosom of the family. Only and in any way differently it will not turn out to return in the family harmony, kindness and understanding. Otherwise there are two exits from current situation to come back to viewing of mass media, or to break the family centre, having run up on different corners of life.

Don't leave children in private with the TV!

Certainly, in our world it is very heavy to protect children from object under the name the TV, therefore it is necessary to generate not simply the list of the certain programs, which children could look, but also be present together with children at viewing of these transfers. To explain it it is not difficult, as presence of parents will give the chance to the child to ask questions which necessarily appear at it in head at the sight of any subject or plot which shows it the TV. Children's questions, it not mere curiosity with which it is necessary to satisfy, is way of knowledge of world around, without them the kid it will be simple to swallow the information, without knowing, whether it is necessary to it or not, without understanding value of those or other words or actions. That the TV didn't litter young brain with all delirium, parents who could help the child with comprehension of all seen nearby are necessary and thus to take part in formation of its outlook.

Researches of many scientists show that the kid perceives all information which the TV has shown it how it it is accepted to perceive it in family, on the moral level existing in your house how much is high, at what level there is intellectual level of development of family. More often children copy the relation of parents to those or other events of life and to the information received of mass media, therefore it is necessary to supervise not only that you look but also as you do it, the reaction to those or other events shined with the telescreen.

Duty of parents that their child harmoniously developed not simply to tell to it about value of this or that action, but to give it versatile estimations of the various phenomena which can be shown on TV. The maximum quantity of the points of view that shines the TV, will help the boy or the girl really see event essence, instead of simply to look at flashing pictures.

However at all the desire infinitely long is at the screen it is necessary to stop in every possible way, you should define, what is the time the child can look through telecasts, in any case it is desirable, that this time not prevyshalo1 chasv days, it will be quite enough that the kid could receive sufficient volume of the information and digest it.

Besides, everything that shows the TV, should be perceived adequately by the adult as at any moment it should answer questions of the fumes. To have possibility to watch plot of all event in transfer, it is necessary to learn shortly and clearly to answer that also the kid and you haven't missed what trifle and correctly could interpret current situation. If you can't answer question of the kid, can consider that it sits near the screen itself, and in the same way simply swallows seen, turning to the brainless idiot.
















« Children's alcoholism» the first film within the limits of the project of First channel " Common cause"

The average schoolboy drinks every day from 1 to 6 litres of beer, from 2 to 5 banok alcoholic cocktails. And it not simply figures. These are the terrible figures, saying that in some years these children become chronic alcoholics. And steels some already.

Here 7 years our country confidently wins first place by quantity of children sick of alcoholism. And earlier we took the first places absolutely in other categories

According to 2 at the age of 13 16 years regularly drink from 3 children, and it is the first stage of alcoholism. And it not any bezprizorniki. They are children from quite safe families.

Heroes of film such children. They are children from normal families, they are well dressed, well studied. And once possessed various talents and uncommon abilities. Once possessed. But it had been made the diagnosis alcoholism which has crossed out all their further successful life. Has crossed out their health, education, plans, dreams, hopes, and the main future

And all began with " harmless" , at first sight, beer bottles, banks alcoholic koktelya or champagne which was poured rebenki by parents on birthday.

All begins with " harmless" , at first sight, bright jars with sweet alcoholic cocktails and beer. Some months of the use of these drinks and at children occur heavy organic defeats of internal and brain. Passes half a year, and dependence is formed. Parents in most cases at all don't suspect that with the child something not so. While it doesn't have alcoholic psychoses, hallucinations, delirium tremens, abstinentnyi syndrome

After film viewing in talk show mode there is film discussion.

Leading talk shows: Peter Tolstoy and Maria Shukshin.


Unfortunately, from discussion there were pity remains.

Whether it is possible to believe, having seen discussion, what most the professor Zhdanov Vladimir Georgievich there acted?

As a result ALL has been cut out. Everything that the professor told Zhdanov.

And words of opponents of Zhdanov almost didn't cut out. Alas. Such here " democracy" on our TV.

Nevertheless, we recommend to viewing and film and talk show.


And, the position of the professor of Zhdanov is fine stated in its lectures and the performances presented on this site.

Let's hope that the subsequent films and social advertising will change something.

Though, it is possible to hope only for itself. For something is changed not by films and talk show, and people who operate. Since itself. After all the sobriety begins with itself enough for ever to remove from itself hated glass with poison. Then sobriety for the children, the family. Thus Russia can become sober.


You still believe in light image of leaders and the truth from the screen???

BOOKS: Rajner Patslaf " the Fallen asleep sight" and " 400 ways to occupy the child from 2 till 8 years"

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