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Way of life of the modern person. To download video about food, sports and health

Despite abundance of the provocative advertising, healthy way of life finds the increasing distribution. Why so occurs? Healthy way of life the correct and balanced food with use of high-quality products, active playing sports and the general strengthening of organism. Such way of life brings happiness, harmony in body and shower, increase in creative potential and the general working capacity. You can receive good advice on sports, food, products, and also about health if will download video from our site. Our free selection will give you the fullest representation about healthy way of life. To download video to you the desire to change the health to the best is necessary only!

To download video for increase of health and the general tone. Improving food, products

Correct food half of success for preservation and health augmentation. Having downloaded video, you can learn about harm of consumption of certain kinds of food (for example, fastfuda) for health to receive prestavlenie about vegetarianism and recipes of preparation of the balanced food. It is impossible to buy health, but it can be got. For this purpose it is necessary to follow accurate rules which you can learn, having downloaded video from our site. The healthy way of life helps to feel with tone! Get health for improvement of your way of life and mood!

Health and development of genetically caused potential.

The person needs to develop harmoniously in itself everything, including both body plastic arts, and development of power of the organism, and ability to feel bio-energetics of others, and ability to enter into harmony with the Nature to strengthen the forces energy of the Sun and the Earth (recollect fairy tales on Russian athletes to which force was given by the Earth-mother).

Modern traditional sports take away forces, - but correct physical exercises (forwarded defined mysle - images and food) give force and recover health.

To download video. Health.



Unvarnished hamburger

Film " unvarnished Hamburger" - the first Russian-speaking film about sufferings of the agricultural animals, created by Center " Vita" in 2005.

We like to look films about animals in the nature, but we do not wish to know as there are other animals doomed to bondage and serving to us only while we can maintain them. The film shows life of agricultural animals, the statistical data is cited, video data, the voice-over tells shocking facts.


Double Portion

The film narrates about experiment: Morgan eats at fast food restaurants (including in McDonalds) every day, three times a day within 30 days Morgan should eat each dish from menu McDonalds at least once. Within 30 days Morgan doesn't go in for sports. Medical examinations on purpose are regularly spent to define, what influence is rendered by similar " diet" on organism. Besides, in film Morgan tries to find out, what influence is rendered by the industry of fast food and as it encourages manufacture of bad quality food for the purpose of profit reception.

Morgan Sperlok, 33 years, was healthy and slender, its weight made 84,1 kg, and growth of 1,88 m. After 30 days, it has typed 11,1 kg, having increased thus weight of the body by 13 %. He tested mood differences, sexual dysfunction, and also liver defeat. To dump the excess weight typed during 30 days some months of job were required.


Cautiously - meal! (ch.1 from 2)

Any megacity including Moscow, networks of the snackbars allowing entangle that is called to " have a snack" . At our rate of life it is very convenient: quickly also it is tasty. Whether only always we reflect on consequences of such diet?

What? The person " sits down" on products of " fast food" not only because it quickly and economically. It also is tasty. In such meal a lot of chemical aromatizatorov and additives, i.e., « taste amplifiers» . You get used to them faster, than to cocaine. And consequences are identical the destroyed health. Most known of « taste amplifiers» MSG. At hit in organism it easily gets from blood into brain and directly it influences. As a result it seems that we have eaten something absolutely shaking, and we would like to eat it again. Adiposity and heart attacks such are consequences of love to hamburgers and potato « fri» . To tents with " hot dogs" turns are built, snackbars « fast food» are hammered to the full. Here go families.


Tsareva G.Transgenizatsija - genetic bomb (ch.1 from 2)

Tsareva G.Transgenizatsija - genetic bomb (ch.2 from 2)

One of present burning issues is the problem of introduction and distribution of the new biotechnologies connected with genetic changes of live organisms.

Genetically modified (transgene) organisms contain in the genetic device fragments of DNA from any other live organisms, for example, in plant genes of insect, animal or even the person can be inserted. By means of gene engineering hybrids of potato with tomato, soya with grey tobacco, sunflower with string bean are already received. Is and more discouraging data: cold-resistant grade of tomatoes with the built in gene of flounder, drought-resistant corn with gene of scorpion, tomato with gene of toad. But whether it is enough at the person of knowledge to play role of the Creator?



Vegetarianism: for or against


The beefsteak price


Their life in your hands

Animals possess abilities sometimes repeatedly exceeding ours. They can see, hear, smell in times better us. They have abilities as which we consider for ourselves supernatural. Why we have got a false idea ourselves tsars of the nature? Why we dare to torture animals for the sake of not clear ideals of science?


Unvarnished hamburger


Not from my name

Film about unnecessary sufferings of animals on skotofermah and advantage of vegetative food. As a whole it is very truthful, despite narration pomposity. Actors (for the first time them saw), participate in film Paul McCartney, representatives of societies of protection of animals, musicians, still someone velikobritanskie...


Who such vegetarians?

Here everyone should solve for itself(himself). I support restriction of consumed products from meat more soon. We will tell it is necessary to exclude from sausage and sausage diet (the real meat in them very little, and here it is a lot of unnecessary substances). As for example the chicken process antibiotics and pichkuyut hormones. Want some meat? Please - beef on pair or is remarkable dish - manty.


Indian cuisine. The offer of food to God

The food for the person, intended to it God, is dairy - vegetative food: milk and different products from milk, is grain and bean, fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, grasses and spices. Such food corresponds gune to clemency and consequently it supports life. The food in gune passions and ignorances creates illnesses and destroys body, shortens life expectancy. Prepared of products in gune to clemency the food is offered to Krishna. In each seed, whether it be the fruit or vegetable, seed, or grass, is smothering and we necessarily kill live beings but when we offer food to God, It relieves us of responsibility for murder and we don't turn out negative karmu.


Healthy, rich, wise. .1

Healthy, rich, wise. .2

Importance of vegetarianism from the point of view of economy, health and morals.



Become the vegetarian

The use in food of meat, fish and eggs conducts to spiritual and physical degradation!

  Myasoedenie is serious obstacle on way to spirituality. Myasoedenie it is connected with massacre of animals, causing of incalculable sufferings by it, therefore, everyone who eats flesh of victims, is doomed to divide bad karmu, arising as consequence of any murder.

  Myasoedenie it is very unhealthy. The considerable quantity of fats promotes development of cardiovascular diseases, and the toxins which are in the decaying flesh, cause damage to nervous system and promote development of many illnesses, including, weak-mindednesses, paralysis, madness.

  Modern researches of healthy way of life have shown that those who uses meat food, slopes to aggression and violence in relation to other people.

  If completely to stop reception of meat, fish, eggs or at least to reduce their quantity in diet aggression and nervousness decrease is observed. On the person of such people there is more than pleasure, ease and freshness signs are visible.


Protection of animals


Without words


Earth dwellers - operation of animals (c Russian transcription)

The documentary film showing negative influence which renders animal industries and fishery for the whole world on a global scale. For the first time you learn that buying meat or fish in shop, you also buy growth factors of animals and numerous medicines with which stuff modern animals (antibiotics). Will see in what conditions contain animals and birds on modern farms and it results in what terrible stress and awful illnesses. Will understand that beautiful advertising on labels of meat production is skazochki that mass pollution and overpopulation of farms leads to mutation of illnesses and occurrence new - the cow furiousness, bird flu and others.


We prepare dishes with the expert vedicheskoi kitchens

Sauces and raity








Vedichesky culinary art ch.1


Vedichesky culinary art ch.2


We eat nobody also to you we do not advise

  (Remarkable videos of lecture with recipes of preparation of vegetarian dishes)

Sauce and fruit salad - are prepared by the absolute champion on cookery in Russia


Cottage cheese cake


Vegetarian ear


Baked by avocado with stuffing


Right (okroshka)


The Caucasian soup " Harcho"


The vegetables fried in the test


Pahlava Baku without eggs


The Tatar dish, pie of " Balesh"


Pizza " Russian soul"


Pies of " Samosy"


Ragout on-michurinski


Vegetable cutlets


Vegetarian quenelles + sauce " Chatni"


The Tatar dish of " Hanum" with vegetables


Salad " Anticipation of spring" + house vegetarian mayonnaise


Alupatra - potato rulety


Fast plov


Easter vegetarinaskaya


Fast pie


The baked pear with banana


Yoga Flexibility, energy, health [30 lessons from 30]

Hatha yoga - the most popular kind of yoga. It not simply expert, allowing to develop flexibility, but also universal method of clarification of mind and body.

400mb 1

230mb   2

240mb   3

240mb   4

240mb  5

240mb   6

240mb   7

240mb   8

240mb   9

240mb 10

600mb 11

600mb 12

600mb 13

600mb 14

600mb 15

600mb 16

600mb 17

600mb 18

600mb 19

600mb 20

600mb 21

600mb 2

600mb 23

600mb 24

600mb 25

600mb 26

600mb 27

600mb 28


400mb 30

Yoga for female health

Though once the yoga was especially man's practice, but in due course in it began to be engaged and women, and today among engaged in yoga of the woman make the majority. Except the general improving effect, asana (position of body in yoga) make huge impact on female organism: extension of backbone, correction of bearing, improvement of job of internal. Asanas have favorable influence and on bodies of small basin that is very useful for the women, suffering gynecologic diseases.

500 mb

All about contraception

Contraception is not only protection against undesirable pregnancy, but also possibility to save the health and to plan birth of the child. Therefore, as well as it is a lot of centuries back, today each woman with the beginning of sexual life reflects on what method of contraception to choose. " All about contraception" you will find answers in film practically on all questions interesting you: what inspection there should pass each woman at the doctor before the contraceptive selection, what methods of contraception exist today, this or that method, their principle of action and application order, possible contra-indications is how much effective, whether they protect from venereal diseases, their approximate cost, through what maximum period of time it is possible to plan pregnancy after the termination of acceptance of contraceptive.

780 mb

Way to health and perfection: Isn't present to back pains. The basic receptions of massage

Problems with backbone quite often arise in youth, and to mature age many people already seriously feel on themselves their consequences: activity decrease, headache and the general discomfort, disturbing is high-grade to live and work. The training material brought to your attention is the best for those who wishes to do medical massage of backbone independently. On the statistican, because of back pains suffers to 80 % of the population of all globe. And the reasons of occurrence of this disease, as a rule, not only way of life, genetic predisposition or environment, but also shortage of certain microcells in organism.

400 mb

Smoking destroys DNA

The professor of chemical faculty of the Moscow State University well explains that any alien chemical substances getting to our organism what or image (medicines, liquids, smoke etc.), enter interaction with its basic biochemical elements (DNA, RNK, enzymes i.t.d.), creating thus steady connections, pernicious for health.

32 mb

Aerobics for all - the Theme: the Press / Aerobika

One of effective ways to pump up press or to hold it in tone. In the beginning of exercise for beginners, it is more difficult further.

700 mb

The Indian oil massage

The author of the program Robert Ilinskas in series " Exotic massages of the world" brings to your attention the program " Indian oil massage" . Unique massage of all body with considerable quantity of specially picked up butter enriched by grasses and essence, feeds and rejuvenates skin and deep fabrics of body and as releases cages from toxins. The Indian oil massage has deeper and extensive influence on health of the person, than usual massage, at the expense of the special technics presented by the author of the program, and as natural harmonisation of body, emotions and mentality.

500 mb

Slender figure and smooth skin - for one month. Bases of anti-cellulite massage

With cellulitis it is possible and it is necessary to struggle. There are many ways of correction of figure, but it is considered one of the most effective anti-cellulite massage. The film " the Slender figure and smooth skin - for one month" is offered to your attention, from which you learn how to win cellulitis by means of manual anti-cellulite massage. This disk to you will tell that such cellulitis as it appears and why it women suffer basically. You learn how correctly to carry out massage on different sites of body, whether it be stomach, back, hips, buttocks, feet or hands. Will familiarise with conditions and sequence of performance of anti-cellulite massage. Learn, how often it is recommended to spend its and what contra-indications to it are available. This film will help you with struggle against cellulitis!

480 mb

Backbone (massage, exercises, grasses, correct bearing)

1. The theory of the device of backbone (short, popularly)

2. Gymnastics for removal of painful syndrome in different parts of backbone

3. Backbone massage

4. The medical grassy teas accessible in drugstores

5. Correct bearing, including at raising of weights.

580 mb

Isn't present to children's scoliosis. Massage and gymnastics

Scoliosis (from grech. skoliosis curvature), or lateral curvature of backbone, disease which arises at children at the age from year till 16 years more often, during this period occurs organism formation. This one of the most widespread children's diseases. The reasons of its occurrence: the lowered physical activity, gipodinamiya, and also wrong pose during employment at school or at performance of lessons of the house and many other things. And if you want, that at your child were beautiful bearing, strong muscles of back and good mood, it is necessary to be engaged in disease preventive maintenance. From this film you just also learn how to prevent occurrence of scoliosis in your child. On disk the complex of massage and physical exercises which will allow to strengthen health and back of the kid is shown, the weight of good advice, following which also is given will help to avoid occurrence of curvature of backbone.

300 mb

Internal smile / Inner Smile

Practice " the Internal smile" is one of the cores expert " Space DAO" . Daily performance of this practice will allow you to leave for ever all illnesses if those are, and not to get the new. Carrying out practice under the direction of master ChIA on video, you learn to be in constant contact to the Universum, to wash all systems and internal of organism salutary energy of DaO.Mantek ChIA will tell to you about the basic white magic experts, about the top and bottom mind. You will make together with the master one of them, connected with saturation by energy bottom dantyana.

700 mb

You know, what such to be the Healthy person?

Come on this site and look video, how it is good to be the healthy person, how health directly svyazanno that each person uses in food, food should be obligatory useful and balanced, in him shouldn't contain harmful substances products from which people should cook to themselves food shouldn't be stuffed by carcinogens, pesticides, and other rubbish which so like to use modern farmers. The life is given to people not that they simply burnt it, each person is obliged to create, obliged to be sozidatelem something, it is possible, only if the person has direct to the relation to sports, only if the person and sports are uniform, only if the person keeps to certain diets and restrictions in the food, only so the person will be capable not to distract of constantly arising problems with health because of improper feeding, only then it can be given to creativity completely. After all so simply to download video, to look it and conclusions by itself will come to your head. Some videos rollers which contain on this page, will plunge you into shock, you for ever perehotite to buy products in the markets, to eat in cheburechnoi and is simple so to throw out the health on dustbin. It is not necessary to live in peace illusions, considering that the big corporations, huge manufacturers, or it is simple sellers in the market wish to feed you with useful meal. Products which they offer, are full harmful substances, they rotten and become rotten, and only the person not respecting will be, is them. Food should be correct and balanced that the person didn't have problems with health. The life this the most valuable that is at the person so what for it lowers it in toilet bowl, in cesspool under the name poor-quality products. Sports, wholesome food, correct way of life without bad habits, diets here that is capable to transform your existence into life without problems with health, you will forget road to your district clinic. You need to download video and to look at all that is shown in these plots. Turn the life once and for all, refuse all meat, become on way of healthy way of life. Meat doesn't comprise anything useful that couldn't notice vegetables and fruit, at the same time it brings harmful fats of animal origin in our organism, raises cholesterol level in human body, and finally kills him. Anything that is received as a result of murder, can't benefit, look video, how receive meat (beef, pork and other kinds of meat), look and be terrified, most likely, after that you will see, you and close won't approach to meat number in the market. Products only the natural origin, only extracted natural, instead of barbarous way, here excellent means to save your health for many long years. Will suffice to roll on sofa, in front of the TV, getting fat and incorporating in fatty cages preservatives which will make during lifetime of you mummy, will suffice to be pushed by hamburgers in fast foods from which not healing stomach ulcers are formed, all mucous membranes of human body inflame. Enter into the life sports, start to watch itself, limit the use of poor-quality and cheap products, use diets to lose superfluous kgs. Make so that life, brought to you pleasure, instead of problems. First of all balance the food. But that all it correctly to make not to do much harm at all to itself before input in new life to you it is necessary to download simply video from this site, to see it, to comprehend it and to transform the life beyond recognition.


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