Войти с помощью

красный зелёный голубой

Многие вещи нам не понятны не потому что наши понятия слабы, а потому что сии вещи не входят в круг наших понятий.

HD Voyage to Infinity with WHALES & DRAGONS

Voyage to Infinity with WHALES & DRAGONS
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trailer of a 30 minutes meditative film/dvd by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

— music by Andrew Forrest

Life is vastly more than what our eyes can see.

In this dvd Dolphins, Whales and Dragons share their connection to All via inner states. Masters of highest frequencies, they communicate with us by telepathic projections

Access and visit Life beyond this Time-line reality.

Enjoy this Expansion into these inspiring realms of quantum destinations.

Voyage to Infinity?

Yes, there is life beyond the linear time & space world that we believe daily.

The wise one called this reality illusion… it's like going into the «holodeck» of a Star Trek's episode

where we can choose from a multiple of linear time/space realities.

And now conscious of this perspective...

this journey-film-meditation offers you a glimpse into the next larger holographic realms of Existence.

( holographic being encompassing all time in all directions, all at once )

Like all of us, I came onto the planet at birth by entering a body-like vessel,

for trips scaling from 8 days up to 90 years.

( like if it was the week trip holiday of a tourist in an exotic place for the experiences and flavors of this planet )

I can't remember the specs of this cosmic game but

I do remember the expansiveness of Life before the birth into a body and a mind.

The others kids also remembered but surrendered to Earth's existing systems of the collective mind.

Meanwhile when I stop thinking ( as monkey linear mind ), and breathe deeply,

I enter a time warp's depth of being present within a creative peace dimension where

everything I genuinely «Love» can happen, and it does.

In time life may seem shallow, sad, fun or important but mostly it is temporary or transitory…

while in state of «peace» our true existence is Infinity

And deep within our meditative states resides our precious gift of Intuition:

the faculty to discover the timeless beauty of «simply» living

with our higher latent potentials.

Within this state I access the generating Love's field in each little simple things of life

( maybe «appreciation» is an type of green energy )

as they are also the entry-singularity-points into vaster dimensions

also the threads participating in the construction of the supreme Big Picture.

That is… we are Light Beings ( photonic beings ) having a physical experience on this Island of Earth.

And while our fears mostly stall Evolution…

we are creating more wonders with our Dreams, mostly generated by our Love.

Our beliefs create our world,

I changed my beliefs and I changed my world

I saw that the purpose of life is to create our own new world,

so this film is a vision that also demonstrates foremost that All There Is… is Love and Creation.

Here I breathe deeply so I exist — Now I think deeply so I create —

and All is One everything else changes.

Somehow I stayed fascinated by these memories, visions and imaginations throughout my entire life.

These «feelings» ( larger than thoughts because charged with the energies of passion, spirit and emotion )

prompted me to leave Europe for the Pacific Islands at age 19,

perhaps for purer contact with the Power that merges the seas with the stars ...

The paradox of living on Earth is that this «Sacredness» is not only in our imagination, hearts, and illuminations,

it is also everywhere in Nature, in our gardens, our flowers, our fruits, our walks, our swims,

our relationships, and our play...

when we can consciously enter «Nothingness»

this rich void in «Inner Peace» is at once emptiness and also all that ever was and will be,

the unseen blueprints, the absolute force, this vital Energy and Timeless-Spaceless Holographic World...

All these little earthy things are Entrances into the magic of Life :

like a simple drop of water holding the secret of where we come from, who we truly are and where we are going!

… the world is within me as much as I am in this world ...

now is when & where our perception expands to realize our connection to the essence of ONE-ness !

that is a way to INFINITY! Enjoy the show — Jean-Luc